heard this on the way home from work

FUCK YOU, BALTIMORE! If you’re dumb enough to buy a car this weekend, you’re a big enough schmuck to come to Big Bill Hell’s Cars! Bad deals! Cars that break down! Thieves! If you think you’re gonna find a bargain at Big Bill’s, you can kiss my ass! It’s hard to believe that you’re such a stupid motherfucker, you’ll fall for this bullshit, guaranteed! If you find a better deal, shove it up your ugly ass! You heard us right, shove it up your UGLY ASS! Bring your trade, bring your title, bring your wife! We’ll fuck ‘er! That’s right! We’ll fuck your wife! Because in Big Bill Hell, you’re fucked six ways from Sunday! Take a hike, to Big Bill Hell’s, Home of Challenge Pissing! That’s right, Challenge Pissing! How does it work?! If you can piss six feet in the air straight up and not get wet, you get NO down payments! Don’t wait! Don’t delay! DON’T FUCK WITH US! Or we’ll rip your nuts off! At Big Bill Hell’s! The only dealer that tells you to fuck off! Hurry up, asshole! This event ends the minute after you write us a check! And it better not bounce or you’re a dead motherfucker! GO TO HELL! Big Bill Hell’s Cars! Baltimore’s filthiest and exclusive home of the meanest sons of bitches in the state of Maryland! GUARANTEED!

I felt very lucky to sing it, and I think it did a lot of the work for me, in a way. It did feel special to shoot. No one had heard the song yet, no one had heard me sing it… Candice had never even heard it [and] she was in tears after the proposal in the rehearsal. It got a round of applause from the crew, which doesn’t happen. It was a special episode for everybody.
—  Grant Gustin on Runnin’ Home to You

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Warning: angsty, not a happy ending

A/N: requested


It’s been a few weeks since the break up and to everyone that saw you they would think that you’re perfectly fine although on the inside you felt like an empty shell. When you came home the day you broke up with Jughead you broke everything that was from him and had pictures of him in them, after that you sank to the floor and let it all out. Your parents heard you crying when they came home from work and comforted you and you told them what happened they also let you have a week off but you politely declined not letting a boy get in the way of your education


As you walk to your locker you notice two people that you have been ignoring for the past few weeks, you sigh it’s too early in the morning for drama

“What do you two want?” you demand coldly

“We want to apologise you never gave us a chance to explain” Betty starts off but starts to go quiet when she sees the stare that you’re giving her

“Let me guess ‘it’s just happened, we never meant to hurt you, is there any way we can still be friends’ is that what you were going to say?” you reply snarkily, along with seeing the guilty looks on their faces you know you’re right.

“look date, don’t date, be public, don’t, I honestly  at this point don’t give a crap I’m done you can leave me alone now” you sigh and push them a side to get to your locker, getting your books and leaving, also leaving behind a regretful and guilty Betty Cooper and Jughead Hones.


From that moment on things were never the same at Riverdale High you ;lost your best friend, your group of friends and your boyfriend, becoming friends with Cheryl and her group.



During a period of both racial and gender discrimination, Bessie Coleman Broke down boundaries in 1921 by becoming the world’s first Black woman to earn a pilot’s license. She developed an interest in aviation whilst working as a manicurist in Chicago at the White Sox Barber Shop, where she often heard stories about pilots flying in World War I.

Unfortunately, as a Black woman, Coleman soon learned that no American flight school was willing to train her. She was advised by Chicago Defender founder Robert S. Abbott to study abroad, and as such, she took classes in French and headed overseas to earn an international aviation license from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

Though Coleman returned home to become a media sensation, she soon discovered that barnstorming (stunt flying) would be the only way to make a steady income as an aviator. She then proceeded to travel to France, Germany and the Netherlands to expand upon her skills. Due to the combination of her studies, her daredevil mindset, her opportunistic spirit and her background as a Black woman, she quickly gained a strong following as a major attraction at air shows.

Coleman used her platform to encourage other Black individuals to learn how to fly and often took a stand against racism. She refused to do a lecture at a school in Waxahachie, Texas until Black students were allowed to use the same entrance as white students. After she was offered a role in a feature-length film, she walked off the set upon learning that her wardrobe would perpetuate a derogatory image of Black people.

In 1926 - at only 34 years old - Coleman plunged to her death while rehearsing one of her famous stunts. Approximately 10,000 mourners were present at her funeral in Chicago, which was presided over by civil rights icon Ida B. Wells.

Deception- Suho

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You sat on your couch clinching the remote a little too tightly. Your eyes burned holes into the screen. This was the third time you had rewind the scene and watched it again.

Suho grabbed the girl and brought her into a loving kiss. There was so much emotion in it and it pissed you off, not because he kissed her but because he didn’t tell you that was going to happen.

Sighing you left the scene on pause and went to make something to eat.

About 20 minutes into cooking you heard the door open and Suho yell, “Baby, Im home!” 

You rolled your eyes and washed the carrots harder muttering curse words under your breath. 

“Baby, Im home! Go back to work and kiss that girl.” You whisper-mocked him. 

“Did you say something, jagi?” He asked from the door way leading into the kitchen. 

You put on a smile and turned to face him, “Of course not, darling.” You said and turned to collect all the things you need to start cutting up the food.

