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Part 10: Midnight

Summary: Pizza, PJs, and Philosophy. Things get a little emotional again. 

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They ordered pizza and argued amiably over the movie they would watch. Because it was already after eight, they knew, realistically, they wouldn’t have time to watch more than one or maybe two, if the midnight deadline turned out to be real. Ultimately, Thomas grabbed a handful of bendy straws, cut one short and concealed it in his fist, and they drew for it. Patton won, and selected Beauty and the Beast, which no one else minded (when Patton tossed him a wink, Thomas hid a smile, realizing Patton had chosen a tried-and-true favorite of everyone’s to keep them from arguing any longer). 

While they waited for the pizza to arrive, Thomas suggested they set up the living room so they could all pile up and sleep downstairs. 

“There’s not room for everyone in the bedroom anyway,” he said. “And it’s not like I’m going to leave you guys alone. Especially if…” he trailed off, unable to finish the sentence. 

“It makes perfect sense,” Logan said. “It will allow us to remain in close contact with one another, which we may find…reassuring.” 

“Yeah, plus: slumber party!” Patton cried exuberantly. “Thomas! Can I borrow your cat onesie?” 

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Sorry dear, I mostly do reactions! (If that was what you were asking for please excuse my understanding skills) 💖💖💖


Joins in with his absolutely lovely dancing.

“Love, I think your dancing is just as bad as mine” Is the first thing you would hear out of his mouth. Sassy Jin just roasted the both of you at the same time, damn. If the song was upbeat, you’d join him in just moving your body in odd directions. The dad dance™️. If it was a slower, sad song, he would break out the romantic dance. And as you two danced he sure enjoyed the show you gave him with such clothes on 😉

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Admires you from afar

Yoongi has never felt such ways to see his partner cleaning your shared place in revealing clothing dancing to a song he helped make. The sense of pride that surged through him only helped to enlarge his ego, you were so stunning. Domesticity was the sweetest thing to him

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Stops to admire you for a little, before helping you clean and dance.

To say Hoseok was tired would be an understatement of them all. Hoseok was exhausted. All he wanted to do was crash on the bed and cuddle you. So when he entered your abode to be met with the sound of a BTS song playing, and hearing the sound of movement, he was bewildered. “Babe,” he called out, “what’s going on?”

You didn’t hear him enter, the music was up too loud, you were sure the neighbors were going to file a noise complaint. But when you felt two arms wrap around you from behind, and a head nuzzle into your hair you were met with the familiarity of Hoseok.

“I’ll help you clean if you dance with me”

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Does not join in but he sure does admire

You looked like a whole damn meal to Namjoon, smiling, laughing and throwing smirks his way. He came home to find you dancing to a song of his while doing the dishes. Cleaning was always more entertaining with music, you had told him on multiple occasions. He would not dance, it’s not something he particularly enjoys to do. Yet he chose to watch you, and slide his eyes down your beautiful body

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Joins in ×2

“You could’ve waited for me!”

And the next thing you know Jimin was grinning beside of you, his hair tousled and face tinged with pink. Damn, he was beautiful. Warning: if it has anything to do with water it will turn into a fight of bubbles and kisses. You both made a huge mess of the kitchen, you just wanted to do the dishes for fucks sake. Honestly, who could stay mad at Jimin?? He just made your day so much more interesting

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Surprisingly, he admires you.

Having fun with his partner was something Tae would not turn down. Except he came home and had the breath knocked out of him because of how hot you look. Such a simple tasks, washing the dishes, was making his heart full of love. You looked so cute, doing the quirk you do when you’re concentrating. The cherry on top was you were dancing and it was to a BTS song! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph help this poor man

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Get pranked

I swear yall, Jungkook is a little shit. A devious, cute, little shit. When the opportunity for a prank arises, who is he to say no? You had the music up so loud you didn’t hear the door opening and closing and the sounds of his footsteps. One peek into the kitchen proved you were preoccupied with your dancing, how cute. Walking very quickly, and silently over to the speaker he turned it off and hid. This kept up for 5 minutes until he noticed you getting frustrated and decided to pop out when you checked on the speaker again.

Yes, the neighbors did call the cops when he jumped out and you screamed bloody murder

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Pairing: Cop!Bucky x Vet!Assistant!Reader x Vet!Steve

Summary: One misplaced pregnancy test leads to a vet emergency
A/N: I love writing this pairing, I hope you guys like this one! You can read the first fic of this pairing here 
Warnings: Mentions of vomiting 
Word count: 1,276                                                                    
Author: @bucky-plums-barnes

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You groan softly as you roll over in your large bed. Digging your face into the pillow you feel the draining fatigue taking over your body. Not moving for a moment works until a wave of nausea hits you. The covers fall to the ground in a heap as you kick to them in your attempt to scramble to the bathroom. Falling to your knees at the toilet, you’re faintly aware of the barking behind you. You empty what little contents you held in your stomach, taking a deep breath after. A nudge at your side alerts you to the furry presence next to you. Bucky’s police dog Valerie was home today because Bucky was at the office doing paperwork. Valerie had come into yours, Steve but particularly Bucky’s life at a very hard time after the loss of his first dog making each day easier.

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w͏ho͠'s̴ ͞n̶ex̀t? - pt 3

(pt 1) (pt 2)

Chase’s room was usually so silent when he wasn’t having an episode. And now that those were starting to become less and less frequent, no one hardly heard anything from him anymore. Eventually they stopped hesitating as they walked past his door to listen.

It had been at least three more weeks since Chase came back, and only a few days since he had been able to sit up in bed. Now they were hearing new noises–or rather, the same noise. Over and over, just loud enough to hear beyond his door.

“…Look. I don’t…. I don’t know what to tell you Chase. Things are really complicated and I just, I need my space. A-And it’s not like I don’t understand? It’s just that you… I don’t know. I don’t know. We’ll talk later, ok? I have to take the kids to school.”

That evening, Marvin was walking by Chase’s room on the way to his and heard it again. He had heard it so much he nearly had it memorized, down to every long pause. It was haunting.

He didn’t know why, but Marvin found himself slowly opening the door. The doctor had told them never to go into his room–at least not yet–but Chase was his friend and he had a right.

When he peeked his head in, it didn’t seem like Chase even noticed him. He was sitting upright in his bed, propped up by pillows. His covers had been kicked off and he looked sweaty, maybe from a nightmare. His eyes had huge bags under them and were red with sleeplessness, fixed on the phone in his hands. After the message ended he would move his thumb to replay it, but it was his only movement.

“Chase?” Marvin dared to say quietly.

Chase flinched as if he had been struck, dropping his phone onto his lap. His head shot up, his eyes wide with an intense terror that Marvin had never seen. For a moment that expression was frozen on his face and he started breathing heavily.

“Hey, it’s just me buddy!” Marvin offered, trying to sound as gentle as possible. He slid fully into the room to show himself.

