hearsay of the soul

your sure steps, full of foreign grace

Follow-up to this. Varric/Cassandra. Part 2 of my Her Love of the Written Word.

(Now, I know they are representing a military organization and all, but for the sake of the fic let us pretend that dresses were an option for Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.)

The ball at Halamshiral comes as a pleasant distraction, knee-deep in shit as the Inquisition is at present, and Varric finds himself enjoying it, surprisingly enough. But there’s good food and ale (or what Orlais tries to pass off as ale, anyhow), and enough good stories to pass the time as their honoured leader lurks the shadows for shifty souls and hearsay.

And – there’s the Seeker, who Ruffles has somehow wrangled into a dress for the occasion. It’s a dark piece, deep purple folds and with a plunging back that’s got to have her feeling exposed – no warrior he’s ever known would willingly put on an ensemble like that and go unarmed, but Ruffles is nothing if not terrifyingly convincing (and Varric sincerely doubts Cassandra is entirely without a weapon).

She stays to the sides, trying (and failing) to keep out of sight, but the talk trails at her back in reverent whispers (‘What is Lady Pentaghast wearing?’, 'Unmarried at that age, imagine!’ 'What a posture, so awkward – almost like a man!’), but she bears the blows with her chin held high in defiance, and Varric watches her prowl the edges of the room on restless feet.

She catches his eye across the ballroom and he raises his glass in greeting, and she turns away so fast she almost trips on the hem of her dress. And it takes him a moment and a swig of his drink to make his decision, and then he’s crossing the room.

“Enjoying yourself, Seeker?”

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If you’re at the Getty Center tomorrow or Saturday, don’t be too surprised to see and hear Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger in a pop-up performance. Can’t say where. Can’t say when.

If you miss him in the flesh, his music can be found in Werner Herzog’s five-channel video Hearsay of the Soul now on view in the North Pavilion until January 2014. 

The Signs In The Principal's Office
  • Aries: Throws a chair out the window
  • Taurus: Apologizes but insists it wasn't their fault
  • Gemini: Accidentally gives them self away, makes an unsuccessful attempt at recovery by switching the story, confuses everyone
  • Cancer: Puts on their poker face and manipulates the principal into thinking they are innocent
  • Leo: Blames Libra
  • Virgo: Validates their actions by listing all the ways they weren't wrong and all the ways the principal has been wrong in the past
  • Libra: Tells the principal he isn't being fair, because he's listening to hearsay
  • Scorpio: Stares into the principal's soul and makes him uncomfortable
  • Sagittarius: Jokes with the principal in an attempt to get on his good side
  • Capricorn: Shakes the principal's hand and tells him to have a good day
  • Aquarius: Thanks the principal, grabs phone, and leaves
  • Pisces: Cries and apologizes profusely