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Insert joke here. But seriously this is one of my (many) favourite photos from @murasakicosplayphotography. She is always a blast to shoot with and you can really tell here. Much love friend ♡

My brother and I really need to do more photo stuff together. Cersei is always easier to work when she has someone to play off of.

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Announcement from the writers of WinterIsComing.net

As of today, FireAndBlood (aka Axechucker), HearMeRoar, Oz of Thrones, and I (OursIsTheFury) will no longer be a part of WinterIsComing.net.

The decision to leave WiC was an incredibly difficult one, as writing for the website has been a part of our lives for years, and we genuinely love being part of the Game of Thrones community in this capacity.  But given the changes in climate at WiC in the past year, we no longer feel like this is the fan-based community that we set out to be a part of, and that is why we’ve decided to leave to form a new website.

We had intended to remain with WiC until after San Diego Comic Con, and gave FanSided advance notice of our departures last night as a courtesy, via WiC’s editor-in-chief. However, our powers at the site were removed immediately. I can’t say I’m surprised.

Our new Game of Thrones website is still being fine-tuned, and so it won’t be ready for a few more days. We should be ready to launch in a week. So stay tuned for updates, because the four of us are incredibly excited for this new beginning, and we hope you’ll join us.


Susan Miller, aka Ours is The Fury

Marko aka Hear Me Roar

Axechucker, aka Fire and Blood

Oz of Thrones


I was tagged by @slytherinzayn to pick my nine favorite Zayn pictures. It took wading through 1500 pics and my eyes are burning from all the beauty but here they are!

I tag @deatheater-hearmeroar, @soloziamwillbetheendofme, @tiarasandwanderlust, @secretlydirectionerfangirl, @perfectroes and anyone else who wants to show me some beautiful Zayn pics!



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Okay, so here it is. Thank you to all my followers I love all of you, it means a lot. Here’s my little follow forever.♥ I probably forgot some of you I’m sorry please don’t hate me

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And obviously thanks to these dudes:


deatheater-hearmeroar  asked:

So, I discovered Ziam almost a year ago and I've been reading fan fiction about them since then. I don't know how many stories I've read but I'm pretty sure that I found them all in here. I just wanted to say thank you guys for everything you do ❤ you're the best!! 😘

aye happy ziamversary!!! (its that even an accurate word for this important date? anyway) we’re glad you like our blog so much, this seriously means a lot<3