“W̛h̕at̕'͡s w̸r̀o̴n̕g,͘ ̴bud͡d̵y̛? It’s ̶onl͘y me…” Flashes of pain. Aching, screaming bones. Stomach emptying onto the cement.

A long, shaky breath. 

“Hi,” Chase finally said.

Marvin’s eyes knitted in concern. “What’s up?” he asked. He wasn’t expecting a very clear answer.

Chase looked back to his lap, folding his trembling hands on his lap. Every word was hoarse and broken, like he hadn’t used his voice in a while. Or he had been screaming. “I, uh… I’m just resting.”

It was such a relief to hear Chase speak that Marvin could almost forget the way he had jumped before. He smiled weakly. “It’s great to have you back, man.”

“It’s great to be back.”

Even his words sounded so empty and distant. So devoid of meaning. His eyes had returned to his phone, almost like he had already forgotten Marvin was standing there.

Marvin watched him for a moment, feeling his heart twist a little in pain. “Well, I’ll… I’ll let you rest some more,” he said finally. Chase didn’t seem to hear him.

Unsure of what else to say, Marvin slid back through the door and closed it behind him.


(written by @antidarkimagines)

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Christmas Music

Day 5 of 12 Days of Shipmas! I tried to make this little drabble longer, but Harry was so happy and content that I couldn’t. Enjoy!

Read on FF.net or Ao3.

Mrs. Weasley waves her wand and just like that, the wireless is on and Celestina Warbeck’s warbly voice is filling the downstairs of the Burrow. Harry glances up at her from his spot on the couch, but she just smiles at him and continues on her way to the kitchen.

Harry sighs contentedly. Ginny is lying on the couch with her head in his lap, and as much as Harry enjoys Mrs. Weasley’s company {and cooking}, his greatest Christmas wish is to remain in this exact spot for eternity.

Harry hears the kitchen door open and Ron and Hermione enter and greet Mrs. Weasley. He glances down at Ginny, but she seems undisturbed by Ron’s yelps and Molly’s scoldings. Harry shifts carefully and wiggles his toes, checking for circulation. Ginny’s head is a solid weight on his legs, her hair fanning up his jumper just a bit. Harry smiles and lets his fingers skate back and forth over her shoulder.

In this moment, with Ron and Hermione chatting with Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen, with Mr. Weasley coming down the stairs with Percy, with Charlie due to arrive any minute, with Celestina Warbeck crooning on the wireless in the background, with Ginny asleep on his lap, Harry finds he is deeply, impossibly content.

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Just wanted to say that I'm unsure about the other "clues" in the Osaka V-Live, but I do know for a fact that the bathroom light being off when Tae walks in and on later is due to the fact that JK accidentally hits the master light switch and throws the room in darkness for a sec and when he hits it again to turn the light on of course ALL the lights come on. That's what the master switch does, haha. You see the foyer light is also on when it wasn't before. It's a pretty common hotel feature.

Oh right I knew I forget to mention something. Thanks for bringing this up. This happens when JK is standing next to the bedside table though? Isn’t the master switch usually near the door? I’m not sure though. But anyway it also could be that the person in the bathroom attempted to turn on the bathroom lights but pressed the wrong switch. Because you can hear the door when JK is in the shot with T and a bit later there is that “oh you scared me”.

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Glad you're opening requests! ;) So, my finals are coming pretty soon, so here's a suggestion - Penny messing with the reader who is trying their best to concentrate on their countless notes and textbooks, but the sewer clown just doesn't really care and wants attention NOW

Thank you for being my first ask yay! and aw that sounds so fricken adorable ok, ok.

So you’re in your room at your desk and you’ve got a mountain of books, papers and work in front of you. You’re listening to music to help you concentrate and you’re deep in the middle of writing an essay. You’re head down and focused for once, suddenly you hear little taps on your door, you know who it is but you don’t have time to mess around now, you NEED to concentrate. The light taps turn into knocking and scratching, you even hear a little giggle. Looking up and sighing out of frustration, you shout out “Penny I know it’s you, but i’m really busy so go away, we’ll play later” 

Your door creaks and slowly opens up, revealing him with a pouty expression on his face, he’s holding a bright red balloon and shuffles awkwardly at your door frame, barely able to stand in view without his head touching the the ceiling because of his height. You put your head back down and try to ignore it, all though it’s a charming sight you can’t afford to get distracted, even though you kinda want to. “But i wanna play now human, pretty please” he shreiks in an innocent, child like voice. You muffle through your fist over your mouth whilst you continue on typing “Penny, i told you, I can’t, i have to write this essay or i’m screwed” He senses the stress and aggravation on your face, so in his attempts to break your seriousness he does a sort of prancing like dance over to your chair, he puts his hand on your shoulder and moves his fingers in a spider like movement tickling you. You shuffle in your seat trying to not it get to you. The clown is getting impatient now, annoyed at your stubborness, as the tickling gets more erratic, you scowl and huff with annoyance “I told you we will play later, how many more times do I have to repeat myself pen? I know you’re not from this world and human things are confusing to you but sometimes being human isn’t all fun and games”.   He tilts his head, looking slightly dissapointed and perplexed “But that’s silly, boring stuff, you’re not boring like all the others, so have fun with me!”

Without warning he suddenly hops upon your desk, right infront of you, sending books and paper to crash to the floor with a loud thud. He’s perched like an owl, and even though you’re completely pissed off that you have to clean everything up, the way he’s sitting, looking at you with his cute little buck teeth showing in excitement makes you blush and slightly grin. “Is that a smile I seeeee?” he chirps at you, as you glance up at him, raising your eyebrow. “Thanks for making a mess, you really live up to that form you take” you say smugly and sarcastically. He giggles at you “Well you know me, sweet thing. Gotta get into character” He reaches out his long gloved finger and bops you on the nose and you can’t help but let out a slight giggle back and lean your head into his chest. You grab the balloon he brought for you and twirled the string between your fingers, everything goes silent for a minute before you come out with a question. “Why me?, why do you choose to be around me?” He hops of the desk and leans out his hand, beckoning you to grasp it. You do and he gently pulls you up off your chair and gives you an over the top twirl like guys do with girls in musicals from the 50s, bringing your waist closer to his. “Because you’re my favourite” Suddenly all the work you were faced with, the barely written essay, the paperwork, the heavy books and crumpled up sheets scattered over the floor don’t matter, the only thing that matters is now and this moment. 

You’re not like others, you’re in love with an alien, demonic entity that takes form of a clown and you don’t give two shits how weird that sounds. Because he chose you, 


First Date

Finally finished with the story suggested by @killdogaan here is the rest of the first date scene! Story from BLOSSOM INK AU I hope you like the rest of it! 

After weeks of swiping left Peggy finally found a match on one of the many dating sites, she’s tried out. Today was the first date between them and was nervously getting ready. Fumbling all over her place stubbing her toes and running around frantically getting ready. Smiling wide and excited feeling the butterflies swarm around her belly Peggy goes to take a cold shower hoping it calms her nerves. After turning off the water and putting the towel on her body and hair she hears a knock on the door. Confused because she wasn’t expecting company Peggy rushes over to open the door. Her eye light up seeing Hercules standing with a bouquet. Holding the towel up with one hand she uses the other to pull him in. “Hercules Mulligan! Just the man I needed!”

