hear the sound of rain

Morning Rain

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1010 ( it was suppose to be a drabble…oops)

Warnings: Some nakedness, mentions of smut, excessive fluff

A/N: I just had this idea rolling around in my head last night

It was raining outside when you woke up: a light pitter patter of raindrops on the window, calm and rhythmic. A bit of gray light was peeking through the gap in the curtains, casting a sliver of light across the room, ending of the smooth plane of Bucky’s bare back. The compound was quiet for once, the only sound you hear is the light rain and Bucky’s deep breathing in your ear, his breath gently ruffling a few strands of your hair. It was rare that you woke up before him, which is why you forced yourself to stay awake even though it was still early; you loved seeing him asleep - relaxed and content.

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Just a little post-Episode 4 Sasil ficlet to tide us over until Tuesday… enjoy!

She could hear the soft patter of rain against the windows, a sound that normally she found relaxing, one that often eased her into sleep. 

But not tonight.

The upholstery of the couch was napped and frayed, with spongy tufts of filling that spilled out from ripped corners, and the whole thing gave off the distinct odor of sweat and weed. Sally Ann tried her best to ignore it, to angle her head a little more so her nose wasn’t quite so close to the fabric. It wasn’t like last night, as they lay in the hammock, every breath filling her lungs with the air of the mountain, as cool and sweet and intoxicating as he had once described it to her. She still wasn’t quite sure why they had needed to leave. Up there, he had family, he had people who could help them. Because they would need help, what with all the things that were about to happen to them, all the things she wasn’t really letting herself think about, not just yet.

Down here, they didn’t have anybody. She didn’t have a home, not with James, and Naomi’s house was nothing more than a distant – but still beautiful – memory. The only person they had been able to turn to for help was the last person in the world she would have imagined.

She was surprised he knew Butch. It was a small town, though; everyone knew Butch.

Even she knew him, although they had never been personally acquainted. He had been a few years ahead of her in school, a senior when she was a freshman. But even after he graduated, he never seemed to actually leave, somehow always on the periphery of the school, his Trans Am continually idling not far from the parking lot. And everyone knew, if you were a white kid looking to get shitfaced, you went to Butch, and he would help you out. The cops always looked the other way – they had bigger problems in this town – and Butch and his Trans Am were somehow always around, just as much a fixture as the Zippy Bee after church or Tony’s on payday.  

She would have thought he would have lived somewhere nicer, for all that he was so well-known.

Sally Ann knew she needed to sleep, but she couldn’t, not with the smell of the couch or the strangeness of this small and dirty apartment Hasil had brought her to, not with all the things that had happened in the past few days running through her mind like a movie on endless repeat.

James screaming at her in the alley, his voice so loud in her ears as her foot finally found the gas.

Her hands clenching around the wheel as she suddenly pulled it to the right, the windshield slapped by moonlit branches and her breath catching up to her in shaky gasps.

The silent girl, who took her hand and guided her through the darkness, as if she knew every step by heart.

Hasil’s hesitation before he reached out, and then the feeling of his arms wrapped around her, so solid and warm, a sensation of pure comfort she couldn’t believe she had denied herself for so long.

The fear that had nestled deep in her belly as they walked together under the yellow circles of the streetlights, the gnawing sensation that they were somehow on the run from something, that they were all alone, about to face a future that neither of them could even comprehend.

It was hard to know what he was thinking. The Hasil she knew – or had known, before the mountain and before their captivity – was an open book, his thoughts and feelings broadcast for the whole world to see. But maybe all that had done something to him. Maybe having to leave his family – this time for good? – had done something to him. Because now, he seemed quieter, cagier, nervous about something he didn’t want to share with her. She hoped and prayed that it didn’t have anything to do with her, or this baby, or how they were possibly going to take care of it and each other.

Sally Ann let out a tiny sigh and felt him shift behind her on the couch. And then she knew he wasn’t asleep either.

“I’m scared,” she whispered, so quiet it could barely be heard over the rain.

At that moment, she wasn’t sure why she had said anything. Was it just that she needed to say it out loud, to voice the feelings she had been carrying alone for weeks? Or was it that she needed to know that he was there with her, that he cared enough about her to try to make it all go away, if only for a few hours?

“I know.” His arm tightened around her waist, but gently enough that she knew he was thinking about the baby, just there, innocent and unaware as it grew inside her.

“You’re not?” she asked, this time a little louder.

“Didn’ say tha’.”

