D. Gray-man (ディー・グレイマン)

A double dose of art celebrating the 10th Anniversary art for D. Gray-man while showing off the new D. Gray-man Hallow designs, came on pin-up posters in the July issue of Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | Japan), illustrated by character designer Yousuke Kabashima (椛島洋介).

The signs as of right now:
  • Aries:screaming about DGM coming back
  • Taurus:screaming about Lenalee being a fully animated gorgeous queen again
  • Gemini:screaming extra loudly about Kanda being fucking beautiful
  • Cancer:screaming about long haired Allen
  • Leo:screaming about the Alma arc and how much it'll hurt us all
  • Virgo:screaming about Tyki Mikk being too gorgeous for anyone to handle
  • Libra:screaming about baby Alma and baby Kanda
  • Scorpio:screaming about Neah fucking everything up
  • Sagittarius:screaming about Wisely appearing animated
  • Capricorn:screaming about all the new sts we will get on top of the new opening and ending
  • Aquarius:screaming about Lavi being safe and sound before the anime catches up with the manga
  • Pisces:screaming about baby Timothy slipping into everyone's body and being adorable af