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Slave Michelle: Wanna Be Nancy Who?

Michelle was always a clever girl, and everybody thought so. She was always pretending to be Nancy Drew; always trying to figure out the clever little puzzles. As she got older he became less cute and she became more annoying. She was constantly frustrated that nobody could appreciate how smart she was. She knew one day that she would leave her small little town and become a famous detective somewhere.

It was because of course her own cleverness that she realized something no one else in her town did. It seemed that her one very isolated neighbor departure and arrival in town always bracketed the disappearance report on the news about some girl in another town or local college.

Of course, most folks in her town didn’t even bother to watch TV because they didn’t care about anything outside of their little bubble. She however was always watching the news, to learn about the world outside of her town. She wanted to know as much as she could.

So, with her suspicions truly aroused, and her own natural detective skills she decided to investigate and see if her suspicions could be correct.

When she snuck into the barn she heard a sound like moaning. She followed the sound and then came face-to-face with the face that she seen on the local news just that day. She found the girl, nude and gagged, bound into what looked like a horribly painful chair.

She started to say something but victim’s eyes went wide and she tried to say something to Michelle. That was the last thing Michelle saw before the sickening sweet rag was pressed over her face.

 When she woke up she was bound tightly at the foot of the of the victim.

The man, her neighbor, asked what she was doing there; who she had told about him. In her naïveté, thinking that she was the heroine in this little epic, and had caught the bad guy, she told him how she had so cleverly figured out what he was doing. She explained exactly how he had messed up and how now, it was time to give himself up to the police.

He stared at her with incredulity before laughing hysterically and then left to get some dinner. He ignored her shouts behind him and continued struggling, gagging her as he said, “I think you need to learn a few lessons my dear and I will be happy to teach them to you.”

A short while later he returned. Michelle found herself bound helplessly next to the other girl. She tried screaming at him that he had to let her go, as he was in enough trouble he didn’t want to go further. He ignored her as he rubbed her cunt lips gently and she involuntarily moistened and then moaned.

“You can’t do that,” she said and he again just laughed, “I am going to do so much more than that little slave.”

“I’m not a slave,” she said angrily, not understanding why he hadn’t just given up like he was supposed to.

He chuckled and said, “not yet.”

He then gagged them both as he wasn’t interested in the begging that was about to begin.

As a professional slaver, he knew well the rule about, “the third blow” when first whipping or beating a slave. The rule said it wasn’t the first blow, that taught the slave the true lessons of her new life. That blow was usually inflicted upon the uninitiated, and the new slave’s brain simply overloaded; feeling it but not completely.

The second blow, her brain was still recovering from the first and so although it was felt it wasn’t felt as deeply as it needed to be.

The third blow, however, that was the one that truly taught the lesson. It was with that blow the slave realized that the pain could literally go on for as long as the person inflicting it wanted it to. The slave had no control and no recourse but to simply sit there and endure.

It was the most psychologically devastating rule a slave learned, and the one that truly put them on the path to eventual total submission, and complete surrender.

As a professional he knew that that blow had to be delivered as nonchalantly as it was brutally. As an expert, that is exactly what happened.

She screamed in agony at the first and second blow, as did the girl beside her, and then, as expected, both started begging him to stop. He was sure, mixed in with the pleas for mercy, there were promises to do anything he wanted, but he ignored them completely.

After both were sufficiently marked up he locked the college girl back in her chair and took Michelle to another piece of equipment. She soon found herself laid face down, her legs spread wide, her arms bound down near the base of one of the supports and gagged.

He commenced to beating her ass mercilessly, telling her how stupid she had been, and what his plans were.

She would be broken, just like the other girls he had kidnapped and then sold. She was special; however, she had pissed him off.

Mostly he was pissed at himself but she would endure the brunt of it. When he was done, he told her, she wouldn’t even remember who she was.

He continued beating her ass, asshole, and cunt as she begged into her gag, crying the entire time.

When he was finished, he pulled out his hard cock. He slammed it into her exposed and sore cunt, smiling as she screamed in agony at the violation. When his cock was sufficiently covered in her cream, her body’s response to the rape, he pulled out and then slowly, but determinedly rammed his cock into her other hole.

