Timcanpy often snuggles Allen’s cheeks, this is as far as Allen goes with being physically affectionate so Timothy too sneaks over pressing their cheeks together, because he’s jealous that Timcanpy is the only one who can touch Allen so he copies Tim to have Allen’s attention.

Imagine Timothy having a nightmare so he runs to Allen’s room and sleeps in Allen’s bed with him. Then the next morning Emilia is absolutely panicking because where’s Timothy and she runs to Marie’s room because she knows him from the mission but he hasn’t seen Timothy, so she goes to Allen’s room next because Kanda is scary and lo and behold there be Timothy. By this point she’s so exhausted from panicking that she kinda passes out and Allen’s like what do I do so he puts Emilia in his bed with Timothy and just shoves Link over and sleeps next to him… And they all sleep till like noon :)


Ok, but let me highlight this little part with Lenalee… This is anime only, btw. Yes, she also destroys Goushi in the manga, but the scene BEFORE she does so only appear animated.

Honestly, she is worried with both Goushi and Timothy. But the little one gets hurt. She is confused… Then Klaud just look in her eyes… “You know what to do, Lenalee.” Without speaking. No need to, Their sync is that good.

Lena´s eyes say “Oh, no… I don´t want to do this…..” and she gets up… Cleches her teeth… “Why? Why things turned into this tragedy… Again?”

I´m sure. There´s also hatred for the Order in her face.

But she stands up, bravely… “I have no choice. He´s an enemy now, right? Then… I must protect Timothy and General Klaud. I´m really sorry…… But I don´t want to lose more allies!”

She gets this far because of her friends. Not because of the Order itself.

Lesson Learned

Triple H/OC: You’re supposed to be in a romantic storyline with Seth, but you make a dig about how his ego is bigger than Triple H’s and that must mean he’s compensating for something. After the segment, Hunter calls you back to his office to assure you that he isn’t compensating for anything. SMUT WITH THICK COCK DADDY HUNTER GOD BLESS AMERICA. Requested by anon. 

I know it’s late but I really wanted to go ahead and post it. So here goes.

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Guten Abend und gute Nacht

Title: Guten Abend und gute Nacht (Good evening and good night)

Rating: K+

Fandom: D.Gray-man

Characters/Pairings: Howard Link, Allen Walker, Timothy Hearst, Miranda Lotto

Summary: After a tiring mission, Allen, Link, Timothy, and Miranda wait to give their report. And Timothy, so young and so tired, just can’t fall alseep.

Notes: German (Original) version of Brahms’ Lullaby. Lyrics and translation taken from here. I’m sorry if I have made any mistake regarding translations or the proper writing. I have never studied or read German before this. Just a sleepy one-shot for poor isolated Link and Miranda.

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Until God

Title: Until God | Adieu

Rating: K+

Fandom: D.Gray-man

Characters/Pairings: Timothy Hearst & Allen Walker

Summary: Timothy has an earnest question to ask Allen, and it’s one that Allen can’t answer. | No one seemed to have time to explain to him how this happened. How could Allen leave for a mission and come back locked away in a basement and declared a Noah? How could things have fallen apart so quickly?

Notes: Fluff and angst. When I read the background behind Adieu, of course I immediately thought of Timothy. He never got to say goodbye to Allen.

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