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A handy list of poisons for writing reference, provided to you by me, Bella

Poisoning is one of the oldest murder tactics in the books. It was the old equalizer, and while it’s often associated with women, historically men are no less likely to poison you. This is not a guide on how to poison people, you banana bunches, it’s a guide on writing about poisons in fiction so you don’t end up on a watch list while researching them. I’ve taken that hit for you. You’re welcome. These are just a few of the more classic ones.

  • Hemlock: Hemlock (conium maculatum) is one of the more famous ones, used in ancient times most notably in Socrates’ forced suicide execution. So it goes. The plant has bunches of small, white flowers, and can grow up to ten feet tall. It’s a rather panicky way to die, although it wouldn’t show: hemlock is a paralytic, so the cause of death is most often asphyxiation due to respiratory paralysis, although the mind remains unaffected and aware.
  • Belladonna: Atropa belladonna is also called deadly nightshade. It has pretty, trumpet-shaped purple flowers and dark, shiny berries that actually look really delicious which is ironic since it’s the most toxic part of the plant. The entire plant is poisonous, mind you, but the berries are the most. One of the most potent poisons in its hemisphere, it was used as a beauty treatment, so the story says, and rubbed into the eyes to make the eyes dilate and the cheeks flush. Hench the name beautiful lady. The death is more lethargic than hemlock, although its symptoms are worse: dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, severely dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, and convulsions. It’s toxic to animals, but cattle and rabbits can eat it just fine, for some reason. 
  • Arsenic: Arsenic comes from a metalloid and not a plant, unlike the others here, but it’s easily the most famous and is still used today. Instead of being distilled from a plant, chunks of arsenic are dug up or mined. It was once used as a treatment for STDs, and also for pest control and blacksmithing, which was how many poisoners got access to it. It was popular in the middle ages because it looked like a cholera death, due to acute symptoms including stomach cramps, diarrhea, confusion, convulsions, vomiting, and death. Slow poisoning looked more like a heart attack. The Italians famously claimed that a little arsenic improved the taste of wine.
  • Strychnine: Strychnine (strick-nine) is made from the seed of strychnos nux vomica and causes poisoning which results in muscular convulsions and eventually death through asphyxia. Convulsions appear after inhalation or injection—very quickly, within minutes—and take somewhat longer to manifest after ingestion, around approximately 15 minutes. With a very high dose, brain death can occur in 15 to 30 minutes. If a lower dose is ingested, other symptoms begin to develop, including seizures, cramping, stiffness, hypervigilance, and agitation. Seizures caused by strychnine poisoning can start as early as 15 minutes after exposure and last 12 – 24 hours. They are often triggered by sights, sounds, or touch and can cause other adverse symptoms, including overheating, kidney failure, metabolic and respiratory acidosis. During seizures, abnormal dilation, protrusion of the eyes, and involuntary eye movements may occur. It is also slightly hallucinogenic and is sometimes used to cut narcotics. It also notably has no antidote. In low doses, some use it as a performance enhancer.
  • Curare: Chondrodendron tomentosum is lesser known than its famous cousins, but kills in a very similar way to hemlock. It is slow and terrible, as the victim is aware and the heart may beat for many minutes after the rest of the body is paralyzed. If artificial respiration is given until the poison subsides, the victim will survive.
  • WolfsbaneAconitum has several names; Monkshood, aconite, Queen of Poisons, women’s bane, devil’s helmet) and is a pretty, purple plant with gourd-shaped flowers. The root is the most potent for distillation. Marked symptoms may appear almost immediately, usually not later than one hour, and with large doses death is near instantaneous. Death usually occurs within two to six hours in fatal poisoning. The initial signs are gastrointestinal including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This is followed by a sensation of burning, tingling, and numbness in the mouth and face, and of burning in the abdomen. In severe poisonings pronounced motor weakness occurs and sensations of tingling and numbness spread to the limbs. The plant should be handled with gloves, as the poison can seep into the skin.
  • FoxgloveDigitalis is large with trumpet-shaped flowers that can be many colors, but usually a pinkish shade. It may have from the term foxes-glew, which translated to fairy music. Intoxication causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, as well as sometimes resulting in xanthopsia (jaundiced or yellow vision) and the appearance of blurred outlines (halos), drooling, abnormal heart rate, cardiac arrhythmias, weakness, collapse, dilated pupils, tremors, seizures, and even death. Slowed heartbeat also occurs. Because a frequent side effect of digitalis is reduction of appetite and the mortality rate is low, some individuals have used the drug as a weight-loss aid. It looks a bit like comfrey, which is an aid for inflammation. Make sure not to confuse the two.


13/10/17 (aka THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE)

okay so where do I begin…WOW.
okay so… on Monday October 3rd at 10:25pm, I was sitting on my phone in my room listening to holy ground and I was on twitter and BOOM. “TAYLOR NATION SENT YOU A DIRECT MESSAGE” I STARTED SHAKING AND CRYING WHEN I READ THE CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE I WAS SO CONFUSED BECAUSE THEY DONT EVEN FOLLOW ME (yes I’m still trying to work out technology ok) AND I FLIPPED OUT AND I RAN INTO MY MOMS ROOM SOBBING AND I TRIPPED OVER THE HOOVER BUT ITS OKAY. MY MOM WAS SAYING ALL SORTS OF THINGS LIKE SOMEONE MAY HAVE HACKED INTO TAYLOR NATIONS ACCOUNT (?????? idk). Anyway I died and my mind was a mess and I couldn’t control myself at all, I had knew what it usually meant when people got these messages and I explained everything to my mom ( she is genuinely worst-case-scenario-Christine ) and she started crying with happiness for me. THAT DAY WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED.

The next day October 4th at 5:27pm, I was (trying) to study when BOOM. I RECEIVED THE CALL. Ali phoned and told me about a special secret event on Friday the 13th of October and I was shaking so so much and could barely even talk but she was honestly the nicest ever (I noticed she said “wonderful” about a million times and I’m now so in love with that word). Side note: My mom still wasn’t really convinced this wasn’t a set up to get me kid napped but SHE FINALLY CALMED DOWN A LITTLE AND MEANWHILE I WAS SHAKING, CRYING AND BASICALLY DEAD.

Okay so then it was the waiting game…the days DRAGGED in as I found out a whole 10 DAYS before the event and I saw Taylor lurk people on tumblr/Instagram AND she liked the post about me and my best friend Eve. PEOPLE WERE ALSO TALKING ABOUT WHAT COULD HAPPEN ON THE 13TH AND I WAS JUST SITTING THERE LIKE HELP ME WHATS GON HAPPEN.

Fast forward to Friday…so because I live in Glasgow I had to fly to London… I COULDNT SLEEP AT ALL AND I ONLY GOT 4 HOURS SLEEP LOL BECAUSE I GOT UP AT 4AM. We went to the airport and I was genuinely so nervous and excited about what could possibly be happening. We then got a bus and then a tube and wandered about Covent Garden and EVERYTHING kept reminding me of Taylor. We then got a tube and another bus ( NUMBER 13 ) to our hotel. I got really stressed out because I opened up my case and there was makeup spilt on my dress BUT MY MOM CAME TO THE RESCUE AND FIXED IT FOR ME. I curled my hair and fixed myself up then I went to out to the secret meeting point and recognized so many people from tumblr/twitter etc and it was SO surreal. ALSO A FEW PEOPLE CAME UP TO ME AND WERE LIKE OMG ABBIE I KNOW YOU AND THAT MADE ME FEEL SO SO SPECIAL SO I LOVE YOU FOR THAT IF THAT WAS YOU. We checked in and got really cool wristbands saying United Kingdom (IN THE REPUTATION FONT) I WAS ALREADY DEAD.

We went to drop off our bags and me and I met 2 beautiful, amazing girls called Emma ( @taylorsmusic ) and Flora ( @spoookyswift ) and we were FREAKING OUT TOGETHER. We just couldn’t comprehend that we could potentially meet our idol. We talked about everything and I genuinely think I have 2 new best friends for life. I LOVE YOU GUYS. We were on the last bus to leave so we waited foreverrrr and my nerves were building up so much and I was FULL ON ALL OVER SHOOK.

Everyone on the bus was SO EXCITED and we were all dying together. It was such a combination of nerves and excitement like I can’t even describe it. So we FINALLY arrived at our secret destination and were escorted to the entrance to be searched etc (there was a big box of socks for some reason and it made us laugh so just thought I’d add that in and also a few half finished smart water bottles👀).

Okay so then we went through to TAYLORS HOUSE. It was beautiful and there was so much food laid out and I had a REPUTATION COOKIE and CUSTOMIZED REPUTATION M&MS and CHICKEN TENDERS. Taylors playlist of the songs she loves was playing in the background and we were LOVING LIFE. (Side note: my mom loved the olives you put out taylor so thanks for that) So basically me, Emma and Flora were chilling together (we were not chill at all tho) and everything was fine THEN Flora goes “oh my god, that’s Scott” AND IM LIKE WTF AND WE ALL LOOK OVER AND DIE LIKE WHAT WAS HAPPENING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES THE KING OF GUITAR PICS WAS HERE. We went and spoke to more amazing people and life was good…THEN TREE COMES THROUGH AND IM LIKE WHATATSTSS THATS A LEGEND THEN NOT LONG AFTER THAT WE SEE ANDREA AND WE ALL DIED. I CRIED WHEN I SEEN ANDREA IDK WHY IT JUST GOT TOO MUCH AND SHES MY QUEEN. IT GENUINELY FELT LIKE A DREAM LIKE SURELY THIS WAS NOT REAL.

