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Alpha!Brett x Werewolf!Reader

Warnings: Indication on smut, dirty-talk.

A/N: Inspired from prompt from this lovely post.

Brett Talbot Masterlist

Teen Wolf Masterlist

You strode around in the dark room, waiting for the Alpha werewolf whom Scott’s been telling you to persuade into working together with your own pack, to eliminate Beacon Hills current threat.

There were a few strange paintings hanging on the walls along with old interior covering the floor and you leaned in to observe the abstract details on each and every piece.

“What do we have here?” a delighted voice interrupted your already occupied mind and you turned around to meet with a neat silhouette who leaned against the door frame.

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anonymous asked:

au with soccer player!will and announcer!nico where nico has a huge ass crush on will.

  • nicos usually pretty good at being an announcer during wills games, like not getting distracted by him, but u can always hear the pride in nico’s voice whenever he announces that will scored a goal, or the worry whenever will gets injured
    • one of his favorite parts of will’s games is once its over and someone heads down to the field to interview him (never nico unfortunately) bc nico loves hearing will talk about the game bc hes got a really nice voice and hes always super nice to the interviewer
  • will thinks its kinda weird that hes never met the announcer for his games even though its basically the same as the fact that hes barely ever met an audience member, so one day he sneaks past the interviewer at the end of the game and runs up to the announcer’s booth
    • nicos in there waiting to listen to wills interview so he doesnt notice will walk in until wills like “dang how do u even see the game from up here??” and nico has a mini heart attack bc what is he doing up here???
    • he manages to have an almost normal conversation without bursting into flames but hes literally shaking hes so nervous and then will shakes his hand and nico thinks hes gonna die and hes like “sorry im shaky im a little nervous im not used to talking to people most of the time that im up here im alone and announcing is just a lot of rambling which is easy and what im doing now im sorry”
  • will thinks hes,,,, super cute??? hes obviously super nervous and possibly a little starstruck??? and will thinks that maybe if nico gets a little more used to him then he wont be so nervous and will kinda really wants to see what hes like when hes not inside this announcer’s booth
    • will also distinctly remembers nico sounding pretty adorable over the loud speakers when he gets excited about the game, and he really wants to hear that excited voice in person
  • he asks nico if he wants to maybe have dinner with him sometime and nico gets visibly more nervous and hes like “idk being an announcer is usually pretty time consuming” which has always been the answer he gave anyone else when he didnt want to date them bc he was too hung up on will
    • will’s like “ok but i think we probably have a pretty similar schedule?? so how about you pick a time and place and as long as i dont have practice that day then we’ll call it a date ok”
    • nico agrees and then will leaves the booth so nico calls hazel bc he just got a date with will solace and he kinda thinks he might throw up????

thanks for the suggestion!!!! i hope this is what you were looking for!!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons

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Guys my polisci professor is hilarious. And trans sensitivity trained!

Among the things he’s said… in the past thirty minutes of the syllabus session

“It is my understanding that you are unamerican if you do not complain, so please complain”

“Now there is something you should know about me: I am always confused, and I don’t know what I’m doing, so if I have the wrong class list that is why. My wife says I wear the wrong clothes for the wrong day”

A student didn’t answer her name when she was called, and hten said, “wait, is that Ariana V? That’s me” And he just stops, and looks at her. “My god, are you trying to give me a heart attack”

“Now, I wake up early to get here on time and prepare for this class. You may say, ‘well, you’re getting paid to do that’, but not as much money as you think”

“You are paying a lot of money to see me every friday, and the state is paying a lot more. You need to show up, so we can charge the state the money without cheating them. Of course we all do, but we’re not supposed to”

“I am a lazy professor, and don’t like to lecture that much”

The Day Trump Won

part two of progress pics! after 6+ hours spent carving bill cipher, the border lines, and the glyphs around the edges, it was time to paint them black with underglaze. i painted over everything with a coating of wax-resist, scratched it out of the ‘lineart’ designs, and then painted everything with black underglaze - a technique known as mishima. the wax will burn off in the kiln during the first firing, leaving the black pigment behind and readying it to be glazed and fired.

siamonbonhon  asked:

Bokuto, Kuroo, Oiwaka, Iwaizumi and Tsukki cheering up their s/o after a really shitty day please! :3 I love you blog so much! And I'm so hyped to be able to request something! Please keep de great work up! (*´꒳`*)

I’mma do Bokuto and Tsukki okies? And ty <3

There’s nothing worse than having a bad day, one thing after another going wrong. For Bokuto Koutaro’s partner, it was simple things throughout the whole day. It started from forgetting to iron their uniform the night before, sleeping through the alarm, forgetting breakfast and being scolded by their teacher. Not only that, forgetting the wrong lunch and ending up eating their least favourite sandwich, then finding out they had left their phone at home. The last class was P.E. and they ended up scraping their knee badly and skipping out on the class to the nurse who wasn’t even in.

