healthy invention

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In that sneak peak when Ed says, "It's how to BE him," and you can literally hear the sound of his leather gloves stretching against the flexing of his hands.


If anyone is curious as to why I haven’t been giffing/screaming/both - it’s because I’ve spent the last couple of days in the company of my dearest cupcake @riddlelvr. We watched some delightful movies, ate very, very healthy food, and invented a fanfic drinking game. Good times were had by all. We enjoyed seeing the new footage together a very normal amount; it did not get at all messy. At all.

Remember that one time in fourth grade?

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do brooklyn 99!

favorite male character: jake <333
favorite female character: ROSA i love amy and gina too but i would let rosa pour gasoline over my bare body
least favorite character: mmm the vulture or teddy i didnt hate him before the recent ep but now hes the real definition of Nice Guy™
prettiest character: rosa!!!!!!
funniest character: i literally cant decide they’re all funny this is a comedy show karen
favorite season: mayb 4???? either 2 or 4
favorite episode: jimmy jabs, johnny and dora, coral palms, all the halloween eps
favorite romantic ship: peraltiago!!! invented slow burn invented romance invented healthy relationships
favorite family ship: jake and holt………
worst ship: hecc something that i used to ship but now hate is rosa & adrien’s relationship just bc like ???? what does their relationship actually HAVE other than sex. like its obvious they care abt each other but rosa deserves someone she actually has ROMANTIC chemistry with not just sexual (give her a gf) (gina linetti is available)

Legend of Korra: Asami Sato [ISFJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by curiouscarson

Introverted Sensing (Si): Asami is strongly loyal to the people close to her. However, if betrayed, she doesn’t forgive easily. It takes her years to talk to her father again, because it is too painful for her. She learns from her mistakes, and she never trusts Varrick again after he tried to sabotage her business. Her experiences shape her beliefs.  Her father’s betrayal forced her to reevaluate her life, but ultimately she didn’t change much. She remained faithful to Future Industries and to Republic City, and she shifted her loyalty for her family to her friends. She is naturally engaged in the physical world, shown by her skill with mechanics, love of fast vehicles, and appreciation of style.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Asami is naturally adept at reading people and navigating social situations. She is usually polite and generous. She is a very caring friend, always willing to help her friends and be there for them. Talking about her feelings helps her understand them and feel better. However, when she is upset she usually tries to hide her feelings, often out of politeness or concern for others, but eventually it boils over.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Asami is an inventor who understands how mechanical things work. She applies this to concepts as well, to figure out how they work. She politely asks questions and is curious. She notices illogical inconsistencies and doesn’t like it when things don’t make sense. 

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Her Ne shows up in a healthy way in her inventiveness.  She comes up with new ideas (Ne) and figures out how to make them work (Ti). She was responsible for rebuilding Republic City and designing the Spirit Wilds, which shows an ability to see the possibilities, what the world could be. On the other hand, her inferior Ne is often cautious and reluctant to change. She can be stubborn and close-minded when presented with ideas that contradict her held, personal beliefs. 

Yuri on ice:

-invented kissing
-invented the gays™
-invented ice skating
-invented ice skating gays
-destroyed queerbaiting in anime and all media in general
-destroyed the “kiss them to make them stop talking” trope
-invented consent before kissing
-invented healthy relationships
-invented the concept of existing
-invented ice
-invented nutting during your skate performance…twice
-invented Russia