She wasn’t sure what she had wanted him to say. Maybe if he had said that he wasn’t scared at all, that he had it all figured out, all of it, their lives, their baby’s life, that she would never have to worry again… well, she probably would have laughed at him, but at least now she wouldn’t be filled with an icy sense of dread that neither of them really knew what to do, or what might happen. To hear him voice the same fears she had been secretly keeping in her heart was too much – she needed him to hold her up, not drown with her.  

“Jesus,” she breathed, “what are we gonna do?”

His head nudged closer to hers, the side of her neck warming with his breath.

“Hey, shhh…”

Her eyes squeezed shut as she quickly shook her head back and forth. She could feel panic edging into her voice. “I don’t know what we’re gonna –”

“Listen,” he said, softly quieting her, “we don’ gotta think ‘bout anythin’ ‘til mornin’. All we gotta do right now is go ta sleep, an’ dream sweet dreams, an’ then tomorrow, we gon’ figure wha’ ta do, alright?”

“I just…” And all at once, everything began to flood over her, emotions she couldn’t even name pushing up past her throat and filling her eyes with impatient tears. She covered her face with her hand even though she knew no one could see her, until she heard him whispering softly against her hair.

“Hey, hey, now… shhh…” His voice was quiet and calm, as if he were talking to a spooked animal. Sally Ann felt herself getting angry – she didn’t need him talking down to her – and then she heard him start to hum… or to sing. She couldn’t really tell. If it was singing, she didn’t understand it, not the words or the language, but the low, intoned sounds he was making were somehow beautiful in spite of their strangeness. From the hazy recesses of her mind, she suddenly remembered how her momma had used to sing to her when she was little, how she would jump into the bed on dark nights and press her face against the thin cotton of her momma’s nightgown, strong spindly arms wrapping around her as she fell asleep to the comforting verses of mercy and salvation. And then she started crying again, crying for a mother she had lost, for the family she had never really had, for the child they had made that now needed her – and her love – more than anything.

“It’s all gon’ be alright, I promise,” he murmured, pressing a kiss against her shoulder.

Was that what she needed to hear? Maybe it was. Because after a time she nodded, sniffing a little and breathing steadily until everything had settled down, into a place somewhere near her heart, and she stilled, her tired body eventually surrendering to the warm embrace of sleep.

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reasons to live? i need them.

- stars
- ice cream
- windows down in the car
- road trips
- fucking. music.
- dogs
- animals
- blankets
- naps that leave you refreshed and not all groggy
- the way golden hour light looks on people
- laughing so hard your stomach feels 10x stronger
- feeling like a new person in new clothes
- your bed after a long day
- waking up to the smell of breakfast
- rain running down windows
- the sound of rain
- making people smile
- hearing someone say your name for the first time
- someone calling you their friend for the first time
- a clean room
- a made bed
- your future dogs
- cheese
- feeling unstoppable after seeing a movie in the theater
- concert nostalgia
- starting a new book
- showers
- baths
- a full fridge
- drawing in the condensation on car windows
- your future life because you don’t know what you’ll have and what you’ll experience if you don’t give yourself a chance to get there.

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Rainy days

Written by Elle, photography by Jared

Nothing can beat waking up to the sound of rain drizzling down your window and hearing cars faintly scoop rain across the roads with a gentle whooooosh. I can’t help feeling that rain has a way of calming you and making problems better. I love waking up to the sound of rain and being toasty warm under duvets and soft pillows, ready to welcome the day.

The best way to start a rainy day is to get snug and eat some yummy breakfast! I know when it’s raining I always wear fluffy socks, lots of layers of clothing or a pair of pyjamas if I’m really relaxing. I always try to eat a hot breakfast so I keep warm.

There’s so many ways to spend a rainy day indoors.There is no better feeling than curling up and reading a book with a cup of your favourite beverage while hearing the rain hitting your windows. Take some time for yourself! Have a relaxing bath, moisturise your whole body and face, have a movie marathon, watch episodes of your favourite shows, paint, listen to music and journal. My friends and I like to get creative in the kitchen and bake anything and everything! A rainy day is the perfect time to try out new recipes.

Spending your rainy day outside is equally fun. Going out in the fresh outdoors and feeling the breeze tugging at your coat is a pretty great feeling. Visit a museum or bookstore, grab a friend and go puddle splashing, catch a bus and go to a new place and explore, sit down at a cute café and get a snack whilst catching up with friends.

