hear his voice

Two old men had been best friends for years...

…and they both live to their early 90’s, when one of them suddenly falls deathly ill. His friend comes to visit him on his deathbed, and they’re reminiscing about their long friendship, when the dying man’s friend asks, “Listen, when you die, do me a favor. I want to know if there’s baseball in heaven.” The dying man said, “We’ve been friends for years, this I’ll do for you.” And then he dies. A couple days later, his surviving friend is sleeping when he hears his friend’s voice. The voice says, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that there’s baseball in heaven.” “What’s the bad news?” “The bad news is that you’re pitching on Wednesday.”

When Things Fell Apart: Part Seven

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Picking up the phone I held the letter in my right hand, reading over his words once again as it continued to tremble in my fingertips. Sighing my heart beat tripled the speed of the rings as I awaited to hear an answer. Whether I’d hear his voice or the automated voicemail tone I would know my place, I needed to know my place now especially after this. 

Somehow I had managed to get you to go on a date with me, honestly I had never been more nervous and the guys had no idea. You were sat in that cafe gripping onto that mug as you still shivered, I could see it even from outside. Yet as I walked in I could see your face light up ever so slightly, at first I assumed you saw something else until you waved my way. 

I’m still amazed how you liked me, that you laughed at my jokes and wanted to know more when I spoke about music. We walked around the town, you held my hand and told me about your family I could barely contain how happy you made me feel. You always made me happy. 

I found myself reading over various segments of the letter, relieving different memories until I was brought back to my room, sat on the edge of my bed looking at the orange hue that crossed the curtains as the ringing stopped, and someone answered. My mind became clouded and words failed to escape my lips as I heard heavy breathing on the other end of the phone, it was recognisable for me in an instant and opening my mouth to speak I hesitated. Looking at the end of the letter I couldn’t hold back, I had to say something before I regret not taking the chance to. 

“Please don’t give up.” The words came out close to whispers down the line, I heard my own breath as I mumbled into the speaker hoping he heard, wishing he got my message and responded. 

No matter how torn I feel I just want to hear him respond now more than ever before, despite the cheating, the lying and the heartbreak I can no longer wish he was dead to me, he will always be apart of my life. “I’m trying.” Two words, quiet but hard. He sounded different, there was less depth to his voice over the phone, less emotion- he had hit rock bottom, he was there and I could tell. 

“Luke, I just-” Before I had the chance to continue my sentence there was some noise in the background on the other end of the line, I heard another voice and some shouts before Luke yelled, then all went quiet. Removing the phone from my ear I saw I was still on, the seconds continued to rise and placing the phone against my ear I put the letter down on the bed and stood up, walking out of the room and towards the kitchen. “Hello?” I was blunt, I didn’t have time for games, I just needed to know if he was okay. 

My question was followed by a sickening laugh, it oozed in sweetness - too much of it. The laugh was unknown to me which caused my stomach to twist and knot, I leant against the counter as I anxiously waited for them to speak up, if they would. “Oh honey, this is bordering pathetic.” She scoffed and immediately I straightened myself up, swallowing the lump in my throat I wouldn’t admit defeat, not just yet. 

“You know what is pathetic? Stealing a girl’s boyfriend knowing he is in a committed relationship, how about that mmh?” The words came out with such sarcasm they dripped in venom, I pictured her playing with her hair, fussing over her makeup as she tried to outdo me on this. 

There was a pause from her and I closed my eyes, laughing to myself about how stupid this all seems. “Well you know what hun,” She snickered into the phone, “it wasn’t like he was saying no.” The last part she whispered before calling for him, she called him ‘Lukey bear’ and the nickname made me want to vomit. “Move on girl, find yourself someone else to fuss over and also leave his family alone.” I could hear him entering the room and questioning what she was doing. “Nothing Lu.” That sickly sweet voice again as she held the phone away from her ear, “Bye bitch.” She muttered before hanging up on me. 

Leaving my phone on the counter I remained in utter disbelief, partially confused by the only interaction I’ve had with her but how spiteful she came across. Shaking my head I headed back to my room and placed the letter in the draw next to my bed, folding it up and keeping it safe and secure there. I collapsed onto the bed unsure what to do next, whether I still even try with Luke but what’s the point? 

