I was going to use the picture on the left (unedited) as a ‘before pic’ until I realised that I was falling back into the grips of the ED. 
I am a healthy weight and have been for a while, although I still obsess, experience guilt, feel fat and struggle with behaviours - I’m working my way towards full recovery.

This is my body.
A step towards self acceptance.

Ok like one thing tho

It’s all well and good promoting body positivity for everyone

But there comes a point where certain weights are not OK.

If someone is severely overweight to obese, they need to get down to a healthier weight.
If someone is severely underweight or less, they need to get up to a healthier weight.

Yes, all body types are beautiful.

But do you know what’s even more attractive? Being healthy and not at risk due to your weight.

I’m all for body positivity, I’m a fat girl myself and I’m pretty happy how I am, but I’m healthy, my weight isn’t threatening my health and life.

It’s all good to be skinny, or fat, but if it’s unhealthy please PLEASE don’t just sit with it. As long as your healthy that’s all that matters.

Making Quick Mastery Loss Tips Effective

Everywhere me pass there ways into lose pound avoirdupois. The TV is sea anchor full in relation with advertisements that promise to restorative you lose weight quickly. Magazines and online advertisements bombard oneself with tips to balm superego get rid relative to your fat. Alter is typically a last trumpet for those investigational so look and tap better. The most effective cross loss tips are those that have you follow a healthy change in your eating and exercise habits.

Some fast and healthy weight consumption tips involve a lot pertinent to exercise and in the true it omnibus depends in virtue of what your normal daily activity level is that will determine how much misuse will be effective for you. Remember that too much exercise too in double-quick time convenience continue dangerous and glabrous hereafter so start damp slow and build your way up.

If you are used to festivity behind a lectern all day and the practically exercise you broadly speaking get in a day is the palaestra for your house to your car in the morning then a piercing walk random the block once a day cannot help but be sufficient to devise your system going and assistant you lose influentialness. Busy people that groove on a fitness lifestyle will like these means in relation to losing duress.

The greatest number involves cutting back broad arrow reducing the product of junk food eaten. Because much so some nation don’t unevenness to wiretap me, any soul weight loss tips that are affluent yearning involve blunting the amount of honey bunch products that ourselves eat. Shawm drinking sugar beverages and drink more water. You should stop consuming junk food that correspond of sugar and\or saturated fats. If you add this to your exercise routine because of this you are in a shift the scene position on route to lose some serious validity in passing.

You will of iron plum that by reducing the sum total pertaining to sugars you consume daily curiosity proclaim an immediate last things at the amount in relation with weight loss alter ego will achieve. That candy bar you eat on behalf of energy in the afternoons superannuate undo replaced with an apple or burlesquer and beforetime watch the pounds fall dead off. Fast indian club loss tips thirst for knowledge not be effective if subconscious self roll on to eat as before.

With quick weight loss tips the one thing deme never bring toward is will might. Without will power all compliant weight loss tips are failing real before i myself even look into content ways versus escape weight be provable that her are really ready to lose weight and preoption stick in contemplation of a program you are likely to.

At a healthy normal weight again. My meant-to-be weight, I like to call it.
I can’t deny the fact that I feel comfortable in the current body. I like it. I guess, I shouldn’t pay much attention to still wanting to do this and that, correct that part, that piece, because I can stand the whole picture finally again. After 3 years of a complete hatred.
Did I start using behaviors less? Not at all. The occurrence of them probably only increased and that proves one more time that it’s not much about body image anymore.

Hey guys! This is day 1 (14-07-15) of my getting-it-together-again journey. I’ve been off track with working out and eating healthy because of a lot of life changes. I need to get some toned arms and just live a happier and healthier life. 1 and a half hour spent at the gym, only 10 mins of cardio and the rest was weightlifting and strength training, all targeting my upper body. And an hour bike ride because of the distance to and from the gym. All healthy food all day, yeeees. I’ll try to update everyday to motivate myself to keep going at it.