“Every fairy tale had a bloody lining. Every one had teeth and claws.”
— Alice Hoffman

Selkie - Tori Amos
Woods Darker Than Night - Cœur De Pirate
Memory - Pill-Oh
Simone - Goldfrapp
You Know Where To Find Me (Instrumental) - Imogen Heap
I Love My Harbour - Hundreds
Celeste - Spooky
Undertow - Ane Brun
Sunlight Zone - Sophie Hutchings
Grace - Kate Havnevik
Nightstill - Pill-Oh
Bubbles - Films
Surrender (Piano Version) - Digital Daggers
Ooooooo - Prisillica Ahn
New World - The Irrepressibles
Lightsick - Zola Jesus
Hear Me - Dark Dark Dark
The Waves Have Come - Chelsea Wolfe
Cartography - Sara Jackson-Holman
Wallflower - Agnes Obel

Antônio Olinto | Alma Da África  (Soul of Africa)

Antonio Olinto was an African Brazilian author, essayist, poet, literary critic, and translator, as well as a Brazilian diplomat in Lagos. His work included poetry, political analysis and children’s literature.

His most famous book, The Water House (originally published in Brazil in 1969 as A Casa de Agua) was translated from Portuguese into English by Dorothy Heapy in1985. Olinto explores the subject of slaves who return back to Africa once freed. The Water House covers seventy years in the life of a African-Brazilian family- beginning in1898 in Brazil and ends in 1968 in Lagos. It follows the story of Mariana (the great granddaughter of Catarina, a young girl sold to slave traders by her uncle, making the transatlantic journey from Lagos to Brazil at the age of 18). The book recounts Mariana’s story as she leaves her childhood behind in Brazil with her grandmother (now a free woman) and her mother (Catarina’s daugher Epifania) and comes of age in Lagos.


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