do you ever find that one song that’s like a melody from your soul?? like the lyrics don’t necessarily have to pertain to your own life but just listening to that song makes you feel more at home in that moment than you’ve ever been before

like that song was written for you and it’s a little piece of you in itself

listening to that song can make you cry, can make you laugh but whatever your reaction, it helps you center yourself and deal with whatever’s going on in your life

I’m playing Dragon’s Dogma, and I usually play as a mage in rpg’s (because, you know, maaaaagic), but the strider’s look is so badass, and I also like playing with a bow! Argh! I’ve been sitting here and staring at the screen for 5 minutes already, unable to decide!

The rain beats against the window
Like how I used to hear your heart beat
My head on your chest
Remember how you drove slow
That night because I didn’t want to go

The anticipation of waiting for your call
How I never wanted you anywhere but in my arms
Think back to all the lies
How you never told me where you stayed that night

Little did I know that was the start of our unraveling
The end of what we beautifully began