Finally, after a while, we went through to THE LIVING ROOM. YES. A CHAIR. A SPEAKER. WE ALL KNEW WHAT THIS WAS. ME, EMMA AND FLORA HAD A LITTLE SUPPORT NETWORK GOING ON BECAUSE WE WERE ALL HOLDING HANDS BECAUSE WE WERE NOT PREPARED AT ALL. I cried - yeah she wasn’t even here yet and I cried. So anyway THEN I’m like I can’t even do this and my heart is beating abnormally fast. And that’s when she appeared…

I COULDNT BELIEVE MY EYES. MY ANGEL. MY EVERYTHING. GENUINELY LIKE A METER AWAY. NO WAY. Okay so then I SOBBED even more and I was uncontrollable (I finally did calm down but omg it was so hard I couldn’t stop crying) - thank you Emma and Flora for helping me LOL. Side note: her hair was so curly and pretty and she wore this camo dress thing and SNAKE BOOOOOOTS and a snake ring and yeah I was like GO GURLLL. IN THAT MOMENT I DIED IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

On to the album, obviously you guys understand I can’t say much at all BUT REPUTATION IS MY FAVOURITE ALBUM BY FARRRRR. Like it’s genuinely so different but so genius - it’s incredible. She’s so talented and you can tell she’s worked so super hard for it and I can tell she’s happier than ever through the way she talks and she just seems so content with life and it makes me so proud and happy of how far she’s came. It’s so emotionally complex and THE LYRICS (she’s a genius okay). But there was one song that made me full on SOB and everyone in that room felt something…ANYWAY Taylor herself, during the whole of the session, she was so funny and she’s just so genuine…it was unreal. UNREAL. Some highlights that stand out to me include when during one of the songs she looked right at me for about 20 seconds or so and we just danced and smiled at each other. IVE NEVER FELT SO LOVED IN MY LIFE. To say I’m proud of her for this album is an understatement.

okay so then….IT WAS MEET AND GREET TIME. We were all sitting reading the magazines and talking to each other and it was adorable and even though I was a nervous wreck, everyone was so nice and amazing towards me. When it was time for the picture I was at the waiting point I can’t tell you how I felt. It was indescribable. I seen the 2 girls before me hug Taylor goodbye and it was my turn. I ran up to her and hugged her so hard and she looked at me and went “ITS ABBIE ISNT IT?” AND I WAS NODDING AND I WAS LIKE YEAH ITS ME and she was like “NO WAY I CHOSE YOU LIKE A YEAH AGO LIKE SOOOO LONG AGO” and I was like NO WAY and then I was like “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOUVE HELPED ME THROUGH, YOU’VE HONESTLY GOT ME THROUGH SO MUCH” and she was listening so intently and she smiled at me and hugged me and we held hands for a few seconds which was BEAUTIFUL and she was like “you are SO beautiful like SO beautiful and you are SO funny like you’re posts are hilarious” and I started shaking and I told her she was like a big sister to me and then we got a really cute huggy picture and then we got one with my mom which was cute and THEN (THIS WAS THE FUNNIEST MOMENT) the camera guy said to my mom “do you want a pic alone with her” and my mom was like “oh it’s okay I’m just her mom” and TAYLOR WAS LIKE" OH WELL THANKS" IT WAS SO FUNNY. THEN I told her I loved her and she was like I LOVE YOU BUDDY and I gave her one final hug before I left which was MAGICAL (I swear we hugged about 27468273 times).

As soon as I left the room, I BURST INTO TEARS I COULDN’T BELIEVE I HAD JUST MET MY IDOL AFTER LIKE 6 YEARS OF LOVING HER AND FANGIRLING OVER HER. My mom went to talk to mama swift and she said to her “thank you so much for making a beautiful, amazing role model for my daughter” and mama swift was like AWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH THEN MY MOM GAVE HER A HUG AND THEN I GAVE HER A HUGE HUG AND MAMA SWIFT WAS LIKE THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING HER AND DOING THE CRAZY THINGS SHE MAKES YOU DO AND I CRIED MORE.


Thank you so so so much for inviting me to your London Secret Session - it was an HONOR to be there. I can’t believe I was given such a beautiful, amazing opportunity and I meant everything I said to you in there and it truly came from the heart. I love you so much and I can’t wait to hopefully see you on tour. You mean the world to me and I can’t wait to hear reputation again and DIE ANOTHER MILLION DEATHS.
I love you so much girl.

Abbie x @taylorswift

The Proposal part 1 |M|

You’re tired of being alone for years without a boyfriend so you propose a deal to Jimin.

Originally posted by zynpyzkcu

word count: 5.2k

tags: smut for days, fluff(in later chapters), angst(in later chapters), badboy!Jimin, collegeAU!Jimin

Your heart would’ve jumped right out of your chest if not for your ribs that confined them because your heart was beating so fast. As you walked down the steps with stiff legs, your eyes were settled on the man who sat just a few rows ahead of you. You took in the his outfit–a simple over-sized black hoodie and ripped denim jeans. He was shoving his belongings inside of his black backpack as you approached him.

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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “15 - Jeff Atkins”


15. “It was the fifth time I’m calling her phone.”

Word count: 1.960

Posted: 14th of May 2017

A/N: An imagine in a Sunday night. It sucks that tomorrow is Monday again, I am not ready for the struggles that I may face this week. I hate school, because people suck!
Anyways, I hope you like this imagine and I would love to receive some feedbacks from you. Thank you so much for reading.

P.S.: I am not taking part 2 requests as I have lots of imagines to write. Sorry!

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: some bad words

“I’m going on a beer run soon, babe,” Your boyfriend, Jeff, informed you as he left some sweet and gentle kisses on your neck. “do you want to go with me?”

“Jeff, you aren’t driving!” You stopped him as you knew that he had some drinks during the night. “Ask someone else to buy some beer.”

You were in one of Jessica’s parties and people were having fun, alcohol was the main protagonist of the party and it was Jeff’s task to buy some if they ever ran out of them.

“Babe, I’m fine.” He sat on the empty side of the couch beside you and he grabbed your hand. “I had two beers, two hours ago.”

“Jeff!” You warned him, but he just let out some soft giggles. He knew how protective you were when it came to alcohol and your boyfriend. You hated him when he put his life in risks and you couldn’t help but discuss over it.

“Babe, I am sober and I promise.” He assured you as he pressed a quick kiss on your forehead. “So, are you coming with me?”

“Alright, fine!” You rolled your eyes as Jeff gave you a sweet wide smile. His smile revealed his white and perfect teeth and you honestly loved them so much, his smile was so contagious that it convinced you to smile back at him.

“I love you so much.” Jeff whispered and your world stopped as you felt some butterflies in your stomach. You honestly felt the sincerity in his voice and it still hit you every time, nevertheless you were together for months.

“I love you too, Atkins!” You giggled as you pressed your lips on his cheek, pulling him closer to you.

“I love you more, no lies!” He debated and before you could open your mouth to speak, he pulled you by your chin and he leant in to give you a sweet kiss.

It made you smile and you felt the sparks running through your veins as he deepened the kiss between the two of you. He pulled you closer to him as he played with your hair and you seriously found that adorable and relaxing.

“Atkins, we ran out of beer!” Some alcoholic asshole stated and he interrupted the kiss between the two of you. Jeff groaned in annoyance and you could say that he preferred to stay with you on the couch rather than buying some beer for the crowd.

“Go on, Atkins!” People cheered for Jeff and you saw your boyfriend rolling his eyes as you were both obliged to stop what you were doing.

“Alright, I’m going!” He finally stated and the crowd hollered louder. You both stood up from the couch, him grabbing your hand tightly to lead you the way out.

You went to the parking lot, but Sheri’s white Jeep was blocking your boyfriend’s car, meaning that you needed to ask Sheri to move her car.

“Wait, I am calling Sheri.” You offered and he nodded as he wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his chin on the crook of your neck. You brought your phone out of your pocket and searched for Sheri’s name in your phone book.

You waited for her to answer as the phone rang for several times, until it led you to her voicemail.

“No answer.” You stated and you tried calling her again, your fingers sliding smoothly on the screen of the device. You felt Jeff giving you some kisses on your neck and you felt shivers running down your spine. Your boyfriend was such a flirt, but you loved him just like that.

“Let’s search for her inside then.” Jeff proposed and you just nodded. He grabbed your hand as he led the way back inside Jessica’s house. He brought you with him, because he was afraid that some maniacs might hit on you, mostly when they were all drunk.

You tried calling Sheri as you followed Jeff around the house. You even asked around for her, but people would just slur or laugh because they were dead drunk.

“Did she answer?” Jeff turned his head at you and you just clicked your tongue in response. “Shit.” He swore under his breath.

It was the fifth time I am calling her phone.” You sighed and you tiredly shoved your phone in your pocket as soon as you heard her voicemail once again.

“Sheri!” Your boyfriend shouted for joy as his face brighten. He finally saw Sheri and you silently thanked God for it.

“Yeah?” Sheri looked at your boyfriend with a wide smile, obviously, she was having a great time with her circle of friends.

“You’re blocking me in, I’ve got to go for provisions.” Jeff honestly stated as he still held your hand tightly, protecting you from the alcohol-scented people around you.

“Oh shit!” Sheri swore as the loud music boomed behind her. “Okay, I’ll be right out. I have to get home anyways.”

“No, it’s alright. I don’t want to make you leave.” Jeff kindly and sweetly said, being the sweetest angel that he was.

“No, no, no!” Sheri exclaimed as she shook her head, her black curly hair following her head’s movements. “I’m staying at my dad’s, which comes with a curfew. I’ll get my keys and be right out.”

“Thank you, ma'am!” Jeff smiled and Sheri just raised her shoulders.

You’ve always liked Sheri, she was fun to be with and she was always cheerful. She would worry whenever you showed some cold treatments to your boyfriend and you could say that she was the first one who supported your relationship with Jeff.

“Take care!” Sheri shouted to you and Jeff as she started her car’s engine. Hannah was sitting on her passenger’s seat and you gained some weak hand waves from her.

“You too!” You shouted back and gave Hannah some energetic hand waves.

You then watch Sheri pull her car out of the parking and you followed the white Jeep as it made its way to Hannah’s house.

“Let’s go?” Jeff asked you and you just nodded. You followed him in his car and you carefully put your seatbelt on.

“Babe, you aren’t drunk and you are sure that you can do this, right?” You assured yourself with a question and he just laughed at you. “I’m serious, Atkins!”

“Yes, Babe! I am sure that I can do this and I am not drunk, promise.” He answered, starting the engine. “I can even write an essay if you like or do a home run for you.”

“Idiot!” You both laughed as he started to drive towards the store. You admitted that he was still sober and he drove normally and carefully. He wouldn’t want to cause any accidents, mostly when you were with him. He didn’t want to hurt you, not even once.

You both listened to some music and you went to the store to buy some pints of beer for the whole crowd. The party has just started and the night was still young, so you both decided to buy more than the expected.

“That was the last one!” You stated as you handed him the last box of beer from your push cart.

“Great!” He exclaimed as he carefully closed the door. You put the push cart back on its place and Jeff started to drive again once you got back in his car.

