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Omg. Jocelyn is the new Hodge.


So I was watching @stuff-and-thangs-and-eclecticism’s most recent review of Episode 13 of Shadowhunters (which was fantastic by the way, here’s the link to her video), and she was theorizing for next season that something will be wrong with Jocelyn.  She said this:

“I saw a theory that Valentine like did something to Jocelyn while she was asleep, because why else would he give her up to them, if she was just going to tell all of his secrets.  I feel like Jocelyn is going to be awake but there’s going to be consequences to the fact that she’s awake, like her mind—there‘s going to be something wrong with Jocelyn, it can’t be that easy for her to just wake up.  …  I think there’s going to be something else to prevent Jocelyn from telling everybody things.”

And all I could think about is Hodge??  Like, his punishment rune, which was the same as his Circle rune, prevented him from speaking on matters of the Circle and Valentine’s history….  

I feel like when Valentine took Hodge’s punishment away, he may have given it to Jocelyn instead.  

Like, maybe this magic works “a life for a life”.  Because when Hodge used the ring to contact Valentine, and Valentine removed his Circle rune, they were standing over Jocelyn’s body…  And the scene cut away.  So it’s possibly Valentine “transferred” the punishment magic to Jocelyn during that time.   Maybe we’ll discover that Jocelyn can’t leave the Institute now!!  

And also, even if Valentine didn’t specifically transfer Hodge’s punishment magic, then he still could have put a different, yet similar curse on Jocelyn.

Earlier on in the season, we saw Valentine standing over Jocelyn’s body, and in one of the shots where he was presumably attempting to wake her up, we see him using his stele to reactivate the Circle rune on her neck.  

What if he made the Circle rune have magic to prevent her from speaking about what she heard during her coma???

So Clary thinks she’ll get all these answers now, and Jocelyn can’t say anything!?  Or we see her try to, and the rune burns her like Hodge’s did, and we just see Clary beg her not to hurt herself and Jocelyn keeps trying to fight through it and OMGGGG.  Also, what if they contact the Clave, asking them to remove this curse from Jocelyn, and the Clave refuses because Jocelyn is technically an exile?  Clary & Co. will be soooooo pissed.