“Okay, well I’m gonna go wash up and i’ll be down to help you.” He said rolling up the sleeves of his sweater. 

“There’s no need. I’d let you know if I needed help.” You said sarcastically. 

You placed the veges down so you can start to cut them.  

“Is something wrong, sweetie?” Suho asked, clearly worried. 

You looked at him and tried your best to bite your tongue, “Yes. Everything is fine.”

He cocked his head and looked at you, you shook your head and gave him the “what” look.

“Okay well, give me a kiss before a go up to shower.” He said, walking towards you to lean over the table that separated you two. 

You moved your head to the side so he caught your cheek instead of your lips. 

You ignored his stare that was so close to your face and continued cutting up the food.

Suho decided to ignore it and not push the subject. He kissed you on your forehead and headed up the stairs, but before he did he saw the TV. 

“Fuck.” He muttered under his breath, realizing that he forgot to tell you about the kissing scene. 

He leaned over the banister to see what your were doing, he was going to make it up to you. 


You sat cursing Suho as you chopped up all the ingredients for your meal. You got too carried away and starting chopping way too fast.

“Ow! Fucking fuck!” You screamed, dropping the knife on the table and running to the sink. 

You heard Suho run down the stairs yelling, “Jagiya are you okay?!” 

You held your finger under the running water as you felt Suho come up behind you and look over your shoulder.

“Aish, jagiya! This is why you can’t cook when you’re upset. Look at you, silly girl.” He said trying to see the damage. 

You jerked your hand away from him, “No.” You said.

Suho sighed and went in front of you, “Y/n let me see your hand.” He demanded.

You looked at him, he was in nothing but his boxers, your mouth slightly hung open at the bare chest of your boyfriend and he used this moment to throw a towel over your finger and apply pressure. 

“Mother fuck!” You screamed, tears threatening to spill from the pain.

Suho brought you closer to him, “Jagiya, I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you about that kissing scene.” He said.

You looked to the sink and tried to ignore him but he brought you closer to his chest and placed his fingers under your chin, turning your head and tilting it upwards.

“You’re the only one I want to kiss.” He whispered looking down at you. 

You pouted and tried to move away from him.

He sighed and picked you up effortlessly, setting you top of the counter. 

“Suho!” You screamed in shock.

He only chuckled and got closer to you, “Now your trapped.” He said, getting dangerously close to your lips. 


He cut you off and kissed you. It was one of those… I need you kisses, those “ I love you more than anything” kisses.

The kind of kisses that take your breath away.

Once he pulled away he looked in your eyes and said, “Now lets fix you up, babygirl, yeah?”

You smiled at him and nodded, “Yeah.”


Summary: Tig acts like a dick and makes up for it…with his dick…Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

(Disclaimer: This is my first time writing any sort of one shot and definitely my first time writing anything smutty. I didn’t go all the way with the sex because I wasn’t really sure how to and still be happy with my work. Baby steps, ya know? I’ll get there, don’t worry.)


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Glancing at the clock, you let a sigh escape from your lips, it was getting late. At least by now you realized that to have dinner ready by the time that Tig was home you had to start cooking a few hours later then when you actually wanted to eat. As you pulled a pan out of the oven, you heard the familiar rumblings of a Harley pulling into the driveway which was soon followed by the opening and slamming of the front door. You froze for a moment, taking a deep breath. It was going to be an other one of those nights, it seemed.

From the very beginning, you and Tig agreed that nothing was going to be kept a secret when it came to the club or anything else in life. It didn’t matter how fucked up his deed of the day was, you two had an agreement that it wouldn’t be hidden away. If the saying was true, that the only way a relationship with one of the Sons would work out is if their old lady knew nothing or knew everything, you were one of the few who knew it all. Or so you thought.

For a little over a week now, Tig would come home in the worst mood imaginable. He’d slam the doors, not say a word to you unless it was to snap at something small you did to irritate him, and he slept on the opposite end of the bed, his back turned towards you. You never saw him leave in the morning and it seemed like he took his sweet ass time to get home at night. You were on your last nerve. You understood that sometimes things were tough with the club and that was why you’d waited so long to hold you tongue about his behavior but there was only so much that one person could take.

“Hey babe.” You said cautiously though you had a smile on your face as you put some of the food onto plates. You glanced over your shoulder to see Tig storming into the kitchen, chucking his kutte onto one of the empty chairs and kicking his boots off violently.

“Hi.” He muttered. He stomped over to the fridge, practically opening the door off of it’s hinges. He grabbed a beer and popped it open before slumping down onto one of the seats at the table.

You tried to hide the disappointed look on your face, hoping that he might just need time to destress after a long day, maybe he’d go back to being the normal Tig in a few minutes. But that was what you’d been telling yourself all week and it never happened. You set a plate down in front of him. “I made your favorite.” You offered weakly. If he didn’t have it in him to be sweet to you, maybe food would at least cheer him up.

But instead, Tig just offered a quiet grunt, nodding in what you assumed was ‘thanks’. You swallowed hard and took a seat across from him, your own plate of food in front of you though you had no appetite, it was hard to eat food when you were holding back anger. After being together for almost a year, you’d never seen him like this before. It was really pissing you off. You’d seen how he’d acted when the whole Donna shit went down, you saw the pained look in his eyes and when he didn’t speak to you for a week it was because he physically couldn’t and you accepted that. But this was different. There was no guilt or agony in his eyes, he was just being a grumpy old man. It was ridiculous.

