heart beatsfast

Your heart, it beats
faster than a second ticks away,
punches the walls of your ribs,
Calls you to only utter
Allah’s Glorious Name

Oh how it bitterly wants to flee,
to escape your prison,
how it wishes you to even crumble
to be close to Him as it used to be,

Yet your legs don’t move,
your bones seem still as stone,
no, they yearn, they still crave Him
but you don’t let them flow,

“Why isn’t Allah here, 
I thought He was always near?”
you desperately ask
Without knowing that

He promised He would run 
to you, but it was you-

who has never come.

One of my friends shared this photo earlier this morning and from then on I wasn’t really able to get over it.

Countless times do we hear the adhan in a day, countless times do we get free time from our whole day, countless time do we find ourselves only attached to check the newsfeed of our twitter, facebook, tumblr on our phones and countless times do we neglect an opportunity to remember Him. Astagfirullah.

Indeed, the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum were people of dhikr, they had work, they fought in battle fields, they did service to the Ummah but their worship and remembrance of Allah were harmonious.

It only takes a heart beat to remember Him.

How shameful it is to have a heart that craves for Allah yet a soul that doesn’t.

May Allah Azza Wa Jall forgive us and make us among the people who remember Him at all times. Amin.


Credit goes to the person who made the poem, I unfortunately don’t know who wrote it but whoever it was may Allah Azza Wa Jall accept it from you. Amin