After a while of aimlessly staring at the ceiling and forming various patterns or pictures in my mind I sit upright, seeing how the once orange hue that shone onto my discoloured blinds had become dark. Walking out of my room I picked my phone up from the kitchen, ‘1:39am.’ Exhaling I pushed the loose hairs out of my face, and kept hitting my phone in my hand as I contemplated whether or not I should call. 

“Screw it.” I mumbled to myself as I unlocked my phone and went to his number before pressing it. Moving away from the kitchen I found myself sat in the window overlooking the city in the distance, the sea of lights as he used to call it, how they’d all come on in an instant like the tide but slowly disperse like the waves, taking their own speed. 

“Nightingale?” He yawned into the phone and I blinked a few times, bringing myself back to where I was. Luke wasn’t sat opposite me holding my knees, he wasn’t making song lyrics on the fogged windows or telling me about the sea, it was just me. 

Staring at my own reflection I saw my cheeks turn a light shade of pink before I answered almost immediately. “Ashton, are you busy?” I asked hoping he’d be available, but as I looked to the clock and saw how early it was I slapped my forehead, groaning as I did. “I am so sorry, honestly I was unaware of the time and I just don’t get much sleep so time is weird and I-” 

He cut off my rambles before I could continue to apologise with a loud yawn in which he mumbled my name, “Calm down.” He chuckled down the line and only then did I realise how cold I must’ve been as I saw the goosebumps forming on my arms. “I’ll be over as soon as I can, wait up for me.” With that he hung up and as I looked around I gripped my hair wishing I had made some effort to clean up despite him having seen how messy it was hours ago. 

I found myself pacing up and down the flat, unable to stay still for more than two seconds as the thoughts whirred in my mind. Her words, his written words, his voice, the two sides of her, the memories, the guilt, the regret just all of it. Before I knew it I found myself in a ball near the front door, just cradling myself and burying my head into my chest, not wanting to think for a while. 

The lock on the door clicked but I stayed still, if it was an intruder I hope they find something of value in this tip, maybe they’ll end me whilst they’re at it. Would that really be so bad?

A hand rested on my shoulder and lifting my head up I blinked rapidly, trying to focus on the figure over towering me in the dark. They knelt down next to me and I saw the lights from outside flicker those hazel orbs, full of concern as he patiently waited for me. He didn’t rush me, he just sat there in the silence that loomed over the both of us, waiting for me to snap back into this moment where we both are. 

“Guess who I had the pleasure to speak to today?” I spoke up and saw his head rise, he was concentrating on me whilst I kept my legs against my chest and fiddled with my fingernails. “Arzaylea,” Letting out a dry laugh I shook my head before continuing, “she sure is a delightful person.” I swallowed the lump in my throat yet again before feeling his hand resting against my back, gently rubbing small circles into it.

It was something Luke used to do the nights before he left to go on tour, we’d sit watching a film and I would pretend I was fine, that I could handle it. Yet as soon as he rubbed circles in my back it released everything, the tears began and I couldn’t stop them. My barriers broke down and they couldn’t be stopped, even now I began to shake, unable to catch my breath. 

Before I knew it I was sobbing against his chest, his large arms held me close as we sat there leaning on my front door just unable to control my emotions anymore. We sat like this for a while, longer than I would’ve liked but the tears just kept coming. I hated crying, I always have done since he broke my heart. To me it served as a reminder now that I was weak, that he has hurt and defeated me. 

“Remember in How I met Your Mother about the whole winning the break up thing?” He spoke up and I furrowed my eyebrows before moving away from his chest but remained in his arms, my hands resting against his chest and all I could do was nod. “Well you could say Luke has won the breakup, you know, getting a new girlfriend but I don’t think that is so.” He continued to explain, I could see him working it out in his eyes, the way his forehead creased when he was thinking. “By you finding yourself I think that means you win by default.” I shook my head and moved my hands away, gripping onto my temples. 

“I don’t think I’m catching on Ash.” I stated as I just looked at him with pure confusion. 

