hear his voice


Group/Member: BTS // Yoongi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 634

Summary: Yoongi is looking through his phone, his insecurities hitting him. You comfort him and fluffy fluff :))) 

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The noise from the TV in front of me was distant as my gaze around the room fell on my boyfriend of 8 months. He had a hurt look in his eyes while his thumb were scrolling down his phone, his black hair falling down in front of his eyes. I sat up scooting a little closer looking over his shoulder. “What is it?” He just kept looking down on his phone. “Babe?” I said a little louder. My arms found their way around his waist as I put my head on his back. “Am I really that bad Y/N?” I hear his voice weak in the dark room. “Where does this come from, Yoongi?” I asked shocked by his question. He got out of my arms turning around looking at my confused face. His eyes fell down to his hands, as I knew he were struggling to find his words. “I just… You know… Am I really as cold and heartless as people say I am?” I felt my heart sink as I heard his voice full of insecurities. “Do I give you enough love Y/N? Am I really that emotionless?” I knew that Yoongi had a certain reputation being an idol and all, but this? This made my heart hurt so much. He is the most loving and caring man I know, even if he might not always show it, you can always see it through his small actions every now and then. I took his phone out of his hands making him look me in the eyes. Even though he’s cold sometimes and mostly it’s sarcasm that comes out of his mouth, he is full of emotions and it’s times like these where he can’t hold it in that he really opens up. I took his face in my hands looking him deep in his eyes, letting him know that what I was going to say was truly what I felt and knew “Yoongi, You are the most caring person I know and you’re not heartless or cold. I can’t ask for more love from you, as I know your giving me all the love you can. I love you so much and I know you love me too, so please shut up about this and don’t take it in because we both know none of that is true.” I kissed his lips, feeling a tear on my cheek. I pulled away looking at his beautiful face, wiping a tear of his away with my thumb. He pulled me in close for a long hug, his chin resting on my head. We stayed like this for a couple of minutes just listening to each other’s heartbeats, enjoying the silence together. He pulled away taking a strand of hair behind my ear, smiling down at me with loving eyes. And people say this little fluff ball is emotionless?

That night Yoongi held me closer than usual. Don’t get me wrong we always cuddled, just that this time it was different. It was like he wanted to prove something, I don’t know if it was for him or me but I knew how much he cared and that it was hard for him holding his emotions in all the time. I don’t know why he always did that, I’m just happy he at least has me, and his music to get it all out. I felt his hand take mine, and a kiss on the back of my shoulder, “Goodnight Y/N” he whispered in my ear. “Goodnight Yoongi” I closed my eyes feeling my breath get heavier by every second that passed. Right before I fell asleep I heard a soft whisper from the man beside me “I will give you almost all my love so no other man can take my place”.


Request: Can’t get to my inbox right now but you’ll know what it’s about when you read it lol

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader

Warnings: Fluff, embarrassed Tom

Notes: I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long! But I’m on Spring Break and decided I could use my little down time to write!! Hope you enjoy it :)

“Oh, my god.” You were desperate for air as you put the video you were watching on pause. This had to have been your favorite video, amongst the other remixes made for it. You wiped the tears from your eyes as you let out a loud snort. One of your hands came up to your mouth to keep any other sounds from coming out of you.

You loved when Tom did press tours, it was beneficial to your days off – being able to watch his interviews on YouTube, helping whenever you missed him or just wanted to see or hear his voice. Usually you watched them for a smile or just to have an excuse to look at him, but this time the main reason for you watching this video (over and over) was to laugh at your poor, defenseless boyfriend. You didn’t realize how definite Tom’s accent was until it came to saying certain words, foreign words especially, specifically the word croissant.

“What’s up, babe?” You looked up from your laptop, immediately closing it when you saw Tom walking into your bedroom. You smiled at him and get up to hug him when he was close enough to your bed. He wrapped his arms around your waist and swayed you both side to side slightly. You inhaled his scent – you had just scene him this morning, but there wasn’t a moment that you didn’t miss him.

“Hi Tommy,” you tilted your head just the slightest to give him a peck before pulling away completely.

“You ready?” You nodded and grabbed your bag and your keys from your dresser before letting Tom lead you out. You were both going out for brunch, one of your favorite things to do with each other. When you got in the car you suddenly remembered the interview you were just watching of Tom and chuckled to yourself. “What are you laughing at?” You looked to your left to see Tom looking at you in confusion, a smile on his face nonetheless. You shook your head and returned his smile, reaching one of your hands over to caress his cheek.