Lifting the bouquet of flowers in greeting Hercules barely got a word out before he was yanked into the apartment. “Can I ask why-” he turned around to face her and turned red at the sight of a naked Peggy, with only a towel to maintain her modesty. “Oh, whoa, okay, um,” Herc fumbled over his words then realizing he should stop staring like a creep, averted his gaze and held up the flowers for a shield. “Petunias?”

Not acknowledging his tomato face Peggy takes the flowers, “They look lovely just as all the flowers you bring do.” Putting them in a vase with water she returns and grabs his arm to lead him to her bedroom talking along the way. “I have a date tonight and need the help of your amazing taste. Can you make me irresistible?”

The farther Peggy pulled him into the apartment the farther Hercules sunk into the friend zone. Nevertheless, he plastered a smile on his face to mask his simmering jealousy as he let her guide him into the bedroom. “Ah, sure! Don’t know what about jeans and regular t-shirts makes you think I have great taste, but I’ll do my best.”

“Pshh, Herc we’ve been friends for a long time. I know you like the back of my hand so don’t play that game of pretending you have no taste.” Once in the room, she opens the closet pulling out a sunflower printed vest with a black mini skirt, “Now before you say anything it gets better!” Smiling like a kid on Christmas she flips a mini switch making some of the flowers petal light up. “Perfect right!”

Hercules stood silently; watching the rhythmic blinking of the vest’s lights in shocked horror. He looked over at Peggy with grave seriousness, “Who hurt you?”

Giving a clueless smile she tilts her head at the question. “What do you mean? So I’m taking it you like the sweater!”

“Peggy,” he put a hand on her shoulder, “sweetheart, no” Taking the vest, Herc tossed it over to her desk chair before he ventured into the closet. “You can’t show up to a Tinder date looking like a cross between a PTA mom and a minor with a fake ID.”

“Hey!” Pouting as she watches the vest fly in the air Peggy puts her hands on her hips. “I thought that was a great vest.” Getting defensive she straightens her back letting the towel slip a bit.

Tsking in disapproval, Hercules selected a few tops and bottoms and laid them on their bed. “Not if you want to knock them off their feet. Also-” glancing over at Peggy he stopped mid-sentence as his face heated up again. “Uum,” Herc quickly looked back down at the clothes, “do you need me to leave so you can put a robe on or… something?”

Her face softening she sighs, “You’re right, I guess that wasn’t the best outfit.” Looking over the choices she picks up a yellow spaghetti strap dress and holds it against herself. “I think I’m going with this one, what do you think? And you don’t need to leave it’s quicker if you stay in case it isn’t perfect. You can cover your eyes but Herc, you’re my best friend I trust you.”

Herc gave another forced smile; internally tending to his wounded ego. With a low sigh, he sank down onto the edge of the bed. “Friend or acquaintance, I’m still a guy with a libido,” he chuckled halfheartedly to himself. Moving on from that he lifted his head and looked at the dress she was holding up. “Looks nice, but is it a casual date or a fancy one?”

“Well, I think a more casual date, he didn’t really give details just a place to meet.” Putting the dress down she plops next to Herc on the bed putting her hand on his arm, “Yeah but come on Herc, it’s not like you would actually date me.” Scoffing she looks down with a strained smile. Then quickly looks up, “so the outfit, should I try it on or something else? “

Honestly, he just wanted to come right out and say it. Just confess how he’d love to date her and how he’s had a crush on her for a while. But considering he was helping her get ready for a date, Herc didn’t think now was an appropriate time. Giving an equally strained smile, he elbowed Peggy playfully as he turned to look at the pile of clothing. “I don’t think your date would appreciate me stealing his date away.” His hands landed on a crop top and black jeans, “How about this?”

Smirking a bit at the playful attitude Peggy rests her head on his arm. “That is probably the one, and yeah but at least I know a date with you would be fun, who knows what Thomas Jefferson is going to do.” Getting off the bed Peggy goes to her drawer and slips on some black panties along with a pale yellow strapless bra. Throwing the towel on him with a laugh she takes the top and pants putting them on. “You can take off the towel and tell me what you think.” Fiddling with her fingers as she stares at him awaiting an answer.

Hercules jumped a little in surprise, grabbing the towel out of reflexive habit but leaving it over his face. “Hey!” He laughed at the unexpected move, “I don’t get to peek? Having a damp towel in your face isn’t the best y’know.” After waiting patiently, he finally dropped the towel with an exaggerated sigh of relief. “Finally, give a guy a warning next time will you Peg…” Herc trailed off as he looked her up and down.

Chuckling she shakes her head then mumbles under her breath, “I wish you’d do more than peek sometimes…” Smiling awkwardly as Herc eyed her down Peggy blushes while rubbing the back of her neck. “Geez Herc, you’re making me feel like I’m an item at a grocery store with how hard you’re checking me out.”

The pun brought him back to reality, and Herc laughed to cover up the awkwardness. “That Thomas guy won’t know what hit him. You look amazing.” Quickly gathering the stray pieces of clothing, he put them back where they belonged in the closet. “Need any help doing your hair or anything?” Even though he had fulfilled his purpose, he’d quickly latch onto any reason to stay a little longer.  

“I think I’m just going to blow it, but if you want we can walk to the plaza together. Scope out the guy and then talk about it later with some cookies.” Taking the towel off her head Peggy lets her hair fall down dripping on the floor, using the towel to try and dry it. “Unless you have to go to the event already.”

His lips curled into a smile as Peggy let her wet hair down. It was a cute look, messy and like a cute wet dog. “I don’t meet up with my friend until two, but I should have time for cookies and gossip later.”

“Perfect!” Moving to the bathroom a blow dryer is the only sound throughout the apartment. Once done with her hair and makeup Peggy goes back to the room jumping on Herc. “I’m very excited! It’s the first date I’ve had in awhile. Did you want to see his profile?” Not waiting for an answer she pulls out her phone showing him while still laying on top.

Herc grunted when Peggy landed on him, shifted so she was laying comfortably and he could see the phone. His eyebrows raised when he saw the guy’s profile picture, which was 90% curls and 10% face. “Damn, his hair’s bigger than my bank account.”

Rolling over so she’s on her back Peggy laughs, “Imagine how much he spends on hair products? But hey, it should be fun playing with his hair, bet it feels like a cloud!”

“Uh uh,” he shook his head, “Hair like that takes time, he probably won’t let you touch it in case you mess it up.”

“Ha, I bet he’ll let me touch plus I like big things so I’m on a mission to play.” She gives him an eyebrow wiggle smirking.

An eyebrow raise was all Herc gave in response, which was pretty good considering how well he managed to mask the surge of jealousy that suddenly hit him. “His hair’s probably the only big thing.” He gave an innocent smirk back, then got out of bed. Stretching his arms above his head, he turned back to look at Peggy. “Ready to go? Don’t want to keep Mr. Big Hair Jefferson waiting.”

