This quest bar was delicious! Mmm I loved it, and best of all only 2 grams of sugar!

Needed to grab a quick hunger fix and was not prepared … Good thing the gym sells one of the FEW protein bars I will actually eat!

Quest protein bars are by far superior to most other bars on the market. Many companies advertise “low sugar” but their bars are loaded with “sugar alcohol”, aka - sugar!

Quest bars on the other hand are all under 10 grams of sugar (including sugar alcohols) and many are only 1 gram per bar!

When in a jam, Quest is what I grab (always better to eat than go hungry) - ps chocolate brownie is amazing.


Nutraplex® Pineapple Coconut Bar is so delicious. The taste of pineapple and coconut together are my favorite combo. The bar is Non-GMO and Soy & Diary Free. I love that! You can taste the sweet honey and chewy almonds cashews plus it has chia seeds. The bar gave me protein and fiber which I need. After having this bar I felt like I had more energy to keep chasing after my two sons. It’s a better and more healthier chose than my normal cuban coffee to pick me up.  

Nutraplex® Megaberry Bar is filled with fruity taste. You can taste all the berries & chia seeds mixed together. What chewy goodness! This bar is a yummy treat if I’m on the go or if I can’t sit down to eat lunch dealing with my busy schedule. Megaberry is also filled up with Omega 3s & antioxidants. I felt I had more strength to take on my day after having this bar.

Healthy Dark Chocolate Nut Bar inspired by today’s canopy walk & all kinda of healthy bars.Recipe will be posted tomorrow :)

Ingredients -6 dates,pitted -Apricot -Raisins -Laici -Goji •70g each of Toasted nuts of choice(almond,peanut and hazel nut) •70g each of Toasted seeds(flax,pumpkin,sunflower seed) For the topping: •Dark chocolate •Coconut oil 1. Toast all nuts and seeds together,separate them though.If you have them toasted already,you can skip this. 2.While nuts & seeds are toasting,prepare your dry fruits.Put everything together into a bowl and set aside. 3.Once nuts & seeds is completely done,take them out and put them in a food processor.PULSE them because you want them turn into medium pieces and not tiny pieces.Once done,take them out and put them in a mixing bowl. 4. Now put dry fruits into food processor.Let the food processor mix it till it turns into a sticky dough.Once done,add the dough into the mixing bowl that has nuts & seeds. 5. Mix them with your hands.Just keep mixing it till you can form them into bars.Spray some oil on a 8x8 baking tray and place the bars on them. 6. Place dark chocolate in a microwave bowl,add coconut oil(just a little) and set them in for 30-60 seconds(depends on your microwave,mine needs 1 mint).Stir them continuously and set for another 15 seconds.Drizzle them on the bars. 7. Place the tray in the freezer for 30 mints.Simply cut them and wrap them with foil so that you can take them along with you whenever you’re going for a jungle trekking or anything.Because its snack!!