heart bokeh


Dance Me to the End of Love / It’s a Fine Line

© Sharon Boswall

Every year I say I am going to Ottawa for the tulip festival and every year I fail so it’s still on the old bucket list … meantime, there are plenty of tiny, personal tulip festivals going on around Montreal right now… these are not two of them.    My all time favourite tulip photo is the first one and I think you just might know why.  If not, here’s a wee hint then ‘kay… ❤️!!

I don’t think the fireworks actually happened in reality though (like SWDBS reality).  Just like those heart bokeh during lovey dovey scenes, they’re kinda there to represent how Bong Soon, MinHyuk, and the audience are feeling in that moment/ specific scene.  There has been a comic/anime-like feel throughout the drama and this is just one of them. 


Purple Heart … :-) by ◆ Bo ◆