I love people who have been through adversity and heartache and obstacles as impossible as the sun itself. They usually make it out with hearts as warm as gold. Cores made of fire. Lives soaked with full intention. Hope like another morning. They know how to start again - how to walk through walls with palms wide open, and how to begin at the edge, and end. Those to me, are the best people.
—  Victoria Erickson
The Best Act, Prince?

TITLE: The Best Act, Prince?


AUTHOR: the-resa10

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and Thor having their eye on a girl, and Thor ending up stealing her from Loki. While Loki is annoyed with Thor and a bit hurt…


NOTES/WARNINGS: likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated!

Chapter 5

After two months of playing with Thor’s feelings, I finally got a day to myself. Actually Loki told me I could have today to myself, which I happily accepted and thanked him. Thor would just have to find something else to do, I guess.

I first went to the forest, some place that gave me peace. I saw a beautiful stream, kicking off my shoes, I stepped into the water and smiled as the water brushed against my feet. Birds chirping as some hid in the trees, light shining on everything, the wind blowing through the grass as I laid there on the grass with a smile.

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