“Rough day today?” You asked in an almost awkward way. You pushed your food around your plate, trying to keep your hands busy. He said nothing, just a shrug from his shoulders. A small beat of silence passed between you two before you tried again. “Are you okay? You’re a little scraped up.” You commented, motioning towards the bloody scratches that were littered across his face and arms.

For the first time since he’d came home, Tig looked up at you. His light blue eyes pierced right into yours. You’d seen him give that glare to others but having it directed towards you made you squirm slightly in your seat, uncomfortable. “I’m fine.” Tig hissed out, his teeth gritted together and his grip on his beer tightened dangerously. You didn’t know what to do, you were trying so hard to keep it together this entire week because you didn’t want to stress him out even further but god dammit, he was being mean now.

The two of you were silent for at least a few minutes before he pushed his seat away from the table, the chair scraping loudly against the floor. “I’m done.” He mumbled, obviously talking about being done with dinner. He barely ate any of it and that was how you knew this was really upsetting him, he always ate everything you made for him. Tig then rushed off towards the bedroom you two shared, his steps loud and heavy.

That was it. You had enough. You quickly followed him. “No, fuck that, Tig. I’m done!”  You shouted. You weren’t holding back now, there was no point in trying to play nice when he was clearly not regarding your feelings at all. “You’ve been an asshole all week and I’m not going to be your punching bag anymore.” You said, crossing your arms across your chest as you watched him hastily pull his shirt off his body, most likely planning to take a shower.

Tig rolled his eyes at that, shaking his head. “Oh come on, you know what you signed up for. You wanna be with a big bad biker, then you gotta be ready to handle a big bad biker, sweetheart.” He said in a sarcastic tone.

You didn’t say anything for a few seconds, you felt like he had just slapped you across the face. You had been through so much shit for him and the club, you were always the perfect Old Lady to him. Did he really think you weren’t able to handle this lifestyle? You proved to him time and time again that you were just as much part of the club as he was, you just didn’t have the title. He never ever treated you like this before, you were sure he had to do something he didn’t want to. He was trying to push you away, not wanting you to get hurt somehow in the process.

“Fuck you, Alex.” You spat out, using his first name because you  knew how much that meant to him. You looked away from him, embarrassed by the hot tears stinging the back of your eyes. You never cried but you were so worked up from the week before and feeling like the love of your life was trying to hurt you was just too much.

“Very mature.” Tig said mockingly though there was a bit of hesitation in his voice.. You could tell that you had gotten through to him. Using his real name and him being able to see that you were getting emotional, was pulling on his heart strings. He hadn’t meant to hurt you so much lately, he just was too protective over you. So protective that he was willing to make you hate him if that meant you moved away and started a life without danger.

You bit your lip, hating to cry in front of your Old Man, you wanted to be strong for him. “Fuck you! You repeated, working yourself up with anger again. You glanced over at Tig to see him looking at you with a concentrated face. Although the gears were turning in his head, he wasn’t showing any signs of backing down or apologizing. You weren’t sure what got into you but before you knew it you were rushing towards him and pushing him hard on the chest.

“Hey, hey, Y/N, stop that.” Tig said firmly and he tried grabbing your arms to keep you from hitting him but it was too late. In a blur, you slapped him across the face, letting a sob escape your chest as you did so. Neither of you moved after that. The two of you locked eyes as you watched a red mark forming on his cheek.

“I-I’m so sorry…” You whispered, the realization of what you had just done washing over you. You hurt Tig, physically hurt him. Of course compared to what he felt on a day to day basis, a slap from a smaller girl was nothing to him. But that didn’t matter, the intent was to hurt him and that was what made your stomach drop. You knew that no matter how much Tig pissed you off, you never wanted to hurt him, you still loved him. He wasn’t saying anything, the look in his eyes were blank. “Tig…I’m so-“ Before you could apologize again, it was Tig’s turn to get physical. He grabbed you by the face, his large hand cupping your chin with his fingers squeezing into both of your cheeks. He backed you up forcefully until he had you pinned against the wall with his body, his chest painfully closet against yours.

He wasn’t sure what had come over him but after you slapped him, he felt a fire ignite inside of him. It was probably the fact that you cared about him so much that you were able to be angry enough to hit him or maybe it was because he was a kinky bastard, or most likely both.

You were breathless, your heart practically beating out of your chest. Besides when it was consensual in the bedroom, Tig was always so sweet and gentle with you. But in that moment you were sure that he was going to beat you, to teach you a lesson for slapping him. You shut your eyes tightly, preparing for the impact that you were sure was going to come in one way or an other. But instead of feeling a blow to your face or stomach or anywhere else on your body, you felt Tig’s lips against yours.

You made a small noise of surprise and that caused Tig to press into you closer, his grip tightening on your face. “You’re real angry at me, aren’t you, baby?” He muttered with his lips still against yours as much as they could be. You weren’t sure what to say, if you were supposed to reply or if it was rhetorical. Your head was swimming, you weren’t sure if you could even pull yourself together enough to answer anyways. “Oh yeah you are, you slapped me.” Tig said in an intense but amused voice. He ground his hips against yours which caused a groan to emit from deep in his chest.