Quickly moving out of the way so she won’t tumble Peggy looks at him shook. “Oh, I don’t see your hair anywhere near as big as his.” Then lays out on her bed pretending to nap, “just five more minutes.”

That was a fair point. Herc shrugged, “I make up for it in other areas.” Moving down to the edge of the bed, he grabbed hold of Peggy’s ankles and started to pull her down towards him. “Nope, five minutes turns to ten, ten into fifteen, fifteen into half an hour,” he nodded towards the wall clock that read 1:23, “and next thing you know, you miss your date.”

Letting herself be dragged towards him Peggy looks up, “You know, when I imagined this I thought the circumstances would be different, but I’m okay with this.” Still surprisingly calm she takes a look at the time and immediately switches over to panic mode.”Oh no! The date is at 1:30 we need to hurry! Go faster Herc!”

Rolling his eyes Herc slowly starts tickling her foot, causing Peggy to burst into a fit of giggles squirming around to be free. “It’s not my date Pegs, plus you still need shoes.”

Having enough she taps the bed hoping for some mercy, “Okay, okay I’ll hurry! Can you please get my lucky sunflower clip and I’ll put on some shoes.” shaking so he let’s go of her legs Peggy goes searching for socks, making sure he left the room she puts on a pair of black converse running out before he could notice. “I’ll start walking! Make sure to lock up!”

Not waiting Peggy starts speed walking away, Herc was about to say something but hears the door slam. Grabbing the clip he moves to catch up lightly jogging to finally meet her. “You know for someone with short legs you sure do move fast.” Slowing down he transitions to a casual walk while Peggy keeps her fast pace.

Once arriving at the plaza down the street Peggy takes a breath panting a bit, “Huh, I guess I’m early,” wiping the little beads of sweat off her forehead she smiles at Herc. “Can I have my clip? Need it if I’m going to get lucky tonight.” Winking she playfully nudges her elbow at him. Handing over the clip Hercules forces another smile hating what she’s implying.

Cheek twitching a bit he takes a small breath and gives Peggy an adoring look. Moving in front of her he puts on the clip, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “You don’t need it to be lucky, you’re beautiful and charming I don’t think he could resist even if he wanted to.” Staring into her eyes for a second longer than friends he coughs realizing his actions. “Umm, w-well I’ll let you go. Gotta Meet up with Laf in a bit.” Taking a step back he rubs his neck then uses the other to give her a small wave. “I’ll talk to you later.”

Watching him slowly walk away she waves, practically glowing with excitement as Peggy looks around trying to catch a glimpse of Jefferson. Taking out her phone she just thinks he’s running late as the screen shows 1:37pm. Sending a message to him she puts her phone away hoping that any footsteps that come near might be his but after looking with hopeful eyes she turns back around her head slumming lower after each turn. Getting tired of standing Peggy takes a seat on the fountain fiddling with her fingers as she checks to see if he responded, but instead sees he saw it and no response. Swallowing the lump in her throat she starts taking deeper breaths noticing each and every person watching her, fists clench putting on a brave face as people stare with judgmental looks.She can’t help the pain in her chest as the screen shows 1:57pm knowing he’s not coming. Putting on the biggest smile she could muster Peggy wipes away the tears refusing to let herself cry over this, or at least in public. Waiting there she tries to control herself wishing she stayed home instead and not in a crowded plaza but never felt more alone.

In a store nearby you see a man with hair so luxurious you’d think he’d have been in a shampoo commercial, hunched down peeping at Peggy through a window. Sighing every few seconds his eyebrows scrunched up lost in thought not knowing he looked like a pervert.

Outside the same store stood another man absentmindedly tugging on his curls held together in a ponytail. Every so often he’d look down and tap out a reply on his phone, seemingly engaged in a conversation with someone. A little bored from waiting, he looked up and his gaze fell on a guy peeping suspiciously out a window. Following the man’s line of sight, his lips curled in disgust as he realized the man was staring at a woman sitting by the fountain. Quel putain de fluage  he thought aloud, muttering under his breath as he walked over to the shop and entered in a few strides. Ignoring the pastel displays and buzzing employees, he made a beeline for the creeper and harshly tapped on his shoulder. “Excusez-moi monsieur, but you need to leave that girl alone.”

Upon getting caught and called out Jefferson was in no mood to talk to anyone. Voicing his thought, “Shut up you stupid baguette-” turning around to face him Thomas stopped mid-sentence fumbling over words and thoughts. Oh, fuck he’s hot praying nobody could read his mind. Blinking to bring him back to reality he gets defensive, “Look, stranger, why don’t you go eat a snail or whatever the hell you do in Monticello, I’m busy.” Not bothering to continue talking he focuses back on Peggy, his stomach tightening even more when he sees her rub his eyes.

Lafayette blinked slowly in confusion. Did he just call him… a baguette? Shaking off the weird insult, he stood his ground. “Oh yeah?” Laf scoffed, pointing out the window towards Peggy, “busy doing what, stalking people?”

Lifting an arm trying to swat him away Jefferson sighs, “Not people,” lowering his voice to a soft whisper being gentle with his words, “her name is Peggy, and I screwed up with that beauty so here I am.” Getting up he faces Laf, “Talking to you, hiding in a store watching from a distance.”

His ears perked up at the familiar name but didn’t mention that he knew her right away. “Comment how?”

“Who do you think she’s waiting for?” Avoiding eye contact he looked at the ground his shoulders drooping and physic getting smaller every minute. “She’s out there all alone and sad because of me.I-I can’t go.”

Ahh, the poor bastard got cold feet. Lafayette went to respond when his phone chimed, and he looked down to read the text with a small smile. “You might be in trouble either way.”

He peeks up, “What how what do you mean?” Jefferson eyes him suspiciously, “How could I be in trouble?”

Giving a small chuckle, Lafayette slung his arm around Thomas’ shoulder. “Well, you see that big guy over there?” Lafayette gestured towards a tall, stocky approaching figure balancing two takeout bags on one arm. “He’s coming here to meet up with me for an event and,” he pointed towards Peggy out the window, “that’s his best friend over there that you ditched.”

Thomas took a look, then his eyes widened to the point anyone would have the fear they would pop off. “I, well it’s not like he would know I was the date unless someone says anything.” Then looks at Laf darting his gaze, “ plus I feel bad enough not like I need an ass whooping.”

“Relax.” Pulling his phone out he typed a quick excuse for not being able to make it before Herc could get close to the shop. Watching him through the glass he saw Herc read the text and could practically hear the sigh of disappointment from across the street. “There you go Mr. Stalker, those clue games aren’t my forte anyway.” Lafayette didn’t know why he called off his plans with Herc to save a stranger that didn’t seem like that good of a person; maybe his hair had hypnotized him.