She screamed as he buried himself to the hilt into her ass, the screams before, when he had violated her cunt, were nothing when compared to this. He figured she would have been heard in the next county if the barn wasn’t completely soundproofed.

When he was done, he locked her in heavy chains and gagged her before walking her outside so he could spray her down with cold water. He whipped her once again as she sat, kneeling on the ground.

As she sat there, chained, looking broken, demoralized, and the depression already starting to settle over her he told her, “look at the sun, stupid slave, it’s the last time you’ll be seeing it for a while.”

That began his determined quest to break her thoroughly, and completely. He started training her with the other acquisition that she had discovered, putting them through many punishments together.

Even after that girl had been broken and sold off he was still training Michelle. He worked with her through the next slave, and the one after that. She endured tortures she never even knew existed.

She became intimately familiar with belts, whips, riding crops, and paddles. He used all kinds of clamps on her pussy and tits, sometimes forcing her to stand for long hours in ballet boots, with the threat of a beating to her exposed cunt if she faltered.

Then there was the sexual abuse. It went without saying that he forced her to blow him multiple times a day, and fucked her cunt and ass daily. Forcing her to admit how much she loved it, forcing orgasm after orgasm from her helpless body, no matter how much she tried to resist.

His favorite way of making her beg to be fucked involved electricity, something she had learned to be particularly terrified of. He would hogtie her, then shock her tits till she was ready to beg for rape. He kept her gagged, of course, to start, that way, when he finally let her speak she was begging him to violate her.

The first few times he’d played this game he always enjoyed the hatred he saw, underneath the terror and pain. Making her beg was infuriating to her, and simply added to her humiliation, and it eventually helped lead to her breaking completely.

Proof of that was how the fury slowly gave way to acceptance.

After nearly 7 months she was completely and utterly destroyed.

Gone was the sassy, strong-willed, and slightly arrogant and extremely naïve young woman who thought that she could bring down a professional slaver like him.

In her place was a broken and completely obedient slave girl. She had learned that the only way to survive in the hell that she had been yanked into was to be thoroughly obedient and utterly submissive.

Servitude was her obsession, and disobedience was unthinkable.

Finally, he decided it was time to sell her off.

He put her on the block with one of his more recent acquisitions, a comparatively weak willed little cock tease he’d picked up 100 miles away and had, pathetically broken a matter of days.

They would both be sold off, and he would use the proceeds to move his operation elsewhere.

Somehow, 7 months ago, he had gotten complacent and he had nearly been caught; had been if he was completely honest with himself.

If Michelle, or rather, the slave that used to be Michelle had been a little more street-smart than she’d been he would be in prison right now, or, most likely, worse.

Fortunately, for him the want to be Nancy Drew was now nothing more than a common sex slave and pain slut.

As he moved on to greener pastures and more enjoyable product to break, and continued profits, she would live out her life on her knees, performing whatever acts her Owner commanded.

Many months later, long after her sale the slave knelt, obediently, before her Master, waiting to be used as the slave she was. She couldn’t remember anything beyond her need to please her Owner. That was all she was now, a toy, a thing for him to use and abuse, and she was happy with her place.

Deep inside her mind, however, buried under weeks and months of punishment, torture, rape, and abuse was the girl that still remembered who she was. The girl that longed-for freedom, for justice, for revenge.

Sadly, that girl would never be seen again, because her mind knew the punishments that she would endure if that happened and she couldn’t endure those anymore. Instead, that girl would be kept locked away in the deepest, darkest pit of her psyche.


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This isn't even a question man, but I heard a rex orange county song in one of your videos and now I really fuck with his music. Its not just that either , it seems that you have exposed me to loads of stuff I didn't know about and now I really enjoy that shit . Thanks ! - Joe :(|)

And more to come! IC3 promo comes out tomorrow! and new skate program, winners club is getting pushed back to next monday. Thanks ya’ll

a fight broke out one night at the dingo between the shepard gang and some socs who shouldn’t have been there anyway. when there wasn’t a party going on at buck’s or the bars just weren’t cutting it, dallas would go to the dingo for a bite to eat and to listen to the jukebox. dallas was itching for a fight, he hadn’t gotten much action since he’d moved to tulsa and he eagerly joined in. tim was the gang’s leader and he had a first-in-last-out policy, so by the time the cops showed it was just he and dallas left to get hauled off to county. they heard of each other, their reputations rather, but this was their first interactions with one another. they were put in the same holding cell, passing by the night yelling at first timer kids crying and comparing scars

Made in the AM listening session recap

Made in the A.M. Listening Session – I Am Jaggerme br>

First of all, the line inside the theater for the session was crazy pants. Super long, but for the most part, people sang One Direction songs and happily chatted. The positive affect was contagious.

