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I Miss You (One Shot)

I Miss You: After weeks of being apart from your boyfriend, Bucky, the distance become a bit too much for you to handle.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex. Dirty talk. Mentions of past injuries. Graphic details of sex. Porn gifs are used. Super NSFW. (If you’re not comfy with phone sex or anything else listed, keep scrolling.)

A/N: I have no idea where this idea came from, but just know that it’s for a good cause! ;)

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  • jarod shadowsong: hey guys!!! we heard you were having trouble fighting against the legion so we came to help!! i'm commander jarod shadowsong, my favorite color is blue, and one fun fact about me is that i love teamwork and disappearing for thousands of years at a time. this is my big sister, maiev!! she's kind of weird but i love her. say hi, maiev
  • maiev shadowsong, wordlessly strangling a dreadlord with her bare hands, an expression of cold, mirthless distaste written across her heavily-scarred face like the engravings on a tombstone:
BTS Imagines || Horeumon Ttaemune - Hyung Line


After a long day of work last night, you sleepily were in the kitchen, getting breakfast ready for Namjoon and yourself. You were flipping the pancakes with a spatula, but it got caught on the side of the pan. Stupidly half-asleep, you use your fingers to flip it over, as a consequence, burning your index finger tip. You let out a hiss from your lips.

You feel arms snake around your waist, while you continue on with your cooking.

“Morning gorgeous.” Namjoon greeted in his raspy, morning voice.

“Morning handsome.” You reply, keeping focused on the job at hand.

“Your finger’s red.” He pointed out, lifting your idle hand, resting on the counter.

“Yeah… I burned it.”

Unaware of your injured hand, you felt a wet sensation sucking at your fingertip.

You quickly retract your finger back from the sensation and turn to face Namjoon. He had a sly smirk on his face.


“What the hell was that for?” Your back was facing towards the stove dangerously.

Namjoon reached his hand around the small of your back and turned off the stove knob, his eyes still holding your gaze. 

“How the hell does someone look so beautiful in the morning?” He licks his top lip lightly, his hand resting agains your back. You didn’t believe him. You were in a baggy shirt with only your underwear and a messy bun. If that was beautiful, he might need to get his eyes checked. You put your hands on his chest ready to push him away, but he was one step ahead. Namjoon suddenly crashed his lips to yours, hungrily attacking your lips.

You let out a surprised gasp, as he picks you up by the thighs and sits you onto the opposite kitchen counter. Your hands could only find their way to his hair, tugging on in slightly, earning a groan from him.

“Fuck.” He hissed through his teeth. He introduced a sneaky tongue, causing you to moan in response.

His hand dipped down and under your shirt to your bare thighs. You nibble on his lower lip as he does so, feeling him smile slightly.

“You really have a knack for surprising me in the morning.” You mumble against his lips.

“Yeah, well I can’t help it if–” Your doorbell rings, making the both of you jump back in surprise. Namjoon fixes his hair. “Who’s that?”

You hop off the counter, pressing together your swollen lips.

“I, uh… might have invited Taehyung and Jimin over for breakfast.”

Originally posted by simondismydaddy


You joined the boys for a celebratory dinner for their attendance to the Billboard Music Awards. Hoseok was looking especially handsome, in a baby blue button up, his sleeves rolled to his elbows, and black dress pants with some fancy Gucci shoes that Taehyung bought him.

You were wearing a cute black skater dress with red heels to compliment it, sitting next to Hoseok comfortably. The table was round and you were between Hobi and Jungkook. You sat slightly more closer to Hoseok as he was your boyfriend obviously.

During the dinner, Hobi kept shifting uncomfortably in his seat, his eyes always averting from you when you looked his way.

“Hobi are you okay?” You placed a hand on his. He nods and gives you a reassuring smile.

You continue to enjoy your meal, as did the other, making small conversation among yourselves.

Suddenly a hand is felt on your bare thigh. You sit up straight in your seat in response with it. Your eyes quickly glance down to see Hoseok’s hand as the culprit. You look at him with a weird expression. He doesn’t meet your eyes although – he ate his food with his chopsticks in his other hand.

You shrugged it off, still devouring your steak, until his hand slid slightly higher up your thigh. You almost jump from your seat and your head snaps towards Hobi. You lightly raise your leg to hint him, but his hand stays put. You elbow him in his arm and he looks at you with an innocent face.

“Yah, Hobi.” You hiss, while everyone was distracted talking to each other.

“Did I tell you, you look so sexy tonight, sweetness?” He response with a sly smile.

Jungkook gags beside you.

“Save it for the bedroom you two.” Jimin comments smugly. You glare at Jimin and unintentionally stab your food with your fork.

Hobi chuckles darkly beside you while you click your teeth in frustration. Your thighs rubbed together in an anxious manner. His hand slipped between your thighs and travelled up just the slightest bit higher, almost to your panties. You suppress a squeak.

“Y/N.” You shudder at the table as Jin calls your name.

“Y-Yeah? Sorry.”

“I was saying, how are you going to get home tonight. I can take you and Hoseok with me to drop you home if you’d like.”

“U-Uh, that’s o-okay I w–.” A faint but noticeable stroke was felt against your covered entrance. “–AS GOING TO TAKE… a cab home…” You put a hand over Hoseok’s forearm, squeezing it slightly.

A snicker is heard from Hobi’s end at your reply to Jin.

“Uh… okay?” Jin raises his brow at you as Namjoon and Yoongi only laugh.

You flush pink in embarrassment. What was Hoseok doing?! He began to draw circles on the slightly dampened fabric. Did he honestly think this was gonna end well?

“So how’s your sister been Y/N?” Taehyung questions. God, you did not need this right now.

“Shhh…hhhe’sss great! ThAnKs FoR ASkinG!” You bite your lip. Jungkook gives you a weird look. You feel air brush against bare skin and you stand up suddenly, scaring everyone.

“I… need to go to the bathroom!” Everyone exchanges odd looks except for Hoseok who can only smile innocently as you walk away.

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Yoongi was composing a song for you, but he wouldn’t give you a preview until it was done and you were dripping with curiosity to hear just a snippet, so while he was watching television in the lounge room, you snuck into his studio and closed the door quietly. You hurriedly clicked through his files, trying to figure out what he would call the song. Soft footsteps could be heard from outside of the hallway and you frantically begged the file to jump out at you. It was kinda a hard task considering that his desktop was messy and piled with so many files.

Silence in the hallway. Your shoulders somewhat relaxed as you clicked furiously. The door swung open, revealing a slightly unimpressed boyfriend.

“What are you doing?” He states coldly. You spun to face him in his computer chair and tapped your nails nervously on the arm rests.

“Well… I was… just looking for… uh…”

“You were looking for the song, weren’t you?” Weirdly, his lips curve upwards in a smirk. You furrow your brows in confusion.


He closes the door behind him, a click of the lock filling the silence of the room. Yoongi shoos you out of his chair as you stand up quickly from it and he sits down in it, looking through his computer. He clicks a file called ‘Instrum_Y/N.mp3.’ Duh. A soft, sensual tune begins to play from the speakers. Was this the song? It sounded… like something from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Yoongi turns to you, standing there like a statue. “Come closer.” He demands. You feel a lump in your throat form. You do as your told, taking a few steps closer to him. “Bend down level to me.`` 

You comply again, lowering your self to his level, bending at the hip.

