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5 Things Tag!

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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  • a collection of pens
  • my name tag for work
  • snacks
  • my wallet
  • my notebook

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:  

  • All my  SHINee posters/CD’s
  • More pens
  • My book collection
  • French Notes
  • Korean Notes

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • Live In another country (I’m planning on living in France for 6 months for school next year, anf then after I’m graduated I want to move to France or Korea)
  • Bullet Journaling (I actually just spent waaaaayyy too much money on supplies for it)
  • Learn 5 languages by the time I’m 30
  • Get my nose pierced
  • See SHINee for their 10th anniversary

Five things that make me feel happy:  

  • Studying languages
  • Watching SHINee videos
  • Onew existing at the same time as me
  • My mutuals
  • Self care

Five things I’m currently into:

  • Studying Korean
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Skin care products
  • Writing
  • Eating Healthy

Five things on my to-do list:

  • Get my Degree 
  • Get a teaching or translating job
  • Be happier
  • Try to make and stay in contact with friends
  • Improve at work

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anonymous asked:

fun fact: i want to open a cafe!! what do you want to do in life? your answer doesnt even need to be career related

Wow that’s awesome!! I hope you’re able to make that happen!! I’m going to be an aesthetician so I’d love to be able to open up my own skincare clinic! Or possibly create my own line of natural skin care products! And of course to be healthy and happy 😊


Does drinking water help acne? YES! Drinking water is literally one of the best things you can do for your skin and here’s why. Water helps the bodies detoxification process like crazy! It helps flush out all those nasty acne causing toxins and cleans out the liver.

How much water should I drink to help get rid of acne? Around 8-10 glasses a day is what I recommend. You can obviously drink more just be careful, it is possible to overdose on water

How to incorporate water into your life
For me I started replacing every drink I had throughout the day with water. I got rid of my coffee, pop, and juice and that alone was around 4 glasses. Then just have two in the morning, two throughout the day, and if you want two at night.

Bottom line water is perfect for fighting acne and you should DEFINITELY be drinking TONS of it.

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Too faced or Glossier?

hmm idk tbh!! probably glossier bc of their skin care n how refreshing n healthy their products have been for my skin :-)) i love too faced’s makeup tho like their mascara n highlight are incredible

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What's your skincare routine?

I take good care of my skin, eat healthy. But I found the more products I used and the more I fixated on having nice skin the less nice my skin was. So I just use gentle simple products and a product from my dermatologist. :)