Music was blasting in your car and you were both singing and dancing as you followed the beat of the loud song. You honestly enjoyed this party more than the one in Jessica’s house. It was perfect, because you had the only person that you really needed to be with that night.

“All you have to do is stay a minute, just take your time,” You sang as Jeff hummed the beat of it. He was smiling as he was driving, eyes concentrated on the road. “the clock is ticking, so stay.”

“I will always stay, babe!” Jeff assured you, stealing some little glances to admire your face. You giggled at him as the sweetness of your boyfriend kept on flattering you.

“Always?” You asked him with a soft toned voice and he nodded slowly, still with a wide smile on his face.

“Always!” He assured you and he looked at you for a while. He reached for your hand and caressed it gently.

You were having a sweet moment together, but it was interrupted as a bright light blinded your eyes and you noticed that there was a car going through the street with its full speed, obviously exceeding the speed limit.

“Jeff, stop!” You shouted as loud as you could to get your boyfriend’s attention and he harshly pressed the car’s break with his foot, the car screeching its wheels in a high-pitched tone. You almost bumped your head on the car’s airbags, but you luckily didn’t get hurt. You heard some beer bottles break from the back seat, but it was one of the last things that you were worried of.

“Oh my God, are you okay?” Jeff worriedly asked to you, his eyes was masked with fear and terror. You could say that he was really worried for you.

“I am, Babe.” You quickly wrapped your arms around him as tears started to stream down your face. You were terrified and your heart kept on throbbing quickly. “Are you?”

“I am.” Jeff hugged you back tightly and he caressed your hair. “I’m sorry, babe. I am really sorry.” He whispered as he dealt with his nervous heart too.

“I-It’s okay, I was just afraid.” Jeff wiped your tears once you broke the hug between the two of you.

You thought of the possible things that might’ve happened to you and Jeff and a tight knot was formed in your stomach. You thanked yourself that you joined Jeff and you somehow managed to stop him in time.

“They must put a stop sign here.” Jeff demanded as he tried to calm himself, his breathing was almost normal and your fear has almost vanished. He was shaking, though. The thought of that he almost hurt you crashed him. What if things went worse? He knew that he couldn’t forgive himself, if ever.

“They really must, this is dangerous!” You agreed as you cleared your vision by wiping your tears better. Your heart was still beating abnormally and you assumed that it was for the happening. “Wait, is that Hannah?”

“Yeah.” Jeff answered as he tried to focus his eyes on the silhouette that stood in front of the gasoline station. “Wasn’t she with Sheri?” Jeff corrugated his forehead as he curiously asked you the obvious.

Jeff slowly drove towards her and stopped just right in front of her. “Hannah?”

You softly called her and she quickly turned her head in your direction. “Didn’t Sheri offer herself to bring you home?”

Hannah just nodded, eyes concentrated to something else. Her body was shaking as she absentmindedly talked to you. “Sheri.”

“What happened, Hannah?” Jeff peeked to the opened window to see Hannah’s red and teary face.

“Stop sign.” Hannah emotionlessly pointed the knocked stop sign at the edge of the road and you quickly shot a shocked glance to Jeff.

“Damn it, Sheri.” You cursed under your breath as you realized that you almost died because of her.

Your body became paralyzed, so as Jeff’s body. Everything just hit your senses and you realized how destiny could be an asshole sometimes. Many things might’ve happened during that moment. Many things.

You still couldn’t believe that you were safe and you kept murmuring some messages of gratefulness as you calmed yourself down, holding Jeff’s hands tightly.

You could’ve died, but you didn’t. Luckily.

Toxic Lady

Gloria Ramirez was a housewife from California whose cause of death remains a mystery to this day.

At approximately 8:15 p.m. on the evening of February 19, 1994, Gloria was rushed into ER after affects of her cervical cancer had caused her to have an abnormal heart rate and breathing difficulties. Staff immediately injected her with several drugs: diazepam, midazolam, and lorazepam. This sedated her, but medics noticed that she was not responding to the drugs and her condition was worsening. That’s when a nurse took bloods from her arm and noticed a smell of Ammonia coming from the tube.

The nurse passed the test tube to a doctor who noticed strange particles floating around in the blood. They were “unlike anything” he had ever seen. Furthermore, staff noted that there was a fruity, garlic-like smell coming from her mouth and that her skin was excessively greasy. After this, nurses started fainting and doctors had to leave the room because they felt so ill. Nobody knew what was happening, only that Gloria’s body was emitting a foul-smelling odour that seemed to be making everybody nauseous. The staff evacuated all emergency room patients to the parking lot outside the hospital. Overall, 23 people became ill and 5 were hospitalised.

At 8:50 p.m., Gloria Ramirez was pronounced dead. She had died from kidney failure, but to this day nobody knows what caused her strange condition or if it played a part in her unusual death.

Panic Attack- (Teen wolf)

This is my first preference so I hope it’s okay! It wasn’t requested by it just popped into my head and I had to write it

TW- panic attack.

(Always feel free to talk to me, I won’t judge!)



He knows immediately, he sees it coming because he knows the signs and he always knows what to do. He’ll pull you into his embrace, whisper soothing things in your ear, getting you to try and breathe at the same pace as him, he’ll do anything. He’ll get you water, he’ll hold you and after it’s over, he’ll run his fingers through your hair and let you talk it out, not caring that you’ve soaked him with your tears. He has help, he loved you.


It comes with being a werewolf, being able to smell feeling, sure he could avoid it if he tried but when he smells that panic on you, he knows it not good and immediately get’s into action. He’s calming you down before you’ve even got the chance to get too worked up. Scott would talk you through them, get you a paper bag to breathe into, give you a puff of his inhaler, anything you need in that moment that will help you catch your breath and help you feel better again, he’s willing to try it.


Again with the werewolf senses, he could sense it quickly. He would speak to you a lot, saying things like “Come on baby, count to 10 with me okay?” “I’m so proud of you, come on, your doing so well”. He’d encourage you to breathe, to count with him, to breathe with him, taking any pain he could from you. He’d wipe your tears and let you get it all out, he’d then spoil you for the rest of the night, taking it easy and having a nice dinner.


Straight away he’d notice your heart rate pick up abnormally and he’d swing into action, stopping whatever he was doing, getting to you being his main focus, his top priority was getting you to feel better. He’d take you to that special place the two of you share that you always feel calm, he’d hold you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, kissing your head and just helping you through, he’d be telling you try and take deep breaths, it didn’t matter if it failed, as long as you were trying, he’d assure you everything was okay and he would protect you, nothing would hurt you or they’d have to go through him.


Once Liam realised what was happening, he would too start panicking, he’d try and calm you down, while not being calm himself, further panicking you. He’d be running around getting everything you needed and more, water and any medicines you needed to take. Through time he’d get better and he'd always stick to the same plan, getting you somewhere quiet where you could follow his breathing and have him hold you until you finally calmed down. Liam never brought up your panic attacks again, you asked him once and he had simply said “Their in the past, we’re in the present. I want you and If they come with you then so be it, I want you, all of you” and you only had to hear him say that to know you were in love.


He’s be clueless. Completely and utterly clueless. He’d sit with you and try to calm you the best he could, rubbing your back not knowing whether he was doing more bad than good. He’d get into the swing of it eventually, holding you and whispering things to you always worked best, so he’d do that, try to soothe you, run you a hot bath with candles afterwards to relax you. Peter might not be good showing love or compassion, but his efforts were much appertained and just the gesture of how much he cared was enough help with the calming down.

Wanna-One Hwang Minhyun Friend to Boyfriend Scenario!

Another part of the Wanna-One Boyfriend scenarios, enjoy! (You + Minhyun)