My point is, rainy days are too precious to feel bored or unsure of what to do, so get yourself up and do what makes you happy!

Here are some rainy day songs that you might like to listen to:

Higher Love // James Vincent Mcmorrow
Left Hand Free // Alt-J
Warm Foothills // Alt-J
All of the Stars // Ed Sheeran
Today // Wilmette Stone
Heart Like Yours// Wilmette Stone
Holocene// Bon Iver
All I Want // Kodaline
Chocolate // 1975
Skinny Love// Birdy
Maps// Yeah Yeah Yeahs
La Vie En Rose // Edith Piaf

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Reasons to live: 🌱 pinky sunsets and pale sunrises 🌱 worldwide roadtrips 🌱 that warm feeling when you close your eyes under the sun 🌱 cuddles at night 🌱 reading a book that makes you feel complete 🌱 drawing and improving every day, even when you don't see any differences 🌱 hearing the soft sound of the rain while drinking a hot tea and wrapped in your blanket 🌱 getting dirty with watercolors And above all Live in order to find even more reasons to add on the list Lots of hugs xx

Thank you, I needed that 🤗

“Everything will be fine,” she lies.
She lies because she knows that she will suffer each time she crosses the yard, or enters the dining room, or places her hand on the white banister of the elegant stairs. She will suffer each time she hears the sound of an airplane engine.
She will ache each time it rains like tonight.
—  Luz Gabás, from Palm Trees in the Snow (Grupo Planeta, 2015)

Type: Imagine


Pairing: Castiel x OC


Prompt: By: Cassandrafangirl14: Can you do a Castiel/Reader? Something fluffy with Cas showing Reader his wings?



You sigh in comfort as you slip on an over-sized shirt. It went down to your knees almost. Then again, you were quite petite so it was no surprise. You put your hair in a high pony-tail as you walked towards the crappy motel. You just got back from a hunt and you were feeling quite happy for yourself.

It was a simple salt and burn gig however it was nice to have something normal. After all, with everything that has happened with the apocalypse you were glad to have something easy to deal with.

As you sat down on the bed and pulled the covers up you slowly laid down. It was raining. And you could also hear the sound of lightning. You always slept better when it was raining so you were looking forward to sleeping. You went to reach over and turn off the lamp by your bed and did so. But as you went to resume your place under the covers you stopped. Your eyes widened as you remembered what you were supposed to do. You jumped out of the bed, although not before grabbing your phone, and walked to the center of the room.

You dialed the number before placing the phone to your ear. It barely rang before he answered. “(Y/N)? Is that you?” Castiel asked with reluctance which caused you to laugh in relief. “Yeah Cas, it’s me.” You said with a nod although you knew he couldn’t see you. “Where are you?” He asked quickly.

You took a moment to think before responding. “I’m in Colorado. In a small motel called Hindered Dream. Weird name, I know.” You said with a small laugh and Cas didn’t respond through the phone. “(Y/N).” You heard him speak behind you and you whirled around to see him standing there, looking at you with those attentive blue eyes of his.

You hit the ‘end’ button on your phone and let it fall to the floor before running into Castiel’s arms. His arms instantly wrapped around you and pulled you close as you buried your face in his shirt. “I’m so happy to see you.” You mumbled into his shirt. You hadn’t seen him in a few months now. He told you that he was going to be going through some things and that he would be busy for a while and to call him in a few months.

And you were so happy to see him.

“I’m happy to see you as well.” He muttered to you in that voice. The voice that made you relax and want to kiss him senseless. “I’m sorry I was missing for so long. However, I have a surprise for you.” He said to you causing you to pull away and look up at him with curiosity. “A surprise?” He nodded before pulling away from you. Much to your displeasure.

He motioned for you to step back and you did so reluctantly. He gave you a smile before nodding and closing his eyes. And then it happened. The lights in your room started flickering and you could see the TV in your room begin emitting static. And with the lightning flashing causing the room to light up and then darken, it was quite an atmosphere.

You wrapped your arms around yourself absently as you looked at Castiel. And that was when you saw it. Black shadows began uncurling from his back and you almost gasped as you realized what they were. His wings. They slowly spread out and you were amazed with how big they were. And how epic they looked. They flickered in and out with the lightning.

You slowly walked closer until you were right in front of him. His eyes were still closed. You reached out a hand to one of his wings. And right when your hand made contact with it, they were gone. You briefly remembered the feeling of softness against your hand before the room calmed down and stilled.