(Name) sighed as they opened the door to their house, letting their bag just fall off their shoulders and flop with a loud thud on the ground. Exhausted and utterly drained, they slipped their shoes off and trudged up the stairs.


Came a whisper from the living room.

It was barely audible.

(Name) turned white and instantly backtracked and stared into the living room.

They glared at their dorky boyfriend who had just given them heart palpitations and was on the verge of needing an ambulance.


Before (Name) could go any further, Koutaro launched himself on them in an embrace.


He cried, nuzzling his head into their neck.


(Name) couldn’t help but smile at him as he kissed them on the cheek and continued to snuggle into them.

“I’m sorry, I left my phone at home. It’s been a horrible day. I’ve missed you too. I’m… actually really glad you’re here, despite you giving me a heart attack. Up until now it’s been dreadful, I think I’ve got a massive spike of bad luck.”

Sighing, (Name) wrapped their arms around him and couldn’t help but feel relieved with Koutaro’s arms surrounding their waist. They listened to his heartbeat and felt the warmth from his body.

“That’s awful! I’ll make it up to you, let’s go have fun, shall we?”

“What do have in mind?”

“How about… We go to your favourite restaurant and I’ll treat you”

“You don’t have to treat me”





“Hey… (Name) go get changed and we’ll go”

“You’re such a dweeb”

Chuckling, Koutaro let them go and kissed them on the forehead. As (Name) went up the stairs, they felt a tug on their shirt.

“Hey. Although you’ve had a bad day, let me make it up to you, okay? I love you and I want you to be happy, and hey, let’s make today a better day”

Smiling and blushing, (Name) nodded and continued up the stairs, while Koutaro grinned and hummed to himself, proud that he made his partner smile.

(Name) walked into their room and had to stare for a moment. Their room was completely clean. From their books that were scattered on the floor to the windows sparkly clean. Blinking, (Name) cautiously walked into the tidied room and noticed a note on the bed.


He really was the best cure for bad days.

Tsukishima Kei:

After a seemingly long and horrid day, there was nothing worse to top it off with than a sudden torrential downpour of rain. (Name) groaned as they were soaked to the bone, they found a bus shelter and was currently hiding in it. They sighed and shivered lightly, going through the day they just had. There was a buzz in their pocket and they took their phone out. It was their boyfriend, the tsun tsun bean pole, Tsukishima Kei.


“Hello, (Name). Where are you?”

“Straight to the point, a simple hello then into the fray. Where’s those ‘how are you’ moments, I miss those.”


“I’m kidding! I’m currently under the bus stop near the park. I’m caught in the rain. I fear I may die out here.”


“Seriously though, I am so done with this day… The whole world has turned against me.”

(Name) talked about their day and their inconveniences. On the other line, there was no reply except for a bit of background noise. (Name) didn’t mind, this was what usually happened when they were on the phone together. Unless there was urgent news, Kei never talked the most, he preferred to hear (Name)’s voice.

After about 5 minutes of (Name) bringing him up to date on their misfortunes of the day, they sighed.

“So yeah. That’s my day. How’s yours so far?”

“Mm. Can’t complain. It’s not been as bad as yours”

“That’s good at least. So what are you doing?”

“I’m looking right at you”



Looking around, (Name) then spotted the familiar figure. He had came out with a large umbrella and a spare hoodie. He walked closer to him and smirked at their surprised face.

“Are you alright?”

The smirk went away when he noticed (Name) didn’t say anything. His eyes widened when tears began to form. (Name) reached forward and held him in an embrace. Their emotions overflowed as they couldn’t help but feel so grateful for Kei being in their life.

“T-thank you for coming out here for me”

They managed, tears beginning to fall.

“You’ve had a stressful day. It’s okay. Let it out”

He said, holding onto them with one arm. He squeezed a little tightly as (Name) just stood in silence just feeling like the whole day’s problems just vanished.


He said as (Name) stepped back a little, just to see his face.

A small embarrassed smile appeared on (Name)’s lips.


“Good. Now get off me, you’re wet”

Grinning, (Name) accepted the hoodie he had for them and slipped it on.

