It’d be cool if there were quests that didn’t feature the MC. Idk the MC can’t do everything all the time and these people’s lives don’t revolve around the MC. Stuff happens even if the MC isn’t there to witness it. I want to see a Student Gov kid struggle to adjust to their new position as treasurer. I want some Stunt students to comment on how boring the Writers are and then get challenged to a fight for honor. I want Crash, Ethan, and Dean to have a crazy night straight out of a buddy comedy. I wanna see a day in the life of a Hearst High kid. I want to see these worlds from someone else’s point of view.

I know everyone wants a Shield reunion….but I hope it doesn’t happen…at least for awhile. I want them to establish their own identities. When you think of Randy Orton or Triple H, you don’t think of them as DX, Evolution, or Legacy…you think of two guys with great careers who just happened to be part of a stable. I don’t want Seth, Roman, and Dean to JUST be the Shield. I want them to have great careers, along with being the guys the Shield guys. 


Victory Garden Family Puppet Program Today at usnatarchives!

Free fun for families this weekend at the National Archives!
Saturday, May 16, 12:00-2:00PM

William G. McGowan Theater and Theater Lobby

Join us for a fun, interactive puppet show focusing on the Victory Gardens of World War II. Be sure to get your hands in the dirt with the other activities before or after the show.  You can plant a vegetable to take with you and start a victory garden of your own once you get home or create your own shadow puppet, just like the ones used in the show.  

This program is supported by the National Archives Foundation through the generosity of John Hancock and the William Randolph Hearst Foundation.


venture brothers had the best version of scooby-doo.