``You’re so sneaky~” He says with a low, mocking tone. You couldn’t help but feel a tingling sensation in your stomach. This song was adding to the situation at hand.

He cups your face and slowly pulls you in, his soft, small petal-like lips melding with yours. He suckles at your bottom lip, making you shudder. Yoongi reaches for your waist, still holding the kiss, and brings you towards him and pats his knees for you to notice. You lift your legs up and rest both knees on either side of his waist, your bottom lingering over his area. You kept your hands on the back of his neck and one of his cheeks as he trailed his tongue sloppily across your bottom lip and down along your jawline.

“Yoongi…” You say breathlessly. You weren’t even at that stage and this man had you panting as if your life depended on it.


“Can we… move somewhere more spacious…?” You suggest. He detaches his tongue from your neck and pulls back.

“Of course.”

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You watch backstage as Jin rehearses hard for their performance tonight.The boys were glistening with sweat as they came off for a break.

“You guys did so well!” You applaud them. They all exchange smiles with you as Jin stops in front of you. His bangs clung to his sweaty forehead in a very attractive manner. You had just arrived backstage so he wasn’t expecting you. He looked at you from head to toe.

“What are you wearing?” He asks in a suspicious tone.

You were wearing a black slim fitting skirt which was down to above your knees and a wine red long sleeve top, stopping just above your belly button.

“Uh, clothes?” You reply sarcastically.

He grunts in response. “Princess, there are obviously lots of guys here and they’re going to look at you.”

“Is my baby being overprotective?” You pinch his dampened cheeks. He sighs and grabs your hand, pulling you in to kiss your cheek. Jin pulls away, only to hold you in his gaze. Something seemed off about the look he gave you, it wasn’t loving, nor was it upset. His eyes were slightly dilated and narrowed.

“Jin are you–”

“`Come with me.” He grabs you by the wrist somewhat harshly, surprising you. He wasn never this intense with you before, rather sweet and caring. He opens the control room. The people in charge were also on break, as the room was dead empty. He pulls you inside and shuts the door behind him.

“Uhm. What’s going on…?” A slightl nervousness could be heard in your voice. Were you in trouble?

“Y/N. You don’t just come to rehearsals dressed like this and expect a man not to fawn over you.” He strides closer to you, causing you to step back. Your back reaches the controls panel, restricting you from escaping any further.

“Seokjin… I don’t think we should be doing this in here… or at all really…”

Jin places his arms on either side of your small frame and leans in, his hot, minty breath intoxicating your senses. Your eyes land on his plush lips and your mouth part open in a subtle way. His pressed his lips to yours gently. Your spine shivers at the softness of his lips as you awkwardly rest your hands on his broad chest. His legs close around yours, completely encasing you with his body. He modestly runs his tongue on your lower lip, begging to go further. You let him proceed as he deepens the kiss. He slowly allowed to to rest on the sound board, so you were somewhat laying down. His left hand slides between your thighs and your body shoot up the sound board in shock, feeling your shoulder hit a switch. Unaware of this, you pull his shirt down to you, so his chest was against yours and your arms snaked around his neck. His hand lightly caressed your thigh as you let you a small moan.

Meanwhile… backstage.

“Where could Jin-hyung and Y/N have gone off to?” Hoseok asked, taking a swig of his water.

“Maybe they went to grab something to each quickly. You know how those two are.” Jimin chuckles.

Suddenly the overhead speaker let out a crackle, indicating that they were turned on. A few staff members turns their heads to the speakers in confusion, as did Namjoon and Yoongi.

ALthough quiet, a feminine moan resonated from the speakers. Jungkook spar his drink out in surprise and Taehyung and Jimin looked at each other with wide eyes. The three eldest stood up as fast as lightning.

“Well… now we know they aren’t getting food.`` 

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Sorry I’ve.been absent for a while, school exams and assignments got me like >.>

I feel so sinful omg Lord please wash my sins away


I don’t talk to fish - Aquaman x reader

Can you one with Aquaman? Where he and the reader know each other but they hate each other an then they fall in love eventually? Requested by https://itsrebeca.tumblr.com @itsrebeca

I accidentaly delated the original message so…yeah. Here we go. It’s really long because I didn’t wanna make more than one part huh. And it kinda sucks…Oh well, I tried. It’s so late…

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


The first time you met Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, you were having a nice lunch date at your favorite cafe in Metropolis with your brother, Clark. 

You weren’t happy that one of his super-friend ruined your chance to spent time just the two of you. Since he moved to Metropolis and became Superman, you nearly never saw your brother, and you missed him. You guys have always been very close, and despite his overprotecting you, he just didn’t had time to hang out with you that much anymore…Especially since you stayed in Smallville to take care of the family farm with your ma’. 

You often joked about the fact that you’d have to be in grave danger to see him. Worst thing was, it was true…So when he called you and asked if you wanted to come for the week-end to Metropolis, you said yes without hesitation…The first day, he saved the world from aliens with the Justice League, and only came back late at night. You had to almost dragged him out of bed for him to follow you to the café to have lunch…and now, that Aqua-dude was ruining it. 

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Luci’s Tattoo

gif is not mine

Title: Luci’s Tattoo

Reader: Lucifer x Reader (Soulmate AU)

Word Count: 921

Warnings: Fluffish and slight angst

A/N: I hope you all enjoy some Lucifer <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I hope you all enjoy this, I love you all so much!! <3 <3

This was requested by an anon: Hey can you do a Lucifer soulmate au where they have matching tattoos of his wings and make it angsty then complete fluff

Ever since you could remember, you had this tattoo of wings on your back.  Your parents used to tell you that one day you would see a tattoo that would match the one on your back.  That person was your soulmate.  

You were getting ready for a party and you heard a knock on your bedroom door.  You were having trouble getting the zipper the rest of the way up.  “Come in,” you called over your shoulder.  Perhaps the person on the other side of the door would help you with your dress.

Lucifer poked his head into the room, almost surprised to see that you were still getting dressed.  “Are you trying to seduce me [Y/N],” Lucifer asked as he entered your room.  

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Needed You - Bucky Barnes

Requested by anonymous.

“Mind if I join you?” You opened your eyes and saw Bucky ducking his head down to look at you from the hallway. You nodded and he ducked in, sitting down on the train seat across from you.

“Hi,” you said, yawning a little as you stretched.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” he said bashfully, looking down at his feet.

“Don’t worry about it. How close are we?” 

“About an hour or two away. You still planning on skipping this one out?”

“As I do with every mission,” you said, resting your head against the back of the seat. “I’m here only for tactics and training.”

“And if we absolutely need you.”

“Hopefully that never happens,” you said, closing your eyes again. 

“Well, I won’t bother you anymore. Sweet dreams,” he said, touching your knee softly before walking out into the hallway.

He made his way down back to where Steve was sitting, and sat down next to him. Natasha raised an eyebrow at him from across the way. He looked at her in confusion and she laughed. 

“So, how was Y/N?”

“How did you know that- You know what, it doesn’t matter. But yeah, she’s fine.”

“Did you tell her you love her yet?” she asked. Bucky shot a look towards Steve, who put his hands up in defense. 

“You told her?”

“No, you just did,” she said, leaning back in her seat with a pleased grin. Bucky groaned and shook his head. “So did you tell her?”

“No, and you won’t either.”

“Hey, my lips are sealed,” she said, winking at him. “But, she’ll never know you like her unless you tell her.”

“I know,” he said, sighing as he relaxed against his seat.