“Let’s go back to mine for a while, we’ll get you warm and we’ll watch that stupid TV show you like”

“You don’t like it though”

“But you do. I’ll watch it if it makes you feel better”

A smile couldn’t help but grace (Name)’s face as Kei entwined his fingers with theirs. He always knew what to do when they weren’t feeling good, he knew what to say and he knew how to make them happy.

“Thank you, Kei. Thanks for being with me”

They kissed him on the cheek and he averted his gaze. A light blush appearing on his face.

“… It’s nothing…”

Fukin tsundere bastard

Meet The Parents

A/N: After posting about this idea I got a lot of requests to do it. So, I hope you guys like it!

I sat with my legs curled up on the couch, my mom across from me as we watched some movie she’d been waiting to see for weeks now. It wasn’t that interesting, but I wasn’t going to tell her that.

“That actor looks like Rachel’s son.” She commented, a hint of mischief in her voice.

“Yeah, a little bit.” I replied before turning my attention back to the film.

“What was his name?” She asked, though I was fully aware she knew it. Rachel was one of her close friends, had been since high school.

“Will.” I reminded with a chuckle as I already knew where this conversation was headed.

“He’s cute, isn’t he?” She said suggestively.

“Yeah, I guess.” I sighed in disinterest.

She huffed, causing an amused smirk to fall onto my lips.

“That’s been your answer to all of them lately. You know, it’s okay if you’re les-”

“I’m not lesbian, Mom!” I cut her off quickly.

This had been the struggle for about six months now. Her suggesting possible future boyfriends, but I couldn’t bother to be interested. Not after I met Peter.

He and I had been seeing each other for months now, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell my parents about him. They wouldn’t trust him, they couldn’t. Some boy who didn’t have parents they could meet, no home that they could visit, and a back story they couldn’t hear. A train wreck waiting to happen.

“What if I’m just not looking to date right now?” I told her.

“I understand that. It just seems like there are never any crushes, and I know when I was a teenager those were innumerable.” She laughed, and I couldn’t help but chuckle also.

“Maybe one day, Mom.”

•                       •                      •                      •

Peter waited impatiently in Y/N’s room for her to get home from school. It’d been about a week since he’d last seen her due to problems on the island. He felt bad that he couldn’t let her know when the next time she’d see him was, but she’d told him countless time not to worry about it.

He got up from his spot on her bed and began looking around her room for something to occupy his time. Grabbing one of the perfume bottles from her dresser, he sprayed it into the air curiously. His nose scrunched up in disgust, and he suddenly knew why it hadn’t been touched. He quickly put it back down. Next, he turned to the array of makeup products on the vanity, and he toyed around with the brushes in confusion. He put them back down, but before he could reach to grab something else, the door opened behind him.

He turned around with a smile on his face and open arms that quickly dropped when he saw a woman standing in the doorway. The basket of clothes she was holding fell to the floor.

“Who the hell are you?” She shouted in panic as she began reaching for the phone in her back pocket. “What are you doing in my daughter’s room?”

For a split second, the infamous Peter Pan actually panicked.

“No, no, no, it’s not like that!” He rushed out. “I- I’m-”

He was cut off in the middle of frantically searching his mind for a convincing lie.

“About to be arrested is what you are!” She spat, about to dial the police.

“I’m Y/N’s boyfriend!” He finally got out.

This made her pause.

“Y/N doesn’t have a boyfriend.” She said slowly.

“She- She didn’t want to tell you because..” His voice trailed slightly, suddenly stumped with the idea that he needed to make a good first impression, and she shook her head, raising the phone once again. “Because I live quite a while away, and she didn’t think we would work out.” At this point, he didn’t care if the lies weren’t adding up, he just needed an excuse.

He sighed in relief as she slowly lowered the phone.

“And what do you think you’re doing in her room?” She asked suspiciously, but he was just glad she bought the lie. “How did you get in?”

“Y-Your front door was unlocked, and I didn’t think anyone was home. She doesn’t know that I’m here. I wanted to surprise her.” He lied. “I’m Peter, by the way.” He quickly added.

Her lips slowly quirked up into a smile.

“Well,” she sighed, attempting to push down the excitement she was feeling for her daughter. “She should be home soon. Would you like something to eat while you wait?”

“No, thank you, ma’am.” The polite name felt odd coming out of his mouth, seeing as he was undoubtedly a few decades older than her.

“Alright, then why don’t you come wait downstairs?” She asked, not feeling completely comfortable leaving this teenage boy alone in her daughter’s room.