You opened your mouth to speak but no words could come out. You were feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. You had been so angry before and now you were so…turned on? Tig kept his hand tightly on your face while his other hand trailed from your shoulder down to your chest where he ran his hand over your breast, squeezing the flesh there roughly. You couldn’t help but moan at his commanding touch. Even if you weren’t prepared for your argument to end like this, you loved when he was this dominant.  “Such a bad little girl.” He hissed under his breath while his eyes never left your body. “Get on the bed.” He said suddenly, moving away from you. His fingers quickly got to work on his belt, unbuckling it and undoing his pants. He let them fall to the ground.

You practically scrambled onto the bed, looking up at him expectantly. He was the boss tonight, that was clear, you were just waiting for his further instructions. “Take your clothes off.” He then ordered with a nod of his head. You did as you were told, slipping your nightgown off of your body along with your panties.

Tig paused his motions, staring at you with hooded, lust filled eyes. “Jesus Christ, baby girl.” He breathed out, his hand instinctively going to his erection that was straining against his underwear. He looked at you like he could eat you. Unable to keep up the suspense any longer, he crawled on top of you like you were his prey, a growl in his throat for further measure. As Tig hovered over you, he let his lips mark along all the sensitive spots of your throat.

“I’ve been such a dick to you lately,” He murmured against your skin with a deep husky voice, “It’s not your fault, you’re perfect.” He added. He moved his hand down your body until his fingers were pressed against your clit, rubbing it in soft gentle motions. This caused you to arch your back up, your mouth parting to release a moan. He grinned at that.  “I’ll make it up to you, I swear. You forgive me, don’t you, baby?” Tig cooed, his motions slowly getting quicker.

“Yes.” You sighed in pleasure, unsure if you were answering his question or just agreeing to how he was making you feel.

“Yes, what…?” Tig asked with his eyebrows raised, a chastising look in his eyes. You tensed up, knowing what he wanted as your hands balled up the sheets underneath you.

“Yes, daddy.” You chuckled. Tig smirked widely then, pressing his lips against yours passionately. All the anger and resentment you felt towards him before was out of the window. Life was hard when you were in love with one of the Sons of Anarchy but it was definitely worth it.

Why Me? Part 3

here’s the third part of my series. enjoy my fine furry friends (:

You jerked up your phone and called Hotch. Daniel Turner had to be your guy. You wished so badly that Spencer was there with you. If he were there, he would have figured everything out way before you did.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” you heard Penelope ask from the other room. You rubbed at your wrists and flicked around the rubber band that sat on it.

“Yeah. I’m fine, Pen.” you said, trying to hide your pain. When Hotch finally answered, you explained the situation, gave the work and home addresses, and any other helpful information you had on him. You hung up afterwards, not wanting to linger on the call for too long.

"Oh, (Y/N).” you heard Penelope groan in disappointment. You jumped up and ran into her room where she sat, at her computer, with her head in her hands. On her screen were thousands of pictures, articles, diagrams. All of Spencer.

"Daniel had apparently been planning to assassinate Spencer ever since Maeve’s case. He has plans, photos, everything ordered out. He was ready to wipe him out, whenever and wherever. He was waiting for the perfect time.” she said as her voice began to quiver. You felt your eyes begin to tear up. You quietly stood up and went to the bathroom to regain composure. You grabbed at the rubber band and began to vigorously flick it against your skin. It was all the relief you could get. It got out your anger, sadness, and frustration.

Your phone began to ring. It was Derek.

"Hello?” you said, voice shaking.

"Hey, pretty thing. We got Daniel. He was hiding out in his basement. There were bomb prototypes and plans of destruction, but I’ll tell you one thing. He is going to be behind bars for a long time. It’s over.” he said in a reassuringly. You let out a small cry. It was over.

"Thank you.” you said as you hung up.

You were so angry and hurt. Why would anyone do this? A text binged on your phone. It was from Emily. It said that her and JJ would be over in a little while for a ‘Girl’s Night In’. You didn’t want it. You wanted Spencer, but he was gone. You figured a little fun wouldn’t hurt. You got in the shower and cleaned off the grime that had been building up for days. You began to cry, hoping the shower would muffle the sound. You were in the shower for a long time, but most of it was spent crying.

When you got out, you felt new. As if a weight had been lifted off your shoulders. You slipped on some leggings and a big, lavender sweatshirt, which was Spencer’s favorite. You shed a small smile at the thought. Spencer loved the color purple. You fumbled at the rubber band again. Every thought about him stung your heart. The girls waltzed in at about 7pm with popcorn, soda, movies, fuzzy socks, nail polish, and makeup.

"I thought maybe we could have a little bit of fun tonight… almost like we’re teens again.” JJ said with a small laugh. You all curled up on the couch and watched some pretty decent movies, ate popcorn, drank soda, and did each other’s makeup and nails. It was a great time. They all ended up staying over, except for JJ because she had to get home to her kids.

When you woke up, Penelope had made breakfast and Emily was already sitting at the table eating. You checked your phone, one notification. It was from Hotch. He said that he needed to see you at the office at 9am and that there was something he needed to tell you. Your heart fell. You got a strange and excited feeling. What was he going to tell you?

