healthy living challenge

Another day, another Facebook memory reminding me of how far I’ve come!! 💪🏻

Green Week - DAY 1

Many of you are asking me to show what I’ll eat in the coming days of the green week. So:

Breakfast: half avocado, some coconut, water+lemon
Lunch: 4 cucumbers and 4 tomatoes 
Snack: strawberries (a lot)
Dinner: cream of zucchini and onions

During all day I never felt hungry! Veggies have so few calories that you can eat until your stomach is full!   ❀  ❀

It's SUNDAY SIZZZZLE bitches!!

First off WHOA!! I got tons of new followers yesterday and I’m so grateful! Thanks for listening to my crazy! WELCOME and hope you’re ready to have some fun! Okay we’re doing legs and ass today. It’s intense, so prepare yourselves!

50 high knees

50 crunches

25 squats

20 standing lunges (10 one leg then switch)

30 sec wall sit

25 sec plank hold

30 butt kicks on hands and knees (15 each side)

10 burpees (just for you candi4olitz )

20 squats

10 standing lunges (5 one leg then switch)

25 sec wall sit

15 sec plank hold

15 squat pulses 


Repeat if you want a challenge!! 

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Sooooo i figured it was about damn time for some progress pics!!!

Still a long ways to go, but I can see it! And more importantly, I FEEL it!!!

I have more energy, I feel better about myself, and my jeans are too big!! My belt is too big!! lol

I’ve started 2-a-days at the gym (cardio in the morning, lifting in the evening). My doctor kindly reminded me that the more i lose, the harder it gets.