heart advice

be unapologetically you.

Imagine your Otp
  • Person A: I need some advice...
  • Person B: Love advice? Trust me, I'm the expert. I'm experienced with everything
  • Person C: Says the virgin

His hair.
His clothes.
His smell.
His eyes.
His jaw.
His posture.
His mysteriousness.
His quietness.
His loudness.
His competitiveness.
His loyalty.
His dreams.
His goals.
His hands.
His love.
His grasp.
His anger.
His tears.
His smile.
His laugh.
His jokes.
His walk.
His run.
His point of view.
His opinions.
His morals.
His weirdness.
His smartness.
His stubbornness.
His surprises.
His family.
His heart.
His soul.
Every aspect of him, I love.

Don’t give in to hate and negative vibes. Being the nicest and most confident person you can be will shut just about any hater up. 


Kol angsting over Davina’s picture

Be as considerate to yourself as you would be to those around you. Treat yourself as if you were the most sacred treasure, which without the proper love and care, would deteriorate. Remember that you not only need, but deserve adequate nurturing and treatment at all points in your life.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Everything is temporary.

Logic is important, however, don’t allow it to interfere with what your heart is telling you. Be able to clearly identify which one is which, for they often speak different languages.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

be bold and honest about your dreams and intentions

Honor your own light,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Love your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Vibrate higher your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Be a better person your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪May what you desire to see in‬ others,
‪start within you—first. ‬

– Lalah Delia

With what ever it is you decide to do in life, you must love it completely and full-heartedly.  Our time on earth is too precious to be doing anything but what we’re passionate about.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

It can be scary, but sometimes you just need a change.

Wake up every morning with purpose. When your feet hit the floor; you’re ready to do everything in your power to fight for your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to make yourself a priority.