From Gastroposter Aviva Wittenberg, via Instagram:

Another quick lunch in the morning: farro pasta tossed w tomatoes, spinach, garlic and lemon and olive oil and some fruit. I am not such a fan of whole wheat pasta and was delighted to find a place in the north end of Toronto that carries a massive selection of dry pasta including lots with other whole grains. This farro one is fantastic and well worth the 20km drive!

From Gastroposter Aviva Wittenberg, via Instagram:

Pasta is so much better when it is freshly cooked, so I left lunch packing to the morning today. Kids have kamut penne tossed w kale pesto, cherry tomatoes and chick peas. I added a handful of fruit, packed some snacks, signed math tests and permission forms and patted myself on the back for getting everyone out the door set for the day. Well, until we got halfway to school, had about 6 minutes until the bell would ring and I realized that I had forgotten to pack forks!Thanks loblawson for the forks we stopped and grabbed. I will come shopping later. I promise

From Gastroposter Rachel Schwartzman, via Instagram:

Having healthy food stocked and well liked leftovers makes packing a waste free lunch for 3 kids quick and easy. (My big guy made his own sandwich-“I do not like quinoa bowls”-insert attitude.) •quinoa salad (see last post) •apple •peach •melon •brie •dried apple and apricots (organic and sulfitefree in bulk from noahsnaturalfoods) •pumpkin seeds and bunny crackers (in pouch)