“Y/N, Y/N wake up!” You were forced awake by someone shaking your arm vigorously. The entire team was staying in a nearly abandoned motel a few miles away from the Hydra headquarters. You weren’t expecting to be woken up this early, especially considering you were staying here for the remainder of the mission.

“What? What? I’m up,” you said, sitting upright in bed. Tony was standing in front of you, looking at you with panicked eyes.

“They’re here,” he said, pulling back your blankets.

“Who?” you asked, standing up and rubbing your eyes sleepily.

“Hydra. Come on,” he said, opening the door. Suddenly, you weren’t so tired anymore. You stood up and followed him, not even caring that you were wearing a Stark Industries t-shirt, and a pair of pajama shorts with purple stripes up and down it. 

You crept down the hall, hearing fighting coming from all over. Tony stopped abruptly and you ran into him.

“What?” you whispered.

“Can you hear anything?” You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You sensed what was beyond that door and saw in shadowy figures that four Hydra operatives were fighting on of your own.

“Bucky,” you gasped, rushing past Tony. You pushed open the door with a force of power, shattering the entire thing.

“Y/N, wait up,” Tony called from behind. You didn’t listen, and burst into the room, ready to fight. Sometimes people like you were called a witch, which in some cases bothered you, but in this case, you enjoyed scaring these people.

They all jumped back when they saw you, and you didn’t hesitate for a moment. You pushed one of them back into a wall, making the wall crumble just a little bit. One of the men was trying to restrain Bucky, so you forced the handcuffs apart, allowing Bucky to fight, too. 

He punched the man in the face, while you turned your attention to the other two. They came at you from different sides. You forced the painting off the wall, and ripped it in half, before sending it flying towards each of the men. It hit them and knocked them into the wall. 

Bucky had finished off his man, too. You raced towards him, and knelt down next to him. He was bleeding from his knuckles, as you took his hand in yours. He looked up at you in shock and worry.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I heard you were in trouble.”


“No, actually I heard Hydra was here,” you said with a laugh. “But I stopped when I saw you were in danger.” You put your hand on his cheek, and tucked back some of his hair. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m okay,” he said, looking up at you with big eyes. 

“What?” you asked.

“Nothing, I’ve just never seen you fight like that.” You laughed and sat down next to him.

“You’ve never actually seen me fight.”

“Well, it was amazing.”

“Well, I owe it all to you.”

“How’s that?” he asked, wincing a little as he turned to look back at you.

“Because you gave me something to fight for.” He smiled and you leaned forward to kiss him softly. “Are you sure you’re okay?” you asked.

“I’ve never been better,” he said, grinning up at you. 

“Alright, we should get going,” Tony said from a few feet away. You looked back at him and smiled softly. “You can make out on your own time. We need to see if anyone else needs help.”

You nodded and stood up, looking down at Bucky. You held out your hand and he took it with a smile. 

“You okay?” you asked.

“Definitely,” he said. You looked down at your still intertwined hands and laughed. 

“Let’s go, lovebirds.”

kira-sputnik  asked:

hey friendo! i heard you were taking promts, so if it aint any trouble could you do 'insecure trans nb boy lance being comforted by keith and others'? i hope you have a nice day!

Love to~  It got kinda long and out of hand, but I would love to see more prompts like this to explore.  If anyone wants to discuss this or why I went the way I did, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Lance stretches as he heads back to his room after a day full of training and drills.  He’s sore and tired and crabby, but he’s glad for the armor they’d all been wearing since their arrival out here in space.  Of course he knows himself and he knows his friends - he loves them all to pieces, but there’s only so much he can stand of being called a boy in one day.  It’s not wrong, per se, but he doesn’t see why he has to go by any pronoun like he or she most days…

He and Keith had had a heart to heart about this a week after Pidge came out.  The team had all rallied around her identification, leaving Lance to struggle with his own discomfort with being mislabeled.  Everyone had adapted so well to Pidge’s wanting to be called by a “normal” pronoun..  What are they going to say when Lance tells them that he’s more comfortable with “they” than “he?”  Running a hand through his hair at the memory, he can’t help but smile at how Keith had reacted to the mess he’d seen.

His face had been red and swollen, his hair a mess between his fingers as he sat with his knees drawn to his chest and his back to his bed.  Lance had ignored the stupid Mullet’s approaching him, had hoped Keith would leave on his own and not say a word.

Lance hadn’t expected for Keith to sit with him.  He hadn’t thought it possible for Keith to sit through Lance’s crying and hypervenitilation without demanding that Lance just shut up and get over it.  Lance had been so sure that it was impossible that when he calmed down, Keith offered to go get him water.  He’d been so sure that Keith panicked from Lance’s lack of response and helped get Lance back in bed to further calm down.

Keith had listened to Lance - only after Lance had drank a whole container of water, much to Lance’s annoyance - and asked questions in a way that hadn’t been as abrasive as Lance had expected.  He’d asked why Lance was telling him, why he hadn’t already told the team, why didn’t he tell the others when Pidge did, and a bunch of other stuff in Keith’s usual way, but Lance hadn’t expected for Keith to be so…understanding.

After that, Lance had felt his heart swell each time Keith referred to Lance as “they”.  Sure, Keith fibbed a little when pressured about the odd phrasing - “I meant Blue and Lance, Shiro.  They’re a pair just like any of us.” - but Lance had thanked him profusely at the unexpected help.

Now he just isn’t sure to bring it up to the others…

Hunk knew that Lance wasn’t…  Well, wasn’t a lot of things.  Lance wasn’t confident or snarky or spitfire or any of the things he pretends to be.  But what he does know is that Lance isn’t a guy.  And Hunk feels awful for knowing that.  Yeah, his friend isn’t straight - you learn a lot about someone when you spend two years bunking with them - but Hunk isn’t going to bring something up when he knows Lance isn’t ready to confront it yet and he knows better than to voice this thought.  It’s disrespectful to Lance if Hunk were to ever even think of saying, “I knew before you did.”

With that said, he’s surprised that Lance’s false bravado lasts as long as it does.  It’s nearly a month after Pidge comes out to the team that Lance asks for them all to come to Blue’s hangar before their mid-”afternoon” training.  With everyone geared up for the session later, Hunk looks over his friends.  Shiro seems just as confused as himself, Pidge, Allura, and Coran, but Keith is standing next to Lance in way too close a proximity for all the fighting those two do.

“So, why are we here again?” Pidge asks when Lance looks up at Blue for the fourth time without saying anything.

Hunk sees Keith nudge his elbow into Lance’s arm.  Just what’s going on…?

“Right, so,” Lance starts before hanging on the “o” to drag out the moment.  Hunk can practically feel the nervous energy radiating from his friend as Lance looks between their friends.  “I wanted to talk to you guys.. I just..  We’ve all been out here for so long, and I want you to know that..  Well, I trust you.  I really do.  Out there, as Voltron, we’re all in each other’s heads.  We know what each other think and feel, but I know we still say things sometimes and I want to make sure that..  Well, I want to make sure you guys know what to call me.”

Oh he so called it.  Hunk knows what Lance is going to say.

Lance looks at Keith who nods in return, neither smiling nor frowning in a very Keith-like reassurance.  A glance to the others tells Hunk that everyone else is clueless.

