hear his voice

What the Avengers are doing at the end of Age of Ultron is all well and good, but.

  • Wanda crying herself to sleep, curled into a ball because she has never been far from Pietro but now it’s an uncrossable distance.
  • Wanda trying to use her powers on herself, so she can see him smile again, hear his voice, take safety in the shelter of his presence at her side.
  • Wanda turning to her left when she has something to say, because she has always told Pietro first, and he is not there.
  • Wanda being unable to communicate what she needs to because Pietro always helped her keep her focus against the noise in her head.
  • Wanda slipping into Clint’s head with his permission to see her brother die, falling to her knees as the rip in her soul is torn asunder once more. 
  • (Barton holding her, rocking her and murmuring comfort into her hair.)

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Hello do you know the FIC where LOUIS breaks up with harry and harry doesn't understand why but then a few months later LOUIS comes back and explains that he broke up bc he had cancer??? I can't find the link anywhere lma o im desperate

rather be a hopeless lover than cursed with disbelief

Harry wants just one more second with him, one more minute, one more hour, one more night, one more day, one more lifetime. Wants to catch a glimpse of his dazzling smile, his enchanting eyes, the jut of his high cheekbones, the slick sharpness of his jawline, wants to hear his jubilant voice, his booming laugh, his dainty giggle, his breathless gasp, his salacious moan, wants to touch every dip and arch of his body, wants to feel his smooth skin. Wants another chance to meet Louis all over again, wants to fall for him once more, maybe even faster and harder this time around. Maybe he’ll always fall in love with him, like it’s an inevitable part of his fate no matter what universe he gets thrown into.

Or the one where Harry tries to get his life back together after Louis breaks up with him.

“I’m not entirely sure when I got over it,” she paused and dropped her gaze.

“I don’t know when I stopped going to sleep only to wake up in the early hours of the morning clutching my pillows to my chest when I used to tangle myself in his arms. I don’t know when I stopped ringing his voicemail just to hear his voice one final time to remind me how it sounded when he breathed my name against my skin. I’m not sure when I stopped crying at my memories of him and started smiling. But I do know that I did get over it.”

She raised her head and smiled and it looked so happy and empty of heartbreak that you would have never believed her past had she told you.

“And I continue to get over it every single day that I don’t run back to him simply to breathe the same air.”

—  I’m done getting over you, 05/05/2015

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#nsfw tsau where frnk legitimately calls g while he knows hes in the middle of class or smthn while hes actually getting off at home and hes begging for g and moaning his name like a lil bitch asking for him to get home bc he knows his mom is gonna be gone till the a.m. and hes desperate af

frnk takes a day off of school and gee’s in class teaching but when he sees that its from his presumably sick boyf hes like “guys im just gonna step to the side and take this, keep doin ur worksheets!!(:” bu t as soon as he answers it hes like fuCk and hes just standing there shell shocked trying to keep a neutral expression and he just sorta goes “im in class rn so i cant rlly talk” loud enough for the class to hear him but into the phone he just breathes out “youre so desperate for it…” and frnk can hear the smirk in his voice

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002| RhFe !!

  • when or if I started shipping it: The first time I watched Iron Man! …they were so obvious… with Tonys nicknames, the getting drunk on the plane together, Rhodey never stopping his search for Tony, hugging, hand holding, desperate clutching… PLEASE.
  • my thoughts: The fact that Rhodey/Tony is such a minor ship is a literal fucking crime. Like… wheres the fandom police when you need them?
  • What makes me happy about them: EVERYTHING. Rhodey being adorable when hes near Tony…. Tony whining at Rhodey in IM3 because he didnt come to find him this time… Rhodey smiling at hearing his voice…“I’ll hold your own” Them trying to rule Asgard together.


  • What makes me sad about them: CRIME. They havent hugged again… I just want them to hug.
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: THERES LIKE NONE? Also when Rhodey is in fics… people dont really make Rhodey a big dweeb like he is in the movies… and in fics that pair Tony with someone else Rhodey … if he makes it into the fic… is often a dick? OOC TO THE EXTREME. RHODEY IS TONYS BEST FRIEND PLS.
  • Things I look for in fanfic: …I cant be too picky TBH lol
  • My kinks: …. Again I cant be too picky…
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I ship Tony with fuck all everyone. I could ship Rhodey with Pepper… (or Carol? I dont know her but shes in the comic and I saw some cute ass Rhodey/Carol things???)
  • My happily ever after for them: …Everything is the same except they kiss now. :’u
    IM NOT FUCKING PICKY MAN. Put those lame-ass dweebs in a room together and Im happy.