He was about to protest, but he quickly decided against it and nodded, following her out the door as she picked up the basket she’d dropped. His eyes wandered around the house curiously, never having been in a room here that wasn’t Y/N’s. A smile tugged at his lips as he looked at the baby photos of her hung up on the wall.

“Make yourself at home, Peter.” She said once they reached the living room.

He nodded before walking over to one of the couches and slowly seating himself on it. Uncomfortable was an understatement for how he felt right now, sitting in her house with her mother without her there with him.

“So, Peter, where is it that you live?” She asked once she set the basket back in the laundry room for now.

Nervously glancing up at her, he opened his mouth to spew out another lie, but, much to his relief, the front door opened.

“Peter?” Y/N gasped at the sight of him.

He immediately shot up from the couch, thankful that her mother’s interrogation was short lived, and walked around the couch to pull her into a hug. He contemplated leaning down to kiss her after so long without seeing her, but with her mother watching the both of them, he didn’t feel very confident in doing so.

She slowly wrapped her arms around him in shock, glancing at her beaming mother over his shoulder.

“I’m your long distance boyfriend that you didn’t want to tell your mum about because you didn’t think we’d work out.” He whispered quickly into her ear, so quickly that she’d just barely caught it.

“What are you doing here?” She asked him once he pulled away from her, trying to keep up the lie he’d made.

“I wanted to surprise you, love.” He chuckled.

Looking over at her mother once again, she laughed awkwardly.

“Oh, trust me, I’m surprised.” She muttered.

The silence was tense, and if Peter hadn’t been standing there, her mother would have already been half way down her daughter’s throat with questions about him.

“If you’d like, Peter, you’re more than welcome to join us for dinner tonight.” Y/M offered hopefully. “We’d love to have you.”

Y/N glanced back at Peter with wide, expectant eyes, and he stared back at her in shock. Slowly, she saw the wheels begin turning in his head, and a charming smile spread deviously across his face. Her eyes narrowed at him.

“That sounds lovely. Thank you, Mrs. Y/L/N.” He replied.

Y/N brow shot up at his polite tone, but her mother nearly fawned at it.

“Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, Mrs. Y/L/N, but I’m afraid I have to go now.” He said.

“We’ll see you tonight then, Peter.” she said as she opened the front door for him.

He leaned down and pressed a kiss to Y/N’s forehead before swiftly walking out the door. The door shut and locked, and so began the storm.

“Y/N!” Her mother shouted. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me about him?”

“I-I didn’t think the long distance thing was going to work out. Telling you would’ve been pointless if we were going to break up soon.” She lied, hoping the nervousness she felt wasn’t showing on her face.

“That’s beside the point.” She sighed. “I’m your mother, I’d like to know about what’s going on in your life.”

“I’m sorry.” She muttered, beginning to walk toward the stairs. “I’m gonna go do my homework, okay?”

“Okay, just be ready by seven.”

She sighed and trudged up the stairs, throwing her door open and tossing her bag on the bed.

“What do I do?” The panicked voice made her jump, gasping as she spun around to face them.

“My God, Peter, you nearly gave me a heart attack.” She huffed, but she should have known he would’ve been up here waiting for her.

“What the bloody hell am I going to do?” He hissed again. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he leaned in and began talking lowly. “I have to sit at a dinner table with your parents in a couple of hours. How the hell are we going to do this without giving something away?”

“What do you mean, ‘giving something away’?” She asked.

“They’re going to have questions, are they not?”

“Calm down,” she began, and his shoulder’s dropped slightly. “First of all, you’re going to need to change.”

His lips pulled down into a frown as he looked down at his attire.

“Why? What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” He questioned.

“You look like..” Her voice trailed off as she scanned him over, tugging on the material of his top. “Well, you look like Peter Pan.”

He scoffed, offense evident on his face. “What do you mean I look like Peter Pan? I am Peter Pan.”

“Peter Pan is a fairytale here, darling.” She chuckled, patting his cheek playfully.

“Don’t remind me.” He grumbled, remembering the peppy ginger the world portrayed him as.

“Just get a button down, some nice jeans, and lose the boots.” She explained.

“Okay, whatever. What else?” He questioned.

“Nothing, just be yourself and don’t lose your temper.”

His brows shot up, and he crossed his arms defensively.

“I know how to control my temper.” He defended.

She simply smiled sweetly, knowing he was far too stubborn to argue with.

“I know you do.”

He pouted childishly as I lead him to the window and opened it.

“I can control my temper!” He repeated.

“Goodbye, Peter.”

“I can!”

