heard the neck crick

The Best Laid Plans

Or, What Really Happened When Alya and Nino Were Locked Up in a Glass Cage Together For Half an Episode.

“Heh. So, erm. Pretty eventful day, huh?”

“Are you even serious right now?”

“Sorry, it’s just …. Um, it’s hard to describe a day where you get chased by rampaging zoo animals then get locked into a panther enclosure by a superhero while you’re in the middle of—”

Strangled choking from Nino cut off his next words and Alya glanced over to make sure he wasn’t dying before turning back to glare at the glass wall as if the flames in her eyes could melt a hole in the partition.

“I can’t believe I got locked in here with you while Ladybug and Chat Noir are off chasing the next akuma all over town. What am going to upload onto my Ladyblog now? I’ve got nothing! No video, no pictures, not even an interview since I’m not even there.I’ll have to rely on third party websites to get the information and that’s cheating.”

“Sorry ….”

A pang of guilt stabbed through the roiling irritation in Alya’s mind, the wrinkles between her brows smoothing as she relaxed her frown a little and cast a look over her shoulder again. It was unlike Nino to sound so dejected and not retaliate to her jabs. Compared to the rebounding rubber ball of enthusiasm that was his usual self, she felt more like she was in the presence of a whimpering puppy who had lost its owner.

She sighed, dropping her head onto her knees as she massaged at her temples. Try as she might, she couldn’t block out the disastrous few words spoken mere minutes ago by the same boy sitting with his back facing hers. They repeated like a mantra in her head, refusing to leave her in peace.

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