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New Years bufffet

Melanie was the picture of a social butterfly. Her shoulder length blonde hair thrashed around in waves about her face as she danced. Her supple breasts supported by a push up bra jumped in time with the movements of her body as men and women admired from the dance floor. The regulars knew her, but might have noticed by now that tonight was different. Her pixie like smile was dazzling and did hold the attention of most of those who danced with her, but tonight there was something else worthy of a glance.
“Looks like she got offered one to many drinks,” a jealous clubgoer remarked under her breath.
Indeed Melanie had accepted quite a few, and the evidence was sloshing around inside of her slightly extended belly. Melanie, a healthy and fit person, had slowly begun putting on a little weight in the last month, but this night might have been the first that it was noticeable.
When she moved, a soft hint of underbelly peeked out from under her black shirt, and it appeared that her sparkle-studded jeans were beginning to struggle against the new mass of her hindquarters.
Nevertheless, Melanie was still in good shape by al means, and most looked on.
Still, as the night Went on, she chugged more and more carbonated drinks until it was time to go. Her upper stomach began to ache and gurgle, and a burp escaped her lips as she told her designated driver the address she wanted to be dropped off at.
“That’s not your apartment, is it?” Asked her perplexed friend.
“No, it’s a…. a friend’s house.”
“It’s New Year’s Eve, do they know you’re coming?”
“That’ll know when I *hic* get there.” Mel replied, rubbing some of her sparkling eyeshadow off on accident. Her makeup was a little smeared but she was still remarkably attractive with green eyes that rivaled the emeralds on her many rings and bracelets. She sat back in the car to relieve the pressure built up in her now visibly taut belly. The driver shrugged and started the car.
Mel arrived at a dark mansion. Only one light was on upstairs. She stumbled out of the car and rang the doorbell. No answer. She rang the doorbell again, hiccuping and rubbing the her belly as the pressure subsided and the weight shifted to sit lower in her abdomen.
The door latch clicked and finally opened, revealing a tall, dark haired woman with pale skin and characoal eyes. She was dressed in a dark long sleeved sweater and navy blue jeans. Her cold brown hair was tied back from her sleek face in a messy ponytail.
“You woke me.”
“It’s New Year’s Eve!” Melanie exclaimed, entering the mansion and plopping herself down on a comfy armchair. “You should be up… *hic* feeding me.”
The tall woman sighed. “Mel, you know it doesn’t work. You never finish a meal… you say stop before we’ve started. if it’s too much for you, it’s too much for you.”
“Hey!” Melanie replied, looking insulted, “I’ve been working on it, V!”
V looked again. Her unexpected guest had plumped up just a bit since their last encounter, and from the looks of it her stomach was just starting to settle from a previous stuffing. Her face was just the slightest bit rounder, and there was evidence of softness beginning to layer her previously bony structure.
V sighed. “You’re so cute… I’d like to, but I don’t want to stop so soon again.”
“You won’t have to,” Melanie assured her, “ill eat as much as you want me to, for as long as you want me to. I promise. Tonight’s the night.”
V’s eyes lit up with a devious glint. She closed the front door as a grin traveled across her face. “Well then. Make yourself. Comfortable and I’ll ready the meals. But beware, if you stop me tonight, you can’t come back.”
“Okay.” Melanie said. As the beautiful Veronica walked quickly to the kitchen, Mel sank into the soft chair and waited.
The effects of alcohol were beginning to fade by the time V returned. She brought with her a dolley with many foods and drinks on top, but offered a glass of water first. The foods were covered with a light blue tablecloth. Melanie drank the water and they began.
“First we have dessert.” V commented as she removed the tablecloth to reveal a heaping bowl of creamy home churned ice cream, a heavy pudding cake the size of a microwave, and a fresh apple pie with whipped cream on top. “We will also finish with dessert, but I like to begin with what will fatten you up the quickest.”
Melanie stared wide-eyed at the mass of food before her. There was no way it was going to fit in her stomach, but…. if she didn’t finish she couldn’t come back and visit the beautiful V.
While melanie’s mouth was agape, v shoved a spoonful of Ice cream in, and another, and then another. Melanie struggled to gulp down the thick treat fast enough as v continued to shovel it between her lips.
“Regretting this already?” V asked with a smirk. Mel shook her head no and swallowed, feeling the cold cream slide down into her stomach.
Melanie ate and ate and ate as v relentlessly took advantage of the deal that had been made. Melanie was full by the time the ice cream was gone but let v force feed her the pudding cake, even though she could feel it stretch out her stomach and sit heavily in the ice cream. When they were done with the cake, it felt like there was a weight in Melanie’s belly. The food was so tightly compacted in her protesting stomach, as it began to visibly expand past where it had been able to stretch before. Melanie moaned and tried to adjust herself, but the heaviness of her sore belly ached and made it uncomfortable to shift her body.