Pursuing his lips, unsure how to feel right now he just takes a moment to look at Laf on his shoulders. “Um thanks, sorry for missing clue games? “

A grin spread across his face, “No need mon ami, but that was my food he walked off with, so as thanks, you can treat me to lunch.” Not waiting for Thomas to reply, Lafayette grabbed his hand and pulled him along as he left the store in search of a nearby cafe.   

Balancing the Subway bags on his arm, Hercules scrolled through his texts as he walked across the plaza, heading to the stairs by the chain of shops where he and Laf agreed to meet up. Suddenly a text from Lafayette came through: [Desole mon ami, something came up last minute and I can’t go :(. I see your lovely “friend” Peggy sitting alone by the fountain, be safe and use protection ;))] Hercules groaned in annoyance; slipping his phone into his pocket. It sucked that Laf bailed last minute like that and wait-, he said something about Peggy? Hercules scanned the area, his feet quickly carrying him towards the center of the plaza where the fountain was. She should be on her date, why was she alone in the same spot? Catching sight of Peggy, Herc’s chest tightened when he saw her slouched form and the questioning stares of people walking by. Not liking the way people were staring at her, Hercules walked up to Peggy and put a hand on her shoulder. “Hey! Sorry, I’m late, I just stopped to get us some lunch.” Herc took her hand, keeping the smile on his face as his eyes said: “Play along.”

Startled by the voice Peggy looks up blinking away tears when she sees Hercules. Squeezing his hand she sighs, “Yeah, well I’m ready to go.”

Concerning leaked into his expression as he quickly pulled Peggy along until they were away from there, walking down the sidewalk until they were in a not so busy area. His car was just up ahead, and once they got to it Hercules stopped; turning around to face Peggy. “Peg,” he questioned in a gentle voice, “are you okay? Did something happen?”  

Shaking her head no Peggy moves to hug him burying herself in his chest. “I got stood up. He never came, I was just there not knowing what to do and it was horrible.”

He hugged her closer, lightly rubbing her back as she explained. Instantly he was pissed off and wanted to go find the guy just so he could beat him to a pulp. “It’s okay,” he reassured her, “it’s okay Peggy, guys like that don’t deserve a second of your attention anyway.”

“Yeah, I know, but it would have been fun going out you know?” Nuzzling against him she stays quiet for a moment enjoying his company trying to ignore her beating heart. “Plus you came over and helped me get dressed for nothing.”

Herc shook his head, “Not for nothing.” Pulling back from the hug he raised the Subway bags. “I have two subs and no partner for this murder mystery game I signed up for so…” He looked down as he rubbed his neck in embarrassment. “Will you be the Sherlock to my Watson?” Realizing how awfully cheesy that sounded, he stumbled over his words as he tried to backtrack, “W-what I mean is, I’ll be your date for today if you, y’know want.”

Chuckling a small smile appears on her face. “I’d be honored to be your Watson, and are you asking me out?” A light blush bloomed on her cheeks after asking it out loud.

Taking a deep breath, Herc steeled his nerves and held Peggy’s hand. “Yes,” a small smile played on his lips as he kissed the back of her hand, “And I promise to show you a better time then he would’ve.”

Peggy becomes an enthusiast mess repeating yes over and over as she hugs him again. “I’ve wanted to go on a date for awhile but I thought you weren’t interested. Of course, I’ll go!”

A laugh bubbled up from him at Peggy’s enthusiasm, returning her hug. “Well geez, if I’d known I would’ve asked a lot sooner.” Enjoying the hug but aware of the time Hercules tilted Peggy’s head up by her chin and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “As much as I love your hugs, we should probably wait until we’re at the place. We can eat in the car on the way there, sound good?”

Eyes sparkling she sighs reluctantly letting go, “fine I guess I’m just excited but we should probably actually go on the date huh?” Finally releasing him she starts walking towards his car eager to begin. “Hurry up, don’t want to be late.” Teasing him as she walks faster.  

He strides to catch up to her, “I’m coming I’m coming, this old body doesn’t move like it used to,” he replied with an elderly voice. Getting his keys out of his pocket he unlocked the car, then moved ahead of Peggy so he could open the door for her. With a flourished he bowed, making sure not to jostle the subs. “Your chariot awaits, Mademoiselle Schuyler.”

Laughing a bit she can’t help but smile wide, “Why thank you Monsieur Mulligan, and sorry to hear about your body guess I’ll be finding all the clues.” Taking a step inside she buckles up for safety because that’s important.

Rolling his eyes, Herc shuts the door and climbs in the driver’s side, not forgetting to put on his seatbelts. “I’m not much of a detective, more like the moral support guy, but I can interrogate people. Be the good cop to your bad cop or however you do it.” He started the car and listened to the engine purr before turning to face Peggy. “Okay, so before we go serious question,” Hercules pulled the subs out of the bag, “cold meatball sub, or cold meat lover’s sub?”

Thinking long and hard she points to the meat lover sub. “That one and can your poor grandpa jaw handle a meatball sub?” Sticking her tongue out because that is going to be a big tease from now on.

“You clearly haven’t seen me deepthroat a twelve inch.” Pulling out from the parking space, Hercules unwrapped his sub and bit off a piece, eyes on the road as he turned a corner.

Peggy snorts at the response, “Mnm I beat that’s quite a show, have to see it sometime.” Looking out the window she smiles at all the people and pets that pass, “do you know the place or did you want me to look it up?”

He shook his head as they pulled up to a red light. “It’s fine, I know where we’re going. It’s fine, I know where we’re going. It’s on the same street as this dance studio I go to.”  

“That’s good, I was worried your mind wouldn’t be what it used to be either. Dance studio?” An eyebrow arch as she shifts to look at him.

Smirking at the old man jab, he nodded. “It’s a good work out without feeling like I’m exercising.”

“Hmm,” she puts her hand on her chin, “that’s a good point, what type of dance?”

The light turned green and Hercules continued driving, occasionally taking a bite out of his sub. He kept his tone casual while focusing on the road, “Exotic dancing.”

She perks at the thought, “E-exotic dancing?” Her face turns red again looking away feeling embarrassed at her previous excitement.

He chuckled as her face turned red “Yeah, have you tried it”

“C-can’t say that I have, but it’s interesting you go and do it for fun.” She leans back in her seat looking at him for a quick second before turning away. “It’s kind of funny I didn’t know that about you, how long have you been dancing? Are you any good?”

The building where the event was taking place was just a block away. “Ah, it’s cause I don’t really talk about it, not something that comes up in conversation. But I’ve been there for three years now and,” he gave a modest shrug, “I’m decent? I guess you’d have to come see for yourself.” He smiled over at Peggy, thinking it was adorable how flustered she was.

“Well I bet you’re one of the best in class, and um,” biting on her lips she tries to look at him with a serious face, “I’d definitely come support you if I was invited. Make a poster and cheer the loudest.”

“Really?” Herc gave a small laugh as he pulled up to the building, parking in a spot that was just a few feet away. “Hmm, let me guess,” he leaned towards Peggy, studying her face as if he were in serious thought. “You were a cheerleader in high school, right? You have the attitude and the looks of it.”

