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[Mystic Messenger]1 Year Anniversary Event Announcement

Hello, MC.

This is Cheritz.

With all your love and support, Mystic Messenger is celebrating its 1-year Anniversary on July 9th, 2017!

How was your year with the RFA members?

We hope your 365 days with Mystic Messenger were filled with happiness, and we prepared a surprise event as a sign of gratitude and love for our MCs.

[1 Year Anniversary Event]

<Date : July 8th~ 10th>

*One-time limited offer on the first login

- 100 Hourglasses

- 365 Hearts

- 24 hours of Free Max Speed

Also during this period of the event, every time you enter the game, one of the RFA members will greet you Happy Anniversary in a special chatroom.

Which character will be waiting for you?

Check out more in the game!

Thank you for spending a year with Mystic Messenger.

Cheritz Games will do our best to become your happiest memories.

Thank you always!


Her heart was never fragile.

It was strong.
God, it was so strong.
It could pull the sea into the universe with its pulse. It was a heart that could love and love and love; it would steal the thunder from the lighting and kiss the rain away from the storm.

I wished I could have inherited her heart, so I could give my mother the type of love she deserves.

—  Mothersday

Newest video is now live!

Theory should be out tomorrow - had to delay it again as I’ve been fighting a really bad migraine 😰