heart attack album

harry styles announced his tour dates and i dont think ive been this stressed about anything possibly including the 10,000 word dissertation i had to write that would define and heavily control my final degree grade

Me whenever I listen to “Confident” by Demi Lovato.

Heart Attack (Chinese Version)
Heart Attack (Chinese Version)


I’m alone in a maze,
searching for the face that I’m unable to forget


Thank you for everything in 2015, AOA. I am so proud of whatever you girls have achieved this year.

Thank you for blessing my ears with your Heart Attack mini album and your first full-length Japanese album. Thank you for making me laugh with One Fine Day and your Weekly Idol appearances. Thank you for warming my heart with your bond and friendship. But most importantly, thank you for making me smile everyday.

May 2016 be an even better year for you girls, be it group or solo activities, though we all know that y’all are better together. No matter how much hate you girls get, we will always be here for you. Keep smiling, angels. 사랑해 :)

P.S. AOA Black comeback, please?