You looked up at Cas to see him looking down at you. His eyes were smoldering as they stared deep into yours. You stared back at wide eyes.

Did you do something wrong?


Were his wings sensitive?


Did you hurt him?


Your thoughts were interrupted when you felt warm lips smash against yours. Your eyes were wide as they looked at him. His were closed. You realized what was happening and wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His arms were around your waist and brought you closer.

You were not sure how long you 2 kissed. Seconds, minutes, hours… it did not matter. It was just you and him. He slowly pulled away from you before you both looked at each other. You both were out of breath as you looked at each other with emotion. “I love you.” You breathed out without thinking. And he smiled before speaking. “I believe I love you as well, (Y/N).” Before he pulled you into another kiss.

You grinned against his lips before you let your hands tangle into his hair and let yourself get lost in Your Angel’s arms.

Lyrics and vocals by Lovelymayor
Music and piano by @grivaire

You ever hear a matin’ call?
Cut through the sounds- of the rain that falls
While you cooped up stayin’ dry
Mammals out there testify

I need a mate
That’s what they say
Take me on a date
Or home to play

Every mammal got a need
Don’t matter if you wet or dry
Don’t matter if it’s rain or shine
We’re gonna stay up past bedtime
And let our limbs entwine

I need a mate
That’s what they say
Take me on a date
Or home to play

Foxes scream, Badgers churr
Wolves howl and kitties purr
Everyone’s got something they wanna do
But I just wanna get with you


Foxes scream, badgers churr
Wolves howl and kitties purr
Everyone’s got something they want to do
But I just wanna get with you

No rain gonna stop me now
Take my collar and get me out
Don’t matter if he bark or bray
He’ll keep me wet on a rainy day

I need a mate
That’s what I say
Take me on a date
Or home to play

Inspired by @nicolaswildes Zistopia AU

Made with SoundCloud
Our Single Error - Part 2

You woke up with a gasp, taking in air as your eyes shot open. Everything was dark, pitch black as you took the time to steady your breathing. You sat up and blinked your eyes to adjust to the dark until you were able to make out the familiar objects in your room.  

You let out a sigh and slapped a hand on your cheek before rubbing your forehead. You must have had a nightmare but you couldn’t remember if you did or not. Your body was shivering much due to how cold the house was; hearing the tell-tale sound of rain outside.

You got out of bed and slipped your feet into cozy slippers before exiting the room. The house was dark and silent just as it should be, the only sound was your slippers dragging across the wooden floor as you followed the familiar path down to the living room. You could see a flash of lightening through the curtain covered windows, illuminating the inside of the house and all its belongings.

Entering the living room you felt along the wall for the thermostat, your hand wrapping around the round device and turning until you heard a click knowing heat would be coming from the radiators soon.

You looked over to the windows before making your way over to them. You peeked out with your hand pushing the curtain aside, looking out the empty street and the dark houses across from yours. Your eyes trailed up at the sky, the dark clouds covering the moon as rain fell steady.

You pouted at the gloomy weather and decided to head back to bed, backing away from the windows as you gave a final look over at the street. But you didn’t get to turn around as your body backed into something hard and unusual making you jump and let out a noise of surprise. You couldn’t turn around quick enough as something like an arm wrapped around your torso tightly as well as a hand slapping against your mouth.

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Sentence Starters: Green Day [Part 1]
  • “Everything isn't meant to be okay.”
  • “There's nothing wrong with me.”
  • “This is how I was supposed to be.”
  • “You don’t believe in me?”
  • “Home is where your heart is.”
  • “No one really seems to care.”
  • “I could really care less.”
  • “I don't care if you don't care.”
  • “Everyone's so full of shit.”
  • “That's my best excuse.”
  • “I lost my faith.”
  • “I won't apologize.”
  • “You’re an extraordinary girl.”
  • “I’m all alone again.”
  • “Some days I feel like dying.”
  • “I’m so sick of crying.”
  • “Some days, it's not worth trying.”
  • “Hear the sound of the falling rain.”
  • “I beg to differ.”
  • “This is the rest of our lives.”
  • “We’re outlaws.”
  • “I walk a lonely road.”
  • “You’re the only one that I have ever known.”
  • “I don't know where this road goes.”
  • “You’re home to me.”
  • “I walk alone.”
  • “I’m the only one left.”
  • “Sometimes I wish that someone out there would find me.”
  • “Read in between the lines.”
  • “Everything's all right.”
  • “I'm still alive.”
  • “This dirty town is burning down.”
  • “I’m city-bound.”
  • “I’m screaming.”
  • “There are fairytales in my mind.”
  • “This is the story of my life.”
  • “Son of a bitch.”
  • “She has an angel face.”
  • “I have a taste for the suicidal."
Rains & Hugs

It was raining hard in Neverland that day. The sky turned grey, no sight of the sun. You can hear the rain pounding hard as it hit the ground.

