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Whole Foods Market appreciation post!

Whenever I come to London I take the opportunity to marvel at the glory of this shop. It really does stock a wonderful range of products and it’s a treat to see them so beautifully presented. Much of it is way out of my preferred price range but it’s gorgeous none the less. The freshly ground nut butters, produce, fresh juices and speciality/allergen free products are really wonderful.

Sandy is blind and has been so for about 8 years.  during the last year, she has become almost completely deaf.  seeing her bump around the house can be discouraging and the effort to care for her seems high / she takes medication every day and gets bathed once a week with expensive shampoo to keep her skin healthy and eats special food because of allergies.

but  the thing that always warms my heart, is when i come home and she gets close to me and recognizes me by smell and starts wagging her tail.

Hers: grilled chicken with mojo sauce and a side salad with olives at Bills (they have an allergy menu- always appreciated even if there are literally only two items on the menu I can eat!)

Trained in Today's Standards

When it came time for our visitors to leave, OlderTwin wanted to offer the little boy a cupcake. Without missing a beat he turned to the boy’s mom and asked:

Is he allergic to regular cupcakes? It’s dinner time but can he still please have one?

The boy’s mother laughed and assured OlderTwin that her son wasn’t allergic and it would be just fine if he took one home. 

When I was a kid, we just said, “Here have a cupcake,” as we handed it to a guest. But, these days between food allergies and the popularity of healthy eating lifestyles, you can’t be too careful when offering food to someone else’s child.

anonymous asked:

Hallo birb, has the import question for! Hav extremely import results come SOON, felin the very stress! Do birb have advice for to not ruffle feathers much? thank birb

Sometime, the feather juts going a ruffle.

BUT, way to keep RUFFLE at the minimums.  Receive enough sleeps.  Sometime, is a difficult, butt do the best get a slep for you.  Prepare for a beds early!  

Alsos: eat a regular how it work for you.  Soemtime, I become a stress adn have a diffult the meal.  Try a best have meals the proteins and plants andn the food you think a tasty treat.  SOMETIME with a people (include this modde), this unreasonable demadn.  Try stay a fed as best can be for you.  Having be fed is more important than eat the mots healthies (except the allergy.  Donut eat a allergy foods of course).  

Spedn a time with the friend of human or aminal or figurine can enjoy the time make a feel good.  In persons, not in persons.  Both ok.  

Do an enjoy!  Like a walks?  The Swimmer?  Play the Game or see the Show Television?  A thing of enjoy, do!

Feel up the accomplish task?  Take the try!  Feeling not up?  Okay too.

The General: Stay having been fed and rested the best of your able.  Take time a do an enjoy and be with the Friend or Family or Loved Aminals.  Remember a tasks such as bathe, pick up the Things if you are able a do those thing.

 If cannot do Any a Thing, this is okay too.  Only a suggest!  Sometime cannot sleep food the difficult, how interact the friend fam, donut want do Any A Thing.  This okay too.  

Food Pyramid For Allergy Elimination Diet: Healthy Eating for Food Allergies

Need some ideas for what to buy at the grocery store? Shopping with food allergies or for a loved one with food allergies is not always easy.

Food in its natural form and state, meaning not in a box or bag, is the least likely to be cross processed with allergens and other ingredients containing allergens.

Look to the Raw Food Pyramid above for aid in a balanced diet. For example, if you have tree nut allergies but consuming seeds seem to be okay, try substituting fat and omega needs (nuts) with seeds. Instead of almond milk, try hemp milk. Instead of pine nuts in your pasta or salad, try Hemp Seed Hearts.

Grocery shopping for a foodie with food allergies just got simpler.