healthy snacks for brain

Why snack?

We all know that, to keep our brains running smoothly, we need to fuel them appropriately with a balanced diet. This is specially important during exams or other stress periods, because mental work burns more calories than sometimes we realize.

One easy and effective way to get that extra energy our brains need are snacks. When used in conjunction with an already good diet, they can give a much needed boost to your memory, attention, comprehension…

When to snack?

I’ve found the best time to go for a little snack is during studying breaks. I use the pomodoro technique, so every 25 minutes I’ll have a little break, and that’s when I do my snacking. Not every break has to be a snack-break, of course!

If I am cramming, I find eating while studying also works, but it is messier and can interrupt your focus. So try your best to plan little breaks at set intervals!

How to snack?

Eat small things, both in portion and in size. Finger foods are much better than stuff you need utensils for. Bite sized foods work best and are generally less messy. Small portions mean you get energy as you need it, and that you won’t overeat or force your body to do a heavy digestion while studying (trust me, you don’t want that! You want all the energy going to your brain and not your guts!).

What to snack?

Here’s where many people get stuck, but truth is possibilities are endless. I advise against junk food, but even that is better (in moderation, of course!) than having nothing at all. It is a good idea to plan ahead what you will be eating and snacking that week: this way you can make sure you choose a variety of foods with good nutritional values, and your choices are wiser.

Some ideas:

  • Drinks
    • Fruit smoothies (a favorite here is frozen strawberries, banana & cinnamon)
    • Tea (any type, hot or iced)
    • A small cup of hot chocolate
    • Orange juice
  • Fruit and vegs
    • Grapes
    • Berries (I’m a fan of blueberries, but to each their own!)
    • Carrot, green pepper and/or celery sticks
    • Hummus (pair it up with the vegetable sticks and it’s yummy!)
    • Guacamole (it can work as a dip, too!)
    • Clementine wedges
    • An apple
    • A banana
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Pickles
  • Carbs
    • Oat cookies
    • Bread sticks
    • A good old sandwich (this one is too much for me, but it’s good for longer breaks)
    • Hard pretzels or pretzel rods
    • Dark chocolate (but do not overdo this one!)
    • Popcorn (same here!)
    • M&Ms (or similar, but in moderation)
    • Granola bars
  • Fats and Proteins
    • Nuts (I’m specially a fan of walnuts, but any one goes!)
    • Olives (pitless)
    • Cheese (wedges, mini cheese balls, diced…)
    • Yogurt
    • A hard boiled egg
    • Cold meats (diced, rolled up slices…)

The list, honestly, is endless, as are the benefits of regular and healthy snacking for students like you and me.

ETA: Adding more snack ideas as I come up with them. Feel free to share yours!

(Note of the Author: Please forgive any mistakes I may have made. English is my third language and sometimes I get brain-hiccups while writing long things!)

we all must admit how hard it is to just sit down and do your work sometimes. the following are a few random tips that i used to study better. here’s a more specific study post but this is just a general set of things i do that really help me out.

set a routine

if you continue to do something, eventually it turns into a habit. try to study at a certain time every day. it’ll turn into a habit and eventually become an instinct to get your books out and sit down at that certain time of day.

create a pleasant study space 

this will definitely help. naturally you would want to go and study if you have a nice atmosphere to go to so open some windows to let in light, invest in a good chair, and keep the space lively with some flowers or plants (i surround myself with greenery. it makes me feel really calm). likewise, keep your space away from distractions such as your laptop (ahem ahem. unless you need it for work and have a website blocker or something), the t.v, and the kitchen (keep a healthy little brain snack on your table so if you feel hungry you don’t need to go to the kitchen to get food then get lost spending too much time making creme brûlée or something when all you really needed was some celery).

remember your future goals

this will keep you from procrastinating by giving you a little jolt of guilt and also keep you sane. i personally wrote down my goals on a post-it and stuck it on the wall. later on, whenever i felt like throwing my textbook out the window (rip louis pasteur and his scientific contributions to biology) i would look up and see the note which would promptly calm me down so i could take a five minute break and get back to work.