V’s eyes lit up deviously at the sight of Melanie’s torturous growth. She knew how heavy the cake had been, and the gurgling from the expanded belly was just becoming audible. It was stretching Melanie’s shirt out just enough that the very bottom of her taut skin could be seen from underneath, and it kept riding up. Melanie’s skin revealed red marks when she unbuttoned her too tight pants.
“V, I–” she moaned, tantalized by the sight of her food baby that was almost as big as a bowling ball, but then shocked by v’s intent glare.
“Can’t do it?”
“No, I um… I’m ready for more…” she winced “please”
V wasted no time and bite by bite by swallow the pie and all of its whipped cream was finished.
Melanie moaned in agony. “I’m surprised,” v remarked, inspecting the swollen belly that was now the size of a bowling ball if not somewhat larger. She ran her fingers under the stretching shirt ever so lightly, grazing Melanie’s navel. Melanie winced and inhaled in pleasure. “You’re doing well. Let me get the next course.”
“How many courses are there?” Melanie asked desperately, but v was already back in the kitchen.
Melanie thought she would have enough time to let the food settle, so she was surprised when v came out only a few moments later, ushering over another covered meal. “Pasta, homemade pizza, and classic mashed potatoes with gravy.” Like before, every serving was huge and v wasted no time opening Melanie’s mouth and shoving in spoonful after spoonful of pasta. “Made with a…. special ingredient of mine.”
Melanie’s belly had become a gut by the time the pasta was finished, and the pizza had begun. She didnt know how her poor stomach was fitting any more, and felt like she was absolutely going to explode. Her belly gurgled loudly in protest and pain, but had no choice but to keep bulging forward… far past her breasts and into the size of a very inflated beach ball. Her shirt had been forced up to sit under her breasts as she watched the product of her gluttony grow before her. Her gut was so heavy, so stretched full, so packed with food, that she couldn’t bear the thought of eating any more. Melanie moaned and groaned as the last slice of pizza slid slowly down her throat and forced its way into an overcrowded stomach. Melanie felt like her stomach had hit a wall and could not possibly expand anymore. There was no way.
“Now the potatoes…”
Melanie whimpered, but the first bite of potatoes was surprisingly fine. In fact, each bite went down easily, and actually felt relieving. She finished the large serving of potatoes in no time.
V stood admiring her work. “You’re probably wondering why those were so easy to swallow. Well I made them special.” Melanie saw why they were special, as her beach ball sized belly became the slightest bit softer. Her pants began feeling a little tighter, and she realized that her breasts were getting rounder and fatter as well.
“I just like to get an idea of how you’ll look when this all turns to fat.” Said v as her meals began digesting quickly, dispersing the soft fat all over Melanie’s body. “Geeze, Mel…. you’re an impressive little pig. I love that soft little double chin you have, and those tubby little thighs… and there’s no way that bra fits anymore. You look completely helpless.”
“V,” Mel whimpered as the majority of her stomach contents melted into soft buttery fat, creating a smooth and rolly belly, “I didn’t think I would say this a minute ago but, but I’m… I’m so hungry!”
V grabbed a handful of her subject’s soft and jiggly belly. She wanted to undress her so badly, rip off what clothes the spoiled pig had left, but she had to finish her job. “As you should be.” V replied, and hurried off to the kitchen. Melanie slid her hands under the new overhang of her belly and became embarrassed when she realized there was no way on earth she would be able to hide this. Her breasts were spilling over her bra and her ass was becoming just a little too big for the chair, swelling up like her belly had.
V came back with a gigantic platter like never before. Every desert Melanie could think of-fudge, cake, brownies, pudding, pie, ice cream, everything. This time she didn’t need v’s help. She piled food into her mouth until her pudgy belly was extended and full again, and then filled it until even the new fat was stretched out. When it was all done she sat back moaning, rubbing her heavy, distended and tortured belly and wishing for the food to just digest again. The gurgles were at their loudest, and she couldn’t help but be embarrassed as she burped and hiccuped in front of v, her giant belly and breasts trembling and jiggling.
V couldn’t take it anymore and finally ripped off Melanie’s shirt, nibbling around her growing breasts as they struggled against her bra. “Oh Mel….. look at the greedy little fatty you’ve become…. this will have to be good enough for now.”

Me: [puts three pints of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream, a pack of Oreos, two cartons of ice tea, four boxes of Kraft Dinner, and a box of Captain Crunch on the checkout]

Cashier: ….

Me: I am a university student who lives alone, I should get a free pass on judgement on these sorts of things.

I tried to kill a child...

…or at least, that’s what the police think.

“Monster.” “Evil.” “Scum.” All of these words were thrown at me by the cops and the girl’s father as I was cuffed and loaded into the car. I was truly amazed at how much they hurt my feelings. I didn’t blame them for saying it. They had sufficient evidence to believe I did it. I would have said the same thing. Their words shouldn’t have stung that much. But I knew I didn’t deserve to hear such things. I was innocent.

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