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Can you post your tumblr crushes with the percents?

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Have you got garden?

Wait wut? Haha no. I have a backyard that’s pretty big, but my dog enjoys trampling over everything.

Your earliest memory

Uhh…I claim that my earliest memory was me standing up in my crib. I was probs like 1 year old, but that seems insane to remember that. So, I don’t really know.

The most severe injury

My back injury. I fractured one of my lumbar vertebrae, and I had to sit down like all the time.

Show me your handwriting :)

My natural handwriting for school:

Celebrity crush


Food worth dying

Food. Period. Except for meat.

Where do you live?


Where would you like to live?

I kinda sorta wanted to move to Vancouver for awhile…but I really like Southern California. OMG AND SAN LUIS OBISPO I THINK I WANNA MOVE THERE.

Favorite color


Favorite tumblr blog (you can choose 3 if you can’t decide)

I seriously love you all. All of the Wally blogs, thelosangeleskings, and all of my best friends. I really can’t choose.

What’s the time? :D

Exactly 10:00 am. 

Questions to answer:

  1. Weather of where you are currently
  2. Where does most of your wardrobe come from?
  3. Favorite movie
  4. #1 enemy and why
  5. Top 5 favorite musicians/artists/bands/whatevs.
  6. Grades in your classes at the moment
  7. Hot or cold weather?
  8. What you are majoring in/plan to major in
  9. Profession/job you would like to have 
  10. If you could be anywhere, where would you be?
  11. 5 most favorite things.

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