A smile began to form on his face, the sort that was bright and beautiful yet it didn’t seem fitting for this time. “Luke took the coward’s route in winning the breakup, he’s dating the one he cheated on you with whereas you are still single but are in a much better position than he is.” Raising my eyebrows he just sighed. “You got his letter you know how he is right?” I nodded in response, his words burnt into my memory now. 

“He is in a bad place.” I mumbled sadly, still wanting to do something to help him, anything. “And because I’m single and haven’t been committed to rehab that means I’m doing better?” My tone started to rise as I began to back away from him, he began to shake his head, “That just because I cry and don’t leave the flat whilst he is out performing and she is watching him means I win?” I scoffed, now riled up. 

Ashton followed me and stood in front of me, blocking my way to my room. The look on his face had changed, I couldn’t decipher it exactly, “You are worth so much more, you just need to realise your own potential.” Part of me wondered if I was dreaming at this stage, out of the corner of my eye I could see the sun beginning to rise, a new day was dawning upon us. “I know you want to help Luke, we all do but we can’t.” He shook his head before wiping his face with both his hands, sighing as he did. “She has this weird hold over him and we know he misses you, everyone knows, and I think it scares her.” I lowered my head, not wanting to listen to this anymore.

“Why can’t I let him go?” I muttered under my breath still unsure on the sole reason I can’t shift him away, it’s like he is a light and I’m a moth drawn to him each time no matter how much I resist.

“Because both of you are still in love.” It was loud and clear, he said it with no hesitation. Lifting my head I saw him focus on his feet instead of me, part of me was thankful as the look I held in my eyes hurt, it burned. “It’s obvious,” A light scoff followed, “you two share a rare kind of love. It’s something that isn’t seen until you mention one another. The way Luke still looks when he sees your photo or hears your name, he is like a lost puppy so hung up on you.” As his words continued I could feel my heart dancing in my chest. 

After all this time, I didn’t think I’d hear anything quite like this. I never expected to hear the honest truth, an actual explanation. “You do it too,” Now his eyes locked with mine as that small dimpled smile grew across his face. “it’s that look that you can’t see as you’re turned away. His whole face lights up just at the sight of you, that small shy smile you have when he calls you beautiful. It is the little details with the two of you, you can’t not see it, you can’t doubt it can you?” He nudged me and my smile began to falter the more I thought about it. 

“I see it as now having two options Ash,” I swept my foot across the floorboards, unsure how to word this. “potentially I could go back to Australia whilst he’s there, talk to him and tell him the truth and fear rejection or, just disappear.” The latter came out as a whisper and my feet stayed still. 

He moved closer to me, lifting my chin with his fingertips so I would look him in the eyes. “It is your choice, just know that I don’t think he can wait forever.” Lowering my chin I buried my head into his chest and wrapped my arms tightly around his torso. 

We stayed like that for a while whilst I decided what to do. The sun came up and the rush of the city resumed in the distance, a new day was upon us and I had to do something about this. 

Ashton began to make breakfast whilst I booked a plane ticket, a ticket for one, one way only. As I looked over the details again I exhaled heavily, picking up each aspect of this place as I glanced around I shut my eyes tightly and clicked the final button. Opening one eye I saw it had been done, it was confirmed. 

“Done?” He sat down opposite me on the small table placing some pancakes in front of me along with a cup of coffee. I nodded in response and took a long well needed sip. “When do you leave?” 

“Three days. I just want to do it you know? Are you staying around here for a while or are you going back to LA?” I munched down the pancakes completely unaware of how ravenous I was. 

He shrugged his shoulders, “Do you need me to look after the place whilst you’re gone?” Once the offer had been placed I paused, my ticket was one way. 

“I’d say yes but the truth is, I’m not sure how long this’ll take Ash.” I wore a contemplating look on my face as he just sort of agreed, unsure what else to do. 

Standing outside of the airport I gripped my ticket tightly, not wanting to risk losing this after coming so far. My eyes scanned the boards for my flight details, wondering if they’d even be up yet before I walked over to the queue. 