Prior to the screening, there was a warning displayed regarding cell phone, camera or other recording device use, although this warning was not slightly enforced. There were ushers in the theater throughout the screening, but anyone could easily have recorded the entire film as phones and other devices were allowed inside, guests were simply asked to turn them off. Which is unfortunate, because apparently people recorded the sessions and the songs leaked.

The actual listening session started with the music videos for WMYB, Live While We’re Young, Kiss You, Story of My Life, Best Song Ever and Steal My Girl. Which was hella smart, because the videos got everyone pumped: the audience singing, clapping, and generally screaming their lungs out when their favorite came on screen. Good times were had by all during this trip down memory lane. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: THE THRILL OF SEEING THE KISS YOU VIDEO ON A MOVIE SCREEN ALONE WAS WORTH THE COST OF ADMISSION.

Between each song, there were segments with the individual boys (never a group interview) wherein they discussed the songs and what they meant to them. These interviews gave me feelings. During the songs, clips were shown that represented different stages of One Direction’s evolution from Up All Night to Made in the A.M., including behind the scenes footage of video shoots, backstage at concerts, commercial shoots and tour clips. I did notice they used the same clip from the car commercial shoot twice. Bad form, One Direction. Bad form.

Hey Angel – My new jam. Harry compares it to Clouds in that it’s a really strong opener for the album. Killer drumbeats and just basically an amazing song. I will be listening to it on a loop.

Drag Me Down – You all know the score on this song. Beyoncé-style secret spy release, literally the greatest surprise ever because it’s such a good song. The boys noted this song kind of represented the aftermath of the past year. Again with the feelings. The official DMD video was played for this song.

Perfect – Another song you are all familiar with. I will say it was funny to hear Harry discuss it as sort of a non-romantic love song. Let me interject here that during the Perfect video, which was the official song video, the video cut away in a few spots to display the song title (this was the case with each song). Anyhoodles, the video cut away during the majority of Harry’s sprawled on the bed scene. Those in attendance were not pleased. Bless. Also, I love Harry to Reece’s Pieces. Postmodern feminist angel, that one.

Infinity – Another song you kids all know. But seriously, after hearing the entire album, I’m kind of surprised by what they have released as singles so far. I say this with love; Infinity will not be your favorite when you’ve heard the album in its entirety. The boys love Infinity and it was written on the first day of writing for the album. They are just super proud of this song, which is lovely.

End of the Day – This song is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle and shrouded in a mystery. I say this because the song is basically two songs in one. It starts out one way and then BAM! – it gets off the turnpike and heads in the other direction. It has a really great chorus and Louis noted that the hook just sticks with you. Louis is an adorable human being, by the way.

If I Could Fly – It’s important that you do these things when listening to this song. First, find a clean, safe space. Next, lie down within that space and then curl yourself into a very tight fetal position. Finally, maintain that position for the next fifteen to twenty years. This is a perfect song. The piano on this song makes me weep. This song is so lovely. I cannot talk enough about the greatness of this song. I need to go cry. For the next fifteen to twenty years.

Long Way Down – Liam describes this song as being heavily influenced by the 90’s musical scene, in particular Oasis and Robbie Williams. And can I just point out how wonderful it was to hear the boys talk about their musical influences and then hear the influences in the songs? It is freaking amazing. Their appreciation of the music that came before them is reverential and never merely derivative. They are so great. NIALL KILLS THIS SONG. The most precious thing ever was when Niall commented that he was encouraged to sing like The Boss, sing like Bruce (Springsteen). My love for Bruce Springsteen is borderline unholy, so for little Nialler to be looking up to Bruce and even imitating him (which was precious and priceless), well, it was just good stuff.