“I..  I’m not comfortable with being called “he” all the time,” Lance explains.  “That’s not cause I’m not a guy, but..  I..”  Keith puts a hand on Lance’s shoulder.  It looks like that’s enough to give Lance a second wind.  “I don’t feel comfortable being called a guy.  I’m not a girl, either, so..  I guess that leaves me as non-binary?”

Okay, so maybe Hunk wasn’t expecting that.

“Nonbinary?” Coran asks.  “Suppose that is rather archaic..  Your people have had all this time and yet still only use a few pronouns, right?”

“Humans have only been around for around eight or nine thousand years,” Pidge attempts to explain.  “Plus, there are some cultures that see gender as something a lot more diverse than just us.  I mean, I’m a girl who was born a guy..  There’s some people on Earth with a lot of hang-ups about that, but things are getting better.”

“Exactly,” Shiro states.  He looks to Lance and Hunk watches Lance relax from the affirming conversation.  “You’d prefer “they” then?  Or is there something else?”

That smile on Lance’s face makes Hunk’s heart grow.  Yeah.  His friend isn’t a lot of things, but Hunk loves them.

Moth Drawn to the Flame (Part 1)

Title: Moth Drawn to the Flame

 Prompt: @asnowwhitedreams :  ***Keeping that a secret because of spoilers ;p  I want to give credit to this amazing person, especially since the plot and all the twists and turns was their idea! ^^

 Summary: When you are called in to help the Winchesters on a case, you suddenly find yourself thrown into a middle of a hunt.  But what you learn is shocking, and only you can find a way to stop the disappearances.  

 Warnings: Language. Violence. Abduction.

 Masterlist of Fan Fiction 

Originally posted by spn-mostly

 “I don’t know what it is, Dean.”  Sam said with a sigh.  He had been researching for what seemed like days on the creature that was causing the disturbances in Charleston, West Virginia.  People had been going missing, not sight of them after that.  Honestly, he was a bit stumped.  There wasn’t any signs or clues as to what was going on, and it was driving Sam insane!

“I don’t know man.”  Dean grumbled.  It was driving him mad too.  He hated research, and this monster, creature, whatever, was making him do more of it than he had in a week.  He sighed as he glared at the computer screen.  A face seemed to flash in front of his face.  That perfect smile, hair, that laugh.  “Hey, why don’t we call Y/n?  This is right up her ally, right?”  

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Lego Trash Rambles

listen, I really like the idea that lego joker and harley are platonic gay bffs. but I also headcanon that when they first met in this universe, joker had a mega huge super crush on her. he was all smitten and blown away by this cute smart af arkham psychiatrist, staying put longer than ever just so he could figure out how to get himself a session with her.

finally, he does.

they actually have a great meeting, full of their usual chemistry, and literally he just opens up to her without another thought. no tricks, no malice, no head games, just honesty. and she’s all like ‘whoa everyone always told me joker was like the bad guy, and maybe this is all a clever ruse, but…. something tells me…. it’s not??’ so they develop this deep patient-doctor relationship and keep bonding, but eventually he does break out again. 
of course, he gets into deep trouble, not even batman-related, and she hears word of it. not that she’s been keeping special tabs on him or anything, how unprofessional would that be? ahahaa ironically, she has been getting more and more interested in this idea of moonlighting as a super criminal to better understand her patients, so why not tonight? hasty decision made, she rushes to the joker’s aid as harley quinn for the first time, kicks some butt, and then helps an injured mr j back to his hideout where he’s just shook like ‘fuckin calm down heart, you can’t afford an attack right now’. once he’s healing, they hang out all night and talk some more, maybe play some video games, and suspend all their usual titles for the first time in a long time, really just connecting. j asks finally why she even came out tonight, all dolled up in crime, and she tells him her reasons, sort of embarrassed with how it all sounds out loud.

“it’s pretty stupid of me, huh? I mean, I could’ve easily died…”

“no no harl! not stupid…. risky, sure… but you said you did it…. //// for me?”

“uh well not… I mean… yes, I heard you were in trouble… and so that was to save you… or help you… or… uh….”

“no one’s…. ever come to my rescue before…”

she meets his honest confession with a pure sunshine smile and that’s when he knows, hoo boy, mr j you did actually die tonight. alert gotham, alert batman, the clown is finally slain.

he doesn’t return to arkham that time, but she continues to moonlight as harley quinn, usually with him, or to assist him, because he does know what he’s doing and can offer her the most guidance and protection as a novice. plus, friendship. after a while, it’s clear to her that her talents lie more in this world than a clinical one, and she finally converts full time to joker’s no. 2.  
not too long after making the switch, mr j, ecstatic and overwhelmed with her moving in, ramps up his flirtations full force. harley is at first amused, not sure whether he’s serious or it’s just him being him. eventually though, he legit makes a move, and she finds herself reciprocating. they become friends with benefits for a long time, and don’t necessarily deny the boyfriend/girlfriend title, but aren’t really set in it either.  
however, once harley’s interactions with ivy become much more intimate than just the occasional run in or gal pal hangout, it’s clear to her that she’s really better as bffs with joker than as lovers, and it tears her up for a long while trying to figure out how to tell him. she also knew he’s had it really bad for bats this whole time, and has never blamed him, but feels maybe that is worth pursuing more? eventually she sits him down and has a talk, the most terrified she’s ever been in her life. joker can see how freaked out she is about hurting him and that actually makes everything a lot easier to take, because they’re still so important to each other regardless of romance. he’s like “harl, no, don’t cry it’s ok monkey-face, we can just be platonic if you want? like I won’t lie, I’ll miss kissing that mug, but I don’t want you to feel bad about things for me. im still your boo-boo.”
and she just crumbles in his hug.
literally me too, we don’t deserve gay lego joker you guys

happily, the switch back was really easy for them to make, and sure, they lapse and will still share the occasional kiss or ass slap, because, come on. look at them. but really, it was such a good decision for them both that nothing was really ever awkward. to this day, they’re still the gayest of friends, and the best dynamic duo in crime.

and that’s the story of how my weak heart just wants joker to be really good and respectful to harley, his one and only psycho circus princess.

His Hair: Part 1

This is my very first Lin x reader fic and I am more than a little nervous. So take it easy on me guys, I’m new to this, haha. Sorry for the length, more parts are coming soon. :3

Thank you to @strongenoughfoundation for answering my ask a few days ago and giving me the courage to post this. I hope you like it too, haha.

The first time you noticed was when you met him.

Hamilton was just beginning and you had been practicing your dances for weeks to audition. By some stroke of rare luck, you made it; you were a part of the cast of Hamilton. Albeit a small part, but a part, nonetheless. All of your friends had cheered like crazy and insisted on celebrating the instant they heard the news. But now that the giddiness had faded away, you were left with a stomach full of butterflies and a nervous shake in your step.

Today, you were on your way to a certain dressing room and you couldn’t have felt more underdressed: sweatpants and an old T-shirt were your usual attire during dance practices and that’s what you were wearing right now. Not only that, but you were sure your hair was a mess, because all you’d done was rake it back into a messy ponytail before coming here. Daveed, fellow actor (and quick to becoming your best friend), had found a friend’s phone left behind and asked if you could take it to him. But that friend happened to be Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Yeah, sure, no problem. You could totally take the phone of the guy you secretly thought was amazing and give it to him without stuttering like a fool. No problem at all.

You’d reached the door and you took a breath before knocking. A cheerful, “come in!” sounded and you hesitantly inched the door open.

