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I liked the accidental upload! although I was on mobile so the side by side screen made it a bit hard to see the game but i loved it, honestly I jumped a bit more at the jumpscare when i saw mark jump instead of hearing him. ALSO the whistle was creepier too like dang


at first i was like “oh.. this is a weird structure he has” and then realised i couldn’t hear his voice so i was like “lol he probably realises half way through his mic isn’t on and then fixes it”

so i forwarded over half way and that’s when i realised

oh shit

this boy did a goof

4.  The lights suddenly start flickering and now we’re in total darkness and I’m freaking out.

with Bucky 


„Bucky!Bucky!Bucky!“ You run through the apartment in a panic, calling out to him. There was a thunderstorm and the lights had suddenly stopped working, so you were in total darkness. You never liked the dark very much, especially when you were alone. The only one around now was Bucky, everyone else was out. You had knocked on his door but he hadn’t been there, so you ran across the whole place hoping he was somewhere around and hadn’t left as well.

„In here.“ You hear his voice from the living room and jump at him from behind when you see his silhouette.

„Bucky!“ You yell happily, hugging him from behind while you hang half on his back, half on the ground.

„Geez…Y/N what are you doing?“

„It’s creepy, I don’t want to be alone.“

„It’s just a blackout.“

„I know.“ You say and pout at him when he holds a candle up to your face, „What are you doing right now…?“

„Taking care of that annoying, little girl who keeps following me around.“ He answers with a smirk and pulls you over to the couch with him, „Sit down I’ll be right back.“

He comes back with a handful of candles which he places on the table. The room’s almost bright again when all of them are lit and he sits down beside you.

„Thanks…“ You mumble, head resting against his shoulder while his arm is protectively wrapped around your waist

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The top 5 things you dislike about Wiccan/Young Avengers?

1) Poor Writing: In YA/Runaways; they state Wiccan needs to hear his ‘spells’ in order for them to work. Which isn’t true - in order for his spells to work, he has to focus on the outcome he wants, which he does by repeating it out loud. It has been shown multiple times, that he can use his powers without speaking, the ‘spell’ is normally driven by a single thought or emotional (usually to protect Teddy).

In Runaways, they use tech to stop him hearing his own voice, while he has to watch a creepy man torture Teddy. In this case, his powers should have worked purely by emotion.

2) Poor Writing: In New Avengers, we see a future where Wiccan has been possessed by a magical entity. He now goes by the name Demiurge, yet he has no access to his Demiurge powers.

3) Fans: There’s a non-canon plot, where Billy is actually Trans. Despite being a ridiculous idea to start with, they claim its Canon. There’s also a lot of race-bending, despite Wiccan being depicted as white in the comics, tumblr has to make deal that he’s non-white.

4) Writers: Wiccan has so much potential as a character, but he’s so undervalued.

He’s super powerful, a sorcerer supreme candidate, has almost no knowledge of magic, has died and somehow been reincarnated into the past, has a twin brother born to different parents, is engaged to an alien prince of both the Kree and Scrull empires, and is the son of the Scarlet Witch, Vision and Mephistopheles - There is so much material to write from.

5) The original art for Wiccan in New Avengers was absolutely awful - He looks way better now.

Ramen at three am Writer AU(Taehyung)

1.8k hope you enjoy!

My phone buzzed on my bedside table for the third time. Still half-asleep I grab my phone, the screen illuminating my room in the dark of night. Looking at the time, I internally groan and answer the call.

“Taehyung, why are you calling me at three am.” I hear Tae, my neighbor and best friend of two years take a deep breath.

“Sorry, Y/N, I know it’s ridiculously early, but I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning, could you get me some ramen. I promise this is the last time.” He sounded exasperated which put me on alert. Sitting up, I was already pulling on a blue hoodie.

“You say that every time,is it that time of the year?” I ask already knowing the answer. A tired chuckle comes from the other line.

“You know me to well.” Even in his tired state I can hear the smirk in his voice.