give yourself time beforehand

if you give yourself a little bit of time before you start studying, you will feel more refreshed and ready to study. when i come home from school i give myself   a half hour to change, have some fruit, and start getting my materials out. that way i don’t feel rushed from just finishing school to immediately starting all my work. i also stay off of tumblr and the internet during this time because if i got on i would probably spend my half hour there and not have any time to actually relax and unwind a little bit. also if you need more time, take more time, but don’t stretch it out to two hours or something overboard like that, especially if you come home later.

for when you really want to fling your work into a tornado and go on tumblr

nope. sorry. not going to work. i mean, you could probably get on tumblr but you’ll regret it come tomorrow when your teacher asks for your homework or hand out that test and you look at it and realize you don’t know the material. try working in pomodoro time chunks so that you don’t overwork yourself and also get rewarding little breaks in between. sometimes when i’m really unmotivated, i turn the pomodoro method into a little game and try working for just a little bit more and challenge myself to see how many more minutes i can study for. if i end up achieving 25 minutes, i take the 5 minute break. 

you can do this!! ~hana from kageyama-studies

General tips (General Tips) for killin’ the high school game by your local Mom Friend™:
  1. You’re not alone. Everyone is nervous on the first day. You don’t have to be the brave one.
  2. Write down all of your teachers names and emails and keep them in one place
  3. Learn how to be a student for each of your teachers. You can’t exceed expectations unless you figure out what those expectations are.
  4. Your attitude dictates your experience, so start finding things to get psyched about
  5. Find a sophomore (hi yes hello) who’s willing to help you/give specific tips for your school/teachers
  6. Stock up on healthy snacks to keep in your locker (if your school allows it). Also some not-so-healthy-snacks for when you need a chocolate pick me up
  7. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  8. Use!!! A!!! Planner!!!!!! Even though writing things down isn’t as convenient as using the Notes app
  9. It’s high school. No one is having as much fun as their Instagram and Snapchats make it seem.
  10. No one knows you wore those jeans yesterday
  11. Have a pump-up playlist
  12. Disney music is awesome study music
  13. Learn the difference between their, there, and they’re goddamn it
  14. Be patient with your teachers. Their job is hella hard.
  15. School spirit is fun and not at all stupid
  16. Don’t buy everything on the school supply list. Find out on the first day/orientation what you need for each class and don’t waste your parents’ money.
  17. With that said, invest in some nice fancy pencils/pens
  18. Find a comfy private study spot at school
  19. Take advantage of your study halls!!!!
  20. Reward yourself for the small things. Give yourself a sticker for making it through the first day of school.
  21. Bring a water bottle to school. Leaving class to go to the water fountain is stupid.
  22. Make friends with at least 2 people in each of your classes
  23. Smile at people
  24. Keep an extra phone charger in your locker
  25. Also pads/tampons/whatever you use for your period
  26. Take spontaneous pictures of your friends
  27. Don’t ask “what’d you get?” Don’t be that kid. It’s annoying. Also, stop comparing yourself.
  28. Do extra credit even if you don’t need it
  29. DO your homework right away!!!! Procrastination is not punk
  30. Don’t feel pressured to find a relationship!!
  31. Write a letter to yourself (to read in the future, i have one to read at the end of the school year and at graduation)

(Bonus) Shit to keep in your locker:

  • Healthy snacks!!!! Yay brain food!
  • Non-healthy snacks for when you (or your friends) need a pick-me-up
  • Water bottle #HydrationNation
  • Extra phone charger. It will make you v popular. (just kidding. no i’m not)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hair ties
  • Cheesy motivational quotes
  • Pictures of dogs or cats or cute fuzzy animals
  • pads/tampons/whatever you use for your period
  • A sweatshirt (if you run cold like me)
  • Extra change of clothes for spontaneous sleepovers and embarrassing spills

I hope all you freshies and other types of misfits find this useful! I got through freshman year pretty unscathed, so feel free to ask me questions!

