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"Talk to me about AUs" OKAY! 1. Concept: Hades!Percy fist getting his "rogue" powers and not understanding them at first- then feeling guilt and fear and hating his lineage even more when he realizes what it means.- Sally always being careful but still finding ways to give him hugs, and giving him fleeting kisses on the forehead and never letting him see how it affects her. -Percy and Annabeth having a tough time with the new powers but she refuses to leave him alone.- you got me thinking a lot


  • Percy wearing jeans and socks and shoes and long sleeves and gloves and collared shirts and hoods as obligation. Of course, he hates it. It’s always over 80 degrees and never windy at camp. Sometimes he’ll lock himself in somewhere and just wear his boxers and a tank top and laugh giddily because it feels so good to exist without such an obvious ‘don’t let me touch you’ shell.
  • He definitely does not go home for the summers. Year rounder - and Chiron has hinted that the gods don’t want him ever leaving camp.
  • He stayed in the Hermes cabin until his powers came to fruition, but with so many other campers, it seemed unsafe. He has a room in The Big House and pretends he doesn’t mind that all of the other campers are down in the cabins gossiping and playing spin the bottle while he’s taking out the recyclable Diet Coke bin for Dionysus.
  • Luke is crazy nice to him in TLT, because he definitely wants him on their side. It becomes a series-long debate.
  • Aphrodite!Annabeth brings him stylish gloves when she comes back in the summer (I HC her as not a year rounder) and he pretends to be annoyed but to be honest it makes him giddy to think that she spent hours in department stores…that she knows the size of his hands…that she had to go up to a cashier with men’s gloves and not be ashamed about it. He keeps all of his gloves from her.
  • (Note that Rogue can touch other mutants for a short time and take their powers.) Percy realizing that when he accidentally brushed against that Apollo camper during Capture the Flag, he could see hear the specific notes of campers yelling. Of course, the Apollo kid collapsed, and Percy had to start screaming for people to come and bring him ambrosia.
  • Speaking of Ambrosia, Percy always always always having some on him at all times for fear he could hurt someone and not be able to do anything about it.
  • (A lighthearted one, because these can get dark.) Percy still having friends!! It takes a while and there are some people too scared to be around him, but anyone who has had a conversation with him thinks he’s chill. People usually don’t like to spar with him, but he’s included in a ton of cabin activities and has loads of people to talk to, cause they all understand what it’s like to be screwed over by your godly parent.
  • Percy being able to pet Mrs. O’Leary without her being affected, so he adores her. 
  • Percy desperate to be good with weapons (any weapons) because he never wants to have to resort to killing a monster with his hands. He’ll allow himself to be pushed to the brink of death and slashed to bits before he’ll just cave and flick the monster, killing it instantly. (On the other hand, he can see Annabeth battling anything and it’s not even a question whether or not he should use it.)
  • Thalia getting all hotheaded in TTC and smacking Percy across the face, only to collapse in agony. Percy would have asked if she was okay, but he was too busy trying to control this immediate ability he had to control the electricity in the air.
  • (This power being used in extremely desperate times, and it eating Percy alive as he uses it to save everyone.)
  • He always announces when he’s somewhere because he’s made the Hephaestus kids scream one too many times when they don’t notice him walking behind them.
  • Percy meeting Ares in TLT and sticking out his bare hand for a hand shake, just to smirk as Ares backs away slowly.
  • Aphrodite!Annabeth being much more in tune with people’s emotions than canon Annabeth (from the very start) and getting defensive of how people get creeped out by Percy’s powers from day one. “Yes! He could kill you in one second if he wanted to! So could half of the campers here! That doesn’t make you skirt around them like they have the plague, does it? Hmmm?” She squeaks, stomping her designer shoes and flipping her perfectly curled hair.
  • Also her just being more socially tactful throughout the series, and being someone who’s never made Percy feel like a freak. He’s the only person she’s ever told about how it scares her she can control people.
  • And, most importantly, Percy being all tense and stressed out but also elated whenever Annabeth would hug him without hesitation. Because we all need to just imagine the pure joy he’d feel in that moment.


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And I miss it, the way I could hear your heart with my head on your chest as your fingers ran through my hair. It is the best way to calm me down. I miss falling asleep and waking up to the softness of your breath gently moving my hair, your hand limp, but still around me. It is the best way to wake up. I miss you asking if I was ok when I shook in my sleep. It is the best way to make the nightmare stop. I miss the way we were so close. What happened to us? Now when I shake, you turn away and let me go. It is the best way to make me cry. When I wake up, you are already gone. It is the best way to make me feel alone. When I lay my head on your chest, your heart no longer flutters. It is the best way to let me know that one of us has changed.
—  The best way - via ( i-do-artsy-things )