  • Let’s say you and Minhyun were longtime friends, bffs
  • Right now in college together, Minhyun is senior to you though
  • A completely playful and platonic relationship no question about it
  • Not that Minhyun would appreciate yet anoTHER girl chasing after him, anyway
  • You saw while girls liked him, he was nice, attractive and clean
  • (yes you admitted he was the epitome of beauty it’s not a crime !)
  • he doesn’t have to know that though
  • All the ladiez were jealous that you two were so close
  • Even though you two were literally just friends and that’s it
  • You don’t even hug or hold hands do skinship or anything (but you did know everything about each other)
  • (fears, aspirations, every embarrassing moment, secrets)
  • You did exchange “love you”s with each other though, but it was a family/friend thing not the othER THING 😏
  • He didn’t really date much, claims to have “high standards”
  • Went out with pretty, elegant women that didn’t overtly fawn over him
  • Your close friendship, however bothered most of the people he dated, leading a large amount of his relationship attempts to go up in flames
  • He didn’t seem to care much though, and never blamed you for that (even though you always felt bad)
  • “If they can’t accept my best friend then it wouldn’t work for me anyway”
  • You always gave him love and life advice (that may or may not be unsolicited but who’s keeping track hohohoho)
  • You taught him cute moves that he could use on his girlfriend, like brushing her hair behind her ear or conversation starters
  • He practiced on you sometimes because he is awkward and sometimes he got little flutters from the small actions but he always just thought it was because he was pretending you were the girl he was dating LOL
  • Very protective of one another, wanting the best for each other
  • You didn’t date much, for no reason really 
  • Anyway coLLEGE
  • Lots of late night studying on your part
  • You would hang out in each other’s dorm rooms cause why not
  • friendship is beautiful
  • Minhyun was smart and always offered to help you, either by teaching you a concept or by making you a snack or coffee 
  • You had done the same for him when he was stressed out or preparing for exams
  • wow look at this beautiful symbiotic relationship, mutualism at its finest
  • Anyway winter break rolled around, and you decided you would stay at the college in order to continue working, while Minhyun would go visit home
  • You both didn’t text/chat online much, so while he was away you didn’t contact each other that much
  • Anyway over the break one of your friends offered to set you up on a blind date (probably bc Minhyun wasn’t always hanging out around you) and you had no reason to say no
  • You called Minhyun for the first time over that break, and you guys caught up a bit before you remembered to mention that you were going on a blind date
  • Minhyun was silent for a bit, and then curtly responded:
  • “Good for you.”
  • ummMMMMM
  • You felt some cold air from him, but you brushed it off and just continued the conversation normally but he said that he had to go soon after
  • You didn’t think too much of it
  • But Minhyun?
  • He was startled because he had suddenly got angry, for no reason (so he thought)
  • He briefly wondered if it was because you said you were dating now
  • But he told himself he didn’t care 
  • He paced around the house, muttering hypotheses and theories of why he was having this reaction
  • Literally convinced himself that he had a medical issue
  • weirdo
  • When he returned from his break, somehow you two seemed… different?
  • You started going on more blind dates, mostly to just meet new people
  • You thought it wasn’t causing you and Minhyun to drift apart, especially since you weren’t as bonded with the other guys, and it was just going on dates for you 
  • You didn’t see it as anything more than that, just getting to know people, so it was no big deal
  • But to Minhyun every second you were with another dude it was hell
  • Every time you said another guy’s name or asked Minhyun for some advice, Minhyun felt his heart sink
  • He found himself caring about what you wore or if you looked too pretty or if you were out late
  • He was deadly curious about what you were doing but simultaneously didn’t want to know
  • Took him literally a month before he figured himself out (and it took a lot of internet searching)
  • Liking you had never occurred to him really
  • Not because you were not attractive or charming or even because you were best friends were so long
  • But because he had told himself for some weird reason that his ideal type was strictly someone more… quiet and classy
  • Not you, who was very free and open and lively with Minhyun
  • But that’s why you were so special to him
  • Because you two were comfortable together, and that’s what mattered
  • And Minhyun didn’t want you to be that comfortable with someone else
  • Suddenly everything became very clear to him
  • That how much he treasured you crossed the bounds of friendship, he wanted you for himself and he wanted himself to be yours
  • For a couple days, he kept these feelings hidden up in himself, because he was stressing over how he should act with you and what he should do about his emotions
  • But that didn’t last long
  • You were hanging out with Minhyun, watching a tv show in your dorm room one day when you suddenly remembered that you had a meeting with someone, not even a blind date lol 
  • (but Minhyun didn’t know that)
  • You got up to go to your closet, about to get ready
  • When you suddenly felt arms snake around you, stopping you from moving
  • Shocked by the sudden contact that you had never felt before, you barely managed to sputter out “Minhyun? What… what are you doing”
  • Without thinking at all, Minhyun responded truthfully and bluntly
  • “I like you. Don’t go.”
  • Your heart sped up abnormally fast
  • For some reason, this confession of Minhyun “liking” you was impacting you more than all the times he had said that he “loves” you
  • You were shocked, but you prioritized Minhyun more than anything; you couldn’t just leave your best friend after that confession, that was just cruel
  • You quickly texted the people you had to meet that you couldn’t make it to the date, and just sat down with Minhyun while he clearly told you what had been on his mind for the past month and a half
  • How ever since you had told him you were going to start dating, he got sad and angry
  • How he thought he was sick but it was just jealousy (you laughed at that one)
  • How he couldn’t stand seeing you with other guys, but he felt as if he couldn’t do anything because you never bothered him in his previous relationships
  • And this was shocking to you, it really was
  • He was aware that you didn’t have feelings for him (yet) but he wanted you to objectively look at him and give him a chance
  • All this atmosphere made you somewhat awkward, a feeling that you barely got with him
  • It was like that for some time, for days he treated you normally as he did before but you were always self conscious now
  • But over time, you took notice of all the little things that he always did for you; from making you snacks and giving you massages to always knowing what mood you were in and knowing the right thing to say, all the time
  • And you started to realize of every time your skin brushed his, and how you would blush in response
  • Or how you would be talking to him and then just stop because he literally had the face of a god, making your heart speed up
  • And randomly one day you jusT HAD TO walk in on him changing in his room (hits self why are you writing about this illegal!)
  • You saw him changing out of a shirt (thats literally it you just saw his beautiful smooth back which you had seen before) but it made your mind turn into alphabet soup and you audibly gasped and dropped whatever shit you were carrying (because thats what happens right)
  • Minhyun turned around and that arroGANT FUCK smirked at you and freaking got all confident
  • “Like what you see? It’s yours if you want it”
  • Your mouth dropped open and you just blinked at him, making him genuinely smile
  • But that didn’t last long because you ran up to him and hit his bare skin asking if he was insane
  • “Could you be any more shameless Minhyun??? Seriously?”
  • Cue embarrassed “haha”s from Minhyun
  • Everything was pretty much back to normal in terms of awkwardness (except for the becoming-more-frequent heart flutters and butterflies and blushes)
  • And one day you two were just hanging in his dorm room and fell asleep on his bed while watching something
  • When you woke up in the morning, you were all snuggled together, his arms around you, who were facing his chest (im dead)
  • You were shocked and started getting up, but you realized that you really liked the feeling, thinking I could get used to this, as you laid back down on him
  • I like him, don’t I. (YES Y/N YOU DO JESUS CHRIST)
  • You giggled to yourself as silently as possible as to not wake Minhyun but surprise he had already been awake for an hour, unable to fall back asleep
  • And the fact that you had decided to stay there with him in that intimate position told Minhyun everything he needed to know
  • He signaled he was awake, opening his eyes, meeting yours
  • He raised his eyebrows at you, and thanks to the telepathy of best friends you know what he meant. Is this a yes from you?
  • And you nodded in response. Yeah, it is.
  • And that was that
  • Your relationship stayed pretty much the same, except some added cuteness and skinship ;)
  • You were obviously still best friends, but now you were best friends that liked kissing sometimes yaknow the usual
  • You both understood one another so well, and were already comfortable with another, already knew everything about the other person
  • Both of you thought you were very lucky to have been in this situation, to meet and be with the other person
  • hehehehehehehehe adorable

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A/N: Holy shit I feel like this ended up being super long, hope that’s fine with y’all lmao.

also jesus christ he’s so beautiful this is ILLEGAL !

Sexy, Dirty Love|T.Holland

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Series:Tell Me You Love Me
Song(s):Sexy Dirty Love by Demi Lovato
Warning(s):mentions of sex, and awfully written smut
Summary:Where Tom and reader can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Last Part:Tell Me You Love Me

Sending pictures back and fourth, babe I’m craving your type.

He watched with a frown as his best friend turned lover waltzed around her spacious bedroom. Suitcases lined her room each filled with clothes, shoes, accessories and whatever else she’ll need on this trip. Tom had spent days on end trying to convince her to take it easy and spend a couple more days at home, or in this case with him. He had spent years pinning over her and now that he finally had her, he had to watch her pack most of her belongings. He let out a whine much like one that would come from a small child as she packed her last jacket. He frowned as she set out a simple outfit, dark jeans, a simple white crop top, and the black jacket he had gifted her when she had gone to visit him back when he was shooting Captain America:Civil War.

Are you sure you have to go?” He asked again wrapping his arms around her waist. Smiling softly she ran her fingers through his slightly shorter hair and nodded her head. The last thing she wanted to do was leave him at this time but she knew better, this was her job and she couldn’t crave simply because he wanted her here.

“I’ll be back before you know it spider-boy..” She winked as he sighed and leaned up pressing a soft kiss to her lips. With closed eyes he sighed, basking in the moment they had together, because he knew it’ll be a minute before he gets to feel her soft smooth skin against his like this again.

That was two months ago, things had been rough for them both, but she managed to get through as best as she could. Her schedule was enough between meet and greets, and his with filming that there was very little time to worry about missing the other. It wasn’t till Tom had a rare day off that it hit him, he missed her, in more ways then another.

The first picture sent was innocent, his soft smile was bright sending her heart into a mess. Before she could even answer the next one came. This one he was laying in bed, the covers pooled at his waist with his chest on full display. Sighing, she bit her lip as her heart swelled, she knew what he was trying to do as the pictures got naughtier and naughtier.

Tom gasped lightly as he felt his pants suddenly become to tight. The bright red lace worked a number on her, her skin seemed to be glowing as her hair was a mess on top of her head, and her breast looked fuller then ever before. His palms were sweaty and his breathe was labored as each picture she sent brought him closer and closer to the edge.

You’re my new obsession

She was finally back with him, and Tom couldn’t be more thrilled. He was so proud of all that she had done while she was away, and now she was standing besides Harrison as they watched him finish this scene. The moment the director had called ‘cut’ he had her in his arms. His lips were on hers as her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Sighing, he placed her down on her two feet as he pull away from her. Her eyes were glossy as she watched a bright smile appear on his face.

“You’re here..” He breathed as she nodded her head running a hand through his hair as she pulled him closer. At least those lonely nights were gonna be gone for a while, that void was filled. His girl was back him and that was all that mattered. He knew it was a long way before he’d finally get the alone time he was craving.

Smiling, he wrapped a ran tightly around her waist as he gave her a tour of the set. His hands were always touching her at one point. If it wasn’t his lips lightly pressed to her lips, it was his hands wrapped around her own, or his arm wrapped around her. His love for her had seemed to increase in the short time they spent away.

“You have an unhealthy obsession with her mate..” Sam stated as she let out a soft chuckle. Tom had refused to let her out of sight. Always making sure she was seated where she had the perfect view of him, if he had to get changed she was there. No matter how many time she had insisted it was fine, Tom would argue and say she needed to stay with him.

“No, I just missed my sunshine is all…” He muttered into her hair smelling the sweet smell of her shampoo had learned to love. They were now eating dinner and Tom ad refused to allow het to sit anywhere else, which how she ended up sitting on his lap as they eat dinner with this brothers and best friend.

Pull me closer into you and watch our bodies intertwine

He slammed her body against the door to his bedroom as their mouths morphed together. The sweets taste of her covered her senses as his arms were wrapped tightly around her. Her lips moved feverishly against his, as he gripped her leg wrapping it around his waist as he pushed himself closer to her. He smirked as he pulled back, a moan escaping her pink lips as his trailed to her neck.

“Fuck babygirl…” He breathed out as he quickly stripped her of the clothes she was wearing. Her breathe was labored as her laid her down on the bed before him. Her hair was a wild mess, as he smiled up at her, her eyes closing as his hands spread her legs open. Her body was overwhelmed by the amount of attention he was suddenly giving her. She watched as he gripped her ankles placing them over his shoulders, as his big hands rubbed on her soft skin. He didn’t even give her a chance to recover from the shock as she felt the drag of his tongue down the inside of her thigh. He chuckled as her hips bucked up towards his face, gripping her legs tighter to hold her in place he gave her a wink, before he dropped a chaste kiss onto her throbbing clit.