“Nothing, babe. Just something I was watching earlier.” He still had a confused look on his face, but he dropped the subject with a nod and started the car. The drive was only about eight minutes – but you two always made the best of it. You drove with the windows down and serenaded strangers as they walked down the street with whatever was on the radio.

Tom led you into the small, secluded diner and helped you into your seat before sitting across from you. When the waiter came up to take your orders, your eyes skimmed the rest of the menu – you already knew you were going to get the French toast. Your eyes stopped on the sides, the word “croissant” seemingly bold. You tried to stop yourself from laughing but you couldn’t help yourself. A loud laugh erupted from you, startling Tom and the waiter. You cleared your throat, your cheeks heating up as a few people turned to look at you.

“You okay, (Y/N)?” You nodded and apologized, and proceeded to order. Having never actually tried a croissant, you decided to order a couple for you and Tom.

“Can I also have a quackson?” Your eyes widen after the word left your mouth. You glanced at the waiter and then at Tom, a confusing look across both of their faces. “I mean a croissant!” You cleared your throat again. “Sorry, I meant a croissant. Two, please.” The waiter chuckled softly before nodding and heading back to the kitchen.

“Babe, are you sure you’re okay? What was that weird accent?” You shook your head before reaching out across the table and holding his hand.

“Nothing, sorry. I think my throat was just a little dry.” Tom gave you an unsure look before nodding and smiling at you instead, his thumb stroking the back of your hand. The rest of brunch went well, minimum laughing coming from you. The way back was fine, and you were able to control yourself for the most part when you both got into your house. You made it to your bedroom and Tom asked if you wanted to watch something on Netflix, you agreed and told him to hook your laptop up to your TV. You went to the bathroom to wash the small amount of makeup you had on your face. It wasn’t until you were drying your face when you realized you hadn’t exited out of the YouTube video you were watching earlier. With your eyes wide you sprinted back into your room.

“Tom, wait! Don’t open my laptop!” But, you were too late. Tom sat in front of your TV, a confused look on his face as he watched the endless loop of him saying the word “croissant”.

“What the hell… what the hell is this?! Is this why you were acting weird at brunch?” His eyes darted to you quickly before reading the word on the screen that popped up occasionally. “Quackson?” His eyes squinted, before it clicked that this was what you asked the waiter to bring you. “Oh, my god. You were making fun of me at the diner!”

“No! Baby, no.” You rushed to sit next to him on the bed, reaching to turn off the video. “I mean, a little bit. I’m sorry!”

“Do I really say it weird?” He visibly shrunk where he was sitting and you instantly felt guilty for laughing at him practically all day.

“No, of course not. It’s just… your accent – it makes it sound different! Not that that’s bad!”

He gave a small smile leaning over to peck your cheek. “How do you say it?”

“What?” You looked at Tom confused as you watched the color rush to his cheeks.

“How do you say it? Like, can you teach me?”

“Tom, you’re fine-,”

“Please?” You took in Tom’s pout and sighed, eventually nodding and fixing yourself so that you were facing him directly, him doing the same.

“Okay so, I guess you just need to work on pronouncing your ‘r’ more. Croissant.”

He cleared his throat before speaking, “Quackson.” He cringed as he realized he said it wrong again.

“Maybe if you slowed it down a little. Yeah? Let’s try.” You had him repeat the word over and over, him still not being able to articulate himself with his accent.

About ten minutes in he let out a frustrated groan.

“Fuck that word!” You laughed at his outburst, not meaning to, but the look of pure seriousness on his face got you. “I’m serious, fuck that word. I don’t even like qua- NO. Those stupid fucking French treats, I don’t like them.”

“I think they came from Austria – but, I get your point.” Tom rolled his eyes at you, leaning in to kiss you. Your hands instantly went to comb through his hair, pulling him closer to you. He sighed into your mouth, bringing his body to hover over you. One of his arms went around your waist as the other supported his weight. He scooted you up on your bed, not breaking the kiss. Your lungs started to burn as you became desperate for air. You tugged at Tom’s hair, pulling away slightly. You pecked him one last time before he pulled himself off of you completely. He sat up against your headboard and patted his chest, signaling for you to lay against him. You smiled and pushed yourself up, and grabbed your laptop before resting your head against his chest. You put on the Office, and put your laptop on the side, feeling Tom run his fingers through your hair.

