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GOT7 as Athletes
  • Jaebum: not an athlete but wears all of the athletic clothes. looks like he could probably do sports but is actually 95% a flop. an extremely sore loser anyways, constant dramatic sighing when he has to run
  • Mark: does running away from problems count as exercise? surprisingly a-okay with sports but is also the player that complains about how hard he works to get his toned arms. everyone fawns over him
  • Jackson: excels at everything. the captain of every sport he tries out for and THEN SOME. invented being healthy and active. literal king of athletics. a fair team player and he even cheers on the opposing team. when is he not drinking an organic smoothie
  • Jinyoung: likes the obscure sports like interpretive dance and synchronized swimming to make himself look more mysterious and exciting. doesn't actually know what he's doing but has a fun time anyways
  • Youngjae: not the best in athletics, but he's the number one cheerleader for his friends. attends everyone's games and always has a front row seat (except that game that jaebum accidentally hit him with a ball) ((he stays in the back during jae's games from then on))
  • Bambam: crying the entire time. says that stretching is a sport. conveniently always has a doctors note. often asks himself why he signed up for sports in the first place (he was bribed by yugyeom and youngjae with five dollars)
  • Yugyeom: gets hit in the face a lot. generally a mess but somehow one of the most valued team players. tries to buy doctors notes off of bambam to get out of practice but immediately gets caught and benched. mission accomplished. not before he had to run laps, however

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In that sneak peak when Ed says, "It's how to BE him," and you can literally hear the sound of his leather gloves stretching against the flexing of his hands.


If anyone is curious as to why I haven’t been giffing/screaming/both - it’s because I’ve spent the last couple of days in the company of my dearest cupcake @riddlelvr. We watched some delightful movies, ate very, very healthy food, and invented a fanfic drinking game. Good times were had by all. We enjoyed seeing the new footage together a very normal amount; it did not get at all messy. At all.