“I’ll be right there.” I hang up right after, and put on some pants. I head into the kitchen to grab the Taehyung emergency kit I made a year back. Tae always had a bad habit of stressing terribly when he had a book deadline, he tends to forget to take care of himself. I still remember the first time I found him like this. I was coming back from a run to the store and I found his apartment door wide open. I had only lived in the complex for a month, so I didn’t know Tae that well yet. I thought there may have been a burglary so I entered. There were ramen cups and articles of clothing littering the ground. I found the young boy at his desk, hair disheveled, clothes wrinkled and his eyes had dark bags underneath. Nervously I knocked on his room door, he looked up from his work and went right back to it as though I was a gust of wind. I took a moment to watch his brows furrow in concentration. How his fingers danced across the keyboard and his back was hunched over. I cleared my throat to grab his attention and he looked up once more, a little more alert this time.

“Um, I was just walking by and I noticed your door was open, are you ok?” He had a slightly confused face as I finished speaking.

“ Did I leave my door open, I don’t even remember leaving.” He started laughing. At first I was shocked but looking at him I could only guess he had gotten 3 hours of sleep and to be fair I would be the same way. He looks at me again still chuckling and says,”And so, you being the curious girl you are, wondered into the mad hatters tea party, only to find the cheshire cat.” My eyes grow wide when his eyes light up and a wide rectangular grin adorned his face.

“ Sir, are you really alright?” The worry was now seeping through my voice. The tired man stretched his arms out and let out a yawn.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just writing a book and my deadline is in two weeks so it’s crunch time right now. Sorry if I worried you,” He put on another tired smile. I really wanted to help him but I had no clue how.

“ Ok, i’ll leave you to your work, but please get some sleep tonight er-“


“yes Taehyung, oh and by the way my name is Y/N. If you need anything my apartment is down the hall.” I gave him a slight wave and picked up my grocery bags to leave. He waved back and began typing again. I sighed and closed the door on my way out.

Once I got back to my apartment I realized it was already seven o’clock at night. I immediately unpacked my bags and started to heat up the stove. I decided to make a veggie,potato soup with some salmon. While I was getting the salmon out I remember the dozens of ramen packages lying on Taehyung’s floor. I finally decided I would make him some proper food. At seven thirty I packed up the food I prepared and headed back over to his apartment. I knocked on the door and after several seconds with no reply I twisted the door knob. Since Taehyung forgot to lock it I got in quite easily.

“OhY/n, you’re here again?” I heard his voice come from his room followed by a big yawn. I enter his room one more time.

“Yea, I just wanted to check back up on you, I brought you some food.” He looks up with a spark of energy and the cutest smile I’ve seen so far.

“Really you brought me food, you didn’t have to do that.”

“I know but I figured you have been so busy that you deserve a break.” I couldn’t help but smile back. Even if it was something like cooking for him I was happy to help.

“Ok well let me just finish this page and i’ll join you.”

“ Ok,I’ll see if I can clean up a little.”

“No, no you’ve already done so much already.” He exclaimed.

“Don’t worry I’m fine with it.” I assured him. He gave me a look as though to say, you really don’t have to.

I left the room and got out a garbage bag and began to collect all the empty containers and wrappers on the floor. After that I picked up his dirty clothes and put them in his laundry bin near a closet by his room. Looking around I noticed that his apartment was a soft white color and his walls were decorated with different paintings. One in particular had a forest scene with a blue sky, which I found quite relaxing. A coffee table sat in the middle of the living room surrounded by two mini couches and a chair. His kitchen was similar to mine with an island in the center and a table off to the right. His chairs were very interesting with splatters of colors dancing across them. I took the food out of the bag and started to place them on paper plates I brought, fancy I know. Right as I brought the soup container out, Taehyung emerged from his room stretching as he approached the table.

“ Wow, y/n this looks amazing, Thank you so much.”

“It’s really no problem, come and sit.”I waited for him to sit and take his first bite. Once he did, his face lit up and I couldn’t help but blush. It was the cutest reaction anyone has ever made for my cooking.

“Wow Y/n this is amazing.” He started to devour the soup.

“So Taehyung, I didn’t know you were an author, are you under a different name.” He smiled brightly at me.

