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“Set your alarm for 6am. Don’t groan when it goes off and pull the covers over your head, get up and start your day. Put on a baggy top and running shorts. Go downstairs and pour yourself a nice big glass of water. Cut up some fruit, granola and mix it in with coconut or almond milk.  Now go outside. Stretch for 10 minutes. Skip for 5 minutes. Jog for 10 minutes. Run for 10 minutes. Walk back. Lay out a towel on the ground and lie down on it. Do 50 crunches. Yes, they hurt, but they are 100% worth it. When you’re done, get in the shower. Use a nice smelling shampoo and matching conditioner. Shave your legs and wash your body. Exfoliate your face. Get out of the shower and let your hair air dry. Look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? If you do, good for you. Do this every day and you will continue to love yourself. If you don’t like what you see, do this every day and pretty soon you will. Being lazy might feel good at the time, but being active feels better in the long run. How badly do you want it?” talk about inspiration

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While the silent treatment can be caused by a combination of hurt feelings and an inability/unwillingness to talk about them, it is often a passive-aggressive approach to manipulate and control. People who withhold their love, affection and attention, and sometimes completely withdraw their presence, are attempting to punish and force their partners to submit to their will. Be aware—especially if you are dealing with someone with narcissistic tendencies or control issues, and always exercise STRONG boundaries!


Did someone order a bona-fide combat paramedic?

I’m having a good self image day. Felt strong and left my wisdom-tooth-ice-cream-diet behind me.
Take what life gives you with appreciation, and you’ll have the strength to find the good.

If people love you, they will want you to grow. If somebody doesn’t want you to grow, you can call their feelings about you by many names… but you cannot call it love. You can call it fear, you can call it anger, you can call it control issues, you can call it resentment… but nobody has ever held anyone back because of love.

Rob Bell

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So I'm pretty good at gaining muscle mass pretty quick. But I can't seem to get the fat layer to go down even with healthy eating. Am I missing some sort of workout that I should be doing? Maybe not enough cardio? I'm coming to you because you're the princess protein™ of workout wisdom.

Healthy eating sometimes isn’t enough to lose fat! To burn it off you’ll need to increase your caloric deficit, you can do this by dieting (calculating your calories per day and make sure u eat under ur maintenance calories) and/or burning calories doing cardio.. there is no ‘one’ workout to make u lose fat

Magickal Uses for Sunflower

Planetary Association:  Sun
Astrological Association: Leo
Gender: Masculine
Element: Fire
Deity Association: Apollo

Magickal Uses:  Because of its strong sun aspect, this plant is good for building a healthy ego. It is also associated with fertility on account of its numerous, prominent seeds; it is said that women who wish to conceive should eat them. Sometimes considered a haughty flower due to its height, the sunflower is also thought to exemplify loyalty or adoration, because of how it follows the Sun’s path. Like all Sun herbs, the sunflower is great for rituals for acquiring wealth and for creating a relaxed, comfortable happiness–the same sort you feel on a warm, sunny day.  It is connected to solar festivals. The petals are a nice addition to a bath, especially a ritual bath to attract happiness.

In Aztec temples of the sun, priestesses carried sunflowers and wore them as crowns. As sun sumbols, these flowers symbolize the healthy ego, the wisdom, and the fertility of the solar logos. To protect yourself against smallpox wear sunflower seeds around the neck, either in a bag or strung like beads. If you cut a sunflower at sunset while making a wish, the wish will come true before another sunset - as long as the wish isn’t too grand.
An herb of happiness. When eaten they help a woman conceive. Place one under your bed to know the truth. They will also grant wishes. Cut it at sundown while making a wish. One who has been anointed with the juice from the stem of the sunflower will be virtuous. Sleeping with a sunflower under the bed allows you to know the truth in any matter. Sunflowers growing in the garden guard it against pests and grant the best of luck to the gardener.

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Things Ganymede needs:

-a spine

- more confidence in himself

-a relationship where he is loved, cherished, and taken care of

-friendships where he is loved, cherished, and taken care of

-people to let the pom pom incident die

-to be surrounded by people that will protect him

-a puppy or something idk

Most people go outside of themselves to find healing. They think they’d feel better if their partner changed. They think they’re unhappy because they need a different job or house or car. Most people spend their entire life trying to control what can’t be controlled for forever, outside circumstances.

The answer to our problems is simple, it is self love. The more you love yourself internally the better your life is going to be externally.

Right now stop and take a few minutes to honor and love yourself. Give yourself some credit, you’ve come pretty dang far. Applaud yourself for never giving up, you’re still here aren’t you? 👏🏻👏🏻 You’re doing the best you can so forgive yourself for any shortcomings, forgive yourself for not performing as good as you thought you should have. Breathe deep in & out. And ALWAYS remember to love yourself despite what’s going on outside of you. Become your own best friend. Get so comfortable in the skin you’re in. After all, you’re the only person you will ever spend 24/7/365 with!

It’s your life, MAKE IT EPIC!
-Jhon LeBaron