My Story:
My story starts as a lot of those who have been overweight and have struggled through life with their weight. In 2010 when I had my youngest daughter, I reached my all time heaviest weight of 340 pounds to be exact. I could not hardly move, much less get around the house to take care of my kids and the house cleaning. I was always lethargic and my asthma was horrible. I didn’t want to go out and do things as not only was I always tired but I was ashamed. I grew up eating out all the time and well, who is going to pass up their grandma’s fresh baked cookies? Not me! My grandpa would tell me how much he loved me but that he didn’t want to see me get sick and die at a young age. He would offer me money to lose weight, he would offer to get me on diet plans and that he wanted to see me get slim and trim. He would often say that he would love to see me get healthy now rather than later, from heaven. I just was never ready though to take that leap. I tried to eat right many of times but always gave up. When I reached 340 though, and took a good long look at myself, I realized that I was slowly dying, at 30 years old. I started to lose weight, even got down to 220 pounds. Then, when I “thought” that I knew what I was doing, I stopped. I figured I would be able to maintain and lose still. Hard truth was, was that I didn’t know what I was doing yet and that I had not really set the habits of health that at this time I am benefitting from now. I had went back up in my weight, to 313 pounds. Talk about ashamed, I was beyond ashamed. I let stress, life and crazy sleep take over. I was drinking alcohol a lot and all my bad habits came flowing back. My kids were hurt and could not understand why their mom was not like their friends mom’s. My marriage was falling down the drain and fast. I had so many health problems that I don’t know where to begin with the list.
Recently, on February 29th 2016, my life changed…
My Why:
My kids deserved a healthy and more active mom. My husband deserved a wife who cared about herself and helped keep up the house and kids while he was working. I deserved to live a great life and not one that would have to be cut short due to bad habits. I was sick all the time, getting ready to have foot and leg surgery that I knew was going to be a hard recovery for me. I was falling apart and slowly dying a little every day. My husband and I often talked of divorce and I was depressed all the time. I no longer wanted that, I wanted happiness. My kids, they were and still are my drive to keep going every single day. I am changing my lifestyle for them and most importantly, myself. So on that day, of February 29th 2016, I started a health program. Don’t confuse that with a diet program though. This health program was far more different than that of a diet. I didn’t have to take no crazy diet pills, eat gross diet food, that for a lot of people, makes you want to vomit. It was not where you start doing something and when you get to your goal weight, you stop and can eat what you had before and then gain all the weight plus more back. No, this was a health program, based on changing people’s lives and making them healthy and supporting them while they maintain that healthy weight. I have a health coach that talks to me weekly, who is there for me whenever I need. My coach as well as a huge community are there to help support me every inch of the way. The best part is, is that when I do reach my goal of 150 pounds, I still have my health coach by my side and the huge community of supporters to have my back, while I maintain that goal weight. I’ve been learning all the habits of health so that I can implement them into my life, for life. What is better than that? Seriously!
So now fast forward to today:
Almost 5 months later, I am now down so far, 71 pounds!!!! That’s right, 71 pounds! I am currently 242 pounds. It has only been 5 months, so I can only imagine how far I will have come, in another 5 months. Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan™ with support is 20 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks. I walk everyday and ride my stationary bike but in no way do I over due it. I do not go do crazy hours at the gym and I am not stressing myself out. I am simply eating 6 times a day, on a strict nutrition plan, every two to three hours while awake, drinking water and implementing the habits of health into my life. I am now sleeping better, eating better and having better relationships with friends and family. Even better is, is that I am such a better mom to my three kids and my husband, well he is pretty darn proud of me too. I get a bit more lovin than I had before. Not because I am getting thinner but because I am more happier to be around. I am more … well, I am more energetic ;) Point is, is that I chose my health, I chose my life, I chose my family and I chose myself!
Note to heaven:
Grandpa, I know I didn’t do what you wanted when you were on this earth with us. I just was not ready yet to make that choice for myself. Even when I had started losing weight before, I was not as motivated nor had a deep enough desire. I wanted to make you proud and I wanted more then anything for you to see that I was beautiful even though I was so heavy. For the longest time I thought that you were just as ashamed of me as I was in myself. I sit here today and as I write this, I know I was wrong. You were never ashamed of me, you were worried for me. You just wanted to see me healthy and happy. I get that now, I really do. I know more now, than I done before. I am more stronger, more determined and my desire to be healthy and happy is on fire! My desire for health could not getting any deeper for me right now. Though my desire, it get’s deeper and deeper everyday, to help others. This is why I have become a health coach myself. I want to help all who I can, feel the way I feel know. I want them all to know that whatever their story is, it’s ok. It’s never too late to start. I help people now, to become the healthiest that they can it brings great pleasure to know that they can count on me. I know I didn’t get to where you wanted me to be before the good lord took you home with him but I am moving mountains now for myself and helping a lot of others move mountains too. For this, I know you’re up there and couldn’t be prouder of me. Love you!

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Working on my abs…seeing a slight improvement on my lower abs.Working my abs twice a week now.Cant wait to see results.#absanity#fitmom #fitchick #FitLife #fitnessaddict #fitnessisalifestyle #motivation #workingonmylowerabs #sixpack #thickfit #gainz #gym #healthymom #healthy #healthyliving #womenwholift #girlswholift #TeamGates #instafitness #beastmode #bodybuilding #musclesburnfat #musclebuilding #blackout #blackfitness #blackfitnesswomen #transformationtuesday #kenyangirl #Kenyan