She let out a gasp closeting her eyes as he squeeze her thighs loving the taste of her one his tongue. His mouth did wonders as his pink tongue dived between her folds and swirled around her clit pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Her breathes coming out in short shallow pants, he couldn’t help but chuckling making his hot breathe hit her dripping center. He had hardly touched her and she already felt herself coming apart. She let out a whine has he pulled his face away from her, only to bring two of his this fingers up to his lips, before pushing them slowly inside of her. He felt her instantly clench around them, as he dropped his forehead on her thigh watching them disappear deep inside her.

“So wet for me babygirl, been dreaming about this since that picture..” He moaned out as she arched her back feeling his thumb rub tight circles around her clit. He watched as her end flew out towards his and her pretty lips mumble his name.

“I-I’m not gonna last much longer…” She breathed as a deep chuckle escape his lips. Her eyes where wide as he pulled his fingers away from her. She watched as in the dim light of the room, he licked them clean of her juices. Her heart beating at an abnormal rate.

She watched as he quickly ridded himself of his sweatpants and boxers, the site of his cock making her mouth water. He watched with desire as her dark eyes drank in his body making a sense of pride wash over him, he was her’s, and she was his. Smiling she reached over taken him in his hands as he let out a loud moan at the sudden contact.

“Fuck baby girl..” He breathed throwing his head back as her lips placed a soft kiss onto his tip. Puling her face back to his he hissed as she took him in her hands allow a small amount of pressure. Pushing her back on the bed, their lips collided as he softly pushed himself inside of her. Her walls stretching  and opening welcoming him in. Foreheads pressed tightly together they moved in sync as he worked her body in away she’s never been worked before. His lips leaving soft kisses from her neck up to her lips.

It wasn’t long after that the two where coming undone as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. She was finally here and they were closer then every before, the moment was so sweet and raw that it set her on fire with every brush of his hands on her. Smiling he pressed a soft kiss onto her shoulder as he pulled away from her, her head now rested on his chest as they laid there in each others embraces.

“It’s so good to have you back..”

“It’s good to be back..”

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Hand to Hand

A/N: Bucky is teaching you hand to hand combat when uh….things get interesting.

“Doll, keep your hands up. Parallel to each other like I’ve showed you.” I do as he commands and he gives a nod of approval. “Excellent, now I’m going to reach out and I want you to block my hit.”

“Okay.” I nod.

“On the count of three…one…”

His hand propels forward and I screamed out. “You said on the count of three not one.”

“Predict your opponent’s move.”

I reach out with a jab and he blocks it effortlessly, using that moment to tap me in my ribs. “You’re leaving your body unprotected.”

I sweep a hand in front of my stomach and he taps me on the neck. I grunt, propelling forward my punch landing on his rib, which was a mass of muscle. “Good girl.”

I smiled thinking of the only other time he calls me a good girl, which doesn’t involve clothing.

He taps me in the stomach again. “What the hell, that hurts.”

“Pay attention.”

“I am.” I say defensively as he blocked my punch. “Why do I need to do this?”

“You need to learn how to protect yourself.”

I rolled my eyes. “Why when I have a deadly assassin for a boyfriend.”

He exhales deeply. “I’m no longer an assassin.” He replies tersely. “What if you find yourself in a situation when I’m off on a mission? What will you do then?”

He doesn’t give me any warning before he lunges forward and I stumbled backwards.

“I won’t need to learn hand to hand combat if I had a gun or a knife.”

“Is that so?”

I nod.

He reaches from behind revealing a sleek black knife with a serrated edge and intricate symbols on the blade. “Where the hell did that come from?” I asked looking puzzled.

“Doll, I have five weapons on my person as we speak.“He states, slipping the sheath in his pants pocket.

"Right now?”


“Where?” I asked, My eyes darting to different parts of his body.

He ignores me. He holds the knife in his palm. “If you can grab this knife from my hand, not only will I give it to you, but I’ll teach you how to use it.”

I lunge forward, but his palm closes. “You’ll have to be faster than that.”

“You have an unfair advantage.”

We both look at his arm. “My arm? Are you serious?” I nod. “Fine.”

He puts his left arm behind his back then opens the palm of his right hand, dangling the knife skillfully in front of me. I take a step forward and the knife disappears out of sight. I used this moment to hit him in the chest.

“You’re leaving your body unprotected.” I teased.

The next actions happened so quickly, I don’t know if I should be impressed, frightened or turned on. He tosses the knife up in the air, sweeps my legs from beneath me in one swift movement, his left arm cradles my fall as we both hit the floor and in another split second he catches the knife without looking and stabs it into the space above my head.

“Your pupils are dilated.” He observes.

I wonder if he could hear my heart palpitations as my heart raced abnormally in my chest. The vibration of my pulse in my veins pounded loudly in my ears as I became aware of our bodies, mainly the throbbing pressed into my hip.

“Is that one of the five weapons you have on your person.” I say all breathy.

He bites his bottom lip and smirked, leaning his face next to my ear. “No, this weapon is not like the others.”

“How so?” I asked inhaling deeply, fully aware of the movements of my body and how with every inhalation his limbs sinks deeper into my own.

He paused, gazing intently at my parted lips sucking in air that was tinged with my lust and his sweat.

“This weapon is dangerous when provoked.” He threatens. His cerulean eyes becoming volcanic as I felt the explosion of heat radiating out of my apex and the noticeable growth and hardening of his throb.

“Bucky.” I breathed as his tongue grazed my bottom lip..

He pins my wrists above my hand that scrapes the serrated knife and presses his full weight on top of me as he spread my legs with his knee.

One Night with a Psychopath

Description: Jim Moriarty takes reader to a ball, where things soon take an unexpected turn. 

Characters: Moriarty X Female Reader 

Triggers: Sex 

Length: 1,998 words

Note: Sorry guys this was a long one but I plan on writing more parts to this. Hope you like it! 

He left the invitation on top of your pillow in your bedroom. It was typed with calligraphy letters that made it seem like you were being invited to 17th century French ball rather than a modern one. You had told Jim that you would rather swim in shark infested waters than go to a fancy party with him. He took this as an act of playing hard to get, which you could tell turned him on oh so greatly. His mouth grew into a devilish grin and he reply with a simple, “We’ll see”. Moriarty made your skin crawl, however, as of lately you weren’t sure if it were in a bad or good way. Being Sherlock’s assistant was turning more into a nightmarish fever and when the criminal mastermind himself took a liking to you. It become even more of horrifying carnival attraction that you where forced to participate in. You roll your eyes at the invite when your phone beings to ring. You know exactly who it is before even looking at the caller ID. 

“What?” You answer. 

“Is that how you greet your date?” Moriarty replies. His Irish accent is playful almost like he knew it made you shiver in delight. 

“What makes you think I’m even going”? You scoff

“Please, don’t try and think you’re smarter than me. Darling, I am a bad boy for a living, you should know by now I always have a plan”, he says ending the last part with a sing song tone. 

There is a silent moment until you hear a sigh on the other end. 

“Meaning, if you decided not to join me. I’ll have to pay your mother a visit, now wouldn’t I?” Moriarty explains with a serious infliction. 

Your heart drops to your knees as you realize the severity of the situation. It dawns on you that Jim will not be letting you off the hook as simply as you hoped. 

“What should I wear”? You tried to sound sarcastically cheerful. 

“Something sexy”, he says. Before finishing with a quirky goodbye. 

You were left stunned and heart pumping into your chest  You knew you had to go to this damn ball for the safety of your loved ones but in the back of your mind, you felt a jolt of electricity from the thought of being with James Moriarty.     

The evening of:   

The red dress hugged your curves in all the right places with a backless detail that showed off your soft skin. You looked in the mirror and smiled, you look smokin’. “Eat you heart out, Moriarty”, you say to the mirror before heading out. The car was waiting outside your flat, Jim as usual with his games was meeting you at the venue. You were nervous for what the evening held but most of all you were nervous over your emotions towards the psychopath. Like most textbook psychopaths, James Moriarty was charming, handsome, and supernaturally smart. He made you flush every time he said your name, every time he even looked your way with those deadful eyes. 

The ballroom was cluttered with societies finest trying so desperately to sound more sophisticated than each other. You walked in scanning the room for Jim but the stares of the men and women alike blocked your sense of direction. They were looking at you either with lustful eyes or jealousy, it made you slightly uncomfortable. Just as you were about to text him, a familiar accent filled the air. James was in the center of a group of people, laughing at every word he said. For a brief second you thought of running, telling someone you were brought here on threats towards your family but you caught Jim’s eye as you stood there contemplating. His stare burned holes into your skin as he walked away from the crowd without saying a word. When you were face to face he leaned in kissing your neck softly growling into your ear. “You look amazing”, he whispered. He handed you a glass of champagne with a teethy grin like a predator who found his next meal. The two of you walked around the ballroom greeting every other couple as they made their rounds. You could still see men fixated on you as you moved, you could also see the glimmer of jealousy in Moriarty’s behavior as he ushered you away from these men. If he wanted to play silly games, you were more than happy to play. 

“Is someone a little jealous of how much attention this dress is getting”? You ask.

The question took Moriarty aback as he paused for a second. Giving you a look that seemed to only be reserved for the great Sherlock Holmes. You flashed him a smile as you walked passed him and began talking it up with another gentlemen at the bar. You could feel Moriarty’s death stare even has your back was turned but this only excited you more. In all the time you worked for Mr. Holmes, you had never experienced this type of stimulation before. A dangerous man taking you out to a ball whilst you flirt with other men was like having a severe death wish. However, you thought if he was distracted by you, he wouldn’t hurt your family. Perhaps that’s a better reason than admitting that you loved the way Jim looked at you with desire filled eyes.

“If you want to play, (y/n), we can play but I’m warning you I don’t play fair”, Moriarty said. 

He was standing in the back of you as you were speaking to a man in front. This revaluation made the hairs of your neck stand up. 

“Excuse me”, you smiled at the man and he quickly noticed Moriarty, moving himself along without saying goodbye.Moriarty looked at you with an open mouth as if he was faking a surprised expression. He laughs, pulling you in as the music starts up and people begin to dance. 

“You’re sick, you know that”? You gave him a distasteful look. 

“Oh yes, my dear, my sweet sweet dear. I’m sick and twist but your still here, aren’t you?” He answers.  

The way he looks at you burns a fire beneath that you try to suppress. The swaying of the dancing and the licking of his lips might as well take you down right now. 

“I have too, remember”? You snap back. 