Never Enough – This is Niall’s favorite on the record. Niall is an adorable peanut by the way. THE HORNS WERE RECORDED IN MY CITY – CHICAGO!!! They mentioned The Windy City a couple times, which was awesome because the theater packed with Chicagoans went nuts for it. The song is basically doo-wop, with a sprinkle of reggae and thoroughly modern mojo.

Olivia – Harry mentioned the strings were recorded at Abbey Road Studios, which was absolutely perfect and appropriate because this song just pays homage to The Beatles in such a fun way. There are really good horn sections in this song that reminded me of Yellow Submarine and other bits sounded like Dear Prudence. OH!! And the song has these epic Willy Wonka World of Imagination-style riffs that are so so good. It’s just a really great song and I can’t wait to listen to it on repeat. Also, Harry said although this song is called Olivia, it could be about a girl, but that’s not necessarily the case. Why is he a perfect person?

What a Feeling – This song is to Made in the A.M. what Fireproof was to Four, which is kind of awesome when one considers how fabulous Fireproof is. Niall mentioned a Fleetwood Mac influence and this is so fitting, because anyone who loves Fleetwood Mac can feel the album Mirage in the song Fireproof. This song is similar in that it boasts amazing harmonies that are so smooth and lovely. This song resonates maturity and the boys’ voices have grown so much. They’re really great artists. Recognize this already, Rolling Stone magazine.

Love You Goodbye – Get your tissues out because Louis kills this song so hard you are going to want to cry for about ten weeks. He stated that this song is about a breakup and seeing your ex afterwards. There was a collective “Awwww” in the theater that could be heard in three counties. But most importantly, LOUIS’ VOCALS WERE SO AMAZING!!! He sounded truly great and there was none of that unnecessary autotune nonsense that upsets me about Perfect. It was just his voice, unaltered and beautiful. Louis’ high note? I can’t breathe.

I Want to Write You a Song – This song is Liam’s favorite off the album and Liam was super adorable talking about it and it just made me happy. RECORDED IN CHICAGO! WOOT! This is a really fun, sweet song and it kind off reminds me a bit of the Moldy Peaches with a little smidge of folk thrown in. Love.

History – This song is a love song to the fans. Accompanying this were clips of fans throughout the years and it was just a strong reminder that One Direction literally has the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD. Never doubt that, because this fandom is literally the beesknees. Louis describes this as a perfect song. Niall mentions Otis Redding as being an influence and that’s very evident. There are really good harmonies in this song, a great beat, and very clean vocals.

Temporary Fix – This song is one-night-stand drunk love smut. Niall sounds great in this song. They all do. I really think those boys have been meeting their vocal coaches, because this album does not sound manipulated and their vocals are just so on point.

Walking in the Wind – I LOVE THIS SONG SO HARD! Harry discussed Paul Simon’s masterpiece Graceland as being an influence and the song definitely celebrates Simon’s aesthetic. How much do I love that Harry loves Graceland? That album is one of the greatest records of the 20th Century. This is a song I will play on repeat. It’s layered and lovely and makes me happy.

Wolves – This song is pure One Direction. If different artists and genres influenced other songs on the album, than One Direction influences this song. It just sounds like a classic One Direction single. Strong vocals and harmonies and really fun lyrics.

Made in the A.M. – This is really fun way to close out the album. Niall talked about how they would work on the album in the early morning hours and stated, “If you don’t remember what happened at 2 AM, you can at 6 because you’ve sobered up a little by then.” I love Nialler. This song has GREAT GUITAR licks. Seriously. So good.

All in all, the Made in the A.M. session was fun and the positive affect of the amazing fans made it even better. I can’t wait to have the complete album to play on repeat. I think for 25 bucks they should have sent out the deluxe album, so that aspect was uncool, but it was a positive experience. This is truly One Direction’s most mature and strongest album yet. Love and peace! #onedirection #madeintheam #madeintheamlisteningsession #ificouldflyismyjam #harrystyles #louistomlinson #liampayne #niallhoran #thecraicishappiness #album #love

“We heard the United States had a new president, that she was arranging for a loan from the Commonwealth to bail us out. We heard the White House was burning and the National Guard was fighting the Secret Service in the streets of DC. We heard there was no water left in Los Angeles, that hordes of people were trying to walk north through the drought-ridden Central Valley. We heard that the county to the east of us still had electricity and that the Third World was rallying to send us support. And then we heard that China and Russia were at war and the US had been forgotten.”


