healthy lunch box

Some spring rolls w/ tofu and sweet and sour sauce for my lunch today 🍴 while I also added blackberries and a cut up granola bar as a snack.
I will finally get to meet my new tutor today so I’m a little exited 😄. I won’t have much to talk to him about as I finished my math test today.

Not the prettiest picture or most original meals but so efficient to gain time during the week ! I usually prep all my week days lunches during the weekend or on Monday evenings and it’s a game changer. This week I made tomato sauce with lentils, zucchini, eggplant, corn, cooked a huge batch of Thai rice 🍚 and prepped some butternut for a pasta topping. Not to forget my daily infused water, this time orange and verbena ✌️ Happy women’s day 💪


Now that the weather’s been getting up into the 70s I have been looking forward to some of my favorite summer salads. I love tabouli but wanted to make a gluten free version that I could enjoy. Rice is an easy substitution and something that I usually have on hand.

Rice Tabouli

1 ½ cup cooked rice. I used jasmine.
1 bunch parsley
A couple sprigs of mint
1 large tomato diced
½ medium red onion, diced
¼ c olive oil
1/3 c lemon juice

Combine ingredients and let sit at least a couple hours before serving. If you can wait until the next day it’s even better!

Makes 3 cups, serves 6

Edit: My friend told me that this is Lebanese style because of the mint! She was impressed that I make tabouli.