This.  100x this.  Embrace who you are RIGHT NOW and LOVE everything you are!  There is no shame in wanting to improve.  There is no shame in wanting to change your health and your figure and your life for the better.  But do it because you LOVE and RESPECT yourself and want to be better than you were yesterday!  Love yourself for all you are AND all you know you CAN be!

Tea (and such)


Using Wild/Local Herbs

(please don’t go eating/drinking random things you’ve found in your yard or park, do the research and save yourself a hospital trip; a lot of these require special preparation so please look into that before potentially harming yourself)


Tea Supplies

DiY and Upcycling

Buy Herbs/Tea/Dried Flowers/Ect





This is what has come out of saving websites to my drafts for later use. 

A masterpost based off of tea.

My first fresh mini watermelon this year and it tasted SO amazing. Watermelon is definitely my favourite fruit of all time ✿

Had a burst of fruity colors this morning with my honey drizzled spirulina ancient grain porridge. Eating clean has never been so easy!


Herbal Tea

Chamomile - soothes the tummy and the soul, helps you sleep at night.

Green Tea - reduces bad cholesterol.

Lemon Balm - reduces anxiety and restlessness.

Dried Ginger - eases upset stomachs.

Hibiscus - lowers blood pressure.

Peppermint - helps vanish indigestion.

Dandelion - stimulates digestion.

Cinnamon - fights viruses.

Rosemary - can ward off headaches.

Good morning sunshine!

Fill your magic bullet with :
1.5 frozen bananas
2 frozen figs
A tsp of maca powder
A whole yellow beet
A tsp of honey Flax almond butter
Add organic vanilla hemp milk

Blend until smooth

Top off with sweet coconut flakes and pears.