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My weightloss journey

My weightloss journey started in 2013, when i decided that i wanted to make a change. I’ve always been obese, since i was a little girl , and this situation caused me depression and eating disorder.my highest weigth was 110kg / 242lbs and that number marked the worst period of my life.At 16 i decided to change, to start loving my body and my life, and create a new prospective for my future.For the first period i have followed a vegetarian diet, created on the base on my necceties by a nutricionist. After some months i could add at my diet, some light workout (walking).Following this plan i’ve reached the weight of 80kg/ 176lbs and then i’ve stopped loosing weight for a while.After a little of ups and down i’ve got back on track, reach the weight of 70kg/ 154lbs.One year ago i’ve decided to became vegan, and start a new weght loss program, to reach my goal weight.Since October 2016 i’ve lost 5kg/ 11lbs following a vegan diet (1300kcal a day) and working out 2/3 days a week.My goal weight is between 63kg and 57kg, now i’m 65kg / 143lbs and i can’t wait to see how my body can still improve.Anyone who wants can follow my journey on my tumblr page, and contact me freely.

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What are workouts that you do for the glutes?

Before I go in details about the workouts, it’s important to know how and what to eat to reach your goal.. Basically, growing your glutes means taking in more calories than you burn. Of course we are talking about healty fats, proteins etc. Cardio is optional but I don’t do it. What I would recommend is to lift as heavy as you can, this is the key to grow your muscles. I do 3 sets and 15 reps of each exercise.

First workout:

Squats with barbell is something I start my workouts with mostly.

Second work out:

Third workout:

4th workout:

5th work out:

6th workout:

These workouts are meant to do in the gym, if you seriously wanna grow your glutes I recommend to go to a gym. However if you don’t wanna go because of reasons here are some workouts you can do at home:

My weight-loss journey lasted almost three years, during which, following various diets i’ve lost more than 35kg. In a first period, following a strict diet, with no exercise, i’ve lost 10-15kg, then after various ups and downs, I’ve decided to turn to a nutritionist and I followed for six months another diet, coupled with an hour of walking, six days a week, losing more 15-20kg. Now, I’m losing the last 10kg, following a vegan diet, full of fruits, vegetables and protein foods,  and working out   ¾ times a week.

On the left was me December 2014 and the right was me a couple months ago forgot to post this progress picture. This was about a 70 pound difference. I’m now down 90 pounds 😊My hips are definitely a big problem area for me ): but I am happy to be seeing results.