Making a chicken, chickpea and spinach curry:

-Sauté diced onion in coconut oil with crushed garlic, grated root ginger, diced fresh red chilli, ground cumin and coriander, cumin seeds, turmeric, garam masala, and dried chilli flakes for five minutes or so, then stir in some diced chicken breast and mix until coated in all the spices.
-After the chicken has sealed, stir in a squeeze of tomato purée, a stock cube, a diced carrot and two tins of chopped tomatoes.
-Add a drained tin of chickpeas then simmer for about 30 mins or until the chicken is cooked through and the sauce has thickened nicely.
-At the last minute, add in several large handfuls of spinach and allow to wilt into the curry before serving over rice, quinoa or a sweet potato.

You can, of course, make this vegan by not adding the chicken and using either lentils as well as the chickpeas or just two tins of chickpeas instead. You could alternatively add tofu or a variety of veggies like diced butternut squash, cauliflower, broccoli or green beans. Sweet corn and potato are also nice in a vegetable curry.


Healthy Food of The Day - Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have become recently the good-for-you replacement of the traditional potatoes. Reason for that being sweet potatoes have lower level of carbs. However, carbs are not the evil ingredient that makes us fat and will eventually kill us as many fans of Atkins would argue. We need carbs for everything through the day. So if you are currently on Atkins (or similar diet) and you are completely tired and feel miserable, it’s probably the lack of carbs.

Now one point where people get it why sweet potatoes are better than normal white potatoes it’s the fiber. Sweet potatoes have slightly more fibers and fibers are good for you. If you want to increase the amount of fiber in your diet go for the sweet potato. They also have slightly less calories, so if you are counting the calories of your meals for your diet you can have more of other food groups in your plate with sweet potatoes compared to normal potatoes. However if you are on high protein diet, sweet potatoes have less of that.  

It’s worth mentioning that main reason potatoes are considered ‘bad’ for you (and that goes for sweet potatoes as well) is because of the food we combine them with. You remember that last time you had full rack of ribs with BBQ sauce, slaw, sweet potato fries and chocolate cake for dessert? The potatoes become ‘bad’ because they are mixed with some sort of processed food and that is where the weight gain start occurring. If you use them as a side and you bake them with a bit of an olive oil (no animal fats) you will have a healthier good-for-you result.

Also have in mind sweet potatoes have a lot of natural sugar in them, although that is not necessarily bad, depending on your diet you should have that in mind.

And don’t forget sweet potatoes are not yams. Yams are different kind of root veggie.

How I like them: I make my own seasoning based on powdered garlic and thyme or rosemary (depending on the other dishes). Toss them in a packing try, add a bit of olive oil and the seasoning, bake till ready for serving. 

Will add the recipe for the seasoning in the coming days. 


Kalot fruit and almond butter 🍇🌰

This taste like a nice fusion of berries and almonds with a cinnamon aftertaste. The blueberrries scattered around add a burst of flavor.

The texture is smooth and dense. It blends well with oatmeal and rice (yes, almond butter and rice taste good).

Overall I really enjoy this unique blend of almonds and berries!