Great Snacks to Eat while Studying

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Feeling hungry? Got a big test coming up soon? Eating and studying are very important parts of a students life. Eating is a good for your health and studying is good for your mind. However, eating while studying is also very helpful for you too. Eating good snacks while studying can help you stay more focused and make you remember what things you studied for later on. But what foods are good while studying? Well, here’s a list of great food to eat while studying for a big test or exam that’s coming up (and don’t worry 😉, junk food is included too) :

1. Sliced Vegetables and Fruit

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I know that some of you don’t like your veggies and fruits, but they are an important part of our diet. Not only they make you big and strong (like mommy always says), but they are refreshing, and make you more focused in your books. Cut-up pieces of fruits and vegetables are quick, tasty, less-messy and of course healthy. Have a bowl of grapes, or eat baby carrots with dip while you study. Or simply eat a fruit or vegetable salad!

2. Yogurt 

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Yogurt is like the healthy version of ice-cream. It is sweet and cold, and rich with mixed fruits. Try having fruit yogurt instead of plain (who seriously wants plain yogurt?), since it has more taste and makes you more energetic to do your studies. And while you’re at it, add pieces of fruit to your yogurt to add a burst of vitamins, colourful taste and energy.

3. Granola Bar

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Easy, tasty and convenient to eat. You can have simple granola bars, fruity granola bars, or even granola bars with chocolate chips, or even dipped in chocolate. They have a burst of energy, and are a great snack to help you concentrate while studying

4. Cheese and Crackers

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Nothing is a better pair than cheese and crackers (and maybe Victor and Yuri), but these two make a simple but tasty snack! They are great at giving energy, and they are super tasty when you put them together. They are also quick to make and eat, so you can eat them while your eyes are on your textbook. 

5. Pretzels

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Pretzels are rich in fibre and carb, easy to eat, and convenient too. They are also super tasty! You can simply eat pretzels from a bag, or eat it with some fruit and cheese (like it shows in this picture here). Add a bit of salt to pretzels to make it more rich to the taste.

6. Nuts 

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Walnuts, almonds, or peanuts. Which ever you want. They are high in protein, and a good snack for your brain. It can help you concentrate on what you’re studying, and keep you up and at it. If you want, you can mix different nuts together to add a creative taste.

7. Simple Sandwiches

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Sandwiches are the key to every meal. Breakfast, lunch and even dinner. And of course, snack time as well. They have lots of nutrition, such as fibre, vitamins, minerals, carbs, protein etc. A sandwich or two can fill your stomach for your whole study period. A simple sandwich for you could be like PBJ, cheese, veggie, or meat sandwiches. Too simple for you? Mix some of these together and make your own combinations!

8. Popcorn

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For some who don’t know this, popcorn is actually a very healthy snack, and it is the best snack for your brain. It has fibres, carb and protein. Also it doesn’t have that much fat, making it the most nutritious snack. However, these facts mostly lie on plain popcorn. But if you want, you can have popcorn with a bit of butter, salt, or caramel.

9. Chips

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They are convenient, and easy to eat without distractions. Usually veggie chips or tortilla chips are more healthier. But you can eat Doritos, Cheetos, Ruffles, Lays etc. for your study diet. Have them with sauce, dip, cheese or veggies too.

10. Chocolate Bars or Pieces

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Who doesn’t like chocolate? Rich with protein, fibre, calories and energy, and of course: they are soooo good! These small pieces can give you a quick boost of energy, and they can be also rewarding after studying for a good amount of time.

11. Gum

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Gum can actually help you stay more focused in your studies, and can also help you remember some parts in what you’re studying. Here is a tip: study something for a good amount of time while chewing on your favourite gum. While you are doing the test or some practise work, chew the same gum to help you remember the stuff you studied.