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So the lantern in your heart won’t fade

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 6; Comfort

pairing: terumob

Story tag


The park is empty in the rain, lamps looming eerily through the stormy-dark evening, and Teruki’s sneakers slap across wet sidewalks as he runs towards an out-of-the-way park bench tucked into the quietest corner.

It’s one thing to get a call from Reigen – the man’s mild tone and manner of speech as he asked “Have you heard from Mob today?” made it impossible for Teruki to determine if something was wrong. Ritsu’s name on his Caller I.D. within the hour, on the other hand, was enough to light little fires of worry in Teruki’s brain before he could so much as answer the phone.

Is my brother there? He’s been acting strange since he came home from work last night, and the school just called and said he didn’t show up for class today. He doesn’t have his phone, and I can’t – my powers are still just – I can’t find him. Is he there with you?”

Teruki was out the door not even a minute later, with barely the presence of mind to grab a coat.

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Number 4 with Lawlu please!

Law unlocked the front door and breathed out a sigh as he dropped his keys onto the table by the door. It was dark in the house, but that was normal given what time it was. He didn’t mind working nights, but sometimes it was annoying to come home to all the lights being off. The only one on was the small stove light in the kitchen that Luffy insisted on leaving on.

Heading that way first to turn it off, Law paused as the clinking he heard from that direction. Narrowing his eyes, he stepped lightly, making sure to not make a sound as he neared the doorway into the kitchen. The only light was the barely there glow of the stove and that made Law raise an eyebrow in question. Who in the absolute hell was in his kitchen at three in the morning? Luffy sure as shit would have turned on all the fucking lights, leaving a figurative trail behind himself in his wake.

The low clinking came again and Law recognized it as silverware on a bowl or a plate. Reaching the doorway, he peered inside, but was unable to see anyone, even as the sound came again. Raising an eyebrow, Law pulled his phone from his pocket and keeping the light of the screen hidden from sight, thumbed to his flashlight.

The screen went dark and Law pressed the light to his chest, keeping it hidden as he stepped into the kitchen silently, using the low light of the stove to to navigate around the central island. Just as he was about to round it, he twisted his wrist, exposing the light of the flashlight, illuminating Luffy on the floor with a huge bowl of ice cream and cake. Turning to face Law, eyes wide and pupils contracting from the sudden light, the man hissed at him, raising his arm to shield against the bright phone flashlight.

Law let his arm drop to his side, throwing everything into weird shadows. “Is that really cake?” Then he shook his head, Luffy eating junk food at random times was completely normal. “Did you seriously just hiss at me?”

Luffy scooped out a large bite of ice cream and cake, jamming the spoon into his mouth. “Are you judging me,” he asked, pulling the spoon free and leveling Law with a flat look.

With a roll of his eyes, Law leaned over and flicked on the kitchen light, pulling a groan from Luffy before shutting off the light to his phone. “Not anymore than usual, no.”

Luffy held the bowl up. “Want some?”

Law curled his lip, looking at the concoction in the bowl. Vanilla cake with chocolate ice cream and the little dinosaur sprinkles Luffy had insisted on buying yesterday at the store. Fuck it. “Why not?” Grabbing a spoon, he sat down on the floor next to Luffy, back to the cabinets. Luffy let him take the bowl and Law dug in, hand it back and sucking the frosting off the spoon as well.

“Welcome home,” Luffy leaned over, pecking Law on the cheek. His lips were cold from the ice cream and Law rubbed at his cheek because he was almost positive there was not frosting on him as well.

“Thanks,” he replied calmly, reaching over for another spoonful of the mess in Luffy’s bowl. “Why are you even up anyway?”

Luffy shrugged a shoulder. “Couldn’t sleep, thought I’d stay up and wait for you.”

Law hummed as he pulled the spoon free of his mouth once more. “Glad you did.”


You guys might have heard of the waist trainer method… well it works!

1. Put on your waist trainer a little loose. If you’re unsure how tight to make it, grab a few palettes from home and test it out that way. You can stuff it with toilet paper if you want. (So you don’t go into the store looking like a size 2 and come out looking eight months pregnant.
2. Grab the most loose fitting shirt you have! I’m usually an S but this is a medium and has so much room. Do NOT wear anything tight, it will show your outline and you’re gonna get caught.
3. Conceal on the floor into your purse(Ultra) and go to the restroom and detag and fix your goodies into your waist trainer.
4. Throw on a little cardigan if you’re scared it’ll show.

In the case that you BEEP, they will check your purse not your body and you just got yourself some new palettes. Yasssss betchhhh

Same Patterns {Part 1}

Summary: You and your broken heart now live separated from the Avengers. It hurts, and they all try the same thing to make you come back - but when will it work?

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So I decided to do a small drabble series to get myself started for the new year.

Words: 482

Warnings: cheating. Heartbreak from the get go.

“Y/N, please.” You heard the pleading voice of Steve as he stood before you. You looked down, refusing to meet his eyes. If you did, you knew your resolve would crumble. “Come home. We miss you. Bruce and Tony, Clint and Nat – I’m sorry.” He mumbled as he felt a glare coming his way, “I miss you, and so does Bucky. The poor guy’s been a zombie for the past month. Come back to us. To home.”

