hear shape

KaiSoo and ‘heart shape’

Jongin answering a question that was meant for Kyungsoo (2015 radio show - CMB era)

Jongin was asked to draw Kyungsoo (2015 Japan fansign), and he drew him with 3 hearts (we c u jongin). If I’m not mistaken, he said the hearts on Kyungsoo’s hands were supposed to be “V-sign”. Dunno what the heart on the chest/neck area tho…

Jongin gave his signature to a fan. Look who got included inside the heart shape…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A fan asked Jongin to draw penguin during ex'act fansign, so he did (draw it next to his face lips). Okay, this might be me being delulu as usual (lel) but that penguin has a heart-shaped beak. Just look at dem curves (the top part of the beak).

Kyungsoo was drawing Jongin next to him on ‘Star Show 360’ (recorded on 160823) and he used the same hear-shape as his for Jongin’s lips.

Jongin’s drawing of himself (161005) – dem lips doe (it’s similar to Kyungsoo’s drawing). 

(not related to KD but….) Jongin also drew Monggu with heart shapes (idk what monggu’s gender so i’m gonna assume it as “him” *monggu got triggered*) as his ears.  I guess Jongin only draws heart for the things he loves (❛ᴗ❛)  *coughsomeone with initial DKScough*


dem 2 staring at each other’s lips

Jongin complained about his front teeth

mama award 2014

Jongin touching Kyungsoo’s heart shaped lips and Kyungsoo wants to bite Jongin’s finger lel

  • Slightest
  • Elizaveta - Trespasser DLC Bard Song

mercy for the elves
who guard their lives with faith
our hands do weigh them down
but their kind hearts will forgive the weight

Arlathan fell
so deep onto the ocean floor
currents of hate
will so challenge their fate

mercy for the elves
who marched with us through fire
stood with Andraste
as she rose against the empire

can we pay the cost
for the allies we have lost in fear
our hands of pain
will so threaten their name

if we climb through our doubt
we can sympathize
when the slightest unite
then a giant will rise
slightest unite then a giant may rise 

mercy for the elves
who wander through the night
Dalish father roams
will the Dalish son survive the fight?

how can we deny
what their number can supply the realm?
slightest unite then a giant will rise
oh, the slightest unite then a giant will rise

Jughead: valentines day is a consumerist holiday that holds no real value other than to make people spend money on hear shaped chocolates and act like they love their significant others in the most superficial and fake way p

Archie: I wrote you a song

Jughead: *already crying*

Task of a Poet - Dejan Stojanovic

To hear never-heard sounds,
To see never-seen colors and shapes,
To try to understand the imperceptible
Power pervading the world;
To fly and find pure ethereal substances
That are not of matter
But of that invisible soul pervading reality.
To hear another soul and to whisper to another soul;
To be a lantern in the darkness
Or an umbrella in a stormy day;
To feel much more than know.
To be the eyes of an eagle, slope of a mountain;
To be a wave understanding the influence of the moon;
To be a tree and read the memory of the leaves;
To be an insignificant pedestrian on the streets
Of crazy cities watching, watching, and watching.
To be a smile on the face of a woman
And shine in her memory
As a moment saved without planning.

anonymous asked:

I thought that Carl got into the car with Rosita and Tara? He seems to be totally gone after Rick and Michonne get there. I know it's hard to look at anything besides Richonne, but I've watched it quite a few times and don't see him. BTW, every time I hear "Shape Of You" by Ed Sheeran, I think of Richonne. Great song.

Haha, you’re absolutely right. I just rewatched that scene and he totally just disappears. There does seem to be another row behind Rick and Michonne, so I don’t know why they didn’t just show him in the back one good time. Maybe they ran out of time and Chandler had to go. (I think he’s still considered a child under labor laws.) But that gave me a chuckle. 