12. Cookies

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Cookies are also a delicious, rewarding, convenient and sweet snack. They are easy and quick to eat, and some types of cookies are healthy too (like oatmeal cookies). Enjoy snacking on these while studying. Don’ t forget the milk!

13. Ice-cream

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For some people, ice-cream is great to eat while studying. Other people may not agree. But this cold treat will keep you up and focused. And besides, ice-cream  is a great treat for very emotional or sad people. So if you are crying because you don’t know the hell what you’re studying and your test is in two days, grab a canteen, open it, and eat the ice-cream while you absorb into your emotions.

14. Trail Mix

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There are some trail mix that are spicy, sweet, dry or salty. They are also packed with lots of nutrients and energy. They are quick to eat, and convenient too. You can also make your trail mix! Just mix nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chip etc.

15. Gummy Bears

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Another quick, tasty and rewarding snack

16. Smarties

If you wanna feel smart while studying, have a box of Smarties! LOL, get it?! Okay, I’ll leave now…

Do you agree with this list? Feel free to comment other tasty snacks that will be great to eat while studying!

anonymous asked:

Hey Shiro, do you have any tips for studying? You probably had to do a lot of it to be pretty much the prized cadet at the Garrison, not to mention to get onto the Kerberos Mission

Shiro: What you have to do is figure out what you need to know then make sure you know it. Take breaks periodically to eat a healthy snack, drink some water, and relax your brain so you don’t overwork yourself. Having a friend there to help, someone who won’t distract, that’s important, can also be a good way to study cause then you’re vocalizing the material and it might be committed to memory easier. Writing things down can also help you remember. I wish you luck on all your academic endeavors, and work smart not hard.

It’s that time of the year again...

We all have been dreading this time of the year but I think it is important not to stress out too much. Besides marking your territory in the library, or getting too many Venti coffees from Starbucks, enjoy the nice weather Providence has given us after the frigid winter. Below are 5 easy study tips.

  1. Prioritize. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT wait until the day before your final. If you’re reading this right now and you’re uttering the f-bomb, we might have a problem. But don’t be discouraged, all of these steps can be accomplished in 24 hours.
  2. Meet with your classmates/professors. Work together with some buddies from class and compare notes. Having an open discussion about a problem everyone is having a tough time with can make you feel better about yourself and also get the problem solved faster when working together. Also, use your reading days with your professor, we have them for a reason.
  3. Stay healthy. A couple of coffees a day is never healthy. Drink water and eat snacks that will get those juices in your brain flowing. Also, get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep before your exam.
  4. Breaks. Give yourself a 10 minute break between each class so that you can refresh your mind. Ten hours of cramming will just stress you out and studies show that you will probably not even remember most of the information.
  5. Relax. You’re going to do fine. Plan a section of your day where you’re not worried about finals, even if it is just for a couple of hours.

I wish everyone good luck on their finals this week! We have all come so far!

   Hi there! Have you ever heard of the expression “ men sana in corpore sano ” ( a healthy mind in a healthy body ) ? When you study isn’t it better to study when you feel good? While studying you can’t neglect your body ( you can’t no matter what you’re doing haha ) ❕ So here are some habits that maybe can help you to feel better in your body or to have a better lifestyle!

- tip number 1 : drink 1/2L of water/day! More than 60% of the body is water so you need to get hydrated ; for this each 10/20min during the study break drink water 💦

- tip number 2 : please eat less junkfood ( I know it’s hard haha I like food like all of you ) I don’t say to stop it but just eat less. It won’t hurt you & I guarantee you that you will feel better hehe c:

- tip number 3 : eat more fruits and vegetables!  some people don’t like fruits but try to eat some ( try all the vegetables you can? the more colorful they are the more benefit you get) , there are at least some fruits/vegetables you like? They’re beneficial for your body since it’s full of vitamins , but don’t eat too much of fruits either haha there are some fruits with a lot of sugar If there are some vegetables you dislike you can mixed it with other things? There are plenty of recipes on Internet! ;)