She gulps not use to the close contact yet getting more flustered by the second. “Close but actually color guard, although I wouldn’t be opposed to wearing a cheerleading outfit when I come to support you.” Smiling as she tries to act normal ignoring how close he was.

He smiled wide, reaching over and ruffling her hair before getting out of her personal space. “My bad Sunshine, the color guard at my school were pretty anti-cheerleader, so didn’t mean to generalize.” Unlocking the car he hopped out of his side and shut the door, then walked around to open Peggy’s door. Holding his hand out for, her he tilted his head with a playful grin. “I gotta say, you’d look pretty cute in a cheerleading outfit.”

Breathing out in relief Peggy is unsure how she is going to survive with a more playful Herc. Then takes his hand, “you look cute in anything.” Trying to be smooth she cringed at her own line.

Humming at the remark, he helped her get out of the car. “Go raibh maith agat, but I’ve been told I look better without anything on.” He held back a laugh as he winked at Peggy, intertwining their fingers as he closed her door and locked the car. Changing the subject, he nodded over towards the building. “Ready to do some detective work?”

Her nose twitched at the comment feeling clingy all of a sudden. Tightening her grip on their fingers she stays still pulling on him, “yes but before that, Herc.” Taking a deep breath she moves to grab his shirt so he’s down at her height. “I-I mm,” shaking her head to gain some confidence Peggy leans in to whisper in his ear, “when I’m done with you, you’re not going to want to show yourself to anyone else.” Letting go she miles and starts leading him towards the building. “Yup let’s go, Watson!”

Completely caught off guard, Hercules stood there dumbstruck for a moment as he felt his face heat up. “I-I um, right behind you,” he gave her hand a little squeeze as she dragged him over towards the building, finally picking up his pace.  

Smirking because she finally felt like she has the upper hand Peggy opens the door for him. “After you Mulligan.”

She was so attractive it was unfair. Regaining some of his composure back, he chuckled at her words, “Why, thank you, for your service Schuyler.” He waited for her to walk through the door as well before glancing around, letting out a low whistle at the elaborate yet eerie Victorian theme.

“Wow,” she says in awe taking in the scene. “This is so beautiful! I can’t believe we get to do this! Where do we sign in?” Asking looking around not paying attention to Herc.

Herc took a break from eyeing the gift shop to look around for the check-in booth. “There,” he pointed to a line formed in front of a counter with attendants at it, “looks like people are in line to sign in.” Taking Peggy’s hand, they got in line behind groups of teenagers.

“Huh?” Then before another word she smiles realizing he took her hand. “It’s cute how much you’ve held my hand in this past hour.” Standing in line she lifts their hands, placing a kiss on his fingers. “Feels like a perfect fit.”

Smiling giddily, he waggled his fingers in her grip. “Your hands are so much smaller than mine, it’s cute.”

“Mmm, I think you’re cute.” Stepping forward as the line moves up. “Just everything about you is adorable.”

Hercules couldn’t help but smile wider, and he gave her hand a light squeeze as he averted his gaze. “Aw shucks,” he nudged Peggy playfully, “I’m just the big bad flower guy next door, nothing too cute about me. You on the other hand,” he whistled lowly for emphasis, “hot damn.”

“Herc!” smiling she playfully smacks his arm blushing, “I’m not hot ‘damn’ if anything that’s you with your dance moves. More of a sweet, kind of like a kinder egg. Never know what to expect but always a nice surprise.”

“Detective Kinder Egg sounds intimidating,” he joked. The line moved up, and they were one spot away from turning in their tickets. “I’ll agree and disagree though, you’re both.”

“And what will you be? Detective cutie on account how adorable you are?” Mocking in response. “Also am I going to have to say my name is Lafayette?”

Cracking a smile, Herc shook his head. “The tickets are under my name, and if you actually call yourself Detective Kinder Egg during this thing, you can call me whatever you want.”

“You know I will! And on that note does that mean I can call you later tonight?” Smirking with an exaggerated wink and then another one thinking she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

He muffled a laugh as the group in front of them moved on. “You know I live next to you, right?” Approaching the ticket collector, he pulled out the two ticket tickets he printed off the website and stated his name. The employees marked off the box next to Mulligan, confirming the purchase as he got the ticket stubs back. “The group murder mystery event is down the hall, the smaller rooms for minigames and puzzles are to your right, bathrooms on your left.”

Thanking the employee and moving out of the way Peggy starts heading towards the gift shop, “Go on ahead I’ll meet you at the group event in ten.” Not waiting for an answer she goes without him moving fast out of sight.

Peggy wai-” Too late, she was gone. Hercules sighed, he always got ditched for the gift shop. Figuring she’d meet up with him after the gift shop robbed her blind, Hercules wandered his way on over to the line for the group event and busied himself with scanning the rules.

Exploring the gift shop Peggy smiles seeing what she came in for. Grabbing a monocle and bowler hat for Herc she takes the “official detective hat and pipe” for herself. Making sure to pick up a magnifying glass at the checkout line before returning back to him. Hugging Herc from behind she puts the bag in his line of view. “Back and got what every detective duo needs!”

“Huh?” Blushing as Peggy hugs him he looks down at the bag, “Aww Peggy you didn’t need to get me anything.”

Nuzzling against him she reaches into the bag herself grabbing the monocle, “Of course I did! Plus I think we’ll find clues better with these accessories.” Herc takes the molecule and reaches into the bag smiling at the sight of the hats.

“I’m guessing that’s for us too?” Nodding her head Peggy lets go, standing next to him as she puts on her hat.

“Now all I need is,” reaching back into the bag she grabs a pipe and blows into it showing bubbles coming out the other end. “We are ready to solve crimes!” Herc puts on his accessories then the doors open letting all the guest come in.

A man with a bellhop uniform fakes a scream causing everyone to look at him, then in an unenthusiastic attitude begins. “oh no, there has been a murder. It’s up to all of you to solve it. Each pair or person must bring back a clue, you have an hour but the sooner you find it the sooner you can leave. Time starts,” he takes out a stopwatch then clicks it, “now.”

Everyone looks around confused as some start venturing off through the doors that lead to a path of mystery. Peggy looks at Herc who shrugs, then takes her hand dragging her to a nearby door. They walk around what appears to be a hallway looking for clues admiring all the details. Stopping Peggy takes a closer look at a picture pulling on Herc.

“Hey, look at the eyes.”

“huh? Why?”

“Just take a look and move towards your right.” Doing what she says Herc laughs noticing the picture following him as he moves.

“That’s cool, Detective Kinder Eggs noticing the little things.” smiling down at Peggy’s pouting face she looks away.

“At least I’m not Detective Hot Pants, now that’s embarrassing.”

Rolling his eyes he hugs her showing it was a playful comment. Moving ahead Herc starts walking around more looking behind paintings as Peggy tries to open more doors with no luck.

“What are we even looking for, what counts as a clue?” Herc asks taking notice of a vase.

