People you may not be following, but you should be:

Though I got a wonderful handful on introductions, I didn’t get any promotion requests, so I’m going to pick a few people you may not yet be fortunate enough to know.

I tried to pick people that hadn’t ever popped up in my crushes as well as from a variety of ages and fitness levels.

tinkerbellrun- She runs (obviously), has a creepy profile pic but a fun name, and is also has a few more years under her belt than the average tumblr (in case others are looking for people closer to their ages). She recently had her first run in the rain which was also her fastest 5k yet!

workoutpact- Ann is a trainer and has great tips and informative reblogs. She’s also great if you have questions (I don’t know that she gets many, but all that I’ve seen have been well thought-out answers.) and looks incredible.

healthylivingforhappyme- Alex is very sweet and has been working on losing weight and getting healthier. She’s also younger (18). She’s always encouraging to me.

lifeisfunnerwitharunner- Kristi is in her 20s and has lost 50 pounds! She is currently training for a half marathon.

kb-running- Kristen (I hope I spelled it correctly) has also lost around 50 pounds. She runs and is currently working with a trainer to get fitter. She’s about to graduate high school!

Please check out these awesome ladies!

healthylivingforhappyme-deactiv asked:

I only started following you recently but you were part of the inspiration behind me signing up for my first Zumba class on Friday so thank you!

Is there a way to portray a bigger smile than :oD ? Because I am smiling SO BIG right now!!! This makes me super duper happy!

I hope you have an absolutely FANTASTIC time!! Just keep in mind that at first you might feel a little silly and like you have no idea what is going on. THAT IS NORMAL. I’m pretty sure every single person feels that way at their first class. *haha* Just promise me you’ll try it more than once because I guarantee it gets easier (and more fun!) the more you go. You’ll get a terrific workout, your confidence will grow, you’ll meet fun people, burn tons of calories, tone your legs, improve your sense of balance and rhythm - it’s a win win win win win win! :) 

Can’t wait to hear all about it! :)