You looked down from the balcony of Peter Pan’s treehouse, an extended roof protecting you from getting wet.

You saw the lost boy’s tents, the lost boys not in sight as they had taken refuge inside.

Your arms leaning, as you observe the camp but mostly the rain. You just love rains. It might be a bad weather for some but for you it was a lifesaver.

Back home before landing on Neverland, you used to trace the rain as they streamed down your window, observing them from your window seat. When you’re feeling sad, hearing the soothing sound of the rain makes you wiped away your tears and smile.

Peter leaned his body against the door frame. Arms folded in his chest as he observed you from behind, a smile plaster all over his face.

He saw you, smiling and giggling as you watch the rain fall harder. “What exactly are you doing, love?” he said, curious on what you’ll answer.

You looked back and saw Peter with his eyebrows at work again. “Watching the rain.” You said casually.

He walked closer to you and hugged you from behind. “Is the rain more amusing than me, love?” he asked you. You felt his breath touching your neck, tickling you.

You giggled as Peter burrowed his face in your neck. You smiled, still looking at the view. “To be honest, yes. Yes, it is.” You said jokingly.

You felt Peter’s arms no longer wrapped around you, making you grunt at the sudden lost. “Oh, really?” you heard him say.

You turned around, leaning against the rail of the porch. You smirk. “Why, jealous much?”

Upon hearing that, Peter Pan’s eyebrow raised. “No, I’m not!” he said, raising his voice than usual.

You laughed as you saw him pouting. Indeed, he is jealous.

You noticed the droplets of water dropping from the roof. You laid out your palm, the water hitting it and forming a tiny puddle.

“Oh, Peter~” you cooed as you continued collecting water.

Peter looked up at you by the sudden change of tone. He walked towards you, not knowing what’s ahead.

When he was about a few inches closer to you, you splashed the water in his face intentionally. The cold water hit his face. The look of horror painted on his face. Peter was surprised. Droplets of water streamed down his face.

You couldn’t help it but to laugh loudly, seeing his reaction. You clutched down your stomach for laughing so hard, causing you to tear up.

Peter looked at you as he wiped his face with his hand. An idea occurred to him. “So that’s how you want to play, huh?” he said, his accent on point. Your laughter died out as you glance at him, grinning from ear to ear.

You were confused when suddenly Peter wrapped his arms around you, trapping you from his hold.

You closed your eyes. You suddenly felt water hitting your head. You opened your eyes. You were now at the camp yard—Peter teleported you out from the treehouse.

Peter unclasped you from his hold. The rain poured harder, drenching you two.

“Oh my god, Peter!” You shouted at him once he let you go. You faced him, shocked.

Peter just laughed at you. You noticed his hair, water dripping all the way to his features. His clothes soaked in water. You wanted to die at the spot due to massive bleeding. He looked so sexy.

Peter noticed your cheeks burning red. He smirked as he looked at you gawking at him. “Like what you see, Y/n?”

You blushed harder but you shooed that thought. You plotted revenge at him. Feeling extra playful and childish, you sprinted towards him and pounced at him, making you and Peter fall into the ground.

You laughed as you saw the shocked face of Peter. You stood up and ran away from him as Peter stood up as well, wiping his face with a grin as he chased you.

As the rain streamed, you continued to play with Peter under the rain. Felix woke up from his nap, rubbing his eyes, due to the loud noises you were making.

He opened the door and was about to yell when he squinted his eyes and saw you along with his leader, on the ground, on top of each other, laughing.

He chuckled by the sight. “These kids…” he said as he closed the door and went back to his nap.

You both stood up. Peter caught you in his arms, swinging you from behind. You giggled as Peter laughed along.

The rain started to drizzle. The sun’s rays poking from the grey sky. Peter’s arms still wrapped around you.

You felt the coldness of the air swift around you but due to Peter’s hug, you felt rather warm.

“Peter,” you called, still not breaking from his grasp. You heard him hummed before responding.

“Yes, my love?” he said. His warm breath hitting your skin. “I think I have a—“ you didn’t get to finish when suddenly you sneezed. “—a cold.”