Patiently I waited in line before being called forward, “Hi Miss, just place your luggage here and I’ll check your passes.” She weighed my suitcase and took my tickets out of my hand. “so, any reason to be going to Italy? I hear it’s wonderful this time of year.” I chuckled in response as she handed me my passes back. 

“Just needed to get away really, thank you.” Smiling in response she wished me a safe journey and I walked on, I kept my ticket in my hand but I couldn’t help but feel guilty for lying to Ashton. 

Pulling my phone out as I headed towards security I sent him a quick message before leaving my phone until I reached my destination. This time I would not allow complications, I needed to breathe, I needed the space and where better to do it than somewhere far away where he won’t find me. 

I’m sorry x 

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did you see the new sneak peek of 6x04? that man told lydia: can't you see it's right in front of your face? so what if when lydia remembers stiles she will actually feel his presence behind that wall. what if she can feel him being on the other side cause i'd be so fucked up after that




Girls Night

“But why can’t i come?” Jared asks leaning against the door frame watching you pick out your outfit, “because it’s GIRLS night” you reply scanning through your dresses and he stomps his foot like a child and stomps to the guest bedroom and you roll your eyes before taking a dress off the hanger and proceed getting ready for the night. You finish up your make up and Jared finally comes out of the guest room “hi”  you hear a voice and you look up from the floor and are completely gobsmacked “oh my god” you say your mouth hanging open and Jared holds out his hand “i’m rayon”. “Jared what the hell are you doing” “well you said it’s girls night” he smiles at you “you really wanna come that bad?” you say still gobsmacked “i wanna dance” “okay you know what fine, fuck it come on” you say gabbing his hand and headed towards the taxi you both hop in and you sign “i can’t believe i’m doing this” you say shaking your head before the taxi pulls off. You get to the club and you spot Y/B/F/N along with a few other friends and walk over to them “hey guys” you smile at them “hey Y/N” Y/B/F/N says and hugs you and looks at Jared confused “oh everyone this is uh.. rayon” “pleasure to meet you darlings” he smiles at them all “hi um i’m going to get some drinks” Y/B/F/N says and you and Jared sit down, Y/B/F/N comes back with drinks and you all engage in chatting “so Y/N hows Jared” one of your friends ask and you almost choke on your drink “oh um he’s okay thanks” “you could say he’s not feeling himself” ‘Rayon’ speaks up and you have to hold back your laughter and they all look at you confused. “oh my god this is my song” Jared says pulling you up off your seat and dancing with you you dance along with him laughing and joking with each other while your friends spoke sarongs themselves. you and Jared dance with each other for a while the odd friend joining in now and again all a bit tipsy, it began getting late and you call a taxi and head home with a pizza.. you both stumble in the door laughing “these fucking heels” Jared says before kicking them off and you hop up on the kitchen counter while Jared slumps down on the breakfast stool and tuck into the pizza. “it tastes so much better when your drunk” Jared slurs and you nod “you know… i had fun tonight” you say with a mouth full of pizza” and Jared laughs “me too” “rayon is welcome on future ladies nights you laugh “well thanks darling” he winks and you tuck into the rest of the pizza 


zitao’s sign language

#1: on 14/03/24, tao changed his weibo dp into a picture of his crossed fingers, it means “hope”, it’s for the victims of MH370 flight

#2: on 14/05/31, sehun’s instagram update, tao made a circle hand sign with index fingers and thumb fingers, it means “miss”

#3: in exo showtime episode 9, tao didn’t understand how to play the game 007 as he got beaten a lot of times, while the other members just stayed silent, tao used sign language to express his frustration and anger

#4: we all know about sehun’s famous sailormoon pose, but little did we know it was taught by tao,  by extending the thumb, index finger, and little finger while the middle and ring finger touch the palm, it means “i love you”

the reason why tao knows sign language is because tao has a best friend ChenChen who is a disabled person, he doesn’t have the ability to hear and talk. and with the love of friendship, tao learned sign language to communicate with his friend.

why does owen wilson have the most distinct memorable voice in the entire world i literally can’t read the word ‘wow’ without hearing his voice in my head like 'wow :~)’

When the bae calls you in public

and you completely