We’ve had an exciting couple of days at the Carolina Raptor Center. 

Yesterday afternoon, we received a call. A building was being torn down, and a few owlets fell out. An adult owl also flew off. Thankfully, the workers were able to rescue most of the babies and retrieve the remaining owlets from the nest. 

Usually, we try to put babies back but since the building was being demolished, it was impossible this time. Unfortunately, two of the six baby Barn Owls had passed away before they arrived at CRC. Two more have some injuries likely related to falling from the nest, so we’ll be keeping a very close watch on them inside the hospital. However, the final two–the biggest two–are very healthy and glad to tell you all about how they dislike humans!

Today, the two healthy owlets were moved out to be fostered with our resident display Barn Owls. Our resident Barn Owls, Harvey, Faye, and Minerva, are currently sitting on six eggs of their own. They successfully fostered another orphan in the past, so they should be excellent foster parents for these two.

As a note of interest, this is the first active Barn Owl nest that we have heard of in Mecklenburg County in the past nine years.

*draws in a deep breath*









There’s a moment when you, like come downstage in Bridges of Madison County and you crack your head open, and you’re all, in my recollection of it, your head unhinges and the top like cracks back, and like this rainbow of sound comes out.
—  Susan Blackwell, giving the most accurate description of the Aaaahs in “It All Fades Away”; Side by Side by Susan Blackwell

So I made screenshots of one of the police boards in 6x08. You can see the police made a list of Rosewood residents that were killed.

(What’s written in that box to be exact: Bethany Young, Ian Thomas, Darren Wilden, Maya St. Germain, Garret Reynolds, Jessica DiLaurentis)

I think there’s two important clues in there: The location thing (underneath it it says “why there” as far as I can tell). I think this is a huge clue that could refer to two things

1) why was Mrs. D buried there (there are photos of her being found right next to it, that’s why I think that might be what this is about). Well, the answer probably is it’s because Bethany has been buried very near that place, too. So A maybe wants revenge for Bethany’s death.. also on Mrs. D?

or 2) (probably more likely) all of the red headwords refer to the dollhouse. So it might be important why the dollhouse was built where it was - which was in Tyler State Park in Bucks County. We heard of this one before: it’s where Toby got a job before his reveal as A-team member (might have been an interesting job he had there?!) and it’s where Sara Harvey is from.

Wilden. Why is he mentioned not only as one of the killed people but also one more time right underneath that list?!

1/5 moments you can’t help but repeat: when Francesca sings “Iowa”
“Iowa.” When Kelli O’Hara sings that word, a plain place name becomes a prism of rippling ambivalence. [x]

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gamzee and kankuro - i'd love to see what you came up with to fuse their facepaint designs, ffffff~

Anonymous asked you:

Combine Kankuro and Gamzee, if you please. The face paint at least should be interesting.

*quiet screeching of MY FAvoRITE CHARACTERS is heard across three counties*


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Someone on a board I go to said they heard a rumor that a writer who will go unnamed told one fan(yeah, I know how it sounds) that you don't have to submit your scripts to editorial, and can just send them directly to the artist with no oversight. I had to call bullshit, but why would ppl say that?

yeah, of course that is bullshit,

total bullshit, completely made up. i’ve been hearing weird rumors like this about me for years. 

first of all, it is a shared universe, and most of the time i am working on characters appearing in multiple books,  i don’t just get to do whatever the hell i want. it has to work within the framework of the direction the characters are going 

second, i VALUE the editor relationship. i need it, frankly. you see the spelling and typos here :)

and knowing that is part of the reason i’ve had success. because i DO listen to all counties heard from. some people on line think if i’m not writing a story exactly how THEY would write it, then i’m an agent of chaos sent to ruin their childhood and no one is stopping me. ‘didn’t editorial read this??’  they DID!  they decided to publish it. so silly.

 my editorial philosophy is if i can entertain @brevoortformspring with a script, then i can entertain you. if i don’t, then i need to consider why and deal with it.and all that happens WAY before you see it.

i get notes on drafts, i get notes on lettering… 

i’m a big person living in the big person world. i value the system. i have met the divas in this business and seen them diva themselves right out the door.

now tell me the one how i only work on characters that have movies or tv shows attached.  