He was across the room, sitting on a chair with one leg pulled up and his elbow resting on his knee. You took in his jeans and grey tee, along with—oh dang, his hair was longer than you’d thought. Almost-black and with a charming wave to it that made you admire how it curled beneath his ear. Then his dark eyes flicked from the laptop to you, his mouth curving up near the edge, and yep, okay, he was really cute.

“Sorry, I don’t think we’ve officially met yet,” he said, standing up and tugging down the hem of his shirt. “You’re…?”

Oh, yeah, your name. You should probably stop gaping like a fish and tell him that. “(Y/N),” you stammered. “It’s (Y/N). Um, I know who you are, so…” Ohmygodshutup.

But he only smiled wider at your nervous antics and stepped across the room to you. “(Y/N),” he repeated. “I like it.”

You grinned stupidly. “Thanks, uh…is it okay if I call you…?”

“You can call me Lin. Everyone does.”
“Okay. Um. Daveed sent me because you forgot your phone.” You held up the phone you’d been fiddling between your fingers.

Lin’s shoulders sagged a little when he saw it and he dragged a hand over his face with a relieved laugh. “God. I’ve been looking for that for an hour.” He rubbed his fingers across his temple and then back through his hair, before holding his hand out gratefully. “Thanks.”

For some reason, your throat suddenly felt dry. “N—no problem.”

When you handed it over, your fingers brushed against his. There was an instant reaction in your skin, a little thrum that traveled into your hand. At the same time, you thought you heard the slightest catch in Lin’s breath.

Yeah. You were definitely in trouble now.

The strongest Talon: part 5

A/n: hey guys! Btw, when I say that I’m not assuming anyone’s gender. Thanks for reading and I’ll try to have a daughters burden part two out soon. Also, I’m in a really good mood since I made the school quiz team so now would be a great time for requests.

You walked down the corridor into the the grand ballroom, where the meeting was taking place. The grandmaster sat there waiting for you. You were forced to bow to him, not allowed to look at his face.

“You wished to see me master?” You said in a voice you hardly recognized. This wasn’t you, this was their puppet that they had forced you to become.

“Yes, Talon. We have a prisoner who we must dispose of and we believed that you are well suited for the task.” He said in an imperious voice. He stepped forward and raised his hands in the air. Your flinch went unnoticed.

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EXO’s Reaction to someone walking in on you and them ;)

GIFS: Credits go to the GIF creators and owners. I do not own the GIFS (unless stated), just the ideas.



*Finds the closest thing to him (a half full water bottle) and flings it as hard as he can towards the entrance of his room*

“3 seconds. You have 3 seconds to leave before something else is thrown next. That water bottle may have skimmed your head, Baekhyun, but I promise you this lamp sure as hell won’t.”

Originally posted by wugalaxy


*Not even facing the person, asks himself why he left the door unlocked*

“I thought I locked it…I’m sure I did…Did I?*

*Meanwhile, Jongdae slowly backed up, making sure to lock the door before going to stare at the wall*

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*Smirks because he knows he made you scream loud enough to have someone hear but then considers how you might feel now that someone burst in. Covers your body in a blanket while he stares at the person*

“Yeah, you guys see me as a soft cutie…but..”

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*Internally, he’s embarrassed but externally, his defense mechanism came forth*

“There are two doors that you can take. One is to leave my room, and the other is out of this dorm. I suggest the second one. Go that way.”


*Stops and starts to give a small lecture to the intruder*

“The polite thing to do when you need to tell someone something is to knock on the door. Barging in can lead you to be in a situation like this. It’s awkward for both parties, now go and study what you just learned.”

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*Pauses what he’s doing and questions why the person decided to barge in*

“You heard someone screaming in here and thought they were in trouble? Someone is screaming, but not from pain, ;). Leave.”


*Decisions = Regretted*

*Internally* Why why why why why why why why why why why….
*Externally* Get out. Get out now.”

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*Will lose it for a second before making Chanyeol leave. Lets out the biggest yell when said person left the door wide open. He just stares at the door until Chanyeol came back to close it.*


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*Blinks at he person standing at his door in silence*

“I’m sort of, kind of, extremely busy right now. You’ve seen enough, go.”

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So! I changed my updating schedule, I’ll try to post every Wednesday and Saturday from now on. I know just Saturday is a long wait. Leave a request for something, I dunno.


Toxic - Newt Scamander

A/N: I made a part 2! 😂 also I wrote this on my phone so I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes! Love you xx
Requested: YES, by @kittykat101ary Genre: PURE aNgSt
Warnings: none unless you count extreme angst and hurt feelings

You had known Newt for as long as you can remember; your parents were friends, as well as both of your older brothers. So it was only natural that the two of you became best friends at a young age. However, it wasn’t until your third year in Hogwarts that you realized that you were, in fact, in love with him. You knew better than to hope for the cheesy ‘best friends who end up together’ scenario, though. Both fortunately and unfortunately, you could read Newt like a book, which meant that you could tell when he had romantic feelings for someone. You had been lucky enough to not see any signs of it your third and fourth year, but as soon as he met Leta Lestrange, it was over. Deciding that Newt’s happiness was worth your own emotional distress, you pretended that you were entirely okay with his feelings towards her, encouraging him to talk to her. Pretty soon, he didn’t need your encouragement and they were talking on their own.

The feelings of being unwanted started out small at first, you being able to scold yourself and push it away. Newt was still including you in the things he was doing, he just wasn’t giving you the amount of attention you were used to. Then it progressed to him making plans with Leta without you. You ignored the hurt, smiling and telling him not to worry about it when he realized what he was doing. “No, it’s fine! I was busy anyways!” You would say, and he would give you one of his heart-melting smiles which made everything okay again. You ignored the pang in your heart when he smiled that same smile at Leta, and you knew it was wrong to dislike her when she hadn’t done anything to deserve it, but you couldn’t help it. You wanted to be in her shoes, you wanted to be on the receiving end of his affection.

Your 6th year is when you finally broke. You had spent your 5th year and the majority of your 6th drifting farther away from Newt, as Leta grew closer and closer. You had gone from seeing him numerous times everday to once a day, and from there only a couple times a week until you saw him a mere once a week. To say that it wasn’t taking an emotional toll on you would be lying, and you secretly hoped that maybe he would notice. But he never did. You knew it wasn’t his fault, he would never intentionally make you feel that way and if you told him how you felt, he would fix it immediately. But you saw how happy Leta made him and you didn’t want to take that away from him. So, you kept your feelings locked and hidden away. And then his expulsion came.

You weren’t upset with him because he got expelled, you were upset with him because you had to find out from your potions partner, who was known as the school’s gossip. “Psst, (Y/N)!” She whispered, making sure the teacher didn’t hear her. “Did you hear about Salamander?” She continued when you didn’t respond. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked over at her. “You mean Scamander? As in Newt Scamander?” Your tone was a bit irritated due to the nickname some bullies had given him. “Yeah, sure. Anyways, I heard he’s getting expelled today! Apparently he and that Lestrange girl got into some trouble or something and he took the blame for all of it!” The small vial in your hand fell and shattered against the ground before you knew it. The teacher rushed over, presumably to ask what had happened, but before they even got there you were running out the door and down the hall.

