healthy smoothies


This was a bowl of heaven 🙌 so so yum!

Smoothie Ingredients:
- couple of handfuls of kale
- 1 tsp vital greens powder
- 1 scoop sun warrior vanilla protein powder
- 3 medjool dates
- 4 frozen bananas
- water

- Kiwi fruit
- Banana
- Buckinis
- Goji berries
- Frozen Raspberries
- Granola

- Blend together the water, kale, dates and powders first to get a smoother final consistency.
- once blended until no lumps were left, add in the bananas and blend until a smooth, Ice-cream-like consistency is formed
- place in a pretty bowl & add toppings

Enjoy xx
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Sheeeeeeeet it is COLD this morning ! 🙈 literally, last night I had to sleep with a jumper on + two blankets 😳 and seeings I ate nearly the last of my dates yesterday (😭) I made this delicious smoothie bowl for brekkie 😋 • 8 bananas (use at least 2 frozen for best, most amazing taste/consistency ! 😘)
• vanilla stevia drops
• blend
• pour into a bowl
• top with goodies ! (More bananas, bukinis, goji berries, @pureharvest coco 2 spread 😍) And then devour the last of your dates (😭) like the sophisticated little fruitbat that you are 😌 *APOLOGIES* to those who watched my ‘what I ate’ video yesterday. The upload didn’t work properly and it only uploaded about 21 secs worth of vid - some people got really angry 😂 so I’m re uploading now the FULL video and it will be up in a few hours 😘

Now this is a smoothie bowl for the ages 😍👌 Running 8km in the sweltering heat to come home to this frosty cold jackfruit strawberry banana bowl topped with nana coins, passion fruit, coconut, and freeze dried pomegranate 🙌 This was my first time ever trying jackfruit in a smoothie and it went so well with the banana and strawberry 🍌🍓 Have an awesome Monday everyone 👍 #vegan #veganeats #vegansofig #vegancommunity #plantbased #hclf #hclfv #healthy #smoothie #smoothiebowl #fruit #fresh #jackfruit #bananas #postworkoutfuel #fuelledbyfruit