healthy pad thai

Sometimes Thai people eat Pad Thai too: A healthy version of Pad Thai

It’s funny that Thai food is most commonly associated with pad thai, when really Thai people don’t eat pad thai all that often. For my family, that’s because it’s always too greasy. However, my mom managed to healthify pad thai (at least to an extent) on one of the days that she actually had cravings for some. How exactly?

  • Pad Thai is made from soaked dried rice noodles, so using brown rice noodles instead of regular rice noodles makes a big difference.
  • When the oil is put into the wok before the stir-fry, leave it for a while to allow most of the oil to evaporate so that you can have a really really nice, dry final product but still using the stir-fry method. 
  • Instead of putting the scrambled egg in, use tofu (or just egg whites) instead
  • The protein component of this dish is already very low fat: shrimp, crab meat and tofu. So don’t skimp on those! 

If you’d like a full recipe for this Pad Thai, feel free to message me at redefiningfood

A salad I featured on my instagram account last week (@eatyourhealth) and thought I would share the recipe with you :) 


  • 2 medium zucchini
  • 1 medium/large carrot


  • baby bok choy
  • broccoli
  • snow peas
  • peppers
  • okra
  • sprouts
  • mango

Dressing (the star):

  • ½ mango (surprise surprise)
  • ¼ avocado 
  • half small garlic clove
  • slice of fresh ginger
  • 3 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 sundried tomatoes
  • cilantro
  • optional small bit of young coconut meat, I had it handy but the sauce is delicious with and without
  • ½ lemon juiced

enjoy xo

Pad Thai for dinner earlier tonight 😋 I have been craving this for soooo long and I finally made it! Made with brown rice noodles, tofu (cut into cubes, seasoned with nutritional yeast and broiled for 12 minutes tossing halfway), sautéed spiralized zucchini and carrot, red bell pepper, and broccoli; all tossed in a homemade sauce then topped with peanuts, red onion, bean sprouts, green onion, and chopped cilantro and parsley 👌

Sauce - whisk together ¼ cup coconut sugar, ¼ cup liquid aminos, 1 Tbsp tomato paste, 2 Tbsp rice vinegar, juice of 1 lime, and 2 tsp @chosenfoods spicy sesame oil.

Instagram - goodhealthgoodvibes