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sometimes everything is HARD and when ur flesh prison is damaged it makes it worse so here’s ten tips so u don’t cry on ur kitchen floor:

1.) open ur pores with hot water, toner the shhit, close them with cold water, moisturize that bitchh

2.) if u get shaving rash, run ur legs or whatever under cold water after u shave it stops them from going bumpy

3.) when ur hair is super damaged just chuck some argan or coconut oil through her before u go to bed

4.) if hairties rip ur hair then invest in some scrunchies!! those girls are good 4 not tearing

5.) freeze ur white heads!! give them a pop then chuck some ice on em and she’ll b right

6.) get urself a loofah those things r gods gift for every part of ur body

7.) also if u want soft pubes or eyelashes, argan oil is ur friend

8.) and i know this is probably what u least want to do, but in the week before ur period, cut out sugar!! it stops massive mood-swings and break-outs!!

9.) if u have curly hair, then buy some leave in detangler I stg that stuff saved my hair

10.) PAWPAW CREAM use her on everything!! scarring, lips, training ur brows, etcetcetc

Skin Care Tips #1

All of us want flawless skin. Women and men. We want our skin to be good and sometimes our skin has other plans. Maintaining a healthy skin care regimen is a must.

What can affect your skin:

- Food

- Products

- Sleep

- Activities

- Water intake

- Stress

Tips for healthy skin:

- Drink more water. Water helps maintain skin moisture, elasticity, and skin tissue. It depreciates wrinkles, aging and skin disorders.

- Drink less coffee, artificially made juices, and alcohol. It will take away skin moisture. Alcohol causes Vitamin A deficiency, which will make your skin unable to combat radicals.

- Eat more fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and vegetables has a great source of water. All of the fruits and vegetables has minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. You can’t go wrong with this combo.

- Clean your pillowcases on a weekly to monthly basis. A dirty pillowcase can cause breakouts. We don’t want that.

- Be more active. Exercising is not only beneficial to the body. It will release toxins from out of your body.

- Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can hinder your skin and causes early aging.

- Clean your makeup brushes often.

- Wash your face twice a day. One time in the morning, and one time at night.

- Do NOT drink soda.

- If stress, do therapy activities . For example: yoga.

- Avoid too much of sugar and salt. Sugar causes inflammation, and salt will retain skin moisture.

- Take a makeup break. Let your face breathe and rejuvenate.

- Don’t allow chlorine to be on your face. Chlorine drys out your skin. Invest in a shower filter.

- If you breakout, don’t pop it. It will cause inflammation and bacteria to enter into your skin. Do natural treatment like a masque.

Message us if you have any questions about skin care, what we recommend, and solutions.

Good Health = Good Life


Does drinking water help acne? YES! Drinking water is literally one of the best things you can do for your skin and here’s why. Water helps the bodies detoxification process like crazy! It helps flush out all those nasty acne causing toxins and cleans out the liver.

How much water should I drink to help get rid of acne? Around 8-10 glasses a day is what I recommend. You can obviously drink more just be careful, it is possible to overdose on water

How to incorporate water into your life
For me I started replacing every drink I had throughout the day with water. I got rid of my coffee, pop, and juice and that alone was around 4 glasses. Then just have two in the morning, two throughout the day, and if you want two at night.

Bottom line water is perfect for fighting acne and you should DEFINITELY be drinking TONS of it.

anonymous asked:

What's your skincare routine?

I take good care of my skin, eat healthy. But I found the more products I used and the more I fixated on having nice skin the less nice my skin was. So I just use gentle simple products and a product from my dermatologist. :)