So like, ‘what if’ happy AU time: 

What if Gabriel worked part time in a library reading to kids and Nathan has to go in for something one day, and he hears his beautiful voice and starts coming back every time Gabriel’s working just to hear him. 

And Gabriel is delighted to see somebody in the library so often and he strikes up conversation, recommending him his favourite book,and Nathan reluctantly has to admit he can’t read and, without missing a bit, Gabriel is just like: “What if I read it to you?” 

Que up several cute park dates with expensive coffee and Gabriel reading in his gorgeous accent and Nathan is just so, so screwed. 

Everything Has Changed - Chapter 2 -
Takes place at the end of 7x23. Sam has just lost Dean, Cas, and Kevin, and he doesn’t know where to go. He piles into Baby and drives until he almost gets into an accident. This story isn’t strictly canon, but it’s close. Sam W. / Female OFC Rated M for language / violence / sexual situation(s). Co-written with climbthatmooselikeatree

Chapter 1 FanFic l AO3

He was not ok. Not by a long shot. But it wasn’t anything that his two best friends in the world couldn’t help with, Jim Beam and Jose Quervo. He managed to hold it together until after he slipped the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the motel door, but after that, all hell broke loose. For the next week, Sam drank to numb the pain, it was the only way he could sleep without hearing his brother’s voice.

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FanFic l AO3

RA 31 Day Challenge Week 14: In The Impossible Event He Shows Up At My Door

My buzzer goes off, and I press talk to say a hesitate hello. I can hear his voice loud and clear saying “It’s Richard looks like I found the place.” I tell him up one flight of stairs to my corridor, then unlock my door. I do that with all my guests, not just actors I have massive crushes on for the record. (For the record I am not sure if he would say ‘Rich’ or his full name. The former sounds like a moniker among close friends. He doesn’t know me from Eve.)

I hear and knock, and call for him to come in. He would come in and look around at my cozy place. I would make him feel comfortable, and he would make a bee line to my couch. It’s comfortable, and I quite like it. I have a coffee table on casters, making it easy to move up in case of long legs.

I would then ask a very important question:


or White

While a wine-soaked make out session sounds like a fun evening, I have a need a little higher than the physical. (Not for spiritual reasons. I like nooky too.) I crave conversation.

Specifically, I crave conversation with members of the opposite sex, close to my age, and can speak in full sentences. When I thought about this question, I circled back to having wine, talking, and we would watch a movie on Netflix. Maybe we can enjoy our wine on my balcony, with some pizza from a nearby shop with good fare. We would drink, crack lame jokes, laugh, and may be make out on our second date. 

Where’s that fairy godmother when you need her?

I have such feelings for Phil Collins I literally don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t found him. God I wish I could hug him for like an hour.

I know I have this idea of what he’s like (and oddly, what the inside of his house looks like) but I know I’d be just as thrilled if he wasn’t as I expected.

Since that will never happen, I will continue to listen to golden slumbers, carry that weight, and the end and just sit, mystified at how a human can have such an ethereal voice. And pray that he comes out of retirement and that Adele’s new album comes out soon to hear his beautiful voice singing new songs.

I completely support Tao leaving and especially to take time off to heal, but I can’t help but think selfishly that

  • I’ll never see Tao in another EXO M/V
  • I’ll never hear his husky voice paired alongside EXO’s vocals again
  • I’ll never see him on stage with EXO again
  • I won’t get as much updates on him
  • I’ll really, really miss him…
  • I’ll never see him alongside his hoe, Oh Sehun
  • I’ll never see him cuddling Suho and holding him tight
  • and so much more

But I know that, without SM

  • He’ll be treated as an actual human being
  • He’ll be with his family who are always there to protect and guide him
  • His injuries will hopefully heal
  • He’ll still be able to dance and produce music with nothing holding him back
  • He’ll now know not to take anybody’s crap, and that he only deserves good things
  • He’ll still know that he has fans who love him and look up to him so much
  • He’ll always be my baby who’s older than me
  • He’ll always still be a fashionable wushu panda
  • He’ll still wear shades inside buildings like he ain’t got no sense
  • He’ll still cherish the good memories he had at SM, and with EXO
  • His life will be a lot better
  • My baby’s gunna be free
  • He’ll still inspire me to work hard
  • and maybe… just maybe… he’ll reunite with Wu Yifan, and will maybe be able to rekindle their strong bond
  • He’ll be happier (a bit later, though)