Recently I’ve realized that my best days start when I not only have a healthy, delicious breakfast, but also when that breakfast looks as amazing as it tastes. Waking up to a big bowl of beautiful puts a much needed early morning smile on my face, especially since I’ve been waking extra early for morning yoga! I wanted to share some of my most recent breakfast creations, I hope they start your day with energy, nutrition, and a positive outlook too!

I try to alternate my breakfast each day between granola inspired yogurt bowls and big fruity green smoothies. Sometimes though, when I’m in a hurry, breakfast bars, mini muffins, and other make ahead baked goods are my go-to’s! You can get more pictures of my breakfasts, lunches, quick snacks, and more (including my adorable kitten!) on my instagram: piecesinprogress.

Oh and like me, all of these recipes are gluten free!

Shout out to all the girls who get insecure about the size of their boobs because they feel like they will be automatically over-sexualized by the human population. This isn’t spoken about enough.
I feel you.
You’re beautiful. Wear that cute lil bikini. Rock your curves. Fuck everyone else. Shine on 🌸

This week’s fruit prep. There were absolutely amazing sales on berries this week (finally!) so I might have gone a bit overboard haha! I have 2 jumbo packs of raspberries, 1 jumbo pack of strawberries, 2 twelve oz packs of blackberries, 2 mangoes peeled & chopped and 4 peaches. There will be so many colorful yogurt parfaits, snack bowls, salads and of course some ulgy-smoothie-happy-tummy green smoothies with all these berries!

I hope your fridge is looking as fresh and colorful as mine this week! :)