healthy june

The Night Before Day One

Okay so I’ve made a whole list of things I need to accomplish in June, and that all officially starts in less than 30 minutes. Starting tomorrow I will be shedding my fat girl habbits and picking up some new healthier ones (hopefully). I’m sort of dreading this but I am also very excited. I feel a change coming on and I like it. To properly start off my self-made June challenge I also purchased a fitbit flex tonight. Wish me luck on my official attempt at changing my life. 

All ready for my fitness-love June challenge! 

It will consist of the following: 

  • Introduction week - Week one will be all about knowing the persons that will participate! Setting goals for the month and a plan to achieve those goals. Also you can go found yourself a pink-buddy to keep track on them for the challenge!
  • Little peek into your life - This week is about what do you do on a daily basis, what you eat, how/when do you workout, your routines, or/and personal stuff like friends, family, pets, etc. 
  • Love your-self week - This is one of my favorites, every time I set a goal I tend to over go and get really frustrated with myself if thing are not going how I except, this week will have daily challenges to remind to love ourselves! 
  • “Treat yo-self” week. - This will be to remind ourselves that above all things, good and bad, we need to treat ourselves right! 
  • Feedback - Overall how did you catch up with your goals, how did you felt with the challenge, etc. 

This will be a little about everything, from fitness and health to study (in case your poor soul like mine is still in finals), you can set anything as a goal, from loosing weight to smiling more to reading more books!.

I’ll post all the quests for the week each sunday early in the morning! (around 2-5 am each sunday!) and you will found it under my PinkJune tag on my blog! 

How to participate?

  • On monday 1st make an introduction post! I’ll put what it should contain the day before so you can prepare it with time! 
  • You don’t have to be following me but it would be easier for you to see the new quests for the week! 
  • Tag all your posts from the challenge with #PinkJune #WIPfitnesschallenge and #workoutInPink so I can found them easily and reblog them each day!! 

If you can, reblog this so other people can see it and join! if you have any questions feel free to send me a message  here

Also remember this is the last week to participate in my search for my BOTM on here


June 21 Abs & Cardio

2 Rounds of Rowing 1,000m & Running 15 minutes. 

70 Reps of the Ronda Rousey Ab Workout minus the medicine ball exercises.

I love love love this Ab workout. I’ve seen a difference just after three times doing the routine. The first time I did 50 reps, then 60, then today 70 reps.


So I asked some of you if you thought it was a good idea doing a botm even tho I don’t have like millions of followers (I have 4k lovely humans that I appreciate with all my heart) and some of you encourage me to do it. Also as I’ve said before I was brazil-healthylife​ botm once and it was great, so I decided to do this for those and so many other reasons. 


  • You must have less than 2k, I’m doing this to help others get recognition and get to know more people, so I’ll focus on new blogs and people just starting here. (Please let me know if you are just reblogging for your followers)
  • Reblog this, like won’t count but can be used to bookmark. 
  • Must be following me (I’ll check because this is to thank my beautiful followers.)
  • Must be health/recovery/study etc. Basically nothing that promotes unhealthy or destructive behaviors.
  • Have an open ask box! (no fan mail) if I can’t let you know you are my botm then I’ll have to choose someone else!

This are not necessarily to-do things, but might help as well: 

  • Go talk to me here
  • Have an about me page, or a selfie page, or basically anything that helps me getting to know you!
  • Be nice to people!
  • Follow me on INSTAGRAM (@sabinamadrazo)

What will you get:

  • An eternal friend in me (yeah, eternal, I’m inmortal okay?), because if something I’ve learned about botms is that you get a relationship with someone where you stay in touch and get to really care about the other person.
  • A link on my bio. 
  • A permanent place on my “favorite blogs” page.
  • Weekly promos, among with being automatically promoted in every other promo I run.
  • Basically everyday messages about how pretty you are or asking how is your day.
  • Unconditionally support, not just for june but for ever like, whatever thing you need or you are going through you better know I’ll be there and I’ll worry for your ass. 

> This will run until May 31 and I’ll announce the winner June 1st. 

> I will be checking every blog that reblogs this personally, no random selection.

> Good luck lovelies! I’m excited. 


I’m a bit late to the party, but here are my photos for the June challenge hosted by imogenasana , meandmymat and amant-terram. I am going to try and post as often as possible! 

June 1-3: Space, stability and love! The first one’s a great chest opener, though it doesn’t appear like it. The second is great for balance & up-dog is one of my all-time favourites :) Tschakaa 

I can’t decide if this is: “Fall down 7 times, get up 8”


The very definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results).

I’m doing Weight Watchers again.

It helps to be in a room of people who also struggle with their eating. Plus it gives me a date each week where I will be weighed in.

When I do this on my own, I tend to stop getting on the scale when I know my eating has been excessive.

Something has to give.

- I’m so uncomfortable in my own skin.

- I’m so out of shape that I sweat and pant just walking from my car into work.

- I have to fly to Texas for work at the end of August and I’m terrified they’re going to throw me off the flight for not fitting in the seat.

- The seat belt in my car is barely getting around me.

- Most chairs with arms dig into my thighs and bruise my hips.

- My feet hurt first thing in the morning when I get up and start walking.

This is no way to live.

I’m desperate. Doing things my way has not worked.

So the new plan: I’m going to just do what WW tells me to do.

Get in my healthy guidelines, count my points, do some activity several times a week.

I hate that this is so hard.

There is a part of me that scoffs and says “It’s only food. Just eat less and exercise more. It isn’t rocket science.”

But it’s not that easy.

I don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t engage in casual self-destructive sexal activity, don’t thrill seek, don’t smoke…

My drug is food. It’s my comfort when sad, my celebration when excited, my activity when bored.

I need to change my routines so I can eventually fix my mind. So food becomes fuel rather than an emotional outlet and intoxicant.

I wish there was a magic wand that would fix my brain.

But since wishing things would get easier has never worked, it’s time for me to get stronger.

don’t you ever just get this overflowing feel of happiness in your heart when you see at your bias group smile and have fun on stage? Then, you suddenly realise how much they mean to you and how much you love them and your eyes get a little teary and you feel all mushy inside.