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We’re getting our Harry back! 😭 We’re going
to hear him talk about his music and his acting! We’re going to hear his voice and see him talk with his hands! We’re going to hear him make jokes and see him be absolutely delightful!
We’re going to see the dimples!! SO SOON!!

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The Ains as youtubers

Arme Thaumaturgy has a small channel for weekly movie reviews, and while you can hear his voice he never actually shows his face. He’s the type of person doesn’t want to stray away from his channel topic but sometimes he uploads PSAs where he rants about a dumb thing. Drama does not interest him at all, and he politely informs anyone that starts it in his comments to take it to PMs or get blocked. He only has a hundred subscribers, but getting his opinion known is more important than fame.

Erbluhen Emotion is the most popular youtuber of the three Ains. He started off as a gaming channel, but when his humor quickly got him a high number of subscribers he began to upload various other types of videos. He does challenges and giveaways to entertain his viewers while still streaming his favorite video games. He doesn’t get involved in youtube drama at all, he makes off comments about recent events but considers his fans and doesn’t upload anything polarizing. He keeps every single fan art his viewers make.

Apostasia doesn’t make anything for his channel. He uploads copyrighted music he likes and a few people follow him for them. Nobody knows anything about him because his about and channel are completely empty, and his personality can only be seen from several depressing videos in his public “liked videos” section. When he gets his channel taken down from copyright, he just makes another under a different name.

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listen i need harry on with james corden and i need it now

it hit me that he’s gonna be making all these tv show appearances and we’re gonna be hearing his beautiful voice again after so long on numerous platforms and i, for one, am not alive

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You're a witch married to a hot war general. You're deeply in love with each other but, tragically, he dies on the battlefield. You're so distraught that, in your grief, you use a forbidden black magic spell to try and bring him back to life…and the next day, he comes home! …As a ghost. You can't feel his touch or even hear his voice, but then he gets the idea to possess his prized suit of armor and now you can hear him, touch him, kiss him, fuck him (ghost cock)…but he has to stay in the suit.


I want a ghost armor boyfriend so badly!!!! ((In fact with all my armor posts with the exception of maybe, 3 all I can imagine are suits of armor with maybe a dick underneath))

I have to save myself.... Cole Sprouse imagine.

A/N: So I’ve been feeling down about my situation lately and since I’ve had so many feels about my baby Cole Sprouse, I thought about how I wanted to hear his voice and make all this shit go away. this is my first every imagine, so please be gentle and I hope someone reads it and it somehow puts you at ease if you’re going through the same thing. Cole is visiting for a while, while he’s on break from filming the show.

P.S. This is about a YouTuber Precious Galvan a.k.a PreciousGhettoness

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It was such  busy day at work, Me-N-Ed’s Victory Grill a restaurant in the city where I live (Fresno, Ca). I’ve been working there for almost a year and I still haven’t moved up into becoming a server yet, even though they promised me two months back

Now I know I can’t complain because this is the longest that I’ve held a job and I love almost everybody here and had become a real family which is what I’ve come to love about this place.

“So, how’s my little Precious on this busy night.” my boyfriend Cole surprised me.

“OMG, baby!! When did you get into town? I’ve missed you so much!” I exclaim as I jump into his arms.

“Like five minutes ago, I called here to make sure you were here or not. So I quickly hung up as you said your name.” He answers, as he tries to kiss me.

“Hey, Precious stop kissing your super hot actor and get back to work.” My manager Jose says half-serious.

“okay,” I say as Cole slowly releases me from his grip. “Just one today Sir,” I say to my beautiful boyfriend and turn to my manger smirking. “I’ll put him in VIP so there won’t be any commotion.”

“Fine,” Jose rolls his eyes. Chuckling at us before going off somewhere in the restaurant. Cole just chuckles and puts his arm around my waist. I seat him in VIP which is a small little glass room .

As I set down the menu and close the door behind him, he takes a seat and looks at me ,”Well I’ll just let Aleeya know that she’ll take your order ,K.” I say hugging his head on my chest. “I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve missed you.” I say thanking God that the curtains are closed from the previous guests.

“Me too,” is all he says before kissing me softly.

As the night goes on , I can see that the curtain in VIP has been moved so that Cole is looking at me, which makes me giggle as he does one of his stupid ass faces.