Also, “Shape of You” is one of my favorites right now! It never exactly made me think of Richonne, but it probably will now. 😄

jovial-times  asked:

yo mel do u have a playlist a music you listen to while drawing? i normally listen to tunes while scribbling nd wanted to mix it up a little, so if you got any recs id love to hear em^^


shape of you - ed sheeran

hallelujah - choir!x3

XL TT - Hiroyuki Sawano

attack ON titan - hiroyuki sawano (my fave)

yhorm the giant - dark souls 3 ost

father ariandel and blackflame friede - dark souls 3 ost

genos’s theme - OPM ost

laurence’s theme - bloodborne ost

dishonored 2 main theme - daniel licht

dark souls 3 menu theme - dark souls 3 ost

stranger boy - flipboitamidle5 (headphones only)

me!me!me! - teddyloid ft. daoko

these are my most listened to :^D

hoosier gothic

in the summer, the clouds gather themselves up into black shapes. you hear them seethe, and the hissing sounds a little like the voices of the settlers who wandered into the limberlost; they must have been trapped forever, you think, when the swamp was filled in.  the sky boils over with thunder. it does not rain. dust gathers on the cornstalks, and every breeze that rustles through the fields shakes it loose, until your lungs are full.

***all images sourced from flickr under the creative commons license.


└ OMG~ The things these national idols are made to do~~ (^_^)

Cr: Aratsubo Preview 16.07.2016

Matt didn’t know who was around during the holiday. He knew the Professors and staff used the gym still and there were still some students, living on campus. He didn’t live far from campus, and he’d decided to come to the campus to have a run.  After running, he moved to do some pushups. Sure, it was cold, but he had to stay in shape. Hearing someone come up, he sighed. “This isn’t one of those stupid New Year’s resolutions. I stay in shape.” 

me: woah i have an essay due tomorrow

me: and messages i should respond to

me: …

me: *writes fic instead*

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A - age: 27

B - biggest fear: that i might be living in a new reign of intolerance 

C - current time: 11:52 AM

D - drink you last had: cafe au lait 

E - every day starts with: dogs nuzzling me to get up, SO kissing me goodbye before work, coffee and poached eggs 

F - favorite song: UGH HARD ONE. TIE– Ásgeir – Hear-Shaped Box (cover) && La Mar – Anchor (Mazde Remix)

G - ghosts, are they real: totally had a trippy college experience which confirmed

H - hometown: shreveport, la

I - in love with: @atomiism, sara lance (obvs), idek a lot of stuff

J - jealous of:  extroverts (how do you guys do that shit?)

K - killed someone: I slay, if that’s what you mean. 

L - last time you cried:  prolly within the week and prolly over dumb tv shit

M - middle name: louene

N - number of siblings: 2 + 1 step

O - one wish:  to figure out what i want to really do and do it

P - person you last called/texted: umm… prolly my SO

Q - question you’re always asked:  “Why are you like this?”

R - reasons to smile:  everyone in this fandom who is so kind ( especially my rp fam ), 

S - song last sang: Childish Gambino – Sweatpants ft. Problem. 

T - time you woke up: 815ish

U - underwear color: n/a

V - vacation destination: South Korea / Japan / Europe / Pacific Northwest / 

W - worst habit: resistance to change. booze. idk everything? 

X - x-rays you’ve had: last was of my sinuses but a whole lot. im hazard-prone

Y - your favorite food: ALL FOOD IS MY FAVORITE FOOD.

Z - zodiac sign: cancer 

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Dear daughter

I know your thoughts,when you stand near the mirror and complain about your “hair is to thin” “your thighs are too large” and that “ your nose is weirdly shaped” I hear it. I know your thoughts on your stomach and your pimples that seem to get only worse when it’s your time of the month. I hear your complaining about wanting a bigger butt and a smaller waist. I see you stalk random people on social media who look like you wish you did. I hear you compare yourself to other girls.i even heard your tears that night the boy broke your heart and you thought it was because you weren’t pretty enough.

I hear it all and it breaks my heart my child.

I know you think you aren’t pretty enough. But I did not create you to be enough for the world. I didn’t create you even for this world. I created every inch of you and it is beautiful and your ability to walk with me is your greatest and most beautiful gift.

Know your worth my child. Know that you may never be pretty enough for this world. But this world as no importance. You are more than pretty enough for me. You are created the way you are for a reason. Your purpose is your best accessory.

You may not feel beautiful but I promise - I hung the stars and painted the sea and made you in the image of me and that is beautiful.

You are mine -

love your Heavenly Father God ❤️