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Yesterday was so much fun. It might’ve been freezing cold all day, but it was an absolute blast. I’m so thankful for my friends. And even though I forgot to wear my Fitbit to work, I still cleared my step goal! And as for the stairs thing, I know for a fact I took way more steps than that. But whatever Fitbit. You’re obviously right.

My grandma is working downtown this weekend since the owner is at a wedding, and I figured I could go spend a little while with her! We ended up having lunch together and it was actually a lot of fun. I had a Mediterranean Wrap with chicken added in because I’m about that protein life.

I was setting up the backyard for my fire party last night when I realized I looked like a model, so I took a selfie to commemorate the occasion. Also, I was wore lipstick for the first time ever in public yesterday and you can see it featured here. I looked hot yesterday.

And finally, the main event. I randomly decided I was going to throw a party last night and only three people showed up, but it was so much fun. My best friend made everything so stinking special for me. I’m thankful for her.

So yesterday was really amazing. I left out the music festival part for now, because I’m sure I’ll have more to report on it later. Anyway! Here’s to having another amazing day!

Pet Peeve; When people hate an actually very healthy and sweet shipping all because it's straight and tumblr has imbedded in their heads that straight is the new Satan.

There’s only one thing better than #vegan food ~ and that’s sharing vegan food with friends💜 like this EPIC spread for our housewarming party last night🌟 feat. carrot lox on crackers, platters of dips and cashew cheese, no-sausage rolls and tuna chickpea + teriyaki tofu sushi🌿🍴 but honestly, the best part of the night was all the amazement and compliments from the non-veg guests😉

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Please, I need a omegaverse AU, Victor like Alpha Andrés Yuuri like Omega, please, please!!!

Ah, I won’t be making an AU of that ^^;
If you want one, I think there are quite a few on Ao3.

Sorry, I know you didn’t ask for a rant, but, I have a lot of things I’ve been thinking about in regards to the omegaverse, and it’s probably an unpopular opinion.
But if people want to read it, it’s under the cut.

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I didn’t choose the villain apologist lifestyle. The villain apologist lifestyle chose me. And so I ended up delving into KuroKura because of my dual love of 1) villains in love 2) Kurapika and I am wholeheartedly into it. 

It doesn’t work, it shouldn’t, and I don’t want it to: but it’s alluring and intriguing all the same. I like it from this perspective: Chrollo is fascinated with Kurapika, possibly even disturbingly infatuated (for the moment), for his cunning, ability to bluff and fool the Phantom Troupe, and, perhaps even implied by canon, his looks. Chrollo doesn’t really see Kurapika as an enemy; a threat, perhaps, but not someone whom he hates or wants revenge upon (feelings foreign to him). And so, from Chrollo’s side, I see a possessive, selfish fascination and sense of entitlement.

From Kurapika’s side, there’s none of this. He despises Chrollo with right, and while I wish for more interactions between them, where they’re in scenarios where they cannot act violently, I do hope a final canon encounter will end with Kurapika’s victory. Is it still shipping if I genuinely cheer whenever Kurapika punches him? Maybe. Though I definitely also indulge the idea of Kurapika being curious despite himself about Chrollo’s inner workings, more than he knows he should be (since sympathising with your enemy isn’t a sound move if you wanna keep up that rage and all). But what I ultimately ship, thus, is simply Chrollo’s twisted affection. I want that to be part of their dynamic. Unrequited, twisted, genuinely a bad idea for everyone involved. That’s my kind of ship.

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Gah Damn, Gah Damn - SwayHardy ft. jLee 😂 FREESTYLE

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I'm going to make my peace about this whole OtaYuri mess. I live in Massachusetts where the aoc is 16, and even if I didn't live here I'd have the same opinion. An 18 year old dating a 15/16 year old is perfectly normal. It happens all the time in high school. As long as the relationship is healthy, both parties are happy, and they are doing what they are comfortable with it's fine. Not only that but these are fictional characters. There should be no argument over this and one that I can't stand

I’m going to try and explain as nicely as I can why Mark x Kieran x Cristina is an unhealthy Polygamy. 
In a healthy polygamy every party is happy with what is happening, but for the moment (end LoS) this is not the case. Kieran is not happy Mark loves Cristina he is understanding of it, allowing it. He would rather share Mark than lose him, which is an unhealthy thought. To Kieran Mark is the love of his life, the one and only. This is not reflected in Mark, who also love Cristina. (Whom btw he’s now known for about little over a month. and half of those weeks she was engaged to someone else) Kieran is even willing to break things of with Mark so he can be with Cristina, which he considers the easier choice. Though Mark won’t let him. 
So there is also an unbalance in priorities, which isn’t something people should just tolerate but be very aware of. It’s important to know where you stand and to make sure that it is equal. The moment you love someone more than they love you, there is an unequalness in the relationship. Which is very much the case with Kierark. Mark has a control over Kieran that is not right at the moment. Where Mark is breaking free from him and keeps pushing him away only to pull him back in when he’s in the right mood or scared. 
I see many people ship this on tumblr, but I have to wonder if they are looking at it from a good representation point of view. Not even to mention good rep for bisexuals in a time where they are still fighting to even be visible and treated well by the world. 
This threesome right now is unhealthy and should not happen. Mark in the end will have to chose, or Kieran needs to leave him and find someone who feels the same way about him as he does about that person. 
This is not a case of Will, Tess and Jem, where she loved them equally and they loved each other very much. They had a shot at making it healthy and making it work. 
I’m not saying you can’t ship it, but be aware of what it is you are shipping and ask yourself why, especially since it’s not healthy or even a happy situation for every character involved. 


The hardest part about dealing with toxic family members is that they are family and we feel we have to treat them differently, or put up with their behavior because we are related. Remember, family can just mean that they are blood related to us, and THAT’S IT! Giving yourself permission to only keep positive and supportive people in your life is the first step in managing those toxic family members.

Now let’s get into some hopefully helpful tips on keeping healthy boundaries with toxic family members!

1. Figuring out when you know your boundaries have been crossed. Usually our body gives us signals, like feeling anxious or wanting to avoid certain people. We may feel angry all of a sudden or even sad. Whatever it is, it’s usually our body’s way of telling us that this isn’t right or we don’t really like that person. Listen to it!

2. Pretending that their behavior is okay, is not okay! It only ends up hurting you. If we don’t tell them that speaking to us that way isn’t acceptable, they may not know. That’s why communication is so important in setting up and maintaining healthy boundaries.  

3. Give yourself permission to not have a relationship with them. I know I talked about this a bit at the beginning, but it’s an important point. Permission is at times all that we need, but we can struggle to give it to ourselves. I think this is what should be worked on in therapy most :)

4. Toxic people are toxic. It doesn’t matter if we happen to be related to them. When it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. The only way that a toxic relationship can become healthy is if both parties are willing to work through it and better manage the way they interact with each other. If one or both don’t want to, it’s not going to get better.

5. Passive aggressive behavior is what they thrive in. Not communicating things to you, and instead saying it behind your back, or any other time when they do something hurtful instead of expressing what’s going on, it’s all passive aggressive behavior. And it’s NOT OKAY! Communicating directly to them and calling them out on it will stop the behavior. They may not respond well to it, but then again, they aren’t really being nice to you, and that’s not okay.

I hope this is helpful as we go into this holiday season. We all deserve to be respected and enjoy our holiday, and I hope these tips help you do just that. Please share! You never know who may need this information. xoxo