He laughs at your sudden burst of attitude like it excites him. “You are sassy, I love it. I’ve never met someone who would dare test me like that”, he explains. “If you were anyone else, I’d have to… well you know… accidentally push you off the balcony”, he said as a matter of fact. 

“Well I’m glad I can be so entertaining for you”, you reply. Realizing that his body was inching closer to you as the music slowed to a stop. Your knees became weak at the thought of his kiss on your neck again but to your disapproval he only teases a kiss. Pulling away with an enlightened expression. 

“This place is boring me and you’re far to beautiful to be at such a dull party”. Before you could protest, he called his Sebastian to bring the car around. 

 The air was brisk causing you to shiver wrapping your arms around yourself. Jim wasted no time in peeling off his jacket and placing it on your shoulders. He winked as he lead you into the car. Your heart began it’s usual abnormal rhythm the one James Moriarty was responsible for. As the car moved towards it’s destination, Jim placed his hand on your knee, massaging it, and working his way to your thigh. You didn’t stop him not because you didn’t have a choice but because you needed this, needed him. 

“You are going to get it when we get home”, he whispered into your ear. Slightly nibbling on the lope, your body tightens and it feels like your entry being was lit on fire. 

“We’ll see”, you smirk. 

Moriarty’s Personal Space: 

 Jim walked you into his estate with a determination, giving you no real time to examine the exterior of the place. But, to your knowledge it looked as if he lived off in the middle of nowhere. Trees and what looked like a garden in the distant tipped you off of your surrounding. 

“Welcome”, he said opening the door, revealing a gorgeous interior that could only be described as something out of a posh magazine. You looked around in awe at the crystals fixtures and 18th century paintings plastered on the wall.

“Nice bachelor pad”, you narrowed your eyes at the criminal consultant. 

He shrugs bashfully looking at the floor, “ I don’t know, I guess it’s pretty nice. I don’t normally bring dates over”, his tone is child like.  

Rolling your eyes you can’t help but feel those pesky butterflies form in the pit of your stomach. “Do you always have to be a smart ass”? You ask. 

His expression drops at this and he walks towards you with lustful intent. He breaths in your hair, his eyes fixated on yours as he presses himself against you. Your body begins to boil with desire as you feel him growing underneath his trousers. 

“Let me show you my play room”, he says as he kissing down your neck.

You nodded in agreement, your voice caught in your throat as he leads you up the staircase. Moriarty’s room was surprisingly warm and very clean. You thought it might be filled with gruesome sights and people hang from the ceiling or something equal as horrifying. However, this room gave the impression that someone normal slept in here. Which was equally as troubling to find. 

Jim closed the door behind. “Do you like it”? He asked holding your shoulders from behind. His fingers teasing the material hugging them, slowly crawling his fingers around as they dragged down fabric. He kissed the back of your right shoulder causing a slight moan to escape your mouth. Jim stepped back. “Oh I see I hit a pressure point”, he giggles. 

“It can use a new fresh coat of paint”, you narrowed your eyes at him, gesturing to the bedroom walls. 

He raises an eyebrow at you with a smile forming onto his mouth. “Bed, now”, he says shortly. You obey but never taking your gaze away from him. You sit on the bed lifting you dress that your thighs are exposed. There is a hungry look in Jim’s eyes more than before with just a hint of mischief. He begins to unbutton his shirt also never taking his gaze off you. Something dangerously sinister is brewing in his concentration but you feel far from in danger. He steps towards you whilst he works his shoes and trousers still staring at you with that famous Moriarty stare. You fish your arms out of your dress, revealing a navy lace bra that shows a little more skin than a bra should. Jim smirks as he slightly pushes you onto the bed and hovers over your. 

“Do you want me, (y/n)”? He asks. 

“Yes”, you reply. Biting your lower lips, watching as his hand move underneath your dress, pressing his fingers just at your entrance. You know your wet, you have been since the car ride here. 

“You are a bad, bad girl”, he says lowering himself closer to your lips but doesn’t quiet touch them just yet. 

He’s teasing you, you can tell but you don’t care at this point, you just need him if only for this moment. His fingers are playing with your lace panties, he inches his way into the side of them and just as you can’t take anymore teasing. He moves his index and middle finger inside you, causing you to gasp, which he catches with his mouth. His kiss is intoxicating, passionate and menacing. Biting on your lower lip, his tongue swirling in your mouth, the damn psychopath is an expert at kissing. He plays you like a musical instrument with the just the touch of his finger tips, you’re purring out in ecstasy. Working your way down south you feel every corner of this body, smooth except for the tiny ridges of his abs. You stroke his member and watch as he closes his eyes in pure pleasure, groaning as your confidence grows and your rhythm speeds up. Moriarty kisses you deeper and harder, pulling you closer he releases his fingers from inside you. 

“I bet you taste delicious”, he says. Taking his fingers into his mouth pulling them out with a pop. “Mmmmm”, he moans. 

Slipping the rest of your dress off along with your panties, he tosses them to one side. You tug at his boxers and he springs free. 

“Defiantly not bored anymore”, you say. 

He shakes his head in a rhythmic motion and smiles. “You’re a terrific alternative”. 

Moriarty places himself in your just between your legs, moving his way down to your breast, sucking at biting at the skin. This causes you to let out a moan in satisfaction. He looks up at you with a crinkle in his forehead and a smile that could stop a lion mid run. 

“I bet I can make you say my name”, he says in a sing song manner. 

You snort and laugh. “You’re on”, you simply reply. 

He continues to work your breast as he does he inches his way slowly into you. Swerving his hips in a clock-ward motion, leaving you yearning for him, your body crying out for gratification. You want to yell his name but you well this would mean you lose. He looks up at you again with a picture perfect smile. 

“I know you want to”, he teases. 

“I don’t think so”, you breathe. 

“Fine, if want to play rough, I am more than happy too”, he tone is dark. 

Moriarty thrust himself inside you quickly just enough for a groan to escape your mouth. Biting your lips hard so that nothing else finds its way out. He kisses down at your neck as he pulses through you, quicker and harder. Your back arches in approval, he shifts and hits a weak stop, causing you to form his name on your lips. However, you stop yourself before reciting the rest. 

“I always get what I want”, Moriarty whispers.

“Not today”, you groan. 

He thrust harder, deeper, with just a little bit of force. 

“Ugh!” You cry out in delight. 

He nips at your chest, frantically racing up to kiss your mouth, deeply and more passionate than before. His hips grinding into you, he knows fully well you are close to the edge. Gripping his back with your fingertips, softly biting his shoulder as he groans into your mouth. 

You think to yourself that you might just win against the criminal consultant. Until he shifts once again into the right spot, slowly at first but then he picks up speed. He stares into your eyes as if waiting for what he already knows is coming. 

“Uh! Jim!” You scream. 

Clasping your hands onto your mouth, hoping by some miracle he didn’t hear a thing. He laughs in triumphant, coming shortly after, and collapsing on your chest. 

“You owe me”, he breathes. 

“Shut up”, you snap back. 

“I don’t just place a bet on anything or one”, he says. Rolling over onto his back, he flips onto his side and places a hand on his head prompting him up. Moriarty stares at you intently before continuing. 

“I ask that you join me tomorrow night for dinner and a show”, he explains. His eyes have a serious tint to them. 

“Just dinner?” You ask. 

He nods with a grin, “Just dinner and a trip to the cinema”. 

You think for a minute at all the possibilities that could go wrong by daring to date James Moriarty. In his bedroom you see a different side to the criminal mastermind. There’s no threat, no true danger, yet you know there is, somewhere out there the possibility of this ending very badly. You figure one shag and a dinner date won’t be too bad as long as you keep your guard up. 

“Fine, one more date and that’s it”, you finally utter. 

“Fantastic!” He giggles. Pulling you in closer and nuzzling your neck. 

What can possible go wrong? 

Imagine : “what do you mean my body is now your body” (Part 1)

In which Peter and the reader are best friends going through a “little” argument and stay upset with each other (but also very sad), not much talking during the rest of the day only to find out in the morning that the universe is playing with them. They exchanged bodies and the reader soon find out that their best friend is spiderman.

You knew even before he spoke that Peter wouldn’t be there tonight. You knew it. Not only because it was written on his forehead but because it was now something regular, something you got used to. The boy with curls you loved and a frown you disliked made his way to you, getting pushed by others students’ shoulders.

“Hey-” he stopped, trying to breathe normally again, “Hey.” he repeated.

“What’s up ? Did you run or something ?” you asked, kind of bitter. It wasn’t like he was late, since there was nothing to be late for. Not anymore.

Peter’s frown grew deeper, his eyebrows almost touching. “N-no. I mean, not really. I was afraid you would leave before I got to you.” He blinked several times, his heartbeats coming to a normal rhythm only to start racing again a moment later. You weren’t the only one to know your best friend, Peter did too, which is why he knew something was up with you. Your face was blank, not showing much emotions.

“Yes, because it’s obvious I’m leaving. Alone.”

Peter took a step back, “what ?”

“I was going to come home alone, right ? You didn’t need to rush Peter, I already knew our plan was canceled. Because that’s what you were going to say, isn’t it ?” A part of you felt horrible to speak to him like you did, a part of you knew it wasn’t fair, a part of you knew Peter would spend his lifetime with you if he had the chance. But you muted this part, letting the anger go.

“No.” he said, kind of upset. “Listen, I know I’ve been busy but I’ll be there, like we said. I’ll help you study and then we can watch a movie or just- just do anything you want.”

“Then why do I feel like it’s gonna end like the others times ? Why do I feel like you’re gonna ditch again ?” you asked, not really waiting for an answer. You closed your locker, trying to ignore Peter’s frustration.

“I know it’s not fair to you, but I don’t have any choice !” his voice started rising but you both knew it wasn’t toward you. Peter would never scream at you.

“Tell me, exactly, why you don’t have a choice ? What it is that makes you so busy ?” Peter didn’t miss the way you emphasized the word ‘so’ which made him wince. “And don’t even tell me it’s freaking Stark. What am I to you ? Someone you can lie to ? Because you’re wrong Benjamin Parker.”

Peter’s cheeks were red, and so were yours. You were letting go all the frustration and anger you kept during those weeks. You didn’t want to say things you would not even think or regret so you took your bag, ready to go. Peter could say whatever he wanted, you knew you would end up alone tonight, so any hope is forbidden. You would work and stress alone, thinking about how Peter was a genius and would pass all the exams without a problem while you needed to work your ass off. Of course, you weren’t mad at Peter for being as smart as the whole school reunited. You were just mad you couldn’t count on him anymore.