•                       •                      •                     •

She stood, hunched over her dresser as she attempted to do her eyeliner perfectly. A shuffle sounded behind her, and her eyes darted away from herself in the mirror to behind her. Though she should be used to it by now, she flinched when she saw Peter through the mirror.

“Crap,” she whispered as she poked her eye with the pencil. “Do you not knock in Neverland? I could’ve been naked.”

His green eyes rolled at her concern, and he turned her around by her shoulder.

“Do I look enough like a different person?” He asked sarcastically.

She smiled at his dressed up appearance and nodded.

“One problem though.”

His face fell at the assumption of having to change yet again.

“You’re supposed to knock at the front door like a normal person.” She explained.

Once again rolling his eyes, he walked back toward the window she always kept unlocked for him, and muttered an annoyed, ‘See you in a minute.’ before vanishing.

She shook her head with a small smile before giving herself one last glance in the mirror and deciding her rushed makeup would do. Peter would ring the front door any second now, and she knew him well enough to know he wouldn’t feel comfortable alone with her parents while waiting for her to finish getting ready.

The doorbell rang when she was halfway down the stairs, so, she rushed down the last few steps to rush to the door before either of her parents could. Luckily, she did.

“Y/N,” Peter greeted as if he hadn’t just seen her two minutes ago. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She smiled, opening the door further for him to step in.

A quiet, almost silent chuckle left her lips as she saw Peter’s back straighten up at the sight of her father approaching him.

“You must be Peter.” He smiled, sticking his hand out for him to shake. “I’m Y/F/N.”

“Pleasure to meet you, sir.” Peter replied while shaking his hand firmly.

The nerve racking meeting for Peter was thankfully cut short when Y/M/N began ushering them to the dinner table. Soon enough they were all sat down, served, and already eating.

“What do your parents do, Peter?” Y/M/N asked curiously, causing Peter to pause.

His eyes shot to meet Y/N’s across the dinner table in panic who quickly swallowed the food she was chewing to cover up for him.

“Peter actually doesn’t know his parents, Mom.” She said slowly.

Her mother’s eyes widened in regret for bringing up the topic.

“I’m so sorry.” She rushed out quickly.

“No, please, don’t worry.” He assured. “It’s fine.”

An awkward silence fell over the dining room, the only sound being the clinking of silverware against glass plates. Y/F/N cleared his throat.

“So, how old are you?” He asked in attempt to change the subject.

Peter’s fork fell onto his plate loudly, causing her parents to look up in alarm. He began coughing uncontrollably, undoubtedly choking on the piece of meat he was previously chewing on in shock.

Y/N could barely keep from laughing hysterically at how unprepared he was for the questions he knew were coming.

“Seventeen,” he gasped once his coughing fit was through, and he overcame the initial shock of the questions. He cleared his throat and coughed once more. “I’m seventeen.”

A tiny giggle left Y/N’s lips, and his green eyes shot up to glare at her as he raised his glass to his lips.

The rest of the dinner went smoother than the beginning, thankfully, and Peter managed to get through all the questions they had for him.

“It was lovely having you, Peter.” Her mother gushed as we reached the door to walk him out. “You’re welcome to come by anytime.”

“Thank you Mrs. Y/L/N.” He smiled, just thankful her father didn’t walk with them to the door.

Y/N slipped out the door behind him to say goodbye. After the front door was shut, he sighed loudly.

“Please, never make me do that again.” He pleaded.

“It wasn’t that bad.” Y/N laughed. “Besides, I think they liked you.”

“Of course they like me,” He scoffed cockily. “But I hate these clothes.” He grumbled, tugging at the collar of his shirt.

“Maybe now my mom will stop trying to set me up with random guys.”

“She what?”

Yatori Fanfic “Fever”

I just got an Idea for a new drawing but for the first time I decidet to write a fanfiction! This is my first fanfic and its also the first time I wrote a story in english >.< .. I really hope you will like it! 

Title: Fever
Word count: 1529
Summary: Hiyori is running a fever and Yato is taking care of her.

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ravensnfoxes  asked:

A prompt if you're interested? Kandreil. Honestly, anything Kandreil. I love them.

aah tysm for the prompt! i give you a kandreil sick post

  • neil, naturally, didn’t even realize he was sick
  • sure, his head hurt a bit and he was sniffling, but it wasn’t something to focus on
  • he hauled himself out of bed when he heard kevin yelling about being on time for practice, and headed to the bathroom to get ready
  • when he was ready, he left the room to find kevin pressed against the hallway wall, and andrew’s lips pressed against his

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