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Okay, so this may be a really weird prompt, but remember the "your son is awake" "before sunrise he's your son" scene from The Lion King? Well I just can't get rid of the image of this scene, but with Carol, Daryl and their hypothetical kid, naturally in an AU. I'd write it myself but since English is my second language I'm nowhere near good enough, and I love your short fics, so maybe you could give it a try? Only if you feel like it of course :) Cheers!

Huzzah! I’ve never really written AU Caryl before, so here’s a little whack at it.

Daryl may or may not have promised to take their son fishing once the sun was up. Said son may or may not have assumed that that promise would come to pass at the break of dawn. Carol may or may not have been witness to that promise. The first yawning wisps of sunlight may or may not have been slinking through the crack in the curtains of their bedroom.

“Pa!” came the cry, along with an incessant banging on their bedroom door. “Pa! It’s mornin’!”

Carol, just barely awake and staring at the red digital numbers on the bedside table clock, curled more tightly into a ball on her side: as though if she pretended to be asleep, the five year old Henry might give up and go back to bed.

“Ma! Get Pa! It’s mornin’! Gotta go fishin’!” He wailed on the door.

Carol felt Daryl stir and groan behind her, and the warmth of his back rolled away from her own as he too tried to curl into a ball and play possum. It was not to be, and Carol finally reached back and swatted his shoulder.

“Someone at the door,” she mumbled. “I think it’s for you.”


The punk suddenly remembered how to use the knob and flung the door open wide, vaulting from the doorway and into their bed as though he had springs on his feet. One knobby knee caught Carol in the thigh, but most of his weight landed squarely on Daryl.

“We heard ya. I heard ya. Whole damn county heard ya. Get off.” She heard Daryl grumpily maneuver the kid’s wayward limbs away until their son slid back to his feet on the floor.

He immediately had both hands around Daryl’s forearm, yanking with all his might as though to drag him all the way out to the boat if he had to. Daryl didn’t move, face down in the pillow and just being ornery at this point. Carol rolled onto her back, swatting at his arm again, the one that wasn’t being yanked half out of socket.

“Pa, c’mon!”

“I think your son is awake,” Carol murmured, curling over onto her other side to burrow into his sleepy warmth.

Without missing a beat, Daryl turned his face out of the pillow. “Sun ain’t up yet. Before the sun’s up, he’s all yours.”

As if on cue, Henry flung the curtains wide open. The breaking dawn was still weak, but after the pitch black of the room two seconds earlier, the light stabbed both parents in the eyes like knives.

“Holy…biscuits,” Daryl hissed, causing Carol to laugh, remembering her strict attempt to keep swearing out of the house.

“Holy SHIT!” Carol’s teenaged daughter Sophia stomped into the doorway then, shoulders hunched, half of her hair sticking out of the ponytail she’d obviously slept in–and Carol could almost see the ink print on her cheek where she had likely fallen asleep in one of her study books.

“Language,” Carol reprimanded, but she had to stop herself from laughing.

“SOME of us are TRYING to STUDY!” Sophia roared.

“Should be tryin’a sleep,” Daryl grumbled.

“Daryl, don’t mess with me right now.” Sophia looked stressed to her breaking point and not up for her step-father’s smart remarks.

“Ah, studyin’s stupid,” Henry planted his hands on his hips. “Me and Pa are goin’ fishin’! He promised!” He snarled, glaring at the unmoving lump of his father.

Sophia let out a throaty groan, running her hands deep into her hair and stomping out of the room. Carol grimaced, sitting up and shoving at Daryl’s shoulder.

“Damage control. I got her. You got him? The sun is up. He’s all yours,” she cooed. “Unless you want to study SAT material with a sleep deprived teenaged girl.”

Daryl was suddenly vertical, wearing pants, and tying his shoes. “C’mon, boy. Goin’ fishin’.”


Carol, however, made no haste to climb out of the warm bed, instead watching Daryl herd Henry out of their bedroom and down the hall, past Sophia’s open door, where she heard Daryl murmur: “Don’t make eye contact. Just run.”