- tip number 3 : do some stretching or yoga or sport! I don’t know a lot of things about it but I feel really good after that! ✨ My body and my mind feel relaxed , all the anxiety i have accumulated walked away with the sport. Don’t sit all day , dance , walk , go out a little! :)

- tip number 4 : clean your room at least 1x/week! A room can become really messy in less than a week so you must clean not only for your room but also for you. Personally I feel more organized , it’s like a new start for the next week so I get more motivated! ( + i plan my things to do for the next day )

- tip number 5 : During study session eat small healthy snack! Your brain need a lot of other things + sugar ( eat fruits? a little chocolate bar? ) I personally like to eat a small bowl of nuts ( peanuts , hazel nuts , etc … they contain a lot of antioxidant & omega 3! But don’t eat too much + it’s really caloric )

- tip number 6 : During your study session don’t forget to do breaks! I read that the brain was more effective with breaks every 20min! Your brain+ eyes need a break & you too haha. Drink some water , walk a little , do stretching , look at the sky & breath some fresh air!🌬

• tip number 7 : Everybody say it but once again you need more SLEEP! Sleep is essential for your body , the hours of sleeping gone can’t be repared by sleeping 13 hours the next day/weekend. So even if you can’t sleep 10 hours why don’t you try 6/7/8 hours , do it step by step ( I know that school can be very stressful sometimes ) ? Instead of sleep at 1am & wake up at 9/11am why don’t you try to sleep at 11pm & wake up at 7/8 am? When you sleep earlier it’s easier to get up earlier + I feel so good the morning , not tired at all !( The best you can do is to not watch tv/laptop/phone one hour before bed but I will say nothing because I can’t do it lol  but i need to try )

- tip number 8 : laugh more , it’s good for the health! ( + try to do some recycling or help as much people as you can ) Go out with the people you like , tell them that you love them , draw more , save a little of your time to do what you like or enjoy or try to find out your passion!

- tip number 9 : “Be ambitious for what you don’t have and great full for what you already have.”

- tip number 10 : “ Don’t compare yourself who is at chapter one to someone who is at chapter 20 “ Love yourself!! The more important is to like yourself then you can be confident , everyone may not be perfect but just a reminder that maybe you don’t like some part of you but your family or friends like them! They made who you are! To me a beautiful person  is just someone who is healthy and happy c:

Thanks for reading - jojo aka @kiimbapnotes


Today’s vegan breakfast was really amazing: One whole grain bagel topped with some organic avocado from the farmers market, freshly grounded pepper, a tiny bit of sea salt and creamy white balsamic vinegar besides some fresh straw - and raspberries (I had way more than pictured). Such a lovely treat after a stressful week full of exams and studying. Have an amazing day, xx Amber 

High School 101

I’m a senior in high school this year and I think I can safely say that I’ve learned how this works. These are the tips that I wish I had had my freshman year of high school.

» Do the homework. I don’t care what the excuse may be, just do it please. For my Freshman and Sophomore year I was a competitive gymnast. I had school from 7am-4pm, then practice (4:15pm-9pm). I wouldn’t get home until almost 10pm and then I would do homework until later than midnight (this was EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK might I add). I spent my junior year in depressive type episodes…AND I STILL PULLED MYSELF TOGETHER JUST LONG ENOUGH TO DO IT. I AM LIVING PROOF THAT IT CAN BE DONE.

» But also don’t be afraid to take a day off. Use these kinds of days for mental recharging and catching up if needed. Don’t do this more than absolutely necessary. Missing classes can actually make it worse sometimes and you can also overdo your allowed absences. Just know your limits and be a good judge of when you should take these days. I try to limit mine to once a semester, tops.

» Write down the email addresses of ALL your teacher’s. This can be so helpful for asking questions! If you’re going to miss a class, email your teacher. They will let you know what you missed most of the time and respect the fact that the student took the initiative to get ahead after not attending the class.