“I am home Steve. Look around you – I’m happy.”

“You were happy then too.” He reminded you. You felt a tear slip past your defence and splash on the floor.

“I know.” You whispered. The truth was that you weren’t happy. You loved Bucky, even now, and it hurt like Hell.

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Different Dreams, Different People

“Hey—hey, I’m just calling because I haven’t heard from you in a week. Call me when you can, alright? I miss you.” There goes another voicemail I record for him.

After hours at work shelving books and guiding guests to their requested novels and textbooks, I’m finally on my way home. Without any contact with Jinyoung, my days have been nothing but dreadful yet I fake it to make it. As I reach the front of my door, I juggle my notebooks and bag onto one arm as I insert my key into the lock. The second I crack the door open, JJ, my Pomeranian, runs to greet me and hops around my ankles.

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Sanvers Fic
  • Alex laid sprawled out on the couch staring at her third empty glass of scotch on the coffee table. Her stomach growled. She felt the alcohol calming her. She watched the fireplace through the crystal glass.
  • She had gotten off work early because of the team’s rough encounter with a rogue alien. They didn’t realize the alien had a partner until he attacked Alex on her way home from work. As each flame flickered, she saw the blast from the ray gun that struck her motorcycle earlier that day. Her heart ached for her motorcycle.
  • She heard a knock on her apartment door and took a deep breath. She grabbed her gun from the coffee table and looked through the peephole. She sighed, put her gun on the mantle, and opened the door.
  • “Hey,” Maggie lifted a grocery bag in each hand. “Can I come in?”
  • “Of course,” Alex smiled and stepped aside.
  • “So I was looking for you after work today and Kara told me about your ride…” Maggie placed the bags on the island. “I figured it was too late for dinner, so I brought dessert.” She wrinkled her brows and smiled.
  • Alex dragged her feet towards Maggie and kissed her. Maggie held onto Alex’s waist and Alex rested her head in the crook of her neck.
  • "Are you okay?” Maggie asked softly as she began to slowly rub Alex’s back. She loved the feeling of holding this woman in her arms. The sweet, intimate gesture of trust bewildered her just as much as it comforted her.
  • "I just had a really shit day,” Alex mumbled into her neck.
  • "Well how ‘bout we turn that shit day into a Sunday funday?” she smiled and kissed Alex’s temple.
  • Alex looked at her and raised an eyebrow. Though she hated when her fingertips lost the touch of Alex's body, Maggie let go of her waist and opened the grocery bags.
  • One by one, she named the items as she brought them out. “Neapolitan ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, and dark chocolate chips.”
  • "You’re so cute,” Alex said as she reached for two bowls in one of the cupboards.
  • Maggie rolled her eyes. “Ha, yeah we’ll see about that.”
  • "Is that a threat?” Alex laughed and set the bowls and an ice cream scooper on the island. She walked towards the sink to grab a cutting board and Maggie gave her ass a nice little smack. Alex turned her head and gasped a smile.
  • "Maybe,” Maggie winked at her with a smirking half-smile.
  • The women finished their Sundays on the couch in front of the fire. The heat comforted them just as much as the sweet coldness of their treat.
  • "The dark chocolate chips were the best,” Maggie leaned back with her hands behind her head and closed her eyes.
  • Alex bit her lip and eyed her ice cream bowl mischievously. There was one dark chocolate chip left.
  • Maggie felt movement on the couch and before she knew it, Alex was straddling her lap. She leaned down to kiss her and Maggie put her hands on her waist. Maggie's tongue reached into Alex's mouth and found a dark chocolate chip on her waiting tongue.
  • Maggie smiled and traced her thumb over Alex's bottom lip. "Have I ever told you how crazy I feel when you kiss me?" Maggie said softly, half smiling.
  • Alex smiled and put her hand behind Maggie’s neck and pulled her in for a deep kiss. "No, but I kinda had the idea," alex laughed.
  • Lips in passionate movement, she slid her fingers across Maggie’s collarbone and slipped off her leather jacket. They broke just long enough to get Maggie’s shirt over her head so she was only in a bra and jeans. Maggie felt Alex’s perky braless nipples through her thin pajama shirt.
  • Alex stood up and pulled Maggie up off the couch. She removed Maggie's shirt over her head and led her to the bedroom. Maggie undid her belt and removed her own pants, then Alex's pajama pants.
  • Maggie leaned over Alex as they got onto the bed and under the covers. Alex felt Maggie’s body heat radiate out of her body. Maggie put a knee against Alex’s panties and she let out a gasp. She unclipped Maggie’s bra and threw it on the floor, making Maggie laugh.
  • "Eager much?” she nibbled at her neck.
  • "Just a little,” Alex tried to sound calm, but her voice shook, noticeably aroused.
  • "Right,” Maggie stroked her fingers up Alex’s panties, feeling the heat and wetness. “A little,” she replied sarcastically.
  • The heat of Alex’s center made her so wet. She sucked hard at Alex’s neck and gave a loud gasp when her nipple was given a tiny pinch. As Maggie pushed her knee against Alex’s wet center, she rocked their bodies back and forth on the bed. Maggie moved to suck on Alex’s breast, just above her nipple. She looked up at her and stopped sucking to bite her lip shyly, noticing the bright red mark she had made on her neck.
  • "What?” Alex asked breathing hard.
  • "Nothing,” Maggie smirked and resumed her second hickey on Alex’s breast, making Alex throw her head back in pleasure. Maggie’s tongue flicked her perky nipple and she let out a breathless moan. Maggie held Alex’s nipple between her teeth and pulled gently, causing a deep, throaty moan to escape Alex's lips.
  • Maggie looked at the fresh hickey on her breast, smirked proudly at her work, and then started another next to Alex’s belly button. She wanted to kiss every inch of this woman's beautiful body. A kiss for every time Alex loved her by trusting her. A kiss for every time Alex didn't give up on her.
  • She moved to her hip bone and kissed her skin softly. She slid off Alex’s panties, seeing their dampness. She couldn't believe that she was the one causing this woman to be so aroused.
  • "God, you’re so wet,” she said. Alex replied by pulling her neck down to kiss her. Maggie pushed Alex's head back down so that she laid back down on the bed, then lowered herself towards her wet center. She left one last hickey on the inside of her thigh, and then slicked her tongue up Alex’s slit. Alex arched her back sharply when Maggie slipped her tongue inside, all the way up to her clit. Her tongue circled her clit slowly a few times before picking up speed.
  • Alex looked down at Maggie’s face buried between her legs. “Fuck,” was all she could manage while staring at the scene. Maggie loved hearing her cuss. The only times Alex cussed were in the field, or in the bedroom with her. She kept those memories like badges of honor.
  • She went back up to suck at Alex’s other nipple and straddled her thigh. She inserted two fingers into Alex and began rocking their bodies and she pumped them. Alex pulled her up so that she could kiss her. She could feel Maggie’s wet heat on her thigh. Her mouth breathed gasps against Maggie’s lips as she pumped her fingers faster. Alex's eyes shut tight and her back arched sharply as she threw her head back. Maggie could feel the clenching around her fingers. She kept pumping her fingers as Alex rode out her orgasm, her entire body shaking in pleasure.
  • Maggie laid on her side next to Alex and stroked the skin on her stomach. Alex rolled over and laid her head on Maggie’s chest.
  • “I’m gonna need a second,” she said with eyes closed in embarrassment, making Maggie chuckle and kiss the top of her head.
  • Maggie's fingertips traced the soft skin of Alex's bare back. Alex chuckled. "What's so funny, Danvers?" Maggie raised an eyebrow.
  • "I just realized..." she look up at Maggie, "even if I can't ride my motorcycle anymore, I can still ride out these orgasms." She bit her lip as soon as she made the cheesy joke and Maggie rolled her eyes at the ceiling.
  • "Whatever you say, nerd," Alex bit her lip and stared at Maggie's blissful smile, a smile she could fall in love with again and again for the rest of her life.
Doctor Strange Fluff