“Hey, Mike I just sat that 8 at table 44, they’re ready for you.” I say looking at my co-worker.

“Can you get started on their drinks for me, I’m barely getting to my 63 girlie, please.” he says as he walks to table 63.

“Sure, like every other table, I got you.” I say as I make my way to 44 greeting and asking for their drinks.

After I’m done handing out the drinks I let them know that Mike will be here shortly to take their order.

As I see the order for one of the big parties is out I offer my help, which Dern, one of the servers, gladly accepts. We take out their wing platters, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and finally three large pizzas.

Then I help Matty buss some tables, since we have a couple of small parties waiting to be seated. As soon as I’m done seating people with the help of my other co-host Marissa, Jose walks up to me and tells me I have to take a 30 since I will be closing tonight. I’m a little relieved because I am hungry and realize Cole is still here. I quickly clock out. (this is literally what goes down at a regular day at work as a host)

As I walk through the door to VIP, Cole is already meeting me with open arms. I set my drink down and in some weird coincidence as if it was supposed to happen , Aleeya walks in with a plate of a beautiful BBQ chicken sandwich cut in half with fries and some ranch. “Made with Love,” she says as sets it down in between us two and leaves us alone, closing the door behind her.

“Thank you so much, I love you.” I say while thrashing into my half, he just laughs at how I’m acting like a starving animal.

“No problem I know how hard you’re working today,” he says biting into his own half. “Like you do everyday.” He stares at me.

“Cole, I know you don’t like how they treat me professional-wise, hell I don’t either, but it’s my job and it’ll have to do for now.” I say right before taking a sip of my raspberry tea.

“I just don’t get how they can treat you like you’re the most hard working person here, but they still wont move you to a server. And I’m not the only one who thinks you deserve the position.” he says protectively. I know that he’s right.

“look this is only temporally until I’ve saved enough money to move to LA, remember. And plus my YouTube channel is kinda taking off right now.” I say pleading he’ll drop the subject. But knowing Cole he wont.

“Yeah now your up to 300 subscribers, Yay.” He says sarcastically. Which he changes as he sees the hurt in my eyes. “I didn’t mean that. I just- I just don’t know why you wont let me help you out with that dream job of yours. We can move you into my place no rent needed.” he says hopefully.

“Cole Mitchell Sprouse, when have you ever known me to just take hand-me-downs. I love how protective you are of me and want to do everything in your power to save me, but you have to understand that I don’t come from a world where everything is right there. I’m starting from the bottom here and I just want to say one day I got there because I earned it, just like you did. I love you but just, just let me do this for me.” I say as I get up. “I’ll see you after I close okay. Thank you and I love you.” I say as I kiss him bye before getting back to work.

We both are now in my dark room, lying down in my bed; me tired from work, him tired from the drive from LA to Fresno. As he sits up staring at me into my eyes as I’m lying on my back staring back at him.

“You know I didn’t think of how you felt about this. I didn’t mean for you to sound like a charity case, you know that.,” he says slightly stoking my cheek, then moving his hand back to my waist.. “It’s jus I know how hard you work there, but I also know that you’d be one of the best actresses I will ever know and love. I just wish the universe felt the same way right now.” He says right before he kisses your forehead.

You sigh know exactly what he meant. “I know that. I love you for just being my cheerleader when needed. And you know I’ll always be your cheerleader when you need me to be. It’s just that my time to become everything I’ve always wanted is still a long way ahead of me then it was for you.” you say sadly smiling. He nods knowing you are right. “Oh and it wasn’t 300 subscribers, it’s 378!” I say matter of fact. We both chuckle lightly tiredly.

“Well since you do have the day off tomorrow, I would love it if you were actually my personal cheerleader and pull out that cheer outfit from your high school days.” he says stupidly.

“We’ll see about that.” I say as he leans down to have a quick little kissing scene, before he shifts himself back onto my bed, pulling my into the spooning position, and pulling the duvet on top of us. Me smiling because I know damn well I will be in that cheer outfit he loves so much, because I missed everything about him, especially him inside of me.

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I honestly think no one is talking about photo shoots right now because everyone is just so desperate to actually hear his voice again. Like photos are great. I adore the AM photos but fuck it is not the same as hearing him and seeing him move and his little fidgets and his slow smooth voice. Like give me alllllll of the audio/video interviews right now please. 😂😂


pls forgive me i know it’s not what he said… (but it’s what he thought)