Peter chuckled as he faced you towards him.You looked up at him, your hands on his chest.

Your nose started to feel runny. “I can already see that.” He said with a chuckle as he pecked your forehead and teleported you both back inside.

/A not so feminist rant/

I wake up everyday in a neighbourhood
where housemakers walk about
in their gowns daily, a little too late
in the morning talking about how all men
are but the same.
“Do you know he married a month after his wife’s funeral?” “Really?” “Oh, must have been cheating all their marriage.”
And as their flip flops accompany the sound of the rain, I hear them say it again.
“All men are the same.”
My mother tells me sometimes, how if I were a boy, I’d be getting slaps for the work I didn’t do, or differently than what I had been expected to do. “They’re tougher to handle. They don’t listen.” And then she repeats the overused sentence all over again.
“Ugh. All men are the same.”
“Don’t trust them with your gut.” I’ve been told so many times that I have lost count. “They will wait for you if they love you. Don’t have sex with them till marriage.” In unwitted conversations that fail to even make me angry anymore, hidden are the same familiar words, “all men are the same.”
My friends noticed I was getting a little fat, I said in utmost humour that my boyfriend still doesn’t mind. “Of course he doesn’t. ” They said. “They like more flesh to suck on, don’t you know? Men. They’re the same.”
I’ve heard it more in my head whenever I’ve met their eyes, than in the sentences sprung out of women who believe a little too much in things that have not even happened to them, but have heard from other ladies imprisoned in thoughts of mindless social constructs that order, “all men are the same.”
If they’re the same, why is there a term “great men” to be distinguished from others? If they’re that terrible why are you all married or drooling after one of them? If they are so sexual why has society ordered them for centuries to take care of homes in summer and in rain and if they’re that terrible why do you like to have them around?
“They like it when you reveal your skin, not too much, no never too much. Dress and woo him. Be independent but not so much.” Why shape your life according to them anyway? Be your own, woman. Be your own, maybe learn something from a gender that, just like an Internet trend, was at first overhyped then thrashed down after a few of the community fucked things around. Don’t you see them who are “not the same”? “Some are different. ” You argue. No, I say. All are different. Stop defining individuals by their gender in a time where persons even refuse to be defined as one. See the face, the hair, the gesture and if it’s worth it, the soul. Don’t keep your wrist watch ticking like a time bomb when you’re with one of them, waiting for something they do to tell you again, “all men are the same.”

Okay but imagine the OT5 getting some quality down time together. Like maybe it’s one of those summer days where the sky just opens up and it’s pouring so hard that there’s no way the gang could do any cabeswater/glendower stuff. 

  • Adam and Blue happen to have the day off so everyone just heads to Monmouth and they all just hang out.
  • They all pile into Gansey’s bed and pull out his laptop to watch netflix or something and they can barely hear it over the sound of the rain on the metal roof.
  • But of course the power goes out half way through the movie and everyones terrified(Ronan chose something scary and now they’re all jumpy) 
  • so Gansey and Adam go find like a bunch of random candles that are all different shapes and sizes (theres birthday cake candles and some of those scented candles labeled things like “deep forrest pine” and “Christmas miracles” or some shit and Gansey pretends they’re his but they’re probably Ronan’s tbh) 
  • They’re still hella freaked from the movie and candle light is only 20% less creepy than total darkness.
  • One particularly big thunder clap and suddenly Gansey’s holding onto Blues hand and Noah’s face is buried in her chest and Ronan’s leaning closer to Adam than he’d ever dare to in the daylight. 
  • It’s obvious everyones scared at this point so Gansey asks Ronan to tell them the old stories that Niall used to tell him when he was little. Ronan groans and rolls his eyes but he sees Adam and Blue lean in a little closer in anticipation so he gives in. They’re mostly old fairy tales, and Adam loves the way his voice sounds, with just a hint of an accent lacing his words.
  • And so Ronan talks and talks until the thunder starts to fade and everyone’s fallen asleep around him and Adam’s head is in his lap and Blue’s arms are wrapped around his leg and he can’t remember the last time a thunder storm made him feel so safe and warm and happy.

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Today I learned why it's a bad idea to live in a house with a tin roof in a thunderstorm prone area. Turns out there's been lightning quite close by for the past half hour or so, but I didn't know because I couldn't hear the thunder over the sound of the rain. Also, I think I may have just developed tinnitus.

That sounds very loud and annoying