Ok, so here’s a hair growth update they I’m actually very excited about. I can definitely see my hair getting longer and feel it (against my back, when I gather it up, etc) but it seems to be going sooooo slowly. This photo shows some of the baby hairs that have started popping up (faintly), which is nice because I can know for sure they there’s growth, but as you know, I want instant gratification, so I was still irritated. I was pulling at my hair (who knows why, I’m not Barbie; I can’t grow it by doing that) and I realized that I couldn’t feel my collarbone. Obviously my collarbone is still there; don’t freak out, but my hair has grown PAST my collarbone. In a post a while back I updated that it had moved from my collarbone to maybe ¼-½ inch past it (something like that) and right now it is a good inch to inch and a half past my collarbone (depending which side you measure). I have slightly changed my hair care and growth routine by adding in Healthy Hair Plus’ shampoo, conditioner & vitamins and I must admit I’ve stopped using the mask because it’s just so messy 😫. One thing I have been thinking of trying is inversion (minus the oil).

Let me know if you’d like me to try it or have any questions!

Till next time xoxo