You knew it was true when you reached the entrance to the headmaster’s office and there he stood with his trunk. “Newt.” His name left your lips in a whisper, so quiet you weren’t sure he would hear you. Surprisingly, he did and his head turned you you, his eyes gleaming as they saw you. “(Y/N)! What are you doing here?” He sounded surprised to see you and for some odd reason, that broke your heart. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Your voice was weak and thick with the tears you were holding back. He swallowed and looked down at the ground for a moment, as if contemplating what to say. “Honestly?” His eyes flashed up to yours. “I… I didn’t think you would care.” The words that fell from his mouth hurt. If your heart wasn’t already broken before, it had been completely shattered. You rushed towards him, hugging him tightly as you cried into his shoulder. He hesitated, before wrapping his arms firmlu around you. “Why w-would you ever think I could stop caring about you, you big dummy?” Your words came out harsher than intended, but if they hurt him, he didn’t show it. “You just weren’t around much anymore. You were always with other people and you seemed… happy, I guess. Much happier than you appeared to be around me. I thought maybe you realized how weird I was and were just too nice to tell me.” You took in a sharp breath, not expecting those words. You wanted to yell and hit him and hug him and whisper that you loved him more than anything all at once. Instead, you pulled away and looked him in the eyes, not bothering to wipe the tears that were falling from your own.

“Where’s Leta?” The question caught him by surprise and he winced visibly. “(Y/N)-” He started. “Where is she?” You asked again, for forceful than the first time. He lowered his eyes, which were now sparkling with tears. “She… She hasn’t come to say goodbye yet.” You felt your blood boil. “So she’s the reason you’re getting expelled and she can’t even say goodbye.” It wasn’t a question, he knew that. And as much as he didn’t want to admit it, you were right. That was exactly what had happened. “(Y/N), please-” You cut him off once more, your voice now soft and hurt. “Why?” He looked at you, confused by what you meant. “'Why’ what, (Y/N)?)” He asked. You took a deep breath, folding your arms self-consciously across your chest and looking down. “Why did you choose her?” You mumbled, immediately embarrassed. “I’m sure I don’t know what you-” You looked up at him, the look in your eyes stopping his words in his throat. It was a look of desperation, hurt, sorrow, and loneliness, and it killed him inside. “I would have never treated you this way, Newt. Look at me, for Merlin’s sake! You’ve been ignoring me and ditching me for the last year for Leta and I still came running when I heard you were in trouble! I didn’t even hear it from you yourself, you were planning on just leaving without saying goodbye, and yet I risked getting in trouble myself by running out of class just to come see you! She isn’t here! She caused this, and yet she doesn’t even have the decency to stand by you when you need it most! I know you love her, and I’ve kept myself out of it for a long time, thinking that you would be happier this way. That’s why I stopped initiating the conversations, Newt! I wanted you to be happy! I have done nothing but sacrifice things for you, and yet you love her! Someone who would take advantage of you and leave you to clean up the mess all on your own! Do you even how toxic your friendship is with her?!” You had begun to raise yoir voice throughout your rant. “She’s not that bad, (Y/N)! You don’t even know her! And if you wanted me to be happy, why did you stop talking to me?” Newt was frustrated, not understanding why you were so upset. “Because I’m in love you, dammit!” His eyes widened and his body went still.

You took a deep breath, running your fingers through your hair and whispering, “I’m in love with you, and I didn’t want to interfere or cause problems with any possible relationship between the two of you. I know you love her, Newt. And I’m sorry.” His mind was reeling since your confession, and he just barely managed to catch your last words. “Sorry? Why are you sorry?” You bit your lip and turned away, your back now facing him. “I’m sorry I can’t be her, I’m sorry I can’t be the person you love. But if it means acting like her and hurting you, I’d rather deal with unreturned feelings.” With that you walked away. And he didn’t stop you.

A/N: Part 2 here: http://huffleheck.tumblr.com/post/155315746931/part-2-newt-scamander-it-would-be-enough

a wound unmended - a matt x elektra season 2 fanmix 

(these songs are meant to roughly track with matt x elektra’s relationship over season 2, from college!mattelektra to reunitedtenyearslater/lovehate!mattelektra and then stabmeintheheart!mattelektra at final fight in 2x13. this art’s been kicking around the drafts for a while and while it’s not my favorite, i wanted to get it out of my queue so i could start playing around with some fresher ideas. enjoy!)

01 _ young god - hasley
but do you feel like a young god? / you know the two of us are just young gods / and we’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath / and they’re running, running, running

02 _ pull me down - mikky ekko
oh i heard you were trouble / and you heard i was trouble / but your name is a wave washing over me / no games just a slave to you totally

03 _ loyalties among thieves - new politics
the story started as a monologue / but it got better when you came along / just us… / bonnie and clyde have come alive again / but we all know just how the story ends / we know…

04 _ crazy in love remix - beyonce
baby your love’s got the best of me / baby you’re making a fool of me / you got me sprung and i don’t care who sees / cause baby you got me, you got me…

05 _ shadow preachers - zella day
you make me wanna love, hate, cry, take, every part of you / you make me wanna scream, burn, touch, learn, every part of you

06 _ love on the brain - rihanna
oh, and baby i’m fist fighting with fire / just to get close to you / can we burn something babe? / and i run for miles just to get a taste / must be love on the brain

07 _ us against the world - coldplay
the tightrope that i’m walking just sways and ties / the devil, as he’s talking, with those angel’s eyes / and i just want to be there when the lightning strikes / and the saints go marching in

08 _ like a river runs - sia
when i fall asleep i can see your face / what i lost in you i will not replace / and i could run away, i could let them down / and i know you’re gone but still / i will remember your light

You Idiots

* Hamilsquad X reader
* 172: I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it - more depending on how stupid the thing you said or did was
* Modern

A/N: I loved this prompt but couldn’t work it well into a pairing so this is just the reader and the squad all being buddies. And thanks to @do-i-look-ok for liking stuff and inspiring me to actually write and finish this.

When deciding on a place to live it seemed smart to split the rent on a large home with your friends. Your parents were appalled you wanted to live with four men and tried to talk you out of it. In the end they ask to meet the guys and relented. You just wish you thought about their wild tendencies.

More often then not one person said or suggested something that ended badly. And more often then not you joined in too. Thinking back, most of these things were stupid ideas or plans, usually suggested by Alexander or John. Like tonight.

“Why isn’t it a good idea?” John questioned.

“Because John, knowing us, a few drinks will spiral out of control. Someone will get hurt or something will get broken, and need I remind you we’re renting this place?” You argued back.

“Y/N, I know we’re renting. I haven’t ruined anything. Except that one time, are you ever gonna let that one time down?”

“John, you almost burned down the kitchen!”

“Yeah almost, but I didn’t.” He responded smirking.

“No drinks John.” You said sternly.

“That might be a bit difficult…” He said quietly.

“Please tell me you’re not already drunk.” You really hoped he was still sober.

“He’s sober as a stone.” Alexander spoke up from his spot on the couch, where he and Lafayette were racing in Mario Kart. “But he texted Herc and told him to pick up drinks on the way home.”

Just then Hercules walked in with the drinks. “Got what you asked for John.” He said holding it up. You just groaned. You could not believe these boys.

Like usual, against your better judgement, you joined the boys in drinking. And now you had a horrible hangover. The light coming in through the window was tourture. You looked to your bedside table to check the time. Instead you saw a glass of water, some medicine for you headache and a note. All it said was “sorry, it was a dumb idea. -John” You chuckled and down the medicine and water.

You needed to find a way to keep those boys under control. While scrolling through Pintrest you found your solution. You needed some paper, a marker, tape, and a jar.