» Also try to make at least one acquaintance/friend in each class so you can create a mutual agreement to share notes and help the other if they miss a day. Trust me, I know it’s hard sometimes but it helps. These can also be valuable people for group projects.

» Speaking of group projects, pick someone who has the same work ethic as you. If you pick someone more driven then you, you will drag them down and make them do all the work, they will hate you for it (trust me). Don’t pick someone less driven than you because then you’ll do the majority of the work. Basically group projects suck and you just have to deal with it.

» You aren’t going to get to be with your friends for every single class, I’m sorry about that. Unluckily for me, I have only shared a class with a friend for a semester in all of my high school experience.

» Don’t be afraid to talk to other people. Chances are, they’re just as afraid to talk to you as you are to them. Sometimes it’s really good to make new friends in high school.

» The probability of you and your middle school BFF being friends all the way through high school is actually really low. People change for the better and just naturally grow apart.

» High school isn’t about relationships. As much as you might want that boyfriend or girlfriend, it probably isn’t worth it in the long run. Young love is really unpredictable. The last thing you want to deal with is a significant other who takes up the time you could be using for that homework. It’ll save you from any heartbreaks or emotion as well.

» High school is about furthering you education! That is the main purpose. Remember this!!!

» The movies lie, it’s not about going to parties every Friday night and doing “teenage things”. Don’t be irresponsible either. No drinking, no drugs, remember that these choices could potentially effect you for the rest of your life.

» Friday nights (for me) are for homework. Do all your homework as soon as possible. Especially on the weekends. If you can get it over with on Friday, you have the rest of the weekend to destress and just enjoy yourself.

» Drink enough water. Please stay hydrated, children. Dehydration is the last thing you want to go along with anything else you might be dealing with.

» and make sure you eat enough as well! If you don’t eat breakfast, try to eat a small, healthy snack sometime before lunch. It will make such a difference in brain power.

» Study snacks are great! I really love almonds or peanut butter on celery. It keeps my brain focused.

» Learn to study in high school, while you still have the chance to acquire that skill before going into college (if that’s the route you chose to take.

» Study with friends. Have study groups when you feel like you need them. Designate a couple days of the week to do homework and studying together! I’ve found that having a friend in the same room, being productive together (even if you aren’t working on the same things) is actually really helpful for motivation. Find places to study outside of each other’s houses: the library, a local coffee shop, the park, etc.

» The pomodoro method works really great for me for everything I do. I use it for all of the work I do outside of school.

» Take care of yourselves please!!! I love you and I know you can do this! You will have rough times but you have to keep pushing. Find your support system, if you don’t have one, come to me and I will try to help in any way that I can!!

Tomorrow’s plan:

  • Normal morning routine (including breakfast!)
  • Complete form for provisional driving lisence (and get photo)
  • Fill in and post referral to Bita Pathways (help to find work)
  • Eat lunch (which must have some form of carbohydrate with it)
  • Trim and manicure nails while listening to music
  • Practice BSL basics (in preparation for class)
  • Have a healthy snack to keep me going (brain food)
  • Enrol on BSL level 2 and have my first lesson!

Healthy study snacks: Chocnanaberry Ice-Cream🍫🍌🍇

This is all natural, so all you need is
- a banana
- 1 teaspoon natural peanut butter
- 1 teaspoon pure cocoa powder
- frozen raspberries (or your fruit of choice)
- some crunch (I used oats, linseed and almonds)

Just mash it, smash it and stir it. & chuck it in the freezer for an hour while you study😉✋


I came up with a idea how to efficiently study hormones. Now I’m making those tiny but colourful flashcards with essential information. It’s a good way.

Besides, I really adore Muji. No wonder there is such a fuss around it.

Plan for today: hormones + coffee (for a change) + apple crisps (healthy snack for good brain-work) and a little revision of cardiology.

Have a good day!