heart ache

If you ever fall in love with me, please be gentle. My hands tremble, and I speak way too fast. I am scared.

If I ever fall in love with you, I promise I’ll be gentle. Even when your hands tremble, too.

If you ever fall in love with me, please remember that I’ve been through enough, and my heart has felt enough pain to last a life time. I’ll forgive you if you break it, though.

If I ever fall in love with you, I’ll be kind. I am kind. I understand that you have probably seen horrible things, just like everyone else. I hope you’ll forgive me if I ever forget.

If you ever fall in love with me, please pay attention. I hope you will notice when my voice shakes. Please notice, please be patient. I have so many bad nights.

If I ever fall in love with you, I will try to be everything you need. But even when I’m not, I will be patient.

If you ever fall in love with me, please don’t forget that I fell in love with you too.

—  r.j
She sees him all over her social networks, but she can’t seem to delete him from anything. She doesn’t want to let go of him, but it hurts to see him with another girl. So instead she deletes herself. She becomes nonexistent to his world so that one day when she finally emerges from the isolation he will see her face on his screen and he will miss her.
—  m.b. justalittlewildflower
Even though I may be talking to other people, I’m not over you. If you were to come back, asking me to try again, I would take you back in an instant. I would drop all of these new guys because they will never be you. People are telling me that I should get over it, but I know that I lost you because of my actions. You’re not the one they should be upset with, because it was my fault.
—  I will always love you.
I want him to think just once, he fucked up. He lost someone who cared for him and continuously cried over him months and months even after it ended. Who cared for him so deeply that she had to take a break from school because she could just barely get herself up and out of bed. However, he didn’t think twice about her. He continued getting up and smiling and laughing with his friends, not even glancing over or wondering for a second about how she was feeling. He continued to be selfish and move on, meanwhile she took the time and effort to forget about you, it took a lot. In the end, she was successful.
—  Time heals