Later that evening, when all the boys were in the living room you displayed your creation.

“What the hell is that?” John asked.

You pointed to the paper you taped to the side. “This clearly says idiot jar.” you said.

“I think what he means is what the enfer if an idiot jar?” Lafayette asked. He had a tendency to curse in French, as it was apparently more proper.

“ I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it - more depending on how stupid the thing you said or did was.” you told them.

“Seriously?” Alexander asked. “And who decides the level of stupidity?” He asked.

“I guess the whole gang can.” You shrugged. You hadn’t thought of specifics yet.

“Well I vote Y/N puts a dollar in as this whole idea is stupid.” John voiced.

“John, you should have to put in a dollar just for that statement.” Hercules said.

“Yeah it’s kind of contradicting.” Alexander agreed.

“Guys listen, let’s just try this ok?” You pleaded.

“Fine.” They all said in unison. So you put it on the coffee table. And you all lost a dollar to the jar that night.

You could happily say the idiot jar was helping. That doesn’t mean the boys were less wild but they thought through things more then that usually did. Even so, the jar was quickly filling. You had discussed what to do when the jar was full but you haven’t decided yet, but you needed to.

You walked into the living room to try and figure out how much money was in it. But the jar was gone. Either this was an honest mistake or one of the guys really didn’t like giving up their cash. You decided to ask Lafayette if he knew who took the jar. Only he wasn’t in his room. Ok…maybe Hercules knew. No sign of him either.

This was strange. It was Saturday so none of the boys were working and you guys usually hung out all together. Even Alexander wasn’t in his room writing like he usually was on Saturday mornings. That left John’s room.

Again the room was empty. Among the mess on the floor, however, was the jar. And it was empty. Did they seriously take all the cash from it? You heard the front door open. Oh they were so in trouble. You grabbed the jar and walked out to meet them.

They all froze when they saw you there. You were holding the jar up and giving them what Hercules had dubbed your ‘mom glare.’ “You found the jar then.” John said.

“Yeah I did. In your room. And it’s empty.” You said.

“Mon amie. Please calm down.” Lafayette said.

“Yeah we still have the money.” Alexander said.

“Then where is it? We still haven’t decided what we were using it for.” You argued.

“Right here.” Hercules said. He took a few bills out of his pockets. You looked and noticed they were bigger bills. “We took it to the bank to get it put into more normal amounts.”

“We were thinking when the jar filled up we could take the cash in, get normal bills, and then one person gets to decide what to do with it.” John said. “We’d take turns and since you started this jar thing you get to go first.”

You considered this and nodded. “Alright I think that’s fair.” You grabbed your purse and the cash and walked out. “See you guys soon.” And shut the door. The boys stared after you.

“Huh. I didn’t think she’d take the money and run.” John said.

“Here we were thinking she’d spend it on something we could do that wasn’t wild or stupid like we usually plan.” Alexander said dropping to the couch.

“We did fail to mention we took the money.” Lafayette voiced. “Peut-être (perhaps) this is, how you say, payback.”

“Told ya we should’ve said something.” Hercules said.

You hoped the boys weren’t too mad. You just wished they’d told you about taking the money, plus you wanted to surprise them.

You had gone to Walmart and picked up some movies all of you had talked about seeing. Including a new horror movie as the boys claimed they wanted to see how you reacted to it, even though you knew you’d hate it. Next you got some chips, a six pack (just enough for everyone to fairly have one, you decided) and some pizza.

You got back home and found no one in the living room. Wanting to surprise them as much as possible you stopped by their rooms and listened. You could hear some noise from each one confirming they were all home. Perfect.

You quietly went to the kitchen to make the pizza. Sure it was frozen pizza, but pizza is pizza. You put the pizza on the coffee table along with the drinks. You set up the movie and skipped through all the adds to the title screen. Then it was matter of getting the boys together. You had an idea. You went opened the door and slammed it as loud as you could.

That worked. The effect was actually a bit surprising. You heard noise from each room and all the doors opened. The boys came running in, already apologizing. They all froze for the second time that day. You laughed at their expressions.

“Sorry for acting mad you guys. In fact I was a little, but not that much. I wanted to surprise you guys. So I grabbed some movies, food, and drinks. This way we could stay in and watch some movies.” You said.

“We thought you took the cash and just decided to say ‘screw you’ and do something alone.” Alexander admitted.

“A foolish thought clearly.” Lafayette said.

“Thanks Y/N. You had every right to do whatever you wanted with the cash.” Hercules.

“What are we standing here for?” John said. “Let’s get this party started!” He ran over and jumped in the couch. “Y/N sits by me!” He said. You laughed but took the spot next to him anyway. Alexander sat on the other side, Hercules sat in the recline chair and Lafayette sat on the floor. You started the movie and grabbed a slice of pizza and Alexander opened your drink for you. “Hey thanks Y/N.” John said suddenly. “We should’ve told you, thanks for planning this for us.”

“Of course. But you know what?” You questioned.

“What?” Hercules asked.

“You should all put a dollar in the jar.” They all looked at you surprised. “You’re all idiots for thinking I could ever be mad at you.”

Insomnia Diaries Pt 8 - Castiel x Reader

Warnings: smut and language

Y/n was laying in bed reading a book, well trying to read a book. She was supposed to be sleeping, but thanks to her insomnia she was wide awake. She was having a hard time concentrating on her book, her mind kept wandering.

She kept thinking about her boyfriend Castiel, she missed him they hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks. She thought about him and his bright blue eyes and his lips. His hands on her body and inside her pussy making her moan, she heard a flutter of Angel wings.

She opened her eyes and Castiel was standing over her, looking down at her. “Cas, you’re here, I’m so happy to see you” she said. “I heard you calling out to me, I knew you were having trouble sleeping” he said.

“You’ve been having some dirty thoughts about me” Cas said, she looked up at him and bit her bottom lip. She tried to look innocent, even though she was very guilty of having dirty thoughts about the Angel.

“I’m an Angel of the Lord, Y/n you shouldn’t be having those kind of thoughts about me, I think you may need to be punished” Cas said. Her pussy got wetter and wetter just from hearing his words. She looked at him and nodded, “I think you’re right Cas, I’ve been a bad girl, I need to be punished” she said.

“Take your clothes off and lay back down” Cas said, she got up and took her shirt off and then her sleep shorts. Once she was naked she got back on the bed, Cas watched her. He took his coat off and put it on the chair by her bed, he then sat in that same chair.

“Since we agree you need to be punished, I am going to make you cum without touching you” he said. Cas knew how badly she wanted him to touch her, taste her and fuck her into the mattress. She put her hand between her legs and slid her fingers in her pussy.

“Don’t touch yourself, Y/n” Cas scolded, she felt a hand gripped her wrist and pulled it out of her pussy. Her hands were pulled up and placed over her head and being pinned to the bed. Castiel looked at her and smiled and she knew it was his grace holding her hands down.

She felt her legs spread wide open, his grace held her hips down and she couldn’t move. Cas gripped her breasts, massaging them, while he tweaked her nipples and twisted them. She couldn’t move, all she could do was moan, grunt and scream his name.

Kisses were peppered down her neck and chest, Castiel’s grace sucked her pulse point and nibbled her ear lobe. “Castiel I need you, fuck me please” she begged and pleaded, Cas chuckled darkly. Y/n felt his grace run up and down the inside of both of her thighs, on their way up to where she needed him most.