“I don’t know,” smiling as he bends over to take a closer look she walks behind him putting the magnifying glass next to his butt. “but I do think I have all the evidence right here to say you have a fine ass.”

Chucking at her unexpected words he accidentally leans forward knocking the vase down to which Peggy immediately says, “Ooooh, you’re in trouble!” stepping back so she isn’t to blame.

“Peggy come on, what are we five? The worst they’ll do is make me pay, now you, on the other hand, keep speaking up and see what happens.” winking as he goes to pick up the mess, then squinted his eyes seeing a paper. “Hey, Sunshine, do you see this?”

“Hmm?” Walking over she takes the paper reading it, “Congratulations you’ve found a clue, now get to the room before the murder finds you!” Taking a look at Herc he looks just as confused as her. “Someone is chasing us? We should get back, fast.” Worried in her face as she puts the magnifying glass down to pull him up with both hands.

“Pegs, I need to clean up the vase mess, someone could get hurt!” struggling to go back to cleaning.

“No, we need to hurry!” grunting as her efforts to move him become useless. “I will leave you here.” Not waiting any longer she starts slowly walking backward. “oh, here I go!”

Gazing at Peggy and back at the mess he sighs giving in. “Okay wait for me.” heading back to the door Herc tries to turn it but it won’t open. “We might have a problem.”

“What? Here let me try.” Pushing him aside she tries but can’t open it. “What’s happening? Why is it locked? How do we get back!?!” starting to panic Herc grabs her rubbing circles into her back to calm her.

“Shh, it’s part of the game,  we have plenty of time to get back, let’s just go try more doors and see what happens. One step at a time.” waiting until she was better he takes her hand to the hallway of doors hoping one opens.

After trying multiple doors Herc finally finds one that opens but to a pitch black room. “Hmmm, Peggy wait right here, I’m going to see why this door is open.” entering the room the door with Peggy holding it open he goes exploring taking small steps trying to find a light source. Snubbing his foot on something and letting out a since Peggy goes in after him allowing the door the shut. Turning around Herc moves quickly trying to catch the door before it closes, pinning Peggy there without noticing.

“Peggy! Are you okay?!” turning the handle it’s no use as it locks from the inside. “please tell me you’re safe.”

Feeling him against her Peggy takes in a sharp breath trying to seem cool but her voice becoming a pitch higher, “Yeah totally cool, I’m good, very groovy!”

“Okay, just stay close-“ he turns red as Peggy shifts a bit stepping back to give her some space. “I-I’m sorry Sunshine! I didn’t know I was so close!” About to move back more he’s stopped by a shirt tug.

“No, wait please don’t. I-it’s kind of scary in this room and I like you this close.”

If he wasn’t blushing already Herc was sure he was about to die from how cute Peggy sounded as he nervously returned close. Both not knowing what to say until Peggy finally breaks the silence.

“Trapped in a closet with your crush, I think we both know what happens next.”

“Peggy, we aren’t kids I told you before.”

“Aww but Herc, you can’t stand there and lie to me saying you don’t want to make out.” trying to be as suggestive as possible Peggy puts her hands on his waist slipping them in his back pocket making the distance even smaller between them.

“I can’t even see your beautiful face, as much as I like your hands, it isn’t going to work.”

Feeling her heart beat faster at the word beautiful she can’t help but go aww. “You really think I’m beautiful?”

“The most beautiful person in the universe and beyond. As much as I do want to kiss you I would need help finding your lips.”

Kissing his chest to give him an idea where she is Herc starts leaning down until he’s centimeters away from kissing her. Both holding their breath for the long-awaited moment but just as the lips are about to meet, the door opens startling them both.

They fumble over each other letting their eyes adjust to the harsh light seeing the employee. “Oh no, you’ve been found by the murder, you have died.”

Looking at the other they laugh at the monotone voice walking out. Fingers intertwined they leave the mystery house sad they lost but happy for a good time. Heading to the car Herc notices a reggae band playing some sweet beats nearby and takes Peggy towards them.

“Pegs, come dance with me!” Smiling he spreads his legs getting in a squatting position swaying himself back and forth. Catching his smile she joins him as they dance for a few more songs not caring at the people watching as they laugh and enjoy having the other here. Paying them in the jar they had Herc takes Peggy home walking her to her door even though they live next to each other.

“You didn’t have to walk me,” secretly happy as she gets her keys out.

“You don’t have to be so cute and amazing but I guess we both go the extra mile.” Hearing the click of the open door he’s confused when she doesn’t open the door.

Facing him she sighs, “You know, even though I didn’t get laid, my lucky sunflower clip did pull through.”

“Oh, and how is that?” curious about what she’s trying to say.

“Well, I’m lucky I went on a date with the only person who could show me that good of a time. Which I’m hoping there will be another date?” smiling she looks away hoping he doesn’t get weirded out. Instead, his heart skips a beat putting one hand on Peggy’s door and the other on her chin making her look up at him.

Gazing into her eyes he nods, “There will be many more.” looking at her lips he waits to see if she’ll pull back before going for a kiss. Closing their eyes both feel the sparks flying as the kiss gets a bit more passionate before Herc pulls away panting.

“Wow,” Peggy just as breathless as him nods in agreement. “Wow indeed.”

Tempted to kiss her again he just ruffles her hat not letting his monocle fall off as he becomes a fluster mess walking down the stairs and up his own pair. Giggling Peggy opens her own door once he gets to his. Blowing him a kiss she then goes inside. Catching it Herc goes inside his own apartment where both are left smiling the rest of the night.

Precious Sammy 🎈❤️

You were asleep in your bed, sleeping soundly in your warm bed, you didn’t hear your door open and you didn’t hear the small jingles of feet stepping closer to your slumbering body but you felt your bed sink in and you awoke when you felt gloved hands hold onto your hips.

You opened up your eyes to see another pair of eyes staring back at you, hungry golden eyes that looked straight into your soul, you tried to speak but a hard lump in your throat made you incapable of speaking, you didn’t even let out a sound when a hand drifted to your crotch, your small body moved in twitches of pleasure when he cradled your member in his hand. He smiled at your small squirms and expressions of pleasure, showing sharp shark like teeth, a low growl vibrated through his throat as he looked down at his new toy.

He forced your body closer to him and parted your legs, you let out a desperate whine, his grin grew wide and saliva slowly dripped from his lips, his new little treat was so delicious and mouth watering, he forced your head to the side and dragged his long tongue up your throat, he felt your blood throbbing against your neck, you were so excited and scared at the same time…it was such a delicious scent.

“ shhhhh SAmMy, DOn’T Be ScArEd..” he grabbed your face and held it, forcing you to look at him, he stared down at his new treat with a grin “ you know what.. No..BE SCARED..iT MakEs THiNgs MoRe FUn”

He laughed at you, his laughter sounded more deep and demonic as he pulled you up onto your hands and knees.

@cannibalfestum 👀 I hoPE ThIs wAS A GOOd SUrpRIse🎈

Slytherin: Hey, Ravenclaw, you said you would help me out if I needed something, right?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s up?