“Why yes, It’s a secret but i’ll tell you since you’ve been so nice.” I leaned in closer and he looked around as if to make sure no one could hear him. He whispered to me “Ever heard of a writer named Tae Kim.” My mouth dropped to the floor.

“No way, the Tae Kim, the guy who can write anything from mystery to romance, the guy who has 6 best sellers , the guy who literally invented the plot twist and suspense. That Tae Kim?” I stared at him wide eyed, could I possibly be talking to one of the top book sellers right now. He nodded his head and I was speechless.

“Have you read any of my books?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“Of course, my personal favorite is Look Here. My heart practically let out when she laid eyes on the boy with brown hair and blue eyes and thought he wa-“

“He was the one, the only one. The first boy she would ever kill.” He smirked.

“I thought It was just another cheesy romance book, but no, you wrote anything but that.”

“So you do know some of my work. That was my first ever murder book and I’m actually quite proud. Looks like you’re a real fan.” I gave him a little nudge and he laughed. Oh how that laugh could have cured any illness.

“Actually I’ve only read three of your books and yes I did enjoy all of them. So what are you working on now if I may ask.” He looked back at me and thought for a moment.

“All right I’ll tell you a little since you brought me dinner.” Excitedly I sat back as he looked at me suddenly serious.” It’s about eight people who all wake up in a different place and are asked questions by different people, like the police. They try to recall the events and slowly with each chapter you get different pieces of the puzzle and the entire book is trying to get the story straight and who is responsible for one of the characters death.” He sat back and my eyes were practically out of my head.

“I wanna read it so badly, when does it come out?” animatedly I asked him, almost jumping in my seat.

“Only like six more months.” He tried to hide the smirk but I heard it in his voice.

“I can’t believe this you got me excited for nothing.” I exclaimed with a fake pout. He started laughing hysterically and I happily joined in.

“So what do you do for a living if I may ask.” Looking at him I tried to calm my voice.

“Oh, I’m a doctor for the hospital down the road, I know not as exciting as an author.” Sheepishly I laughed with a little blush because the way Taehyung’s eyes bore into mine   completely attentive could melt any heart.

“That sounds like a great job, anything exciting happen this week.” People normally didn’t ask about my job and the fact that he looked at me as though he had only ever heard my words made me open up like a book. So we talked until eleven at night and I told him to get to bed and sleep in tomorrow and he agreed only if he could have my number and we did this again.

So now walking to his apartment at three am with a box of ramen and some tea was a job I was more than willing to do because when I knock on that door my best friend will open it.

The door flung open before I could even raise my hand to knock.

“There you are, I was afraid you fell back asleep.” Tae said exasperatedly.Yawning and rubbing his head Tae opened the door for me.

“I can’t believe you think I would abandon you like that.” I sarcastically say to him as I step inside.”I also brought you tea so you better be grateful.”He chuckled at that.

“You know I always am.”

That night I stayed in his room while he ate his ramen and furiously typed on his computer. At one point my eyes shut and the last thing I remember is the feeling of someone covering my body with a blanket and a whisper, “I think I’m starting to fall in lo-“ but by then I was fast asleep.

Authors note: Hey everyone, this was my first ever post woohoo. Im actually very proud and I hoped you enjoy it. I was thinking of maybe making a series out of it. I’ll make a separate post since most people skip the authors note so any way I hope you enjoyed it.


zitao’s sign language

#1: on 14/03/24, tao changed his weibo dp into a picture of his crossed fingers, it means “hope”, it’s for the victims of MH370 flight

#2: on 14/05/31, sehun’s instagram update, tao made a circle hand sign with index fingers and thumb fingers, it means “miss”

#3: in exo showtime episode 9, tao didn’t understand how to play the game 007 as he got beaten a lot of times, while the other members just stayed silent, tao used sign language to express his frustration and anger

#4: we all know about sehun’s famous sailormoon pose, but little did we know it was taught by tao,  by extending the thumb, index finger, and little finger while the middle and ring finger touch the palm, it means “i love you”

the reason why tao knows sign language is because tao has a best friend ChenChen who is a disabled person, he doesn’t have the ability to hear and talk. and with the love of friendship, tao learned sign language to communicate with his friend.