Castiel’s grace cupped her mound and licked a stripe over her pussy, his grace opened her folds and flicks her clit. Y/n moaned and clasped her hands together and dug her nails into her own hands. His grace rubbed circles on her clit and slid inside her pussy entrance.

Castiel thrust his grace in and out of her, pounding into her pussy, while he worked her breasts and pulse point and ear​ lobe. “Cas yes, yes I’m so, sooo close Cas can I please cum” she screamed.

“Yes, Y/n you’ve been a good girl and been punished enough, cum Y/n” Cas said. Her orgasm ripped through her and her pussy clenched around his grace. “Yes, Cas oh fuck” she screamed, his grace let go of her hands.

He let go of the rest her body and kissed her lips, “was that, as good as me touching you” Castiel said. “Just as good, maybe even better than you touching me” she said, he could see the pleasure on her face. “Feel better baby” Cas said.

“Yes Castiel, that felt so good, I missed you so much Cas” she said, “I missed you too Y/n and I like touching you with my grace” he said. Cas moved from the chair to the bed and sat next to her, “but I miss feeling you, with my fingers, tongue and especially my cock” he said. “You ready for another round or two Y/n” Cas said, she nodded and moaned, as he got between her legs.

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A Man of No Consequence

A Man Of No Consequence - Ardyn x fem Reader (NSFW)
COMPLETE. All chapters may contain spoilers!

CH 1: Into The Lion’s Mouth
CH 2: Famous Seafood
CH 3: The Covenant
CH 4: Blind Spot
CH 5: The Revelation
CH 6: In The Lap of The Gods
CH 7: Across the Seas
CH 8: In The Lap of The Gods, Revisited
CH 9: Callings
CH 10: Hand of a King, Heart of a King
CH 11: Into the Dark
CH 12: Breath Of The Glacian
CH 13: Redemption
CH 14: Cure for Insomnia
CH 15: A Gentleman’s Agreement

Chapter 2: Famous Seafood

“Miss? Excuse me, miss?”

A loud tap on the window next to your head wakes you, and you try your best to comprehend where you are.

“We’re here, miss,” the driver opens the car door from the outside. “That’ll be 100 gil.”

Wiping the sleep off your eyes, you nod, then digest the words you just heard the man say. “Are you kidding me? It used to be half that!”

“Well, a man’s got to make a living in these dangerous times, you know. Never know what’s around the corner,” the driver is tapping his toes impatiently.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I get Tracer, D.Va and Mercy with a male s/o who can transform into a dragon?


Lena got home from another long day of missions and paperwork, exhausted and melancholy. She found her draconic s/o lounging in the middle of the living room carpet, stretching out his limbs lazily. When he saw that she had arrived, he perked up, his little beady eyes looking intently at her.

“How was being the poster girl of Overwatch today?” he grinned.

“Ugh!” Lena groaned, throwing her bag onto the couch,” It’s just been a long week. I’m glad I made it to Friday, ya know?”

“Yeah, I know how you feel,” the dragon shrugged.

Lena just gave him a deadpan, “You’ve been napping in the lounge all day, love.”

“Uh–well–” he stuttered nervously, “I mean, the rest of my week was rough. I just had today off is all!”

Rather than argue, Tracer let out a long yawn and stretched her long legs. Trudging up to her s/o, she plopped down next to him, leaning on his scaly body.

“I’m tired,” she croaked.

“I can see that,” he chuckled, running a gentle claw through her hair.

She just nestled herself closer to him, mumbling some sleepy, inaudible things as she did. Her s/o gave her a warm smile before wrapping a wing around her and letting her fall asleep.


“Nerf THIS, you scrubs!” Hana laughed maniacally from the back of her dragon…s/o…dragon s/o?

She watched in delight as she racked up “bonus points” when her dragon breathed fire on all the enemies in front of them, scorching them in their tracks. Her meka was fine and all, but nothing could compare riding into battle on a drake like a medieval warrior! She felt like a boss right out of Dark Souls.

“I’m the true Kalheesi!” she cheered at the carnage around her, “Onward, my steed!”

“Urm, Hana,” her dragon s/o looked back at her, “They’re all dead. The parameters been cleared.”

“Then let’s go flying around the base just to make sure!” she grinned.

Flopping his wings to his side tiredly, he groaned, “But I’ve done enough already, Hana.”

“No, we have to go flying!” she laughed, kicking at his sides like a horse.

Rolling his big, dragon eyes, her partner just transformed back into a human, leaving D.Va to fall from her perch and land on the ground with a resounding thud. She looked up at him with a saddened face, but he wasn’t buying it.

“But [Naaame],” she whined.

“No,” he held out a hand for her, “Now come on, the others will be waiting for us to go back.”

“Can’t you fly me back?” she stood up.

“Hana, I already said–”

“Pleeeaase?” she sang with that adorable little pout on her face.

She noticed a bit of pink on his cheeks and decided to move in for the kill. She pressed her body up against his and looked up at him with the cutest face she could muster.

“Pretty pretty please?” she pouted.

Now he was trying desperately to cover his blushing cheeks. She often wished he could visibly blush in dragon form, in fact.

“Oh fine!” he groaned, morphing back into a dragon.

“Hurray!” Hana cheered as she scrambled onto his back.


“Jack! One of my Valkyrie suit wings is damaged, I can’t fly out of here!” Angela shouted into her comm link.

Right a mission had started going south, the strike team were ordered to pull out as quickly as possible. Mercy was just about to swoop out of there herself when she took a shot to her right wing and was left grounded. Now she was left alone in the middle of a war zone with nothing but a healing staff and a dinky pistol.

“Okay, we’re sending in backup, just don’t move!” Jack barked on the other end.

Mercy felt a growing dread in her. She only hoped the “backup” arrived in time. Taking in her surroundings, she was going to find a better place nearby to hide, when she caught sight of a rather large and sharp-looking bot. At first she hoped it wouldn’t see her, but of course it’s over-active little sensors saw her. It made a loud beeping noise, alerting smaller omnics to its side. Now she was screwed.

“Jack…please hurry,” Mercy whispered, shakily readying her pistol.

The pack of scrap metal had just about reached her when suddenly a huge, reptilian body landed around her, its four paws surrounding her protectively. Wait, was that her s/o? But he wasn’t supposed to be on this mission! How did Morrison get him as backup? The dragon let out an ear piercing roar and followed up up with a spray of molten lava on the bots, melting them on the spot.

The larger one from before was able to withstand it, but her s/o merely slammed his claws down on it and reduced it to rubble. Once the danger was gone, a silence fell upon the scene as both of them took a moment to catch their breath.

Removing himself from the protective stance over Mercy, her s/o said in his rumbling voice, “Are you alright?”

“Oh, [Name]!” she smiled, rushing over to him.

He dipped his head, letting her hug his face and press her forehead to his.

Pulling back, she asked, “I thought you weren’t on this mission, though,”

“I wasn’t,” he shook his head, “But I finished my job early, and as soon as I heard you were in trouble, I took off after you. Pretty sure Morrison wanted to send someone else, but I wasn’t about to let my angel get hurt on my watch.”

Angela smiled up at him, wiping away a few tears that prickled at her eyes. Then her s/o sat down on the ground and extended a wing for her to climb up.

“Shall we get out of here?” he asked.

Mercy nodded, carefully climbing onto his back. His wings would always be there when hers stopped beating.

–Mod Sirana