Slytherin: The password to my dormitory is something bigoted again, and I was hoping I could stay in your dormitory. Could I have the password?

Ravenclaw: Of course! Just knock on the knocker and answer the Eagle’s question.

Slytherin: Wait, I have to actually think of things to get in?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s the problem?

Slytherin: Fuck it, I’m asking Gryffindor, they can’t possibly be asked to think.

all i ever wanted from him was some sort of closure. i wanted to know why he left, i wanted to know what drove him to slam the door shut behind us and everything we had been. even if the truth killed me i just needed to know. it consumed my thoughts for months until i accepted that i was never going to hear his knock on the door.
—  breakups - a.l.m

I’ve been trying to leave my bathroom for the past 30 minutes

by reddit user v0ids

I can’t leave my bathroom.

About 30 minutes ago I got out of the shower and dried off, put on my pjs, opened the door and walked out, only to find myself back in my bathroom, staring at the closed door.

I stopped, and tried to rationalise what had just happened to me. I convinced myself that I had simply imagined that I had opened the door and stepped out, so I tried again. I pushed the door handle down, opened it, stepped out, and yet again found myself in my bathroom, standing in front of a closed door.

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"D (Half Moon)" playing from another room
"D (Half Moon)" playing from another room

D (Half Moon) as if it was playing in another room…

*use headphones

KDrama List Update

This is a list of korean dramas I have finished watching. I’m posting this list so I can keep track of which dramas I start/finish in 2016. 

♦ Boys Over Flowers
♦ Flowerboy Next Door
♦ You’re Beautiful (2015)
♦ Playful Kiss
♦ Baby-faced Beauty
♦ To the Beautiful You
♦ Personal Taste
♦ Coffee Prince (2015)
♦ Prosecutor Princess
♦ Witch’s Romance
♦ Cunning Single Lady (2015)
♦ Master’s Sun (2015)
♦ Heirs (2015)
♦ Birth of a Beauty (2015)
♦ Emergency Couple (2015)
♦ I Hear Your Voice (2015)
♦ Pinocchio (2015)
♦ Healer (2015)
♦ Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)
♦ I Order You (2015)
♦ Hello Monster/I Remember You (2015)
♦ Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2015)
♦ High Society (2015)
♦ Fated to Love You (2015)
♦ The Greatest Love (2015)
♦ It’s Okay That’s Love (2015)
♦ Sensory Couple (2015)
♦ Cheer Up!/Sassy Go Go (2015)
♦ She Was Pretty (2015)
♦ Noble, My Love (2015)
♦ Oh My Venus (2016)
♦ The Village: Achiara’s Secret (2016)

The year refers to the year which I finished the drama in. Some dramas don’t have dates as I don’t remember when I watched them. >.<
Either I have a bad memory or 2015 was a good drama year.

anonymous asked:

could you do bts reactions when someone walks in on you and them having sex right when they're about to cum .u.


Spend a night at the studio he said. Just be working he said.

Apparently working to Joonie meant having you riding him as he sat in his chair, his hands gripping your arse tight and bouncing you up and down on his thick cock.

He’d thrust up harder matching the bounces, moaning and talking dirty in that gruff tone of his but he’d stop instantly, hearing the door open and someone trip over some boxes.

“What the–”

“Hey Joo-ooh my fUCK” Taehyung was shocked but would probably wiggle his eyebrows and give you guys a wink before walking out cos of his.. pervy? nature.

Namjoon would glare harshly, shouting at him to leave - he’d be ready to grab something to throw but before he could, Tae was gone.

He’d sigh angrily and frustrated.
“I’m sorry baby, I forgot to lock the door..”

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What better way to enjoy a night than to have rough sex and Tae is no doubt, a kinky bastard.

A collar would be tied tight around your neck, fitted well to a leash that bounded you to his control. He’d ball the end of it and pull it back harshly making you throw your head back, moaning out as you felt him push deeper and harder inside you. His grunts added to yours, making the room louder.

He was so damn close.

Until a poor Namjoon walks in.

Originally posted by minyggi

I doubt Tae would even notice him, too engulfed in pleasure and his habit to blank out things around him wouldn’t help.

He’d groan out, cumming in you.

“Ah you dirty bitch / boy, taking my cock like this”

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He was enjoying the romantic intimacy with you when Hoseok abruptly walked in.

He could feel the tightness in his stomach and the urge to cum, he was about to when he heard the door opening.

“Hyung, play Mario with AHHH”

Seokjin would stop his movements immediately, eyes wide and adding to Hoseok’s screams, he’d panic and quickly grab the covers, throwing it over both yours and his naked body.


He was so desperate and near to cumming that he’d exhale angrily.
“Sorry baby.. Now where were we?”

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He was close, so close. He was getting increasingly desperate for the intense wrack of pleasure, his moans short and harsh trailing off into hums as he’d pound into you faster. Your whimpers and cries pushing him further over the edge.

Nothing could go w–

“OHMYFUCKINGGOSH” Hearing the sudden outburst, Kook would freeze - eyes darting over to the door, catching a glimpse of Seokjin rushing out.

He’d hear Jin yelling to himself outside but he’d be too shocked to hear the rest, his heart beating loud in his ears.
It’d take him a minute to relax and continue but he wouldn’t be able to shake that shocked feeling.

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His mouth hung agape, you could feel short breaths against your ear as he trapped you with his body; your moans sounding so sweet to his own ears.

With eyes screwed shut and whimpers escaping both your lips, he’d make quick, rough movements - eagerly chasing after his orgasm. He could feel it, oh gosh any second n–

“Hey Hyung, what d’you think of th–”

An innocent mochi would raise his head, instantly choking on his words seeing sUCH SIN.

Hearing the voice, Hoseok would freak out and panic. Cursing, he’d throw the covers over both of you trembling, his eyes so huge it could be comical.


His soft whimpers would be such a turn on, bringing you closer. He was nearing his climax too, he could feel it so bad.

Gripping your sides tightly, he’d bite down on your shoulder to muffle his ridiculously loud porn-star like moans as he thrusted his dick in and out of you.

“Hyung, pizza’s here!”

Jimin would audibly gasp, shooting up to a sitting position, gulping and choking out a ‘don’t come in!”

But it was too late and Kook felt the need to bleach his memories, running out in a blind panic - leaving the door swinging open.

His panic would add to Chimins and he’d freeze for a couple seconds before yelling out in frustration. He was so close and Kook ruined it!

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"YOONGI!! Turn the porn do–”

Kook halted, his words evaporating in front of him, leaving his mouth agape. His hyung had his eyes screwed shut, drowned out by your moans and begs for him to go faster which he obediently complied with.

Like Tae, I doubt he’d notice him, being too focused on bringing you both to your high and my gosh, Kook had never ran so fast in his life.

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Legend says Jungkook still gets therapy to this day..

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no offense dudes but tumblr literally does not need any positivity posts for All Men like if you feel oppressed as a man specifically ….. just go outside