You were curled up on your bed, safely tucked away beneath the soft blankets, sheltering yourself from the cold that came with the first snow. Steven should have been home by now but considering how busy his days at work are you werent surprised at him being late.
As you sipped on your vanilla tea you heard the familiar sound of foot steps against the wooden floors, and shortly after, Stephen stood on your doorstep. He looked tired, eyes bloodshot from the exhaustion. He was probably working on an operation for way too long. He looked at you, giving you a small, tired but genuine smile, and placed a kiss onto your warm lips before he dissapeared into the closet to change into his pajamas. When he came back he embraced you into a warm hug.
-“ Long day?” - you asked as you placed your warm palms onto his cold, red cheeks.
-“ Sure was. ” he said in a low, husky voice as he leaned in for another kiss.
You never imagined that you’d ever get this close. Stephen didnt seem like a man who’d let something other than his job become such a huge part in his life, but there you were, snuggled up in the bed that you’d been sharing for a few months now.
He put his warm, strongs around you, gently placing a kiss onto your forehead as you laid your head on his chest, feeling his heartbeat, absorbing his warmth.
-“ I love you Y/N. ” - he said as he drifted into a peacefull slumber.
- “ I love you too, Stephen.”

I'm Sorry - Jinyoung

He was late yet again and you wondered what his excuse would be this time. You leaned against the headboard of the bed with your laptop on your lap as you searched random interests. It was nearly 11:45pm and it was normal for him to not be home until 2am or so. Nonetheless, you secretly wished he’d be home earlier, but work always kept him busy or at times he was just hard on himself so he’d stay at the company much longer.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever been aroused by something you saw while snooping?

Well- um- yes. Yes yes yes. Okay. There. I was on my way home from work - I was absolutely furious at my father and …my brother - and heard somebody whimpering and groaning. Even an angered man couldn’t simply walk past somebody in pain. So I backed up a little and saw, ahem, the Barebone boy against a wall with that older man um, taking him from behind. Let’s just say that I couldn’t seem to get home fast enough after witnessing that.

Tig Request,

Can you do an imagine where your sick and tig stays home to take care of you but you dont want him to close because you dont want to get him sick? thanks

Soup and Cuddles

I woke up feeling sore, and not in the way you’d think, my whole body was hurting specially my head and I was freezing. I thought Tig had already left for work so I groaned loudly. Not long after I heard footsteps approaching our shared bedroom, Tig had his black curls wet from the shower and was holding a shirt in his right hand while looking at me trying to find a reason for my outburst.

