Anyone else had extreme sugar or fat withdrawal symptoms when you start cutting them out and eating healthily? Today I consumed mostly fruits and veggies and I was completely full, but by the time it got to about 6pm I felt sick and faint until I ate a sandwich (because it was the only thing not making me feel sick just to think about).

Transformation Tuesday - 206 vs. 164.
2010 vs. 2017
It’s been a long journey and I’ve learned a lot in the process. I’m not done yet and I will keep pushing myself to be better, to do more and to grow. 🌱
That’s all you can ever do really… The time will pass anyway. Your life will go on. Make change, make progress and learn more about yourself. Don’t get frustrated if it takes longer than you’d like or if you have to restart (again and again).

Find your adventure and be who you want to be. The only person who can make this happen, is you. 😄

Work hard. Venture on. 💪🏞️

lauraskingdom submitted:

Around 60 kilos (132lbs) difference.  It took me around 2 years.. and what i did basically i change the way I ate.. I quit refined sugar, like soda, cakes, ice creams, pastry etc.. and I increased my intake of vegetables and fruit, I started to drink lots of plain water, and I started using stevia and instead of buying processed food I cook my own desserts sugar free.. that’s the biggest change that brought me where I’m now.

While you’re all losing weight and/or making changes to your body, I hope you still love how you are right now. How you look doesn’t determine your value. Instead of wasting time hating your body, put energy into how you live your life.