“Don’t leave.” he took your arm, gently, to be sure you would listen to him. You could tell he was angry now, though he was as gentle and as soft as if you were both having fun, as if everything was alright. You wanted to hug him and forget everything for a second, but knew better. “I wish I could tell you everything and I wish that what I already gave you was enough, but I see it’s definitely not. And it’s the only thing I can offer for now. If you’re not happy then…”

“Then what ?” you asked, moving your arm away. “If I’m not happy then I better leave ?”

Peter didn’t respond for a long minute, keeping his gaze on the ground. You could feel your eyes watering slowly but surely, just like your heart were breaking, slowly but surely too. It felt like heartbreak, maybe because it was the case.

“I’m definitely not happy, but I’m not leaving either. You’re the one who is leaving Peter. Actually… You had been for weeks now.”

You decided to end whatever was happening. You walked away, refusing to let him see your tears, even though he was hearing your heart beating to an abnormal rhythm. He could almost hear it break.

It was now 11pm and you still had no news from Peter. You didn’t really know if you could expect anything from him since you had a fight but your heart still ached from his silence. You wanted to think that things would be alright, it was just a fight. Everybody get in an argument sometimes. It doesn’t change your feelings, you still love this person with your entire heart. But does the other person love you if they’re distant ? You sighed, that was the only thing you could focus on, even if what should matter was your exam. You finally fell asleep around 2am, after a lot of thinking, of ‘what if’ and a lof of revising, though the key word is trying. The only things on your mind before you blacked out were Peter and how incredibly loud was the thunder that came out of nowhere.

You woke up the next morning with an energy you never had before. Your eyes were still closed but it felt like you could see and feel everything around you. You could feel where the sunlight coming through your window was beginning and ending. Hell, you felt like you could hear what couldn’t even be heard, the emptiness, the void. Something didn’t feel right. So you opened your eyes, adapting your eyes to the light in your room.

Your room.

It wasn’t your room. You frowned. The walls you were looking at were blue, almost grey. There were Star Wars items and genius posters and pun. The bed was not your bed, everything was definitely not yours. But Peters.

How did I get here ?

You rolled out of the bed and rubbed your eyes, then froze.

That wasn’t your hand.

“What the hell ?”

“Peter ? Is everything okay ? I made breakfast.” It was May’s voice.

Peter ?

You looked down and saw a male body in underwear. A male body with strong legs and arms, and defined abs. You blushed. You didn’t know Peter was that strong. But the thought vanished and was quickly replaced by pure panic.

“Peter ?” May asked again. She was right behind the door.

You forced yourself to speak, hoping it was just a dream. A really weird dream.

“Y-Yes ! C-coming !”

You looked around you, trying to find anything to cover yourself. This couldn’t be happening. 

What is even happening ? I can’t be in Peter’s body !

It then hit you that if you’re in Peter’s body -that you saw barely covered-, Peter is also in yours.

Your vision went blurry, anxiety present in every cells of your body. You searched for Peter’s phone and called your number after your trembling fingers finally typed the right number.

You didn’t even let him speak when he answered, “Y-your body ! Peter, I’m in your body !”

Still in a groggy state, Peter didn’t realize what was happening, or that you spoke with his own voice, “(Y/N) ? What do you mean my body is now your body ?”

There was a pause, probably Peter realizing he spoke with your voice, that he was in your body.

“P-peter ? Peter, please.” was the only thing you could say. Your throat was dry and too tight to speak. “Please. S-say something.” It was probably the first time you ever begged for something. Like, really begging.

It was still silent, which was killing you. Did he faint ?

“Peter !” you screamed. It was probably the first time that Peter’s voice went that high. “Fucking answer me ! What is happening ? Why am I in- I can’t-”

Peter was utterly shocked and couldn’t move or say anything for a moment. He wasn’t prepared or even expecting to see a hand he knew too much holding a phone that wasn’t his. At least, he wasn’t expecting to be the one controlling that hand, or that voice. It should be impossible. Things like that didn’t happen in real life.

Being spiderman should be impossible too.


If you were in his body, there was a chance you could have his powers too.


But that’s when he heard you having trouble breathing that he forced himself to really react.

“I’m coming. Yeah, I’m coming. Don’t do anything. (Y/N) don’t- don’t even move.”

“Don’t even move ?” you repeated. “We exchanged bodies and the only thing you say-” you stopped, hearing a familiar sound. Peter had hung up, leaving you completely desperate. In an attempt to free your frustration and fear, you tried to throw his phone but it stuck on your hand. Frowning, you tried to take it with your other hand but something sticky kept it on your skin.

“Am I hallucinating ? What the fuck.”

Polar Opposites (Part 2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: First Person/Reader’s
Warning: Contains swearing!!

A/N: Hi everyone! I enjoyed writing this request so much! I have used 2 quotes from 2 books/movies that I am totally in love with. The first person who can pick up those 2 quotes and tell me where they were from can get a cookie! LMAO. Anyway, enjoy everyone! I hope you have fun reading this as much as I did writing it.

Request: I was wondering if you could do a part two to Polar Opposites where Zach and Y/N meet in their late-twenties. Zach is living out his dream and Y/N is stuck being an accountant but Zach helps her to chase her own dreams?


I sat around the long table inside the conference room. It has already been 3 years since I’ve graduated from university and now, I’m already an Accounting Executive for a huge firm.

My dad was obviously ecstatic when I landed this job after just a few months of graduating. Of course I was happy too, since I made my parents proud but sometimes, I just couldn’t help but miss writing. I can’t really do those things anymore since I don’t have the time. I just wonder sometimes what my life would be like, if I went with that route instead.

“Y/N.” my boss calls for me and I turn to face him.

“Yes Mr. Smith?” I reply softly.

“We have a new client from a new firm, and the board and I have decided that you’d be the perfect person for him to talk to.” he says with a smile.

“M-me? But Sir, I’m just an Accounting Executive and I–” I reply but my boss cuts me off.

“All you have to do, is to get him to sign this contract.” he says as he hands me a black folder with the contract inside it. “If you succeed with this task, you will be promoted to Chief Finance Officer.” he adds, my eyes widen is shock and my lips form an O.

“Chief Finance Officer? CFO?” I ask bewildered.

“Yes, CFO. Why? Don’t you want to be a CFO?” he asks as he crosses his arms in front of his chest with a mischievous grin on his face.

“No, no, I’d be honored sir! I’ll do my best to get him to sign this contract!” I say with a huge grin plastered on my face.

“Good. Alright, good afternoon everyone, meeting adjourned.” he says and the people in the room begin to disperse.

Just as I was about to leave the conference room, my boss calls out for my name once again.

“Oh Y/N!” he says while fixing a few folders on the table.

“Yes Sir?” I say as I turn to face him.

“Your first task is to meet the client; you’ll be having lunch with him at 1 o'clock today.” he says as he shuts his laptop and turns the projector off.

“Sir? 1 o'clock? That’s in 30 minutes!” I exclaim as I look at my wristwatch.

“Well, I guess you better hurry then, shouldn’t you?” he replies with the same mischievous grin on his face again and I give him a nervous chuckle.

“I’ll go ahead then sir, thank you so much for the opportunity once again.” I say as I hastily open the door and leave.

I run to my office and organize the papers on my desk quickly. I take my purse along with the black folder which had the contract in it. I was hoping that I can already get the contract signed during lunch which would make things easier for me and our firm.

I arrive at a little Thai restaurant which was hidden in the corners of town. I checked the time and it was already 1:08pm. Fuck, I thought to myself, I’m late. I make my way quickly out of the cab and straighten out my outfit just before I enter the small restaurant. I walked up to the receptionist with a smile.

“Hi! Reservation under…” I begin to ask.

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Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow (CodotVerse History)

Was Jonathan Crane a professor before his life of crime? No.
Was Jonathan Crane a professor DURING his life of crime? Yes.

After receiving his Doctorate of Medicine and of Philosophy and after being deemed perfectly (in)sane by Dr. Hugo Strange (being declared otherwise by the Doctor’s Association of Georgia led Jonathan to find someone a bit more… relaxed in their assessments), Jonathan was clear to pursue his medical career. Jonathan’s residency began at Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows Medical Center near Calhoun (about an hour north of Atlanta). Almost immediately after his residency, Jonathan was chief Trauma Surgeon during the hospital’s night shifts. His speed and attention to details led to several job offers, but he turned them all down.

He wanted the night shift.

His skill as a surgeon didn’t stem from a great desire to preserve human life, though. It was because he cared so little about it that he was able to operate without any worry or fear. Now having almost no fear of his own, Jonathan could pay attention to the fear laid out before him. The fear of death was almost constant in a hospital, especially during the night, and Jonathan fed off it. He began by wandering the halls, telling patients the worse possible outcomes of their ailments and taking notes on their reactions.

Then came the toxin.

It pains him to think about how barbaric he used to be, walking around with an aerosol can in his labcoat pocket; his crude mask fashioned from suede and burlap. It was so inefficient, but it worked. Patients would scream about a “Walking Scarecrow” in the North Building. Jonathan made incredible leaps in FT research during that time, but the stories began to pile up. What began as a ridiculous folktale, became something serious as more and more people spoke of this Scarecrow.

It wasn’t until a nurse joked that if Jonathan “didn’t start eating more, she could hang him outside to scare off the birds” that people started drawing conclusions.

Then one day Jonathan welcomed the morning shift, signed out, and never came back.

Next stop: Gotham City.

Jonathan drove to Gotham with nothing but himself and Ichabod. Everything else was material, and it’d still be there whenever he went back “home”. Gotham Memorial wasn’t looking for anyone to work nights, and Gotham City General didn’t care much for Jonathan’s lack of enthusiasm, so he decided to make the move to teaching.

Gotham University had too many rules; too many restrictions.

Gotham Collegiate was perfect. They needed him, and they didn’t ask questions. Jonathan taught Psychology (a study he kept up with, despite spending more time in the O.R.) and opened a private practise during the summer months. He began offering an incentive program at the collegiate, wherein students could “Face their fears for extra credit”. Willing students with lower grades were subjected to various tests involving fear stimuli (and, albeit unknowingly, FT exposure). The program was very beneficial until two students died during the same test. No charges were pressed though, as both students had lied in order to be subjected to the tests (One lied about being on other medication, and the other had a heart abnormality, both items that were present on the waivers they had signed prior). However, despite no charges being laid, the school released Jonathan from his position, citing a “severe apathy toward human life” when he didn’t seem to care at all that two students had just died.