“You, okay babe?” he said and I just denied with my head “What’s wrong?” he said putting his shirt on before seating next to me but I moved to the other side of the bed.

“I think it’s the flu, don’t get to close I don’t want you getting sick” I said noticing my stuffy nose, he put his hand over my forehead and gave me a worried look.

“You’re burning, baby. I’ll bring you some water and medicine” he said, I touched his hand slightly.

“Don’t worry, Tig. I’m alright, I’ll take some medicine and tea while you go the TM. Jax needs you more than I do right now” I said and he looked at me preoccupied. “I swear I’m alright, waking up it’s hard every day anyways” I said with a small laugh and he just nodded.

He brought me a bottle of water and some pills, he also adjusted my pillows and put my phone next to me “Call me if you need anything, YN. I’ll be here in no time” he said and I nodded before sending him a kiss. “I love you”

“Love you too” I said with a groggy voice and he smiled at me before taking off.

The Sons were out almost all day working on stopping a retaliation from The Mayans after some shit went down, I was still in the same position as Tiggy left me, I just went once to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my necessities before going back to bed. I didn’t felt hungry I was just really exhausted so I slept through the day, I didn’t hear Tig pull outside of our home or even get upstairs.

I was awaken suddenly by the sound of two voices next to me, I recognized Tara’s right away and I was about to go off at my old man for calling the doc, she smiled at me before doing a general check up.

“This is definitely the flu, one that has been poorly taking care off that’s why she’s so sore and exhausted. I think I have some medicine on my car that can help her out, take her tomorrow to the hospital so I can give her an injection of something stronger” she said and I looked at both of them with big eyes. “You can’t be scared of needles, YN.” She said and I nodded furiously “I’ve seen you all bad ass, you are married to a Son but you are scared of needles?” she said laughing and I nodded, it was pathetic but I hated them.

I heard Tig talking to Jax on the phone, he asked to be off tonight’s deal to take care of me and I smiled a little bit in my slumber.

“You don’t have to stay, Tig” I said but he approached me putting his hands next to my head before kissing my forehead. “I really don’t want you getting sick because of me”

“Jax said it was okay, don’t worry babe. I’ll be your sexy nurse tonight” he said and I laughed a bit. “I’ll bring you something to it, wait up”

Minutes later he came with a big bowl of soup, he was feeding me like a baby and making stupid jokes to lighten the mood. He later put on the Boondock Saints, my favorite movie on the TV and I was trying really hard to concentrate but I felt my eyelids getting heavier every second that passed.

“Go to sleep, babe. We have already watched it a hundred times” he said but I was too stubborn to just let myself go that easily so I approached him for the first time today and cuddled next to him. He kissed me softly on my head and draw small figures with his fingers on my back. It was the perfect moment if it wasn’t for how heavy my head felt that moment. “I love you my sleeping beauty” he said before I fell asleep on his chest.

The next day I woke up feeling so much better, I went downstairs to be met with the sight of my husband preparing breakfast, he was putting some bacon on the pan when I approached him from behind to hug him, he put his hands on top of mine before turning around to look at me with those beautiful eyes I loved so much.

“I’m glad you feel so much better” he said turning the bacon over “I need to take you to the hospital and drop you off before 11 to be on time for Jax’s meeting” he said and I pouted at him, putting my hands all over his chest “Babe, you need to get the injection to feel better”

“I feel good already” I said looking at him, using everything in my charm to stop him from getting me there. “I can show you how good I feel now if you want” I said before turning him again to make him look at me, my lips on top of his. Oh dear at the end I was going to get him sick no matter how I tried to stop it just the day before.

Whatever It Takes (Simon Dominic) [Werewolf AU]

Requested by anon

Prompt: “It’s just not that simple.”

Originally posted by youngkaezy

    “Are you okay, babe?” you called nervously through the basement door. Kiseok had been nowhere to be found when you got home from work five minutes ago, but you finally noticed the basement door was locked and when you put your ear to it, you could hear him pacing down there. You didn’t know if he didn’t hear you or if he just wasn’t responding but either way you were worried.

    Finally you heard the steps creak and footsteps directly on the other side. “Don’t unlock the door, okay?” Kiseok said. He’d installed a special lock that could be locked automatically from the inside but only unlocked from the outside. He’d said it was for your safety.

    “Okay,” you said. “But are you all right? Please talk to me, Kiseok.”

    “I…” he sighed. “I almost transformed at work today, I couldn’t help it. I told them I was sick and came home, but this is the third time it’s happened this month. I really thought I could control it, but…” he trailed off, his voice anguished. “I guess I can’t.”

    “Why don’t you come out and we can talk about this?” you said, trying to remain calm.

    “I don’t want to take any risks,” he replied softly.

    You squeezed your eyes shut, your heart sinking. So now it had gotten far enough now that he was worried about hurting you… You had hoped this day would never come. “As soon as you’re feeling better, we’ll go out in the country for a day like usual and you can transform and everything, okay? Then you’ll be fine, right?”

    “Babe… It’s just not that simple. It’s not like getting a fix or something; I don’t know when I’ll need to transform- there’s no schedule. I can’t predict it,” he explained, “But I do know it’s getting more and more often.”

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