healthy meal

208.6 last Tuesday –> 209.2 Wednesday –> 207.8 Thursday –> 207.2 Friday –> 209.6 yesterday –> 207.8 today

Yesterday I ate:

- none, fasting

- chicken gyro meat, lettuce, and Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch dressing

- a side salad with red onions and ranch dressing, half of a buffalo chicken quesadilla, and two Jim Beam & Diet Cokes

- literally none, WTF?

I tried a thing last night. I had a walking date planned with my friend, but it was supposed to rain all night, AND it was National Tequila Day, so we went to my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant instead. She had ordered me a cheap happy hour margarita, but I poo-pooed it and got myself a whiskey and Diet Coke instead. And then I ordered my absolute favorite thing on the menu, the buffalo chicken quesadilla.

But I ordered it with salad instead of fries, and I ate the salad slowly to fill up on it first, and then those two pieces of quesadilla felt like pure luxury. I took the other two pieces home to give to my fiancé and didn’t go down two scoops of ice cream for once just because I was already eating carbs.


I also had a chat with @lizzielosing yesterday where I was like, “I haven’t really lost any substantial weight in over a year of trying really hard and blogging about it every day, but I’m still going to keep on not weighing nor logging anything!”

And she was like, “You absolute asshole, everyone is tired of your shit.”

Okay, she didn’t actually say anything like that. But she DID make me realize that I need to weigh and pack my lunch at home so I’m not eating random amounts of whatever we get for work lunch every day. I’m looking for consistent results here! Gotta win that DietBet!

I got all excited that I can digest so much better so I went and got a ton of spinach and kale and made a few very healthy meals… and then, oops, mini colitis flare! Shit, man. I love greens and I could really use the nutrients right now as I continue to heal but my body is just like yeah no please don’t do that. Stick to raw milk and avocado.

Traffic light hummus  


1 jar of drained chickpeas (400gr) 

2 cloves of garlic

2 heaped tbsp of tahini

3 tbsp of olive oil

Lemon juice

Salt to taste

Handful of sundried tomatoes or spinach or 3 medium sized carrots

Blend all the ingredients. Duh.  

I’m not even gonna lie - I love food! And yes, I ate the whole plate of this. Because it was the first vegan mac'n'cheese that I ever made. And because food is my friend, not my enemy. The carbs will allow my body run longer and the beans in the stew (protein) will help to repair my muscless after the training. Eat right, not less.

Healthy snack prep

1) Yogurt and fruit

2) sliced bell peppers carrots and cucumbers with hummus

3) almonds and nuts

4) oranges and bananas

If you are in an unhealthy snacker it helps so so so much to have healthy snacks already prepared and ready to go when you are hungry!


I’ve never cooked yuca until I went to Nicaragua last February. At first, I was intimidated of it because it looked so rough and hard. But once I cooked it and tasted how wonderful it was, I just couldn’t get enough of it! It was also one of a few vegetables that I could get pretty consistently around my neighborhood in Ometepe Island. Even when I came back to the states, I made boiled yuca several times. It sure beats mashed potatoes any day. And every time I eat it, it brings me back to the beautiful time I had in Nicaragua.

The hardest part of cooking yuca is cutting them through the hard skin in the beginning. It really feels like I am chopping wood. I just have to get a sharp big knife and wack through it. The cooking method of yuca is very similar to potato and other starchy tuberous vegetables. But unlike potato, yuca has a hard fibrous thick string in the middle, almost like a spine of the root which is inedible. It needs to be taken out after boiling the root.

This boiled yuca is a popular side dish in many Latin American countries. You can also deep fry yuca like thick potato steak fries or put it in a stew.