Transformation happens when you make a choice and commit fully to change.

I remember in was in the spring of 2012 when I woke up and decided I quit having an abusive relationship with my physical health.

At the time I was living in Martin, Tennessee while working as a leadership consultant for ZTA. I was inspired to try yoga and begin running because I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle like some of the other 15 consultants from all over the U.S.

I began using the Run5k app and telling myself that I would exercise for an hour every day or walk/run 4 miles. Over the next year and a half I was able to lose about 30 lbs.

Once YOU commit to making a change to better yourself or your health, nothing can stop you. Expect there to be highs and lows and give yourself the grace to start over.

Begin by changing your thoughts and relationship to food and your body. This has been a challenge for me because the occasional old mindset and 70 lbs heavier smaller self sometimes creeps in thoughts to tell me that I’m “not good enough” or “won’t reach my goal because of XYZ excuse.” The practice w and power of yoga has given me the awareness to notice that I am not my thoughts and that I CHOOSE.

This week I choose to do meal prep. Buying groceries on Friday evening saves me time to enjoy the weekend more.

I purchased a sweet potato, head of broccoli, purple onion, squash, and assorted mushrooms to broil on 400 for 15 min., seasoned with mixed spices (cumin on sweet potatoes, Italian seasoning and salt & pepper on the rest).

It took me 20 minutes to prepare. While the vegetables were cooking, I boiled one cup of quinoa to add the the yummy veggie taco pictured above and use for protein to make hashes throughout the week.

Keto cauliflower garlic cheesy bread sticks.

9 net carbs


1 cup cauliflower riced (water pressed out)
1 tablespoon coconut flour
1 egg
1 egg white
1 tablespoon greek yogurt
Garlic powder
Little salt

Mix, spead on greesed sheet, top with cheddar, bake 10 to 15 minutes at 375.

Top with garlic butter and parmesean cheese.

Walla.. cheesy bread.


Halloween potluck recipes?

I have a Halloween-themed potluck on Friday and am looking for some simple, healthy vegan recipes that would be appropriate.  I have a slow cooker, so I might make a chili or soup of some sort, but does anyone have any other ideas of recipes I could make, given my limited talent in the kitchen?

Poached Chicken with Ginger Shallot Sauce

A foolproof method for poaching chicken breast with guaranteed juicy chicken every time. Served with a Ginger Shallot (Scallion) Sauce that is so good, you will want to put it on everything! Also accompanied with a quick chilli sauce (optional). This is a much faster, healthier version of the famous Hainanese Chicken & Rice, without the rice of course.  I recommend serving a side of steamed broccolini to complete your IP dinner.

Original Author: Nagi | RecipeTin Eats
Recipe type: Dinner
Cuisine: Asian
Serves: 2 Supper Proteins
(I am assuming all the ginger sauce will not be consumed because a little goes a long way, but remember your approximate portion for oil is 1 Tbsp on phase 1.)

• 2 chicken breasts, boneless skinless, 8oz each (Note 1)

Ginger Shallot Sauce
• 3 - 4 shallots / scallions / spring onions, green and white part thinly sliced (1 heaped cup)
• 2 tbsp finely grated ginger
• ¼ tsp IP salt
• 5 tbsp olive oil (or grapeseed oil)

Quick Chilli Sauce
• 1 tbsp chilli paste
• 1 tbsp Frank’s Red Hot or Tabasco
• 1 tsp soy sauce
• 1 tsp splenda
• 1 garlic clove
• 1 tsp grated ginger

1. Take chicken out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking.
2. Fill a saucepan with water so the chicken breast will be well submerged with at least 2" / 5cm of water above it.
3. Bring water to boil. Place chicken breast in water, place lid on, bring back up to the boil. Remove saucepan from stove and set aside for 20 minutes (it’s fine up to 45 min, won’t overcook).
4. Remove chicken from water and slice. Serve with Sauces (below) and rice.

Ginger Shallot Sauce
1. Combine and mix ingredients in a bowl. Set side for 20 minutes. It will sweat and become more liquidy.

Chilli Sauce
1. Mix ingredients in a bowl. Set aside for 15 minutes.

1. This method works for chicken breast up to 300g/10 oz. If you use a 300g/10 oz chicken breast, you must take it out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking, per the recipe. 250g/8oz chicken cooks just fine straight out of the fridge but I always take it out of the fridge early out of habit.

If using frozen chicken, it must be fully thawed before using.

2. This recipe works consistently every time because the chicken starts off in boiling water which is 100C/212F no matter which country, what stove, and what pot you’re using! Chicken cooks at around 65C/150F, so while the boiled water is at or above this temperature, the chicken is cooking. Once it falls below, the chicken stops cooking and thus prevents the breast from overcooking, yielding a guaranteed perfectly cooked juicy chicken breast every single time!

3. Cook time: A 250g/8oz chicken breast will be done at 20 minutes, for a 300g/10oz one, I leave it for 25 to 30 minutes. Up to 45 minutes, and I still do not notice any loss of juiciness in the breast. Around 1 hour, I notice that it is slightly less juicy - but still way juicier than the usual methods of poaching!

4. High altitude locations: The higher above sea level you are, the lower the boiling point of water. This means that if you are located in a high altitude area, the recipe needs to be amended to boil for longer before taking it off the stove, to ensure the chicken cooks through. I intend to do some research on this and will update this note when I find out more.


Might not be pretty but who cares.

Skillet wrap pizza: Tomato Basil Wrap (Missoni); ¼ cup Red. Fat Mozzarella; ¼ cup Part Skim Ricotta Cheese; 2 slices Bacon; 1 Roasted Red Pepper; 1 tsp garlic; 1 tsp milled flaxseed; 1 tsp chia seed.

Roast the red pepper over open flame, skillet fry bacon in black pepper and garlic; toss red pepper and bacon together on pan; 2/3 stay on pan add 1/3 of bacon/pepper mixture to ricotta as well as flaxseed and chia seed; put in blender on chop/whip setting alternating depending on the consistency you like.

Put the wrap on the skillet on a low flame, add mozzarella, bacon and red peppers, top off with ricotta bacon pepper mixture.


How to Make the Ultimate Polenta and Vegan Mushroom Ragout: 5 Chef’s Tips and Step-by-Step Photos for Healthy, Plant-Based Recipe
Creamy, satisfying polenta is an Italian classic comfort food. Traditional recipes are often loaded with saturated fat, salt, and cholesterol from dairy milk, cheese, and meat. Here are my 5 Chef’s Tips for the Making the Ultimate Plant-Based Polenta and Ragout. Step-by-step photos show you how to substitute mushrooms for meat, create a flavorful almond milk broth, and use butternut squash for creamy texture. This is a healthy, oil-free vegan recipe that you need for your healthy eating dinner routine.
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