Now with no steady job and a great deal of collected data, Jonathan was ready to bring his Fear Toxin to the forefront.

It was time to bring the Scarecrow to Gotham City.

There will be more added to this, but there’s also going to be some audio files with Dr. Harleen Quinzel interviewing Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow coming in the future, so I don’t want to give EVERYTHING away.

Safe - Fred Weasley

Request:  Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader. The reader is Good friends with Hermione and Ginny, but in Ravenclaw so none of guys know her. She gets invited to Bill and Fleur’s wedding, she comes looking stunning. Fred and she flirts. During the attack she put up quite the fight, then gets hit shielding Fred. Throw in a kiss somewhere. Thx

“Shut up, (y/n), you look stunning,” Ginny says, rearranging your hair. 
“I wouldn’t go that far, first of all. And second of all, you know I want to impress, well, you know who.” 
“(Y/N) wants to impress the Dark Lord, Voldemort?” Harry asks walking into your conversation. 
“Nope, just my brother,” Ginny says with a smile. 
Harry frowns. “I thought Hermione and Ron were going out.” 
“Wrong brother,” Hermione says, rolling her eyes. 
“Charlie?” Harry asks. 
Ginny shakes her head. 
“Percy!” Harry exclaims. 
“No! What? Where did that come from?” 

“Oh,” Harry mutters, leaving the room. 
“Now that he’s gone, we need to get dressed,” Hermione says, pulling dresses off of the dresser. Hermione dresses in a red dress, while Ginny pulls on a black lace dress. You dress in blue, a staple color of your house. It falls mid-thigh and flows from your waist. 

“Ready?” Hermione asks. Ginny nods. 
You sit on the edge of the bed. “I’ll be out in a minute. Go on without me.” The quietly leave the room. You sit on the edge of Ginny’s bed, twirling the fabric of the quilt in your fingers. Your feet dangle just above the cold wooden floor. You can see the lower part of your body in the reflection of a mirror. You slowly walk to it, slowly picking up the mirror. 

You see a bright pair of eyes staring back at you. Barely recognizable, you stare at your reflection. In the corner of a mirror, you see red hair. You drop the mirror and quickly to turn to find Ginny behind you. 
“Come on, the wedding’s about to start.” 

The two of you walk to the garden, where a festive wedding is set up. Seats are filling up quickly, forcing you to sit beside Fred and George. You pull down your dress before sitting, but the dress is still a bit too short for your taste. You turn to Ginny, sitting just on your right.
“I didn’t think about sitting down, this dress is way too short. I need to change,” you say, spitting words out like you don’t have enough time to say them all. 
“You’re fine, (Y/N), you look fantastic,” Ginny says, patting your knee. 

As you stand up to change, everyone else stands as well. Fleur walks in, stunning the entire party. Before sitting, you forget to pull down your dress. It sits very close to the top of your thigh. You try to pull, but it won’t come loose without you standing up. 

Fred taps on your shoulder. “Here, take this.” He hands you his suit jacket. You slip your arms through the holes. It wraps around you with room to spare. 
“Thank you, Fred.” 

After the wedding, you go to the tent for the reception. Fleur and Bill have the first dance. Then, the floor is open to everyone. Ginny and Hermione grab you and the three of you dance around to the fast songs. You’ve worked up a sweat before the first slow song plays. You quietly go back to your seat while Harry and Ron join Ginny and Hermione. You sit with an elderly woman; you don’t know her name, and she doesn’t seem to care about yours, so you stay quiet. 

Fred begins walking your way, and only stops once he’s by your side. “Would you like to dance?” he asks, extending his hand. 
“I would love to.” The two of you go to the side of the floor and begin swaying to the slow melody. Too soon, the song has ended and Fred is pulling you outside of the tent. He pulls you close to him. You place your hands on his chest. He slowly kisses you, slow and sweet. You kiss him back, the two of you swaying to the imaginary melody of music. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you see a bright light. You turn from Fred, looking at the blinding light. “Is that a patronus?” you ask. 
“I believe it is. Let’s go tell the others.” 

Fred and you walk into the tent. “Hey, Remus, there was a patronus out there. I don’t quite know what it means, but I’m thinking not good?” you say quickly. 
Remus looks at the entrance of the tent, a bright patronus entering. 

The Ministry is Fallen. 
Scrimgeour is Dead. 
They are Coming. 

You barely have time to pull out your wands. Many apparate, with few staying to fight. Death Eaters swarm in from every angle, firing curses you would never think to use. 

“GO WITH HARRY, (Y/N)!” Remus yells to you. 
You shake your head. “I’M NOT LEAVING, REMUS!” 

You continue firing curses. You stun two Death Eaters and move on to one heading for Remus. He hits the ground and you turn to see a Death Eater about to fire at Fred. 
“No!” you screech, jumping in front of the curse. A torture curse hit you and you dropped to the ground. Your skin burned from your flesh. You couldn’t see from the pain of a fiery knife in your back. And side. And head. You feel your organs being pulled from your stomach, your hair from your head, your limbs from their sockets. You screamed and wailed and shrieked, anything to get this pain to stop. 

The force suddenly ceased and you sobbed on the ground. Your body pricked, heart beat at an abnormal rate, and your skin burned. You didn’t care what was going on around you with this pain. You felt a hand touch you and you let out a shrill scream. “Please no!” Please!” 
“Sh, sh, it’s me, (y/n), it’s me,” Fred whispered. He picked you up and the two of you apparated to Bill and Fleur’s home. He lays you on a couch, the fabric scratches your tender skin, but you find comfort in the texture. Fred kneels next to you and rubs his thumb over your forehead. 

“You’re safe now.” 

The signs as poisons or toxins

Aries: VX, a nerve agent developed for no reason other than to be a bio-weapon. It causes violent muscle contractions followed by paralysis, asphyxiation, and death. 

Taurus: Deadly nightshade, a plant that can be used as a hallucinogen at low doses. An overdose causes abnormally fast heart rate, loss of balance, and convulsions. A lethal overdose involves a lack of control over heart rate, breathing, and sweating followed by death. 

Gemini: Sarin, a highly volatile nerve agent that’s been used in several terrorist attacks. It can cause effects as a liquid or a gas and leads to tightness in the chest followed by nausea, muscle convulsions, suffocation, and death. 

Cancer: Amatoxin, a toxin produced by several species of poisonous mushrooms. It causes burns where it comes into contact with the body and leads to liver damage and eventual liver and/or kidney failure. 

Leo: Ricin, a protein derived from castor seeds. It leads to swelling and bleeding in the digestive tract, followed shortly by low blood pressure, shock, organ failure, and death. It has also been used in terrorist attacks.

Virgo: Mercury, element 80 on periodic table. Exposure causes burning and itching along with the sensation of insects crawling on one’s skin or skin peeling from the body. Long-term exposure leads to severe brain damage and death. 

Libra: Tetrodotoxin, a neurotoxin found in pufferfish and some other species of the same order. The toxin causes a lack of function in voluntary muscles, including the diaphragm, which leads to paralysis, asphyxiation, and death. 

Scorpio: Cyanide, the chemical compound KCN. Results depend on exposure; low long-term exposure can cause eventual paralysis and increased chance of miscarriages, while high doses result in seizures, cardiac arrest, and death. 

Sagittarius: Strychnine, an alkaloid derived from the Strychnos nux-vomica tree and used as a pesticide. In humans it causes dramatic and painful convulsions that can lead to muscles locking up and organs failing. Those exposed die of either asphyxiation or exhaustion from the convulsions.

Capricorn: Polonium, a radioactive metal and number 84 on the periodic table. It can cause death in extremely small doses, and long-term exposure leads to radiation poisoning, which can cause kidney or liver failure, cancer, and eventual death. 

Aquarius: Arsenic, a toxic metal that is number 33 on the periodic table. Acute poisoning can lead to hair loss, muscle cramping, convulsions, and death. Long-term exposure, such as through groundwater, may lead to nightblindness, organ failure, cancer, and eventual death. 

Pisces: Mustard gas, a chemical weapon used largely in World War I. It causes causes large chemical burns and blisters, including potential internal burns in the lungs. Even when these symptoms aren’t lethal, exposure may lead to severe health problems years later. 

ifdragonscouldtalk  asked:

I just got around to reading your regency au (i didn't want to be sad yesterday lol) and!! Can we learn more about Bruce and Tony's condition????

Because of the time period they don’t actually have a very detailed diagnosis but Tony has always had a fast heart rate/abnormal rhythm. It also helps with anxiety and aids sleep, which Tony has had a problem with ever since he was ten when his parents were slaughtered and he was told he could be next since he was technically the heir.  (I feel like I should say motherwort technically has insufficient evidence for actually helping with these things but it’s the only common herb I could find for a heart problem.)

Bruce was trained under Dr. Erskine and then became the royal physician after Dr. Erskine was sent to help heal Steve. (Steve was sick for several years, and by the time Steve was finally well, Erskine was too old to make the trip back to the Stark Kingdom. Then when the war happened, he insisted on working in the medical tents. He died after saving hundreds of lives.)

Tony believed that motherwort was hard to find because Bruce often had to make it stretch, because when Obadiah thought Tony was being too combative, he refused to allow Tony his medicine. Bruce didn’t want Tony to know that because if Tony found out he might confront Obadiah and then Obadiah could have assigned a new physician to Tony who would not have had his best interest at heart (pun not intended lol), and he’d be damned if he ended up in the dungeons hearing about the Stark heir’s death. Still, when Tony turns eighteen, he begs Bruce to leave. He has the terrible feeling that Stane is going to have everyone close to Tony killed just to have more power over him, please, Rhodey’s already–he’s already– So Bruce nods grimly, and then insists to Obadiah that he go and assist the doctors on the battlefield, and then when Obadiah agrees, he smuggles in enough medicine that Tony frets that he’s stolen it from other people. “No,” Bruce says, but still can’t tell him it’s not rare. “I’ve been compiling this in case something ever happened to me and your new doctor was incompetent.” And Tony believes him, and tearfully sends him off, and wonders if he’ll ever see him again, because Obadiah had also said the Rogers Army took no prisoners.