What I ate today post !!! Very much requested so here ya’ll go!! ☺️

Breakfast - apple pie larabar & a banana

Lunch - taco season chicken, green bell pepper, onion, brown rice, & two clementines 🍊

Afternoon snack - ¾ cup of garden vegetable cottage cheese (so yummy!!!) with whole wheat crackers

Dinner - scrambled eggs & salsa on a whole wheat tortilla with a coffee ☕️

Evening snack - 100 calorie bag of popcorn w an apple 🍎

Pesto spaghetti squash w grilled chicken & parm! Did you know that 1.5 cups of spaghetti squash is only ~45 calories ❗️you can’t beat that 😋🌞🍽

Shout out to my boyfriends momma for buying me this AMAZING veggie chopper. Chopped up some onion & bell pepper in literally 2 seconds; RT to save a life. 🙌🏻💫